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Alyce Lopez and her husband purchased a fixer-upper ranch home in Chula Vista six months after their son was born in 2013. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into, but she says the original hardwood floors trumped all their fears. Today, her family of four still lives in the same — now heavily renovated — 1,300-square-foot home, which has become a beautiful place to celebrate with neighbors, friends and family. This experience served as a stepping stone to Alyce’s interior design career and founding of her own firm, The True House. “I wish I could say our home is done, but a designer’s home is never done!” she said. An Orange County native, Alyce is influenced by natural elements of the West Coast, and always takes note of her surroundings. “I love staying in unique hotels or eating at new restaurants,” she said. “I look at details like the finishing edges on a tile backsplash or the trim on a door, even while watching TV. Design is always present everywhere — just not everyone notices.”

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Q&A WITH ALYCE You note that you bring a “transitional aesthetic to the common builder-grade home in south San Diego.” How do you personalize homes that may otherwise be very commonplace? One of the areas we most commonly service is east Chula Vista. This suburb is full of builder-grade homes that can oftentimes lack the character our clients are looking for. By intro-

ducing new furnishings, window treatments and accessories, we can take a space that lacks personality and really transform it to reflect our client’s personal aesthetic. You specialize in residential design for busy young families. What are some specific design elements that homeowners can use to optimize functionality and durability? Most of our clients have pets and young children, which means they’ve been living with dark sofas to hide stains. Yikes! We like to come brighten up the space, which may mean suggesting a lighter sofa. We know that sounds diicult to maintain, but not when we use performance fabrics. That means when your guests spill wine, or a child gets carried away with a Sharpie, these stains can be removed! White sofa or not — let the dogs on the couch and host a cocktail party! Another common material we use is quartz countertops (not to be confused with quartzite), a man-made product that is stain, heat and scratch-resistant. It requires no regular maintenance but can still mimic a natural stone.

Alyce can be reached through her website,, by phone at (949) 892-8249, or through email at hello@ For design inspiration, follow @thetruehouse on Instagram.


Lastly, luxury vinyl planks are all the rage right now. They’re a man-made product, mimicking wood floors, and can be floated on top of tile, which reduces demolition labor. They’re also waterproof and scratch-resistant and great for families with kids and pets.

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