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What do we get asked about? Funding for: Buildings Equipment

Workshops Training

Volunteer costs Days out & Travel


Charitable funders want to know about people

How can you raise money? Think about the Five Steps to Funding • Are you ready? • Why is your project needed? • What will you change, and how much will it cost? • How will you know you have made a difference? • Now apply!

Step 1 Are you ready? • • • •

Registered Charity? Group with a constitution Bank account established Who is responsible?

Step 2 Why is your project needed? • What needs to change? • Evidence of need

Evidence of Need • • • • • • •

Your own assessment Feedback from users Photographs Surveys National research Local information and planning for Wiltshire & Swindon

Step 3 What will you do to change things and how much will it cost? • Describe your activities • Work out the what, how, who and when • Plan a realistic budget including overheads

Step 4 What will the difference be and how will you know it has changed? • What are your outcomes? • Monitor and Evaluate • Assess if you have achieved what you set out to do • Or have you found you would do things differently?

Step 5 Get the funder to give you money • Come to CIB for a list of suggested funders • Write a clear application • Answer all the questions • Don’t leave anything out • Make sure all your numbers add up! • Ask CIB for feedback

Where can I find money? • Charitable Trusts • Big Lottery - Awards for All or Reaching Communities • Local Council - Local Area Board Grants • Local business – e.g. Supermarkets • Individuals • Community Fundraising • Trading - selling goods or services

How can CIB help? • FREE

Database of national and local charitable funds

• Advice on your funding plan • Ideas for fundraising

• Support through the process •Advice on governance and constitutions for groups

Community Amateur Sports Clubs • Business rates tax relief 80% • Benefit of gift aid of 25% • Exemption from Corporation Tax

Charities Information Bureau South & West

free information and advice on funding Unit 7a Bath Road Business Centre Devizes, Wilts SN10 1XA 01380 729279

CIB Funding advice  

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