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Book 1 in a 3 part series about how to make a real world profit

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Contents Foreword................................................................................................................... 4 Chapter 1 – The Plan ................................................................................................ 6 Chapter 2 – Laying the Foundations.......................................................................... 9 Chapter 3 – Create Your Site .................................................................................. 11 Chapter 4 – Monetising Your Site............................................................................ 13 Chapter 5 – Conclusion........................................................................................... 14

Real World Profit – Website

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Foreword Welcome to the first in the Real World Profit series. The aim of these reports is to teach you how to start up your internet business in a realistic way using a completely achievable system. By the end of this report, you will have all the tools and the confidence to start building your business. However, before we start let me make one thing clear. If you want to make some Real World Profit, you will have to do some work. Sorry. There is no such thing as something for nothing. In the real world you wouldn’t believe it so why should you on the internet. However, the amount of work you will have to do is very small in comparison with a regular job. What you need is a cheap way to start off your internet business whilst working your regular job. Something you can do at the weekends or in the evenings. You want to see if it works first then gradually scale it up until you are earning enough that you are forced to make the hard decision about going full-time. Another apology: this doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be patient. But if you think about it, that’s only common sense. Sometimes we all get too caught up in the hype surrounding internet marketing products and start to believe you can go from earning $0 to $100,000 in a month. You probably can if you have $90,000 to spend but in the real world, who has that kind of cash lying around. What I do is based on common sense and principles that work in the real world. This is why I called these reports Real World Profit. You will learn the single most important weapon for success. It is one thing and it will probably surprise you. But it’s true for real world success and it is true for online success. You will learn how to create a process so you don’t have to think about your daily routine. You will learn how to maintain the consistency that makes you stick out amongst the crowd. I have found 3 ways that have made me and still make me money using the internet.

Real World Profit – Website

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The technologies and resources have changed but the core principles are the same and will stay the same for many years I think. 1 – Building a website 2 – Building a list 3 – Using mobile phone technologies 4 – ??? The first three work for me on a consistent basis and have a proven track record. You need to work on them in that order as one naturally follows the other. Mystery guest number 4 is the real game changer and I will be revealing that at a later date. Don’t worry, if you are reading this after subscribing at you will find out. If you haven’t subscribed, jump over there after reading this and get on the list. This report is dealing with number 1. You will receive the other reports later, also for free, but for this report we are dealing with how to build a money making website. You need to know how to set up your website before you can use the list building techniques and mobile technologies as well. So it makes sense to start here. You see plenty of products being sold that say ‘you don’t need a website’ and that is probably true for that particular ‘trick.’ However, if you want to build a stable, long term business to feed your family, you must have a website, or at the very least understand how they work. It is crucial in all aspects of online business. If you can conjure up a list of 20,000 people at the click of your fingers, then please feel free to ignore me. In the real world, we don’t have that kind of money. Even if you understand how to create a website, it is worth reading Step 1 – Choosing the Subject for Your Site.

Real World Profit – Website

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Chapter 1 – The Plan Our ultimate goal is to build a website with valuable content which brings in visitors naturally from all over the internet. This is a slow burner as in it will take a while to pick up momentum but once it does, the growth will be exponential. We don’t want to rip-off other people’s sites. We don’t want to create a fake site and point a bunch of backlinks at it. There’s no point trying to trick Google, it always works it out. We want to create a genuinely valuable site. That isn’t as daunting as it sounds and anyone can do it as long as they follow this plan. Let’s start with the overview of what we are going to accomplish.

Step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Choose our site subject Buy a domain name Buy hosting Link the domain to the hosting Install WordPress Create Your site Monetise Your site

Chapter 1 2 2 2 2 3 4

Don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as it sounds and steps 1 to 4 are really quick to do. The domain name will vary between $8 - $12 depending on the type and the hosting will cost about $4 per month. This is the system and the resources that I use. If you prefer to use other domain name registrars, hosting providers, research tools etc, feel free to do so. The core principles will work either way.

Step 1 – Choosing the Subject for Your Site Now this is really important. Do not think about how you will make money from your site. It doesn’t matter at the moment. If you focus on the money-making aspect of your site now, you will probably fail. Instead, you should be focusing on content. Before we lay our foundations, you need to know the most important weapon for success. It is :

Real World Profit – Website

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PASSION! You must have passion for the subject of your site. If you don’t, you will not have the persistence or the consistency to make a success of your online business. I don’t mean a passing interest. I mean a full blown passion. You will need to keep your site updated, ideally once a day but realistically once every 3 days, and to keep doing that you must care passionately about the subject of your site. All the technical skill in the world will not make up for passion. So many people decide to create a site to sell a specific product and get bored very quickly. I know, I’ve done it myself. Sites about pushchairs, blenders, roulette, dvd players. I have no interest in them and unsurprisingly, they were a waste of time and money. I wouldn’t open up a real shop to sell something I didn’t understand so why would I do exactly that online. Makes no sense does it? Not having passion about your website’s subject is the biggest mistake most people make when they start out. A fantastic consequence of having a passion for a subject is that you will also naturally be knowledgeable about it. People often underestimate how valuable their knowledge is. If you write about a subject you enjoy anyway, the traffic and monetisation will take care of itself. How often have you heard that you should research a profitable niche with low competition and position yourself as an expert or an authority in that niche? How often do you end up with a niche you know nothing about? Dog training, green tea, home energy sources…seriously, what do you know about these subjects? So think about topics that you browse the web for every day. Sport, gaming, websites, competitions, anything really. As long as it interests you, you can create a site about it and you will get visitors. I have a real interest in WordPress (WP) sites and everything associated with them. I spend time almost every day reading RSS feeds about WordPress themes and plugins and keeping up with the latest advances. I love setting up sites using WP as well so it made sense for me to create a site about it. WP Paradise was born.

Real World Profit – Website

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You need to consider how you will come up with content for the site in the future. Make sure you have enough sources of information that you shouldn’t have to think too hard about new content. It also helps if your subject has news or changes on a daily basis. Once you have decided what your site is about, stick to it and don’t allow yourself to be distracted. This is another really important point. I used to have 70 websites (that’s right, 70), each with its own domain name. Not a single one was worthwhile. Now I am down to 4 and each one is fun to work on whilst also making money. Not to mention cheaper to run.

Real World Profit – Website

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Chapter 2 – Laying the Foundations In this chapter we will choose your domain name, buy it, purchase web hosting, link them together, and get everything ready to start working on your new business.

Step 2 – Buying A Domain Name There are a lot of contradicting views on what sort of domain name to buy. Personally I think you are trying to create a brand, so finding a domain name full of keywords isn’t that important. And since the Panda and Penguin updates, it appears that Google doesn’t think it is that important either. For example, if you were writing about xbox 360 games, you might think you have to choose a name like But that is hardly memorable and looks cumbersome. I’d rather choose something like or (available as at 24/08/12). Hey, I quite like those names…hmmmmm. The old me would have bought one of those, set up a basic site, never update it because I don’t know anything about xbox games, then get grumpy when I have no visitors and make no money. However, the new me realises I have no passion for the subject so will leave it for someone else who does. Maybe you? I always try to get a .com but as you are creating a brand name, that is easier than finding a keyword rich domain. I buy my domains at Go there and check to see if the domain name you want is available. The domain name checker is on the home page. Once you have found one that you want, go ahead and buy it! Only buy the domain name at the moment.

Step 3 – Buying Hosting So the domain name is the name of your site but now you need some ‘space’ on the web to put your website. This is called hosting. I don’t buy the hosting at GoDaddy. I like to buy it from Hostgator. I prefer the control panel you get with it. If you also choose Hostgator, use the coupon codes wpparadise25 (25% off) or wpparadise994 ($9.94 off) at the checkout. They will save you money. Real World Profit – Website

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Choose from the ‘web hosting’ options. If you plan on only ever getting one domain, buy the hatchling plan. If you will want to set up other sites in the future, choose the baby plan. Important : when you purchase from GoDaddy or Hostgator, you might be given some free Google Adwords vouchers. Don’t use them yet.

Step 4 – Linking the Domain to the Hosting We quickly need to point the domain name at the new hosting. Thankfully Hostgator have produced a fantastic video to show you how to do this and they can explain better than me. Watch this : or

Step 5 – Installing WordPress You now have this beautiful new domain name pointing at your hosting but there’s nothing showing yet. We need to install WordPress. Once again, the nice people at Hostgator have created another great video : WordPress is a content management system which makes it easy for anyone to set up a website. If you want more details go to

Drum roll please… are ready to start. Notes : if you want to use a free website builder such as Blogger or Weebly, feel free to do so. I love WordPress as I’ve mentioned before so that’s what I use. I think you should always invest in your own domain name though (which you can then point at Blogger or Weebly).

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Chapter 3 – Create Your Site We now need to start creating our content. I am not going to teach you how to use WordPress. If I did this report would be 500 pages long and also, you might not be using it. So I am going to tell you how to go about structuring your content and some other processes you need to help you on your way. If you want more detail about WordPress, you can find it here : or if you prefer to learn from videos : WordPress Video Training

Before you start the fun part of adding content, there are a couple of housekeeping chores to do. 

Pages You Should Create : About Explain why you have set up your website, who it is aimed at and what sort of content you will be putting on it. Contact Provide a simple contact form so that visitors can email you quickly.

Register at Google Analytics ( This is so you can keep track of visitors to your site

Register at Google Webmaster Tools ( This gives you some great analysis of your site. Google Analytics only tracks visitors to your site, this tracks impressions of your site in search engines too. It also tells you how many pages of your site are indexed which is handy to know.

Okay, we are ready to start but what should you write about? In short anything you want, it’s your site! When you first start off, make a list of posts / pages you want to create. You will initially have a lot of ideas as it’s a subject you know a lot about. Important : don’t create them all at once. If you have a backlog, set up one a day. Real World Profit – Website

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Try and create categories of content types. For example, you will probably want a ‘news’ category and ‘featured’ category for posts you want to bring to the visitors attention. On WP Paradise, I have categories for tutorials, themes, plugins, as well as news and a featured category which makes up my headlines. Just write naturally. Don’t try to be clever and stuff keywords in the content unnaturally. It won’t help you at all. Type as if you were talking directly to someone and informing them about the subject.

Where to Find Content I use Google Reader ( set up with RSS feeds specialising in WordPress. I also set up a Google Alert ( which searches for any news relating to WordPress. This keeps me up to date on what’s happening and usually gives me a few ideas. I never copy anyone else’s articles but I might rewrite a news item as you can’t really be creative with those. This is why your passion for the subject is so important. It is almost impossible to write consistently about a subject you are not interested in.

Daily Routine This is one of the steps which separates the successful online business from the crowd. You need to create a routine that works for you. Update your site during your lunch hour. Update it before dinner or last thing at night. It doesn’t matter when. Whatever works for you. I normally update my site when I get in from work. First I review the RSS feeds to see if there’s a news item that will be of interest to my visitors. Usually a news item takes priority over other posts. I then update the site and catch up with any comments or updates that need my attention. The daily routine is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most people. You must have one. However, it is a lot easier when you have a passion for your subject. There it is again…


Giving structure to your work is a major step towards turning your site into a business. Real World Profit – Website

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Chapter 4 – Monetising Your Site This is where you have to be both realistic and patient. As you add content, search engines start to take you seriously and you will move up the search engine rankings. However, you probably won’t jump straight in to the number 1 spot! Depending on your chosen subject, this could take a couple of weeks or a couple of months. However, you won’t mind as you are writing about something that you like anyway……right? Now hopefully you will have some space on your site to place some advertising of some sort. If you are using a WordPress site, chances are you can use your sidebar. Identify other sites that are related to your subject and have affiliate programs. You can usually find a link at the bottom of a site that has an affiliate program. For example, with WPParadise there are multiple theme sites that have an affiliate program. So if someone clicks on an advert on my site which contains my affiliate link, then purchases a WordPress theme, I get a percentage of the sale. This is the main way WPParadise makes money and is the way the majority of these sites make money. You could also join an affiliate network such as Commission Junction ( Affiliate networks make it easy to join other programs and keep your commissions all together in place. It is important that you already have your site set up before applying to join an affiliate network. Another popular way to monetise a site is to join Google Adsense ( Google provides you with a little code which then places Google Adwords advertising on your site. You get a share of the cost per click. This is a very popular business model. You are dependent on a lot of traffic as you will probably be paid only a few cents per click but it does vary based on your chosen subject. You can also use your site to build a profitable mailing list but we will talk about that in more detail in the next book in the Real World Profit series called ‘Lists’. Remember the Google Adwords vouchers you might have received with your domain name or hosting? Don’t use them yet. Wait until you have read Book 2 ‘Lists.’

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Chapter 5 – Conclusion We all get too caught up in the latest fads for making money online that we sometimes lose our sense of perspective. It makes sense that the same simple principles that apply in the real world will also apply online. The technologies change and the subjects may well be web based but you must use the same common sense you would as if you were starting up a real world business. You have to be prepared to spend time building up your business and the best way to accomplish that is to work on something that you enjoy. Then it isn’t work at all! Start in your spare time and discover what works for you. It really does come down to the ‘P’ word. If you have that, you are already on a successful path.

Find Your Passion Stay Focused Be Patient Thanks for reading,

Mark Ferguson If you would like any help with anything related to this report or just want to have a chat about it, please email me at

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Real World Profit - Website  
Real World Profit - Website  

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