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Encouraging Your Elderly Loved One to Write the Great American Novel

• Seniors are a treasure trove of knowledge gained through the experiences they have had throughout their lives, and this insight can be put to good use by encouraging them to write the next Great American Novel. Summit, NJ, caregivers offer a few tips to help your elderly loved one get started on writing and stay motivated to continue.

Focus on the Benefits

• During the senior years, it is common for older adults to reflect on their past regrets. However, this can lead to discontentment if the regrets are not properly addressed. If your loved one has always dreamed of writing a novel, deciding to do so now can give him or her a sense of purpose.

Help with the Story’s Development

• Getting started is often the hardest part of writing a novel. Your loved one may have several plots already in his or her head and needs help narrowing them down to one main point of focus. Alternatively, he or she may be floundering with even coming up with the basic outline of a plot.

Provide Motivation for Writing

• Once your loved one has begun writing the novel, keep him or her motivated by suggesting new ways to continue fleshing out the plot. For example, novel writing contests spring up every November that offer seniors a way to compete with themselves to complete a set amount of words by a specific deadline. Alternatively, you can help your loved one create a cozy writing space with his or her favorite writing tools, books, and inspirational images.

Celebrate the Novel’s Completion

• Writing a novel is a long-term endeavor that can keep your loved one thinking positively about the future. Upon the novel’s completion, your loved one can enjoy a sense of accomplishment that empowers him or her to press forward toward new goals. Help your loved one celebrate by showing him or her how to get the novel published, or encourage him or her to write a sequel or unrelated book.

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Encouraging your elderly loved one to write the great american novel  

Seniors have lots of life knowledge through their experiences they have seen everything so in homecare summit we encourage seniors to write...

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