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DINE AT HOME WITH A DELUXE HOTEL FEEL!! Dress up your dining tables when you call your friends for a lunch this time. Welcome them in a setting that doesn’t look less than a plush restaurant. Along with delicious platter create a pleasing ambiance for your guests which leave them spellbound. When you all come together for a meal, this moment is very special and close to the hearts. So, let’s make it even more special by dressing the dining tables that we usually leave bare.

Table cloth can give an elegant look to your old furniture. You have the option of using solid colored and printed sheet over your tables. First think about the design scheme you want to apply in your dining hall, this will help you to decide the pattern of the sheet. Where solid fabric has a classy look, printed textile can dramatize any setting instantly. Cover up the stains and prevent your tables from scratches with soft and lustrous sheets which have remarkable aesthetics.

Cotton is worth using as a table cloth due to its stain absorbent ability and easy to wash fabric. Use it either daily or occasionally, something magical is for sure when a textile swathe around your dining table. Make it more interesting by using table runner in the mid of table. It will give a sophisticated look to the table while reflecting your refined taste. With a printed table cloth, bright solid colored runner will work and if solid cloth is your choice then the runner should be in a darker shade. Then, you have place mats and napkins to further show your artistic streak. Mix and match them with your table cloth and see you how tables suddenly start looking so pretty. Your friends will admire your this extra effort and leave you many compliments for such a lavish meal. Visit:-

Dine at Home With a Deluxe Hotel Feel!!