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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Movers & Packers

O To say that moving is a ‘process’ is quite the

understatement. Even if you only have to move within the same town and don’t have a lot of stuff or kids, it can still seem like an ordeal. O Using movers and packers is one way to simplify it all a

little bit, but you still have to get the house ready for them to come in and do their thing. Luckily, the vast majority of moves aren’t spur of the moment kind of things, so you can get started early to help you keep your sanity.

The Slow Purge O To make the whole process move along more efficiently, it’s a good idea to

begin a slow purge of unnecessary items at least one month before your moving day. Everyone accumulates things that they don’t need, and by getting rid of those things, you’ll make the packing process easier and you can start life in your new home without things you don’t want. O To really make the most of this purging process, go through all of the rooms,

the drawers, closets, under the stairs, in the garage or any other place you’ve been accumulating stuff. If you have a busy lifestyle and a lot of things, you may want to start the process two months before moving day. O Just look through all the items and ask yourself if it really has a place in

your life anymore. In most cases, you’ll know the right answer and you can keep it, throw it out or give it away.

What You Need to Do O Once you’ve gotten rid of all the things that won’t be making

the move with you, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of everything that’s left. With everything written down, you’ll know if anything hasn’t found its way into your new home.

O You’ll also need to find out the exact protocol that your

moving company follows, and whether you need to take apart any furniture or other items that come in more than one piece. If disassembly isn’t part of the service, you will have to get those items ready yourself.

O If you’re using packers, the company will probably include

packing materials in your price, but make sure to ask just so you aren’t surprised later. O On the moving day, try to make sure there isn’t a lot of

clutter around to get in the way of the movers doing their jobs. By this point, pretty much everything should be gone, but it’s surprising how much can still be in the way.

What to Look For O Before you sign on with any company that’s going to be packing up and

taking possession of all your stuff for any length of time, try to ensure you’re getting involved with a good one. You want to hire a company that’s fully bonded and insured, and has a proven track record of success in the moving and packing industry. O The last things you want are damaged or missing items when it comes time

to unpack and set up your new house. Look for packers that will show up a couple days ahead of time to pack up all your items that aren’t furniture. Make sure you are comfortable with the process they use before you officially hire them. For the most professional and efficient service, look for packers that will actually build boxes to fit around any items you may have that are irregularly shaped.

No Packers? O If packers just aren’t in the budget, or you

don’t want anyone else packing up your personal items, it’s wise to follow some packing tips that will make your job easier. O You still want to take the inventory, only if

you’re packing up the stuff yourself you’ll have to buy all the boxes, tape, markers and packing materials separately.

Remember to list the items of each box on your inventory and label each box with the room it goes into. Here are some other tips to follow if you don’t have packers: O Place heavier items in the box first, so they are down toward the bottom. O Make sure the tops of the boxes are flat when they are sealed shut. O Keep all boxes at a weight of no more than 50 lbs. O If you have crevices or holes inside boxes, fill them up with winter hats,

scarves, towels or pillow cases so your items won’t rattle around.

How to get your home ready for the movers and packers  

Build the perfect home with Dicenzo Homes, one of the largest home builder in Southern Ontario.

How to get your home ready for the movers and packers  

Build the perfect home with Dicenzo Homes, one of the largest home builder in Southern Ontario.