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God Bless America!


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NOV/DEC 2017

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Rags to Riches Story is Incred ible!

Just COPY my system

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Pierce, a colleg e student, made $35,00 0 in one day! People, just like you

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Peter Wolfing’s American, “Rags to Riches” Legacy Continues… We first introduced you to our esteemed friend and fellow entrepreneur, Peter Wolfing, back in January of this year. Back then, Peter shared with us how he had developed a whole new way of thinking about network marketing. We explained how Peter’s innovative systems make networking more effective, more streamlined, and less complicated. In fact, his company has often been called The “Uber” of Network Marketing! We’ve known Peter for several years, and we couldn’t think more highly of him. He is a man of great character, innovation, and commitment. We’re so impressed with his phenomenal growth and rate of success that we just had to give you a “progress report”. You may remember that Peter catapulted his network from 100,000 to 1.2 million active, paid distributors in late 2016…

It’snow nowover over2.1 2.1MILLION MILLION It’s membersacross acrosshis hisplatforms. platforms. members Peter has three primary goals: 1. Limit risk yet maximize earnings speed and income potential. 2. Have impact and contribution to anyone around the world, regardless of race, gender, religion, or socio-economic situation or orientation. 3. Offer quality education products that empower people to improve their lives. 16

To accomplish these goals, Peter has done three BIG things: First, he’s created “enhanced affiliate programs” that “work like lightning.” These are online environments where networkers can thrive. Basically, he’s developed systems and architecture that allow him and his affiliates to have a greater impact on more people. He’s seized upon the potential of social media and technology to help affiliates begin building a global network on the very first day they join! Secondly, Peter has created a “member-to-member” payment system that eliminates the need for payroll and allows his company to pay out MAXIMUM commissions immediately upon every single sale directly to the affiliate! It’s so much more efficient than old-fashioned compensation structures. Finally, Peter has developed a wide range of valuable, digital education products that can be delivered directly and instantaneously to customers through their digital devices—PC, android device, IPad, etc. This means there are no manufacturing and packaging costs, no warehousing and shipping costs, so he’s able to deliver higher payouts more quickly than any company with traditional products. A true entrepreneur at heart, Peter is always thinking about new and innovative ways to improve upon the status quo. His 27 years of experience in the industry combined with his nearly two decades of experience as a business owner, and his invaluable experience as a sergent in the U.S. Marine Corps, have afforded him the

incredible expertise and opportunity to “work out the quirks” of business ownership and truly streamline the process for motivated networkers who want to see big returns quickly. By sharing what he’s learned with thousands of people, Peter’s creating a movement of people who understand that they can “Become Their Own Economy” regardless of what’s going on in the world around them. He’s teaching others that they don’t have to be dependent on the political or government environment to thrive. To this aim, Peter has embarked on his most ambitious launch ever – – called U-Economy. Peter says the “U” in U-Economy represents YOU. You choose to be sovereign over your life. It could be called a “digital franchise,” but without the franchise price tag. Peter has developed tried-and-true systems that you simply plug in and copy. All the infrastructure is there. So, U-Economy has all the benefits of a traditional franchise, namely, a very successful, duplicable system, combined with all the benefits of a highly efficient, streamlined network marketing company. As Peter explains, “U-Economy is a social network for entrepreneurs that uses post-education courses to start the ‘real-world education’ that you don’t get in a traditional school setting.” He brands everything with “U” in mind. U-Faculty are leaders with field experience who want to give back to their community. Advertising Pays! Ask our advertisers.


U-Economy’s educational system builds on a university model education with a combination of LIVE and RECORDED education. For example, they offer Basic, Advanced, and Mastery courses in Mentorship, Digital Entrepreneurship, and Networking and Promotion – – everything you need to become a digital MLM expert.

Learn BIG while you earn BIG. Through their U-Core product, affiliates can participate in several live trainings each week. These are Mastermind sessions and book studies from the true masters like John C. Maxwell, Napoleon Hill, Wallace D. Wattles, and Darren Hardy, among others.

Want to know what else makes U-Economy so unique? U-Economy has complete turn-key systems giving affiliates the potential to earn impressive incomes without even ever talking to anyone. That’s right—affiliates don’t even have to close their sales if they choose not to because U-Economy’s traffic systems cultivate leads through their U-Funnel presentations and their U-Pros follow up for you! If a sale is made, you get paid!

legendary educators. They are truly an experience of a lifetime, and they can be truly lifechanging.

This methodology opens up the digital franchise world to anyone and everyone! You don’t have to be a superstar…but you might become one!

If you are interested in becoming the master of your own domain and taking advantage of U Economy’s turnkey systems and mastermind training, check out today. See for yourself how unique and rewarding Peter’s newest innovation can be for you.

Another highlight that Peter points out: U-Economy’s Mastery events are held on cruises and resorts in exotic locations around the world with

U-Economy is comprised of three types of income: Leverage, Lifestyle and Legacy, with a wide range of investment options starting at just $495. You can earn MASSIVE commissions of 70% and more, both up front and in residuals, for long-term wealth.

The Personal Side of Peter’s Story:

A true Rags to Riches Legacy Peter grew up in a tiny, “400 squarefoot shack,” as he describes it, in upstate New York. He attributes his bent towards entrepreneurism to his devoted mother, a first-generation German immigrant who didn’t speak a single word of English when she first came to the U.S. Peter’s mother pursued sewing and fabric work, and eventually created an interior design business of her own to help support her family. Years later, Peter’s mother and father opened a restaurant together, continuing their tradition of business ownership. Peter learned a great deal through this experience, and, after serving as a sergent in the Marines, he also opened his restaurant. Owning a traditional, brick and mortar business carries with it huge financial burdens and risks. Peter knew there had to be

God Bless America!

a better way, and his search led him, of course, to network marketing. But Peter wasn’t satisfied with the typical MLM’s he saw around him, so he set out to make them more accessible, more duplicable, more efficient, and more lucrative. Fast forward, 27 years, and Peter is the proud owner and founder of multiple “enhanced affiliate programs,” the newest and most innovative of which is U-Economy. Peter is a visionary, and he’s creating a legacy for future generations. Today, Peter and his wife live in a beautiful, downtown Manhattan home with their 13-yearold daughter. Their son Pierce, 20, is a full-time biology student, but he’s also spent the last nine months learning the business from Peter, and he’s well on his way to creating his own financial legacy. Entrepreneurism runs in the family!


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Mobley CB et al. Nutr Metab 2014; 11:9



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Increase in NK Cell Activity

Check out Naomi s picture. I m sure you can capture a vision of how bad her health was. Isn t it amazing to see the difference? The only thing different that she took during this period was Transfer Factor®!

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Mike Akins is 70 years young and Marsha Akins is 46 years young

Mike (70) elijah (22)

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this molecule could help you turn back the clock on age

A study listed in the 2016 Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) --Edition 70-- pg. 2212 under "Longevity Studies" stated that a group of 11 older men, ages 55-73, were "given 3 capsules per day of a product containing transfer factors 5 days a week for 6 weeks." At the end of that "6 week" period, tests showed that there was a reduction of their biological age by "approximately four years".* 4Life Transfer Factor products are listed in the PDR, a reputable medical publication sent to over 500,000 medical professionals throughout the United States. *THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THESE PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE, OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE.

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The decision to join 4Life has Mike & Marsha live on just 3-5 percent of their income. proven to be a remarkable one. They have donated more than $8 million to people with health We are only just beginning to challenges through their nutritional therapy program as well as scratch the surface of what this helping the disadvantaged around the world over the last 20+ years. opportunity can offer. This They currently have 500,000+ members & customers. opportunity has helped Their organization currently generates $23+ million per month thousands of people with their in sales & contains 70-80% of the company s top leaders. health & finances, and it will Thousands of individuals are making money based on their own unique financial goals throughout 90+ countries. continue to grow for decades This is just the start. Tremendous growth opportunities available! to come so we can help even Industry veterans name him more people and leave a A True Professional Networker Mike & Marsha Akins legacy for our loved ones. the greatest networker in the With A Heart For Others." world. Money Makers Monthly Mike Akins Money N Profits


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4Life s founders, David & Bianca Lisonbee, and the management team at 4Life are humanitarians. 4Life supports children and orphanages around the world. David & Bianca felt passionate about improving the lives of people through health and wellness, and they wanted to offer a truly unique opportunity for individuals to achieve their dreams no matter what their current financial situation is. David Lisonbee and the management team at 4Life are talented and experienced. 4Life is a privately held company, not a publicly traded one. Why is that important? Distributors don t have to worry about the company selling out their distributors for stockholders profits. Humanitarians truly care about their distributors.

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While many leaders in the network marketing industry concentrate on maximizing personal profits, Mike Akins focus has always been on maximizing the potential of his fellow team members and helping them reach their desired level of success. Mike believes in the power and potential of people, which is why he invests so much of his his time and money back into supporting members of his team. Mike Akins' heart-felt desire for those who have joined him in this journey to become successful is expressed in the support structure he has created for his team members. Mike formed a staff of professionals to help build, train, and support members of his organization. He calls that team Professional Networkers (PN). Many of these staff members have worked with Mike for 15, 20, and even 30+ years. Mike and his staff are humanitarians and many staff members are ministers or missionaries.

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Home Business Advertiser

By Dr. Dick Pritchard

Dr. Dick’s Downline Building by Mail:

The Most Important TOOL in MARKETING by


If you’re marketing by mail, you might think the most important tool you have is the mailing system itself, or the sales letter, or the postcard. But in my opinion, as important as all those things are, they’re not your most important tool. No, your most important tool is something you can hold in one hand. It’s a tool that MOST PEOPLE don’t bother to use. And that’s too bad, because it can make a HUGE difference in your level of success in network marketing in general, and especially if you market by mail. The reason this tool is so underused is, many people are AFRAID of it. It’s called the TELEPHONE. You see, getting people to actually respond to and act on your mailing piece involves TRUST. They don’t necessarily trust what they got in the mail. They want to talk to a live human being before they become willing to trust.

Personal confession: when I first started out in network marketing, I was extremely uncomfortable making phone calls, even to my warm market, about my business. Part of that was my own lack of belief in the industry and my company, but there was also that gut fear of the phone. I’ve never liked talking to people on the phone. I’m an introvert by nature. Even now, I’m not wild about it. So… to add some realism to this article, I conducted a present day experiment to prove my point. The first thing I did was just start ANSWERING my phone when it rang instead of screening my calls through voicemail. When I did, I discovered 40

something. People are excited to talk to YOU instead of your voicemail! They are more friendly and ready to take the ACTION you want them to take. I get a LOT of phone calls every day, so this has made a huge difference in my business. The next thing I did was start to make “welcome” calls to all my new personally enrolled members. I had been sending them a letter (which I still do, because a lot of people, like the “old me,” let unknown calls go to voicemail, yet they DO open their mail). The vast majority of them can’t believe I took the time to make a PERSONAL CALL to them and to offer my advice and help on how to get started with our business. New people want and NEED that encouragement. When we don’t give it to them, we’re making a big mistake.

depends on how hard you work this over the next 6 months. It’s not how long I’ve been in or how much money I’m making, it’s about how much YOU COULD BE MAKING if you really took this opportunity by the horns. Of course, there are snarky answers, too, but I’ve learned to give helpful ones instead. One more time, I learned the VALUE of the telephone as a CONNECTION tool. And that’s what our industry is all about: CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE. You can contact Dr. Dick at Dr. R. H. Pritchard, P.O. Box 340040, Columbus, OH 43234. Also see his new book at, his YouTube channel at com/user/rhpritchard1945 and his ad on page 3.

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with my family, helping people, and finding a business I could enjoy and get excited about.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit this, but it’s the truth, so I’ll tell you -- I believed that I had a good deal going.

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How can Home Business Advertiser help you? This one is fairly obvious: advertise. Over the last 15 years of publishing the magazine, we’ve built relationships with hundreds of home business owners. Over 80% of these people have advertised with us, not just month after month, but sometimes year after year. There are people like Professional Networkers (Mike Akins, Lauren Roberts, & Jason Gray.) Professional Networkers has been a corporate sponsor of HBA for 15 years. Mike Akins is one of the most trusted people in this industry. Professional Networkers has over 500,000+ distributors and customers worldwide. I know Mike Akins has a personal goal of doubling that number before 2021. There’s Paul Mason, a 40-year veteran of network marketing. Paul has advertised in almost every issue of HBA for 12 years. Paul wrote a piece called, “The Biblical Keys to Network Marketing” that you will find in this and every issue. The Lord has blessed the Mason’s with three daughters and two sons, all married to their original spouses from 20 to 35 years. They have 12 living grandchildren (one deceased). Paul and Eunice are “sort of” retired, spending most of their time in church work, gardening, and visiting their extended families. Spare time is very 68

limited, but Paul still finds time for some MLM activities. Think about Wolf Enterprises. Randy Wolf is a very dear friend with a fantastic sense of humor. I remember the day I called Randy and asked him to start his own network marketing magazine. Randy said, “You do it Bob, and I’ll help you sell ads!” Here we are 15 years later. Because of Randy’s outstanding ad design, low rates, and extraordinary service, Wolf Enterprises places dozens and dozens of ads in each issue of Home Business Advertiser. It gives me confidence knowing that nearly 80% of Randy’s advertisers are renewals. There’s Kyle Schmalhofer, the Associate Publisher of HBA. Kyle has built significant relationships with dozens of home business marketers like Gerald Peters, Russ Von Hoelscher, Bob Shafer, Greg Gunderson, Debby Erskine, and Eric Fakunle who all run their ads consistently in Home Business Advertiser because they know HBA helps them grow their business. The fact is, if we can help an advertiser make one excellent business connection off of a $495 ad, we have a happy advertiser for life. Consider the creative artwork and design of Maria Cummings. I just “happened” to bump into Maria at an open house when I was first starting HBA. Maria and I had previously worked together, and I was looking for an art director right then and there. Maria designs over 75% of the ads in Home Business Advertiser and helps our advertisers create offers that get attention and results. Maria is a mom, a volunteer firefighter, and a teacher at the design college here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Why does Home Business Advertiser work? HBA is a co-operative magazine. It costs around $40,000 to design, print, and mail each issue of Home Business Advertiser. And, we reach the best

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