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How to Make Money with TripleClicks and PriceBenders Penny Auctions Have you ever heard of TripleClicks or PriceBenders Penny Auctions before? If you are someone who would like to make money online by selling items on eBay and/or other auction sites, you should definitely check them out. TripleClicks parent company, Carson Services, Inc. is a BBB member and the great thing about them, compared to other sites of their nature, is that they offer a multitude of different ways to make money online. They make it possible to earn as both, a seller and a customer and they even reward you all along the way. TripleClick's PriceBenders penny auctions really are similar to penny auctions on other sites, but with major differences that make them easier to use, understand, and ultimately make more money with.

Getting Started

The first way to make money with TripleClicks is by using it as either a place to have a garage sale online or for selling your old items (or anything else you can think of) one item at a time. Think of it as a traditional auction site, but only using the "Buy Now" feature. There are a number of reasons TripleClicks stands apart from other sites like it:      

You can list an item for the price of one TCredit, which cost less than US $0.30 (yes, just thirty cents) Your item stays up on the site until it sells with no further fees TripleClicks handles all payments and you get paid the moment the item has shipped They have an army of affiliates from around the world that can sell your products for you They offer over 40 different methods of payment Ability to sell your items/products worldwide 1

What all of this means is that not only is it simple and fun to sell your goods on TripleClicks, but it is also very possible to make more money than you would on eBay and similar auction sites. The great thing about TripleClicks is that it isn't over-saturated with users like the other big auction sites. In the beginning it was possible to clear out your attic, basement, and garage and sell all the stuff you didn't want on eBay, but now there are just too many others doing the same thing. Plus, other auction sites charge a lot to list your products and you have to pay again, if your goods don't sell within a certain time period. With TripleClicks, selling your old stuff for a small one-time fee of $0.29 is definitely the way to go. For less than thirty cents you can list a product with three pictures and a 700 word description that stays up until someone buys your item. You get paid and are charged nothing more. They have a lot to offer everyone, from the active seller to the passive marketer.

The TripleClicks Ecommerce Associates Program (ECA)

The next way to make money online using TripleClicks is by utilizing their Ecommerce Associates program (ECA), which is a bit like the eBay power seller program. With ECA you can set up your own online storefront within the main TripleClicks auction site. You list a number of items there and when they sell, you get paid. The major difference between this program and eBay's is, TripleClick's costs you absolutely nothing to set up. You also get a way to showcase your goods in a professional and unique manner to customers all around the world. This makes it very likely that you will sell your products a lot faster and easier. Major benefits to the TripleClicks ECA Program include: 

Ability to reach millions of shoppers worldwide on one of the fastest growing ecommerce sites on the web.

Put the marketing muscle of over 100,000 affiliates to work for you, promoting and selling your products in over 20,000 cities and 190 countries around the world. No listing fee's and no risk. Simply sign up free of charge, upload your products and start taking orders. TripleClicks retains a small nominal fee ONLY when you make a sale. TripleClicks further facilitates sales growth by providing you with your very own customized "TConnect" website, a multitude of payment options for your customers, wish lists, gift registries and much more.

 


Using TripleClicks PriceBenders Penny Auctions

The next way to make money using TripleClicks is by taking advantage of their "PriceBenders penny auctions". If you don't know how penny auctions work, they are quite simple and basically consist of four main parts: A new or refurbished product i.e. iPod, iPad, Laptop, TV, gift card or just about any other product you can think of 2. Bidding credits or TCredits at TripleClicks 3. People like you and I to bid on the products 4. A countdown timer 1.

How PriceBenders Auctions Work Learning how PriceBenders penny auctions work is relatively simple. The price of the auction product usually starts out at just one penny. Then as the bidding progresses, one penny is added to the price every time someone bids. Most PriceBenders auctions usually start with five minutes on the timer and the timer counts down to zero. Each time someone bids, the timer resets to the start time. Then as bids increase, the amount of time that the timer resets to is progressively lowered to force the auction to close. The last person to bid when the timer hits zero is the auction winner. They can


then purchase the item they won at the closing auction price when the timer hit zero. The final selling price of the item is the price of the product at auction close, plus the cost of the TCredits they used during bidding. Once again, TCredits are used to make bids, which can be purchased for $.29 each. This is much cheaper than the normal price of bids on other penny auction sites which can cost up to a dollar each.

PriceBenders Winning Strategies

TripleClicks has numerous winning strategies for their PriceBenders auctions and they occasionally host auctions where the winning bidder, will get all of his/her TCredits back IF they win the auction. This is where you can make some good money! If you watch specifically for these particular auctions, invest in enough TCredits to win just ONE, you can then use the same TCredits to win future auctions of similar nature. In order to locate these types of auctions at PriceBenders, just visit their upcoming auction listings page and look for the "WBF" code in the "Notes" column to the left of the auction description. If the "WBF" code is present, the winner of that particular PriceBenders penny auction will receive all of their TCredits back, upon closing of the auction. Now that you have your TCredits back, you can rinse and repeat with similar upcoming auctions and sell the items you win for a HUGE profit.


The Greatest Thing about Penny Auctions The great thing about penny auctions is that you can get really expensive items for next to nothing, meaning you can turn around and sell them on a normal auction site like eBay or even on TripleClicks itself for a healthy profit. TripleClicks also just started selling silver through their PriceBenders penny auctions which is a great investment, especially with many economies struggling all over the world. Just make sure you watch and learn how the auction and bidding process works before jumping in, because it can get expensive if you don't have a sound strategy in place.

Making Money with TripleClicks Member Rewards

TripleClicks members not only make money but they are rewarded too. They have a special Member's Rewards Program (MRP) that awards you for various things you do on their site. For each penny auction bid you make, you earn 5 Member Reward Points (MRP's). By earning MRP's for each bid, you aren't wasting them and the accumulated points can be used to get free items from their member rewards store. Items include (but are not limited to) iPods, audio equipment, televisions and much more. All are items you could re-sell on TripleClicks or other auction sites for 100% profit.

The TripleClicks Wave3 Program

TripleClicks also has a special program called Wave3 (W3) that their members can join for a small onetime fee of just $1.95 (for shipping) and offers the following:


    

50 free MRP and 5 free TCredits every month that can be used to buy items or win auctions. A referral program that pays 50 MRP and 5 TCredits for EVERY new referral you make. One entry into their weekly $250 drawing for EACH new person you refer. Exclusive Wave3 member only specials. Free song of the month download.

These MRP's can quickly add up, meaning you may find yourself with a new iPod before you know it. If you already have one, turn around and sell it on TripleClicks or another auction site to make 100% profit.

The Possibilities are Truly Endless These are a few ways to earn money using TripleClick's unique programs. They have well over 50,000 items listed for sale on their site, so there is definitely something for everyone. Signing up is absolutely free and they even have an email newsletter letting you know what their "Deal of the Day" is, so you have a good place to start with your bids. If you jump on these deals right when you get the newsletter each day, there's a good chance you can get a great bargain on quality goods. There are more ways to make passive income using TripleClicks and PriceBenders. Check out their site today, to explore all of the different options available. TripleClicks can make you a lot of money if you utilize all they have to offer. Whether you set up your own store through the ECA program, sell one item at a time, join Wave3, or use their PriceBenders penny auctions to buy cheap goods and resell them, the possibilities are truly endless. TripleClicks "PriceBenders" is the future of online penny auction sites and the future is now.

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How to Make Money with Triple Clicks and PriceBenders Penny Auctions  

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