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INTRODUCTION True coffee lovers are always on the lookout for that perfect cup of coffee. Some think they’ve found it at their local coffee shop, some think they’ve found it in their own kitchen, and they are usually quite loyal. It can take a lot for a new ‘favourite’ to emerge, but the K-Cup seems to be taking that role and running with it for more and more coffee drinkers.

WHAT ARE K-CUPS?  A K-Cup is both a product and a technology that was put out by Keurig. It is basically a self-contained brewing system for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and a few other drinks, for use with the Keurig brewer.  There are three layers to the K-Cup. The outside is made of plastic and is designed to prevent moisture and air getting into the cup. One the inside there is a filter, and the coffee grounds or a drink mix. The top of the cup is sealed by a foil cover.

WHAT ARE K-CUPS?  When in use, the Keurig machine punches a hole in the top and bottom of the K-Cup, then hot water runs through to create your cup of coffee underneath.

HOW MANY CUPS DOES A K-CUP MAKE?  K-Cups are designed to only make one cup of coffee at a time. Keurig believes that coffee is best when it is fresh, and coffee sitting around in a pot for hours on end is anything but fresh.

RECYCLING K-CUPS  K-Cups are not recyclable as of yet, but the company claims to be actively working on a solution to maintain great tasting coffee in a recyclable package.  As National Geographic Green Living explains, you can get reusable filters for K Cups to help reduce the amount of waste produced by using the product, since waste is a big concern with so many being used and the fact they are only designed for one use.

ICED K-CUPS  For iced tea and coffee lovers, there is a solution. According to Keurig, you can buy special K-Cups that are designed for brewing over ice. The iced blends are modified to deliver the same kind of flavor in an iced beverage.  Keurig recommends storing the iced tea and coffee KCups at room temperature and filling a 16 oz. tumbler with ice and positioning it directly under the brewer. Then, choose the 6 oz. or 8 oz. setting on your brewer and brew your drink directly onto the ice.

HOW LONG DO THEY LAST?  K-Cup packs will have a date printed on the side of the cup, but that is not an expiration date. It is designed as a guide for optimal freshness.  The cup itself is completely sealed off from moisture, light and oxygen.

CLEANING THE KCUP HOLDER RECEPTACLE  It’s important to keep your brewer clean at all times. To clean the K-Cup holder receptacle:  Remove the K-Cup assembly from the brewer.  Pull the funnel out of the K-Cup holder and clean it in the sink or dishwasher.  Clean the exit needle on the bottom inside of the K-Cup holder. If it seems clogged you can clean it out with a paper clip.

BENEFITS  Many coffee drinkers who try out the K-Cup technology just can’t get enough and end up switching permanently. K-Cups work well at home and at the office, so you can essentially use them all day long. Some of the benefits that people associate with K-Cups include:     

Convenience Brewing Speed Variety of Flavors Ease of Use Always Fresh

Basic Information About K-Cups  

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