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A Custom Home Without the Custom Price Winnipeg’s Randall Homes launches Avanti Custom Homes

by Judy Penz Sheluk

A partner of Randall Homes, a family-owned builder since 1983 in the Winnipeg home building industry, Avanti Custom Homes launched in September 2015 with a 1,722-squarefoot bungalow in the Oak Bluff West subdivision on the outskirts of Winnipeg. The neighbourhood offers lot sizes ranging

HBM: Clearly the company has been success-

Homes philosophy in the house market), com-

from 70’ to 84’ wide. There are plans already

ful. What prompted the decision to enter the

ing up with new concepts and new designs at

in place to build in other communities in Win-

custom home market, and what changes were

an affordable price point in custom market.

nipeg. Why did a production builder enter the

required to do so?

custom build space? We sat down with Jason

HBM: It’s early days for Avanti Custom Homes.

Jaquet, the company’s Vice President, to find

What has been your biggest challenge to date,


HBM: Let’s

start by finding out a bit about

Randall Homes.

JJ: Randall Homes was established in 1983 by my father, Randy Jaquet. The first year we were in business we sold 35 homes, the next year we sold over 70 and we’ve grown ever since. The company now sells over 220 homes annually, and has won numerous awards over the years

The home buyer can request anything they want, from small tweaks to drawing completely new plans from scratch.

for our innovative designs. Our philosophy is

and how does that compare to your experience as a production builder?

JJ: The biggest challenge we faced was getting the Avanti Custom Homes name out in the Winnipeg marketplace. Since Randall Homes was already an established builder in Winnipeg, as a new custom builder in an already competitive custom market we used social media and print ads to brand the Avanti Custom Homes name and get people talking before we started any projects.

that we don’t build homes to win awards; we build them for our customers. The emphasis

JJ: Randall Homes has been a company that is

HBM: The pricing structure for an Avanti home

has always been creating a comfortable living

always pushing the envelope with awarding-

is fixed vs. the more traditional cash allowance

space. The key to our success is the long-

winning design ideas and standard features

route. What are the advantages for the cus-

term relationships built along the way—from

added into our homes. As a result, we wanted

tomer and the builder in using this method?

developers and tradespeople to the bank and

to set up a custom home company that would

accounting firm to the staff and the Jaquet

be able to offer a custom home without the


family. More than a home builder, we are a

custom price tag. Giving them Choice, Value

going to get and at what cost:

relationship builder.

and Service (a key element of

uu Cash allowances can leave the client with

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