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simplest moments; something you can’t buy with popcorn and a cinema ticket. Don’t be short-changed, try out our fun activities for you all to enjoy together. Also, why not get together with your friends and take your children out, it will help take any residual pressure off you. Maybe when you meet some other WAGs on our website forums you could invite them and their children to join in on your fun? That way you can bond with your friends and your kids too! The important message to remember here is that you don’t have to be spending a lot of money to spend time with your children. h

HOMEFRONT’S FAB IDEAS FOR KEEPING THE KIDS AMUSED Blow bubbles outside Plant a flower garden Do some cooking and baking. Why don’t you make a family of cakes? Ride bikes Draw with pavement chalk Read a book together outside Make a simple bird feeder Go for a run together Try finger painting – draw each other if you can!

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School Run

A night with the girls

a great idea could be to read a story together, or better still, create one. This can easily be done outside. With daddy away your little tykes are probably missing someone to get mucky with. Why not enlist grandad or a male friend to tire them out having a kick-about with a football, negotiating an army assault course or making an garden tree house? A challenge for you all is to go out and do something that you haven’t done before. Resist the urge to choose the organised activities such as going to cinema or a theme park, no matter how much they beg! You’ll find that your fondest memories will be in the

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Tara Hounslea speaks to Radio 1’s CARRIE DAVIS about marriage, early mornings and the importance of an e-bluey


he’s probably best known as the sports reporter on Radio 1’s breakfast slot, The Chris Moyles Show. She’s the ‘posh one’, originally from Somerset, who’s mad on football (Chelsea in particular) and loves horses. Blonde and bubbly Carrie Davis, 31, can’t help gushing to Homefront about her upcoming wedding to Captain Tom Prideaux. The happy couple are due to marry on May 3 near Harrogate in North Yorkshire. She confesses: “To be honest we’re kind of having a role reversal - I’m sorting out my dress and bridesmaids and that’s about it. Tom is based up there so he’s doing a fantastic job of sorting out all the other details. I think it might be something to do with being in the army, but he’s very good at organising things! “Even though we had the basics arranged early on you always end up leaving things until the last minute and start panicking. Our main problem has been getting a vicar, which is kind of important really! Now it’s getting closer I’ve got a real mix of excitement and nerves going on. I’m trying to really enjoy the build-up because I’m expecting the main event to just fly by.” Her biggest disappointment has been finding out Tom isn’t able to wear his uniform, which she says is a

Here are our pre-planning and money-saving wedding tips for any soon-to-be Army Wives. • Before you start dreaming of your ideal wedding make sure you confirm your plans well in advance with the military authorities. • If you wish to marry in the academy or military base then you need permission for flowers, music and photography because they have their own guidelines. • Brides usually wear the traditional white wedding dresses. The husband can wear the army uniform or traditional wedding outfit. Your bridesmaids could wear cream bridesmaid’s dresses so they complement the men’s uniform. • When marrying into the army you need to buy wedding insurance because of the never-ending changes of deployment details – quick, delayed and extended deployments are common. It’s best to plan ahead to be safe.

• When seating guests, the commanding officers are seated according to rank at both the ceremony and reception. The officers are seated behind the families at the ceremonies and a special place is reserved for the commanding officer.

• Although a wedding wouldn’t be the same without a drunken uncle strutting his stuff on the dance floor; an alcohol-limited bar may save on pennies. Soft drinks don’t necessarily have to be boring. Choose from a fancy selection of mineral waters, ice-teas, fruit punches and pink lemonades for vital refreshments that won’t wash out the memories! • If a professional photographer isn’t an option but you still want some great snaps of the day, hire a photography student from a local college or university. Lecturers on the photography course will be able to point you in the right direction for a promising student with picture potential.

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he couldn’t stress enough how important receiving letters is when you’re away, even when you talk on the phone. So I’m now fully informed on the bluey and e-bluey!” Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave, Chris’ sidekick on the BBC radio show, always refer to Tom as ‘Captain Underpants’ or ‘Major Tom’, but still Carrie admits she loves working with the gang. She joined in 2004 and has been there ever since. “It’s CHEESE: All smiles the day after their engagement. great fun and even though we are all so different it seems to work in that we great shame because he looks great can all bring something new to the in it! She explains, “It’s a regimental table. thing so never mind. We are having “The only down side is having the a lance guard though which will be alarm go off at 4am every morning! fun.” Even after all this time I’m still not used Carrie and Tom have been together to it and have for almost a year to drag my and a half. “We met through To be honest we’re kind sorry backside out of bed. friends at a party of having a role The best thing - one of my best friends works with reversal - I’m sorting my is when Tom with me he one of Tom’s dress and bridesmaids and isalways gets and was having that’s about it! up and makes a leaving party me a cup of before going off tea, even if he travelling - so my doesn’t have friend told all our to get up.” It must be love! “I’m sure girl group we had to go along for a this will wear off once we’re married laugh. I was feeling rubbish and only though.” h went out at the last minute thanks to loads of nagging. It’s a good job I did in the end!” She does worry about him getting Carrie is on Radio 1 from 6.30am to sent away to places like Iraq or 10am, every weekday. Afghanistan, but says so far she’s been quite lucky. “Tom has been to Iraq twice. We weren’t BELOW: Carrie with the rest of the Chris together the first time he went Moyles Show gang. and the second was only a short tour. It’s really scary when a loved one is out on tour, especially being in the media industry where you’re always hearing about bad stuff happening. “We did manage to talk quite a bit when he was in Iraq through email. But he always said no news is good news - but that’s sometimes not the best comfort! We wrote quite a lot as well and

• When making your wedding present list, make sure you have more items than wedding guests. That way you won’t get the same present from more than one person.

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