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Principals Report It has been just over a week since we formed our classes and it is wonderful to see how quickly the students have se!led into their learning roune. Our new kindergarten students have se!led parcularly well and the teachers are expecng big things from them. School begins each day at 8:55 am when the bell sounds. All students need to be standing in their class lines by this me. If they arrive late, the student (and parents) need to go to the oďŹƒce so that their late arrival is recorded and the reason wri!en down for the class teacher. We are required by law to do this and also to take further steps if students start to regularly arrive late.

The school will be administering three of the University of New South Wales Tests for students in Years 3-6 this year. The Science Test takes place on 6 June, the English Test takes place on 31 July and the Mathemacs Test is scheduled for 14 August. Each test will cost $10 to enter. Informaon will be sent home at the start of Term 2 for interested parents. Most parents will have received a note from their child’s teacher asking them to pay for student requirements. These are items the student needs to be able to operate in the classroom and will

A teacher is on duty each morning from 8:30 am and students can arrive at school anyme a;er this. Please assist us in providing a good start to each school day for your child by making sure they arrive at school between 8:30 am and 8:55 am.

Next Fortnight’s Diary

Term 1 Mon 27 Feb

Tues 21 Feb

Tues 28 Feb

Wed 22 Feb

Wed 29 Feb

Thur 23 Feb

Thur 1 March Summer PSSA Starts

Next week a voluntary contribuons note will be sent home asking each parent to pay the contribuon and also requesng payment for paper and for the Mathlecs program. We would appreciate it if parents could se!le the account as soon as possible as all proceeds are used to purchase resources to improve your child’s educaonal outcomes. A reminder that the school’s new website is up and running. The new site’s address is

We are encouraging all parents to choose to receive their copy of this newsle!er by email. The email version has the advantage of being in full colour and also saves the school on paper costs. Instrucons on how to begin receiving your full-colour school newsle!er can be found at the bo!om of page 3 of this publicaon. Jack Liston

Mon 20 Feb

Fri 24 Feb

include things like pens, pencils, scissors, whiteboards, etc.

Fri 2 March

Weeks 3 & 4

Reminder from the OďŹƒce The school oďŹƒce hours are 8.30am to 3.00pm everyday. All money transacons must be in before 9.30am. E;pos is accepted everyday and cash is only accepted on Monday to Thursday. If you are sending cash, it needs to come to the oďŹƒce in a sealed envelope with the student’s ďŹ rst and last names, class, acvity the money is for and the amount clearly wri!en on it. (Envelopes are not supplied by the oďŹƒce). All general enquiries should be directed to the oďŹƒce before 11.00am. Also lunch bags are not supplied by the oďŹƒce. They can be purchased from the supermarket. Chinese New Year Celebraons The school’s "Chinese New Yearâ€? celebraon was held on 12th February. Many parents and visitors came to enjoy the performance by the students. Many parents contributed to the delicious lunch which followed the student performance. The sale of the lunch raised $862.20 which will be used by the school to purchase resources to support the school’s programs. A huge “THANK YOUâ€? must go to the large number of parents who supplied, cooked and sold the food on the day and then helped clean up a;erward as well as the parent who contributed to the successful student performance. Another big thank you goes to Mrs Tung who began working on the celebraon as long ago as December 2011. We also need to thank Mr Blundell for his work in seHng up and managing the stage and sound as well as assisng with rehearsals.

Yourtutor at Strathfield Library Yourtutor is a free online service for students to get help with schoolwork. Students can access the service using their Strathfield library card number from any computer with an internet connection. Help is available from qualified tutors for English, maths, writing, science, assignments, research and study questions all the way to advanced year 12. When a student has a question, they log in with their public library card number and have a one-to-one conversation using the yourtutor online homework centre. Tutors are online ready to help students when a homework problem arises from 4pm to 8pm Monday to Friday. Tutors do not provide the students with the answers, rather they work out the problem with each student so that they know what to do next time, or understand content that will come up in class or exams. Whilst helping to develop their enquiry skills and self confidence. Logon to yourtutor at library.

TAKE HOME A BIG BROTHER OR BIG SISTER Give your children the wonderful opportunity to have an international big brother or big sister by hosting one of our exceptional international students arriving in Australia in July 2012 for their 3, 5 or 10 month programs. Our international students from France, Germany, Italy, Austria Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland will live as a local, attend a local secondary school, arrive with their own spending money and comprehensive insurance cover – all arranged by Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. Visit us at, email or call us toll free on 1800 500 501, request our little booklets of international student profiles, and capture the spirit of family and friendship!

Would you like to receive a full-colour newsle%er? A full-colour newsle!er is available for parents willing to accept their newsle!er by email. The email edion is much more vibrant and photos are a lot clearer and brighter. You’ll also help us to ease paper costs while doing that li!le bit extra for our environment. If you would like to receive a colour newsle!er via email please send us an email at Please mark the subject “Newsle!er�. Include in the body of the email your name, your child's name and class as well as your email address.

Helping children be organised


Many children, particularly boys, need extra assistance getting organised. They may have great intentions but they just can’t seem to see the fine details of what they should be doing. If this sounds familiar, then consider using lists to give your child the organisational map that he or she needs. If you have children who always forget what to do in the morning, list five things they must do before they put a foot out of the door each day. Be specific and stick to the important stuff. A list may read: Make breakfast, clean teeth, pack bag, etc. Place the list in a prominent place and make it attractive or, at least, easy to read. If you have pre readers then use symbols or simple pictures as well as words.

The use of lists helps children to be organised and takes the onus off you to always tell them what to do.

Bright Idea Listen to understand When your child has a problem resist giving advice in the ďŹ rst instance. Show you understand how he or she feels and look for ways he or she may resolve the diďŹƒculty themselves. Somemes there is nothing be!er than being understood.

Quick Parenng Quiz! 1. Which of the following responses indicate a parent’s belief in a child’s abilities? a) Give me the jar. I’ll unscrew the lid. b) You are nearly there. Well done. c) I’ve laid out your clothes for school. d) Which clothes will you choose? 2. Which of the following responses to tales places responsibility on to the child? a)

P A G E are page s i h t of on sented Grose, one e r p s Article y Michael enting Edu n b Par writte ading e l s ’ a i l Austra . cators

That’s a shame your sister pushed you. I hope you are okay. b) Your sister is naughty. Could you get her for me? c) That’s a rough game that you were both playing. d) Go and tell your mother/father.

This may not be ground breaking stuff but it works. Ask your children to tick off each activity or just make a mental note when each is done. This type of reward works well with boys, who respond favourably to short-term goals. If you want children to have a tidy bedroom then place a list of the five jobs that they must do to keep it tidy behind their door. Let's face it, children have their own version of tidiness so you may have to make it clear what tidiness means.

Answers: 1 b) and d) 2 a) and c)

Wise & Wiy Words "Children are a small percentage of the population but one hundred per cent of our future." Unknown

"There must be many fathers around the country who have experienced the cruelest, most crushing rejection of all: their children have ended up supporting the wrong team."

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