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AUG/SEP 2021


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Who Want to be Part of the next BILLION $ Company Before It’s Too Late. Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO), already a 6 year old multi-MILLION dollar company, just hired Kevin Fournier, a known network marketing industry leader, as their new President. Kevin took a previous company to a BILLION $ in sales in record time. He will do the same for CTFO.

As of May 31, CTFO CEO Stuart Finger announced a MAJOR upgrade to the compensation plan. Fast Start Pay (40% for first 30 days on all orders!). 21 Level Regenerating Matrix Pay with a Copyrighted built-in Multiplier. Infinity Rank Bonuses. Monthly Loyalty Bonuses. And finally, a CODED BONUS called Infinity 7 that blows away any other pay plan completely! Listen to Stu explain it here:

https://vimeo.com/557812991 We are LOOKING FOR LEADERS who are ready to get started NOW and ride this tidal wave to the top. More than 50 wellness products to promote! All unique and some Proprietary/ Patented and Exclusive to CTFO. If you believe you qualify, return the coupon below to us right away, and we will call you for an interview. Working email, Internet access, and phone with voicemail REQUIRED. USA/Canada/ UK/ EU only.

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• Earn FULL TIME INCOME, even before you have a team. • We offer SAME DAY FUNDING for small businesses up to $25K or $25K+ up to $2M within 3-4 days. Help a business set up INSTANT FUNDING TODAY! • No license required. Full training FREE.

You can earn 6% of all funding you originate PLUS all renewals. PLUS you earn up to 50% income match on everyone you personally recruit for LIFE! (Keep in mind, they can earn FULL TIME INCOME starting on day one) FREE to join. NO RENEWAL FEES. NO MONTHLY FEES. NO FEES PERIOD. We only earn when you do first.

People are earning $1,000 to $2,000 their first week without a team.

WE OFFER NEXT DAY PAY! We are going to the moon with this one! Join one of the top teams in the company today and we will show you how to earn full time income on a part time basis quickly! Example: You help a business get $10K you earn $600. You help them get $25K and you earn $1,500. NEXT DAY PAY! Have a team of 5 people who do the same, you earn your 50% match of their income and earn $1,500 to $3750 that week. Remember, you earn up to 50% of what they earn for life. Help them earn $100K annually on personal commissions and you earn $50K. How many people do you want to help make $100K annually? Don’t let an “expert” tell you about this! You need to check this out first! Just text me at (803) 260-6301 and I will send you an overview video then arrange a discussion or go to www.flippedthescript.com Independent Agent representing Bank Breezy.

www.flippedthescript.com Independent Agent representing Bank Breezy.


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Are you you looking looking for for an an Easy, Easy, Honest Honest and and Ethical Ethical way way to to earn earn EXTRA EXTRA income income from from home? home? IfIf so, so, Are then join join Life Life Force Force International International and and profit profit from from the the Multi-Billion Multi-Billion Dollar Dollar Nutritional Nutritional Industry! Industry! Here Here is is then about our program…. the honest truth the honest truth about our program….          

You will will Never Never have have to to sell sell any any products! products! You You will will Never Never have have to to stock stock any any products! products! You You will will Never Never have have to to explain explain the the program! program! You You will will Never Never have have to to bother bother family family & & friends! friends! You You will will Never Never have have to to make make phone phone calls! calls! You

Get Paid Paid Get Up to to 55 Times Times Up a Month! a Month!

ALL YOU YOU DO DO IS IS MAIL MAIL OUR OUR POSTCARDS. POSTCARDS. Best Best of of all, all, we we will will give give you you FREE FREE postcards postcards every every sinsinALL gle month….GUARANTEED. month….GUARANTEED. No No computer computer needed. needed. This This is is by by far, far, the the Easiest Easiest gle Home-Based Business. Business. Our Our postcard postcard system system does does the the work work for for you. you. IfIf you you can can mail mail Home-Based postcard, you you can can do do this this business. business. aa postcard, LIFE CHANGING CHANGING PRODUCT: PRODUCT: Have Have you you had had your your veggies veggies today? today? Most Most of of us us barely barely LIFE eat one one serving serving of of greens greens aa day day and and so so we we miss miss out out on on getting getting valuable valuable antioxiantioxieat dants. TrueGreens TrueGreens helps helps you you address address this this challenge challenge with with 30 30 organic organic and and naturalnaturaldants. source ingredients ingredients including including grasses, grasses, grains, grains, fruits, fruits, vegetables, vegetables, probiotics, probiotics, enensource zymes, and and more. more. TrueGreens TrueGreens is is not not available available in in stores. stores. zymes, UNLIMITED INCOME INCOME POTENTIAL: POTENTIAL: Would Would an an EXTRA EXTRA $1,000.00 $1,000.00 to to $10,000.00 $10,000.00 per per month, month, change change UNLIMITED your life? You can start making money within your very first month. Ordinary individuals are earning your life? You can start making money within your very first month. Ordinary individuals are earning incomes with with Part-Time Part-Time effort. effort. Individuals Individuals who who have have failed failed in in other other programs, programs, are are FINALLY FINALLY Full-Time incomes Full-Time making money money by by simply simply using using our our simple simple postcard postcard mailing mailing system. system. Nothing Nothing could could be be EASIER. EASIER. making

Earn aa nice nice monthly monthly income income with with just just aa few few members members below below you! you! Earn 12 People People == $405/Month $405/Month ~~ Car Car Payment! Payment! 12 30 People People == $1,075/Month $1,075/Month ~~ House House Payment! Payment! 30 120 People People == $4,550/Month $4,550/Month ~~ Quit Quit Your Your Job! Job! 120 Based on oneach eachperson person ordering ordering 100BV. 100BV. Based

SECURE YOUR YOUR FREE FREE POSITION: POSITION: IfIf you you are are serious serious about about making making money money from from home, home, then then you you SECURE need to join our Life Force TEAM. Simply complete the coupon below and return it us today. You’ve need to join our Life Force TEAM. Simply complete the coupon below and return it us today. You’ve got nothing nothing to to lose. lose. The The sooner sooner you you join, join, the the sooner sooner you you can can start start making making money money from from home. home. got

NEW MEMBER MEMBER WELCOME WELCOME KIT KIT REQUEST! REQUEST! NEW __Yes, enroll enroll me me in in Life Life Force Force && rush rush me me aa FREE FREE Welcome Welcome Kit, Kit, along along with with my my coupon coupon to to request request __Yes, postcards and and 250 250 FREE FREE names names on on peel peel && stick stick labels. labels. my 250 250 FREE FREE postcards my NAME: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ PHONE______________________ PHONE______________________ NAME: ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________________________ CITY: _________________________________________________STATE:________ _________________________________________________STATE:________ ZIP:______________ ZIP:______________ CITY: Referredby byFrantz FrantzPierre Pierre Referred

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New Dimensions Dimensions 50K 50K Team Team New

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NOV/DEC 2018


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019 EB 2

Reach 0+ 0 25p,0ortunityS Op ers PLU l Buy + Digita 0 0 ,0 10 bscribers Su






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e Hom

... etails Hottest Wellness for D Trend & Next Billion Dollar Industry www.EarnWithHemp.com See Next Page age ext P ee N iz S b s. nes eBusi .Hom www ing. Train and etup S ! FREE Today

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International Opportunity

Our team is expanding our partnerships with individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their personal economic future, and in the health and longevity of others around the world. Our ingredients for SOCIAL BUSINESS 3.0 success are:

Cutting-edge, clinically-proven technology Generous compensation Highly experienced, industry-successful team Proven support for built-in startup success: You Win = Team Win

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The Miracle of Crowdfunding

THE AMAZING CASH MONEY TSUNAMI! Russ von Hoelscher here. I want to share with you the best way to receive money that you never re-pay. Crowdfunding is not your typical business or network marketing opportunity. Like so many other good people you may have lost money with these so-called “opportunities”. Most likely not your fault. Most often, the only people who make money with some of these, are the guys who created them. Crowdfunding is already a 780 Billion Dollar Industry and it’s getting bigger and better everyday. Nearly 100 sites are processing requests and funding many thousands of individuals, families, groups, and businesses. For the past several months I have been researching crowdfunding and how I can use my marketing talents to help many men and women achieve financial success in this amazing industry. I’m now ready to help you.

Two of the most popular forms of Crowdfunding are donationbased and reward-based. Many sites use these two types of platforms. Donation-Based works well for folks who have problems – big problems and small problems caused by personal trouble, injury, fire, storms, or just because money is needed to improve living conditions, etc… It’s all about “People helping People”. Reward-Based crowdfunding is based on getting help for a project or products. We sweeten our appeal by offering some type of gift as a reward to those who give us money. We can help you with DonationBased sites and Reward-Based sites. Now, we have also created an exciting and profitable way for you to quickly start making money with the power or crowdfunding. We call it “Group Based Crowdfunding”. Best of all, its how you can make money for yourself, but not by yourself. You’ll

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The Importance of Personal CONNECTION There is ONE THING that separates the sheep from the goats in network marketing. It’s not charisma. It’s not even the best products or the best pay plan (although my company has both!). The “magic” is in personal connection. People want to work with other real people. For a long time, I tried to build my business “remotely.” The idea was, I could “just mail postcards” (or flyers or letters), then people would join, order products and duplicate what I was doing. They could contact me by mail or email if they needed something from me. If I needed more members, I would just mail more postcards. And that kind of “worked” for a while. But then I noticed something disturbing. Even though we were bringing people into the business, they were not sticking around. They would get started and then quit on me. I told myself that was just part of the well-known attrition rate in network marketing – which is almost legendary. However, I also noticed something else. The ones who DID stick around were always the ones who had actually connected with me in some way. Mostly by email, but especially on the PHONE. You see, when you hear someone’s VOICE, the connection is maybe 100 times stronger than anything you can achieve in print (including email). You get a much better glimpse into their character… and their soul. This realization created a dilemma for me. Because the awful truth is, most people HATE calling other people they 32

don’t know very well on the phone. I’m not even talking about cold calls. I mean new members who have actually joined the company under you. People who genuinely want your help and advice. People who have “raised their hands” and asked you to call them. And that’s when I realized that, as great as postal mail is for getting people to raise their hands, it’s terrible for making any kind of real human connection. If I wanted my business to have the ultimate success I was looking for, I needed to incorporate the PHONE into my mailing systems. Create a short recorded message you can include on your mail piece. You can find a very inexpensive phone number to do that at copycall.com. The message must be less than 3 minutes, but that’s all you need to peak curiosity. The prospect can leave a request for a call at the end of your recording, and the copycall system sends you an instant email with the prospects phone number and a recording of their message. You can also easily update the recording if need be as things progress.

code. Then, you can simply forward the email you got from copycall to the member who will be their sponsor and have them return the call. In the beginning, you will want to make these calls WITH the potential sponsor so they learn how to do them and how easy it is. This develops LEADERS. In our business, we have started incorporating these methods into our mailing systems so that we add the HUMAN CONNECTION to our advertising methods. They WORK. You can contact Dr. Dick at Dr. R. H. Pritchard, PO Box 510, Worthington, OH 43085. Also see his book at BabyBoomerRockStar.com, his YouTube channel at www.youtube. com/c/DrDickPritchard and his ad on page 3.

In order to make this work well, your message must QUALIFY prospects. For example, it might say they should only request a call if they have a working email, a cell phone, and x$ to actually start a business. You don’t want to waste a lot of time talking to tire kickers and people who just do not have the resources to start any type of business. You can also have the prospect give you some type of information that identifies their sponsor – like an ID number or Together We Win! www.HomeBusinessAdvertiser.com

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Make You Money! PENNSYLVANIA - In today’s work world, being self-employed and working from home has taken on a more important meaning than just comfort and convenience…it can literally be a matter of life and death. In this post pandemic world, just stepping outside your own home puts you in the position of taking your life in your own hands. In the mad dash for ‘home employment’ there is a ton of grifters, BS artists and straight up conmen. They come along promising you the world and take your money for advertising that is going to ‘blow up’ your business like you can’t believe. Yet in nearly all cases all that blows up is your bank account and not in a good way.

just lying around to waste. If they ran an ad with HBA and they didn’t deliver, they wouldn’t have enough money to even run a second ad! ise:


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h Reac



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Yet just like Mr. Akins states above, HBA has advertisers that have NEVER missed an issue in over 15 years. Do you think they are spending money like that every month just to break even or even worse lose money? That simply doesn’t make any kind of logical sense. From king t Wor Star

EE y! FR e Toda Hom

See Page s 20

- 21

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