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Free gifts and discount when you host a show

For being a Host you are entitled to: Free Products You can select any product you wish from our catalogue. You will earn points based on the amount of guest sales at your Cooking Show. Higher sales mean more FREE products for you!

10% Discount You can earn a 10% discount on any products from our catalogue for up to 12 months from the date of your Cooking Show.

Earning opportunity: Use your host benefits for the purchase of a Flying Start Kit to start your own business.

Easy, fun and rewarding: There are rewards not only for the Host but for your Guests too! If a Guest spends SR300 or over then they are entitled to FREE products.


Introducing GEFU


How to dice onions, tomatoes uniformly?


How to chop parsley quickly?

Nearly 70 years of German know-how make GEFU a specialist of high quality kitchen tools. The ideas and products are especially developed by the GEFU team, supported by the INVIVO design team.

GEFU focuses on practical and innovative solutions to help you simplify food preparation and cooking, and get more creative.

Independent experts test all products, focusing on food safety, material quality, personal safety, and user-friendliness. These procedures mean GEFU has been awarded the LGA-tested Quality seal several times.

With such high quality, GEFU is able to offer a 5 year quality guarantee on several items. 4

Speciality Tools GEFU’s products are easy-to-use, better, and innovative to help you become a ‘culinary artist’. BEST ER SELL

Cube Slicer CUBICO: SR179.50 No more tears The world’s fastest mechanical onion and cube slicer for onions, and vegetables. One practical feature is its collecting container with lid for closing and storing in the fridge. Precise cutting, no chopping or squeezing. 

All metal parts are stainless steel



Item no: 13900 (1795 pts)

Herb Scissors: SR 99.50

Spiral Slicer SPIRELLI: SR 139.50

5 pairs of blades for a gentle and quick way of cutting herbs.

Create endless Julienne strips of carrot, cucumber, zucchini and many other vegetables.

Aroma-preserving method of cutting herbs

Includes cleaning comb

Perfect for vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes, or to decorate dishes.

Stainless steel / plastic

Special, sturdy Japanese stainless steel blades


Finger guard

Two Julienne sizes – 2x3 mm and 3.5x5 mm

Stainless steel / plastic


Item no: 12660 (995 pts)

Item no: 13460 (1395 pts) 5

Speciality Tools GEFU’s unique tools make cutting leaves and herbs faster and easier. Universal Cutter: RAFFANITO SR 149.50 RAFFINATO

Quickly cuts fresh herbs, cheese etc. into strips? Use our Universal cutter! 

Simply rinse under running water.

Stainless steel, dishwasher-safe.

Great for parsley, spinach, and other leaves

Item no: 14680 (1495 pts) Tomato and Apple Slicer: POMO SR 89.50 Pomo’s cutting guide cuts tomatoes into 12 chunks. 

Uniquely ridged and shaped Japanese stainless steel blades make cutting almost effortless

Also suitable for apples, pears and even pineapples - ideal for fruit cakes, fruit salads or desserts

Stainless steel / plastic


Item no: 13590 (985 pts) Slicer: TARI SR 189.50 The specialized serrated Japanese steel blades make chopping ingredients child’s play. Whether you are making a fruit salad or tomato and mozzarella, with this slicer you can cut precise 5-mm slices. 

Stainless steel / plastic


Item no: 13420 (1895 pts) Garlic peeler SR 39.50 No unpleasant smell on your hands. With the garlic peeler it is easy to remove the skin of the garlic cloves. 



Item no: 13430 (395 pts)


Speciality tools Tomato/fruit/vegetable corer, PICCO: SR 49.50 Reliably removes the fibrous core from tomatoes or the hull from strawberries. The sharpened serrated rim and the ergonomic grip ensures easy handling. Perfectly suited to shape fruits and small fruit balls. Ergonomic handle

 

Stainless steel / plastic


Item no: 13740 (495 pts) Pineapple slicer PROFESSIONAL: SR 149.50 NEW: Etched scale to show number of slices. Small piece cutter (12 segments) for perfect pineapple pieces also for apples or pears. 

Ergonomic grip design for optimal torque

Stainless steel / plastic


Item no: 13500 (1495 pts) Vegetable and herb chopper: SR 119.50 Speedy chopping of onions, herbs and more. Extra sharp blades fast cutting . Comprises side scraper and a slip resistant base. Easily taken apart for easy cleaning. 



Item no: 13920 (1195 pts) Gourmet Slicer VIOLINO: SR 449.50 VIOLINO can be used for almost any type of food! Used by top chefs for cutting and shaping. Comprises: •3

different, interchangeable cutting surface blades


remnant holder


storage box for the cutting blades

Cutter with integrated hand wheel to vary slice heights

Anti-slip feet

Stainless steel / synthetic material


Item no: 55700 (4495 pts) 7

Boards & Mats

Chopping board box CASSETTO: SR 369.50 A multi-talented chopping board and box with numerous applications. Cassetto has a handy juice-catching groove, and an opening for filling two containers below — as you chop. Conveniently, small quantities can be collected in either the tray or carried away by using the flexible cutting mat. It can even be used to marinate; or for your breaded culinary creations. 

SAN / stainless steel / plastic

Dishwasher-proof up to 65 °C

Item no: 34520 (3695 pts)

Meat Vegetables & Fruits Poultry Fish

Cutting mats, 4 pieces: SR99.50 Hygienic preparation individual mats for different foods. The mats are marked with suitable symbols and are flexible for easy transportation of the food to the pot or onto the plate. 


30 cm x 38 cm

Material PP / EVA— Dishwasher-safe

Item no: 12750 (995 pts) 8

Grating Universal Grater: SR 99.50 This grater brings greater efficiency. They are extremely sharp and produce optimal grating results. This grater has coarse and fine grating sections, for herbs / spices, and a variety of vegetables and hard foods. 

Stainless steel


Item no: 52050 (995 pts)

Rotary Grater, PECORINO: SR169.50 With two interchangeable discs, Pecorino is easily dismantled and reassembled. Includes wiper.

Stainless steel

Plastic Dishwasher safe

Item no: 19060 (1695 pts)

Four-way Grater VITALES: SR 99.50

Ginger Grater: SR 99.50

With lasercut technology, the grating surface is very defined for perfect grating for a long time. 5 different grating designs.

Keeps the juice and the grated ginger in the dish.

Dual-sided blades for perfect cutting in both directions.   

Slip-resistant base 100% stainless steel Dishwasher safe

Item no: 10760 (1095 pts)

With silicone edges to stop slippage. Ideal for apples, carrots, garlic and many hard fruits or vegetables.  

Ceramic Silicon

Item no: 35370 (995 pts) 9

Strainers Home Chef brings you these handy solutions that will help you cook safely and give your family new and healthy foods.

Steam insert VITALA: SR 179.50 Draining Sieve RESISTI: SR 109.50

For better tasting and healthier food.

Easy and safer draining.

Steamed food retains more nutrients than boiled food. This collapsible steam insert is a must for cooking fresh vegetables, fish and meat.

Stylish and practical. The innovative design is guaranteed to keep the food in the sieve.

Particularly suitable for special diets.

Can also sit on top of pots or bowls. 

Stainless steel with plastic handles.


Item no: 15450 (1095 pts)

Collapsible steam insert for pots from a diameter of 18 to 26 cm

Collapsible, silicone coated feet, keep it separated from the bottom of the pan and prevent scratching

Telescopic handle for safety and space-saving storage

Stainless steel / plastic


Item no: 15460 (1795 pts)

Colander: SR 179.50 Collapsible, space saving Lettuce, vegetables, rice or pasta – with the holes at the bottom and sides, the colander is perfect to strain any liquid. This high-quality colander can be folded to a height of no more than 2.5 cm for easy storage. 

24 Ø. silicon / stainless steel


Sieve: SR 99.50 Professional quality, specially strengthened mesh.

Item no: 28110 (1795 pts)

Diameter: 190 mm

Stainless steel


Item no: 15503 (1095 pts) 10

Baking Cook like a professional with the help of GEFU’s high quality baking tools. Rolling pin EXACT: SR 189.50 For precise rolling, 1 to 8 mm. Easy to use – simply adjust and roll! Dough thickness 2mm

Fast and hygienic

Aluminium tube is coated in white with a non stick finish. Dough thickness 4mm

Item no: 14600 (1895 pts)

Dough thickness 6mm

Kitchen and baking brush ANGELINO: SR 89.50 Doesn’t leave bristles, won’t stick; The perfect brush: Ideal for baking and all tasks where precision is a must. 

Hygienic and easy to clean


Item no: 14560 (895 pts)

Ravioli/pastry case maker: SR 99.50 Choice of round or square

Pasta/pastry case maker: SR 119.50 Practical mould for making fresh ravioli or pasta cases.

To prepare large quantities of ravioli or pasta-cases, place a sheet of dough onto the flour-sprinkled ravioli maker and press down using the plastic mould.

Use the bottom of the mould to cut the pastry, place the cut pastry into the inside of the mould and then fill. Brush the edges with egg yolk, fold together and you’re done.

The 3-piece set includes: Ravioli/pasta-case board Plastic insert for shaping hollows Wooden rolling-pin

Stainless steel / plastic


 

Item no: 28490 (1195 pts)

Aluminum/plastic/wood Hand wash only

Item no: 28440 (1095 pts) 11


Baking frame UNO: SR 139.50 Particularly suitable for cakes and pizzas with deep, generous toppings. Simply place on a baking sheet. 

Frame height 8.5 cm. Adjustable from 20 x 24cm to 38 x 46 cm.

Measuring & mixing cup, 1000 ml: SR 119.50

Stainless steel.

Does it all.


Measuring, mixing, storing.

Item no: 14315 (1395 pts)

Stainless steel base provides stability while the splash-guard lid facilitates the use of an immersion blender.    

Sealing lid for storage Measures given in ml / l / cc. m / fl. oz. SAN / stainless steel / plastic Dishwasher-safe

Item no: 14460 (1195 pts) Pastry press COOKIE: SR 149.50 For family treats and for guests. Press directly onto a baking sheet. 

20 aluminum design templates

4 plastic nozzles

Cake ring: SR 99.50 Adjustable

Item no: 14320 (1495 pts)

Cake ring with grips for easy adjustment from 16.5 to 32 cm. Height 8.5 cm.   

Easy to clean. Stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe

Item no: 14308 (995 pts)


Handy Tools These tools will make your life easier, and help you deliver some fun meals.

Heart-shaped mould: SR 59.50 TRICKSY

Orange/Grapefruit peeler: SR 59.50 MELANSINA

Heart shaped food ring. Handle can be folded out. Suitable for eggs, potatoes, pancakes, and meat dishes.

No trouble peeling! Just dig into the skin of an orange, and remove it with Melansina. Ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold.

2 pcs.

Stainless steel

Item 12140 (595 pts)

Stainless steel, plastic

Dishwasher safe

Item 12140 (595 pts)

Screw top opener 4 in 1: SR 49.50 Guaranteed to easily open glass or bottle seals. With can opener for condensed milk, or cream. 

Robust quality

Stainless steel

Item no: 12410 (545 pts)

Garlic press: SR 119.50

Corn cob holders: SR 49.50

Professional quality, with pivoted sieve

No more greasy fingers.

Easy to use.

Just stick in and turn to eat.

Stainless steel

Use these corn cob holders to enjoy freshly cooked corn on the cob.

Dishwasher safe

Item no: 13400 (1195 pts)

Dishwasher safe

Item no: 12810 (545 pts) 13

Food handling The combination of materials used in these products give them heat resistance of up to 250 °C. Not only are these products beautiful and soft to the touch, but they are also hygienic and easily cleaned. Each product is ergonomically designed to rest securely and comfortably in your hand.

Meat Fork: SR 89.50

Spoon Tongs GANCIETTO: SR 89.50

The perfect aid when frying, carving and serving.

Versatile: for gripping and turning vegetables and roasts, or as a salad tool. Can even be used in coated pots and pans.

Indispensable not only for turning various sized pieces in the pan or roasting dish, but also for serving.

With latch for storage

Length: 35 cm

Length: 22.5 cm

Stainless steel



Item no: 11750 (895 pts)

Item no: 21400 (895 pts)

Spatula DOLCE: SR 89.50

Spoon Spatula DESTRO: SR 89.50

Practical tool that adjusts to the shape of the bowl.

A multi-purpose kitchen solution.

   

Does not scratch pans Can be used for spreading icing Its long handle makes it perfectly suited for deep pots Dishwasher-safe

The flat spatula with sturdy edges is ideal to scoop up slices of meat or vegetables. Great for flipping omelettes.  

Item no: 14810 (895 pts)

Stainless steel Heat-resistant nylon (up to 210°C)

Item no: 14790 (985 pts)


Long lasting, high quality kitchen knives Introducing taylor’s eye witness taylor’s eye witness was founded by John Taylor around 170 years ago as designers and producers of knives, scissors and sharpeners. The “Eye Witness” trademark was first registered in 1838 – the inspiration for the choice of “Eye Witness” is believed to be Shakespeare’s line in Henry IV – “No eye hath seen better”. Employing highly skilled Sheffield craftsmen and with an unrivalled knowledge-base, taylor’s eye witness are dedicated to quality and technical know-how. Over 400 years, Sheffield gained an international reputation for steel production. Many innovations were developed locally, including stainless steel. Sheffield is famous for the production of knives, it became a centre of cutlery manufacture in England. 1837 Catalogue


The knife-making process



Heat treatment

Blade shape pressed from stainless steel sheet.

Rivet holes punched through blade blank prior to hardening.

Blank blades are hard- Computer-controlled ened at controlled tem- grinding applies taper perature. profile to blade.

Ground blades and moulded handle scales riveted by hand.




Etch marking



Quality inspection

Handle and blade tang Smooth stain finish ap- Sharp edge applied by Knives tested for edge smoothed flat. plied to blade handle. hand prior to inspection angle and sharpness. and packing.

Brand applied to blade prior to packing and dispatch to store.

Anatomy of a knife High-carbon Stainless Steel

Full-Tang Construction

The blades are heat treated to maintain a sharp edge for longer. Carbon is added to the steel to improve strength and durability.

The blade runs the entire length of the handle for superior balance and durability.

Handle ‘Scales’ Dishwasher resistant polypropylene

Taper Ground Blade Wedge-shaped blade profile provides the finest possible edge. Easy to sharpen, difficult to blunt.

Triple Rivet Handle Plain Edge Fine edge glides easily through food. Easily maintained with sharpening steel or worktop sharpener. 16

Brass rivets secure the handle permanently to the blade ‘tang’.

The Sterling Series 

Ground in Sheffield, UK, by skilled craftsmen

Tactile handles

High quality chromium molybdenum vanadium stainless steel

Lifetime guarantee

Paring knife (7.5 cm blade): SR 109.50 For peeling and small cutting tasks. It has a short blade for easy maneuverability, and a sharp point for removing blemishes.

Item no: STS001 (1314 pts) All Purpose Knife (10cm blade): SR 129.50 Suitable for fish, meat and vegetables.

Item no: STS002 (1554 pts) Cooks Knife (20cm blade): SR 239.50 The most versatile knife in the kitchen. The wide blade enables the user to rock the knife when dicing fruit and vegetables, while the deep heel protects the knuckles.

Item no: STS007 (2874 pts) Carving knife (22cm blade): SR 249.50 For carving and slicing meats, larger fruit and roast meats. It is longer and thinner than a cook’s knife for precision cutting of thin slices.

Item no: STS008 (2874 pts) Bread knife (22cm blade): SR 249.50 Features a rigid blade with wide serrations to cut into the crust and slice without tearing the bread.

Item no: STS009 (2874 pts)


The Colourful Kitchen Looking for practical gifts? These coloured kitchen knives from Taylor’s Eye Witness are sure to brighten up any kitchen. They are fun, fashionable and sell at affordable everyday prices, making them a very popular choice. Hard wearing non stick coated blades for effortless cleaning.

5pc “Flower Power” knife set: SR 229.50 For that feminine touch. 

Acrylic knife block included

Soft-grip handles



Item no: L6941-2 (2525 pts) 5pc ‘’Wild” knife set: SR 229.50 Tame your food with this trendy knife set. 

Acrylic knife block included

Soft-grip handles



Item no: L6941-3 (2525 pts) 5pc “Britannia” knife set: SR 229.50 Showing off their heritage, these knives are sure to impress. 

Acrylic knife block included

Soft-grip handles



Item no: L6941-1 (2525 pts)


Knife care

Store your knives safely with this simple and flexible to use knife block. The brush filling allows you to quickly store your knife, keeping your kitchen tidy and your knives away from children. Bamboo brush filled knife-block: SR 189.50

Bamboo brush filled knife-block: SR 189.50


Vertical grain

For easy storage of all knives

For easy storage of all knives

Item no: IB793-0254 (2085 pts)

Item no: IB793-0255 (2085 pts) Chantry classic sharpener: SR 129.50 Black For simple, safe knife sharpening.

Keeping the blade straight, gently pass the knife through from handle to tip several times for easy re-sharpening of plain or serrated edge knives.

Item no: 3030B (1425 pts)

Scissor sharpener: SR 49.50 The Taylor’s Eye Witness scissor sharpener features a patented carbide sharpening mechanism, Adjusts to suit any blade angle, for any scissor type. Holding the open scissor in one hand, draw the sharpener over the blade away from yourself, several times on each blade.

Item no: 590SM (545 pts)


High quality and innovative design Introducing Joseph Joseph Founded in 2003, Joseph Joseph specializes in unique and innovative kitchenware that improves hygiene and minimises mess. Joseph Joseph is now internationally recognised for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative products winning multiple awards. Twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph founded Joseph Joseph, combining their respective experience in product design and business – Antony studied design whilst Richard studied business.


Kitchenware Stretch: SR 89.50 Adjustable for multiple dishes or a single large dish. 

Folds neatly away for convenient storage

High-quality silicone-nylon composite

Heat resistant up to 270°C/520°F

Item no: 70031 (1095 pts) 4 food preparation/storage bowls. Prep & Store: SR 99.50 Compact, nestable design for easy storage 

Perfect for preparing ingredients/storing food in the fridge

Lock together to create storage containers

Large bowl diameter: 125 mm. Small bowl diameter: 115 mm.

Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwave cooking or storing liquids

Item no: 40062 (1095 pts) Prep & Serve: SR 99.50 Combines the functions of a preparation bowl, colander and a serving bowl in one convenient design. 

Ideal for preparing and serving salads and soft fruits

Or for rinsing rice and lentils prior to cooking

Dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe

25 x 29 x 18cm

Item no: 40064 (1095 pts) Rinse & Chop: SR 109.50 When folded and locked, it creates a small colander at one end so food can be rinsed and drained. When flat the design becomes a knife-friendly, non-slip chopping board. 

Dishwasher safe

42 x 26 x 2.5cm

Item no: WC016 (1205 pts) Tri-scale: SR 139.50 Three arms provide a stable platform on which to place bowls and other items for weighing 

Folds down to an extremely compact size

Perfect for storing in a kitchen drawer

Add & Weigh function also allows multiple ingredients to be measured in the same bowl during recipe preparation

Maximum capacity: 5kg/176.4 fl.oz/11lb/5000ml

Item no: 40071 (1674 pts) 21

Be your own boss As a Home Chef Partner you work when you want to work: Freedom to spend as you want

 

Flexible working hours

Earn rewards — including holidays abroad, smartphones, jewellery.

Professional development

Opportunity to have your own career


Free products

Join the Home Chef team and get additional income to spend on you or your family, whether its towards your own car, a holiday, or a treat for your children, or maybe you just love cooking. Be your own boss whilst getting experience running a business and potentially managing a team.

Imagine: 

Earning your own money

Learning new skills

Managing your team

Making friends and having fun

For more information contact the Partner at the show you attended.


Returns & Exchanges Our Commitment to you We hope you are delighted with your order from Home Chef; however if for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, please contact your Home Chef Independent Partner within 30 days and we will be happy to exchange or refund, providing the goods are in their original, unused condition. If the item is simply unwanted, the collection amount will be deducted from your refund. If you do not have your Home Chef partner’s contact details contact the Host of the show you attended.

Returning Unused Orders 1. Complete the returns form enclosed in your original delivery and pack it with the item you want returned. The product needs to be in its original packaging and in the condition in which it was received. Make sure you package the item securely and attach our returns label to the outside of the box. We can organise a collection of the package which costs SR50. If the goods are unwanted as opposed to faulty, we are unable to refund the delivery costs. We will refund the order once it is received. 2.

We try to process returns as quickly as possible, however this can take up to 7 days during busy periods. If you have any queries about items that you have returned please contact our customer services team on 05000 57091 or email We are open Sunday – Thursday, 9am – 6pm. For your peace of mind, all products sold by Home Chef are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated. If a manufacturing defect is found, we will be happy to repair or replace your product, including all delivery charges. A manufacturing defect is defined as any fault in the product’s materials or workmanship, which is present at time of receipt. The following conditions are not classed as manufacturing defects, and will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty: Accidental damage

 


Normal wear and tear


General product misuse/abuse


Any product not used or maintained in accordance with the Care & Use Instructions, where applicable


Any product which has been modified or repaired by anyone other than Home Chef


Staining caused by foods with strong colourants, such as turmeric, tomatoes etc.


Melting caused by overheating

Before any refund or replacement can be given, we may require you to return the faulty product for inspection. As there are occasions where it may not be necessary to send the product back, please contact us before returning any items. In many cases, we may simply ask for photographs of the product fault. If you are required to return the product, please make sure you package your products adequately to prevent damage. We do not accept liability for returned packages which are damaged during transit. Your 12 month warranty is only valid if you have a valid proof of purchase. This does not affect your statutory rights.


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