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Home City Launches Smart Towels And Bedding Sheets

The USA based retailer Home City launches new smart towels and bedding sheets that are made up of best in class fibers and higher thread counts.

The USA based retailer Home City Inc., today launched two smart products - towels and bed sheets, attracting a large number of existing clients worldwide. The retailer has been very popular in the USA selling a large number of bedding products like comforters, pillow covers, pillows, mattresses etc. The products sold by the retailer are really lustrous and soft. Most of the products that are offered by the company are passed through stringent quality check.

Out of the many products that the retailer is already offering, it had added new feather in its hat with the launch of two new smart products – towels and bed sheets. Apart from these two smart, sweat resistant products, the retailer also expands its line to other bedding articles and becomes the wholesale suppliers of towels, split king sheet set and bedding sheets.

Talking about the towels, the company is ready to sell face towel sets, hand towel sets, bath towel and bath sheets, bath mat and bath rug sets, 3pc and 6pc towel sets etc. These towels are really smart as they are built up of 600 and 900 GSM Egyptian cotton fibers. These fibers have higher thread counts and tighter weave compared to other fibers like linen, cotton etc.

For all those customers who require beach towels, company can customize it as per the customer’s requirements and get it home delivered. They are also expanding the towel lines adding new hues to the production so that the products not only attract quality demanding customers, but also the ones who like visually pleasing articles.

Bed Sheets Based On 200 Thread Counts

300 Thread Counts

600 Thread Counts

1200 Thread Counts

Microfiber And Special Sizes

The split king sheet set and bedding sheets are again one of the new specialties that the company has come up with. These sheets will be sold online based on their thread counts. The retailers will segment the sheets based on 200 thread counts, 300 thread counts, 600 thread counts, 1200 thread counts, microfiber and special sizes. The sheets on the site look as good as the feel. Most of the sheets are satin finish and available in multiple colors like gold, light blue, sage etc. Some of the sets also include matching pillows and a flat and fitted sheet.

The wholesale suppliers of towels, split king sheet set and bedding sheets also provides cleaning instructions to its clients so that users increase the shelf life of the sheets. Most of these sheets are machine washable and to be washed with a special washing powder to avoid shrinking and wrinkling. The company advises to remove bedding from the dryer promptly, press with a warm iron if necessary.

The company has a transparent approach and makes sure that sheet and towel specifications are clearly mentioned on the website. There are varieties of new collections available with the Home City at present. To know more about the towels and bed sheets.

Home City, Inc.

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Home city launches smart towels and bedding sheets