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Who we are


What we do


Project 2014



Who we are Home-casa-dom is a directory of overseas property for buyers, sellers, investors and real estate agents. We offer to all real estate companies as well as

All our affiliated companies own either a website

individuals the possibility of presenting the whole

or an online services, which are linked with

portfolio of properties worldwide. Thank to our special real estate companies search engine they are

We offer you a modern and global search engine

easy to find – a simple click on the company logo

in combination with Google-Maps. The exact

leads directly to the company website.

position of a property is easy, accurate and quick to find.

As a global platform is not only made for companies, all the individuals

The System is offered in 6 languages, Russian,

can use the service as well. We offer the same

English, Spanish, German, French and Polish and

service for real estate agents and individuals,

in the near future also in Chinese and Arabic.

large or small companies. No matter if you are buying, selling, hiring, renting a property , for long is a perfect advertising

or short-term, vacations rentals –

medium to make your company known to the is the best place to

whole wide world.



We are not a real estate agent Our idea is accumulating in one website as many properties and real estate agents as possible. For your own convenience listing, searching and finally finding the best deals from all matching your expectations objects, currently offered for rent or sale. GOAL


What we do We offer you the best opportunity of selling your properties all around the world.






current property objects



We offer our services not only to ones who want to sell their

sale to offer our customers a great deal of choice.

properties. With our website you are able to rent

There is a wide range of option to participate our

your own property on good terms and quickly,

selling program for both individuals and real

reaching customers from all over the world.

estate agents.


Even if you are only interested in short-term holiday rental we

can help you with finding

either the best


We present our partners in a large worldwide database of

real estate agents. The database is a great source

customers or the best place to spend your holiday

to present your company

on the international


arena, get new clients., potential partners and investors, interested in far-reaching cooperation.



Project 2014 Year 2014 for us means actions to further expansion and improvement of the company, in order to provide our customers the best satisfaction with our services and To bring them tangible benefits in the form of a number of successful transactions. One of our ultimate goals is to expand the base

We continue improvement of the website by

of our partners and customers to gather the ones

technical optimization and speeding it up.

providing the best real estate services around the

Developing search tools and portal engines to


make them as much user-friendly and effective as possible. Providing our foreign customers

We focus on the investment in promotions of our

the system of handy tools to listing properties

website for the international real estate market.

together with adding language options and

Both online through company presentations at the

translating our website into more languages.

international real estate fairs and exhibitions, as well as offline through publishing our advertising

We expand the company by opening new branches

materials in the media, magazines, banners,

around the world .


“The best way to predict your future is to create it�

Focus points Promotion Promotion online through company presentations at the international real estate fairs and exhibitions, as well as offline through publishing our advertising materials in the media, magazines, banners, flyers.

Expansion Expansion of the company by opening new branches around the world . Having our offices in many different countries let us be closer to the clients and understand their needs better.

development Technical optimization and speeding it up. Developing the efectiveness of the search tools and portal engines. Providing our foreign customers the system of handy tools to listing properties. Translating our website into more languages.


Customers Each person or real estate agent offering properties for sale or rent may become our customer and take advantage of the benfits.



If you need to sell or rent your own property, if you’re interested in buying, if you are looking for clients all over the world to make a quick succesful deal we are the best place for you to be.

If you are a real estate agent you can present the whole portfolio of your properties on our website. If you need to find your potential partners, customers or investors, interested in far-reaching cooperation we are the best place for you to be.


We are for you

We are for you

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.�


Become a customer We gladly hear from our customers or anyone interested in becoming a part of our future success. We help you to dissipate any doubts and answer all the question to make sure the registration process is easy and friendly for our visitors. Our door are always open for you! Contact us

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The way of becoming our customer is quick and easy. 1. Go to the website, 2. register as a individual or real estate agent, l3. ist your property and 4. enjoy the benefits. four easy steps

Start today Give yourself a chance to become a part of our future success.

make it happen

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Give us a chance to bring you all the benefits and the best satisfaction with our services . Become our cutomer today.


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