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16th Annual New Product Showcase

Corded Power Without the Cord The Milwaukee M18

5-3/4” Vertical Capacity

to 400 cuts on just one

FUEL 10” Dual Bevel

for cutting large base up

charge, eliminating the has-

Sliding Compound Miter

against the fence, 2x12

sle of switching out battery

Saw is the industry’s

Horizontal Capacity for cut-

packs throughout the day.

first 18V miter saw to

ting stair treads and large

It features a bevel capacity

deliver corded capacity and

stock, and 5-1/4” Crown

of 48° left and right and

performance,with the con-

Nested for cutting large

utilizes 9 bevel detent

venience of cordless por-

crown molding in position.

stops. It also features a

tability. It has the capacity

When equipped with the

Shadow Cut Line Indicator

to complete a wide range


for improved accuracy.

of core applications – from

DEMAND 9.0 Battery

frame to finish – including

Pack, it powers through up

Everything in One Extrusion Stops Window Leaks


The ideal new construction

penetration over time, 2)

potential for leakage, does

A selection of great innovative new

double hung should not

most accessory J fins are

not require any long-term

need to have an external

single wall and cannot be

maintenance, and adds no

products that will help you do more,

accessory brick mould or

welded, 3) accessories

extra cost.

siding J added for three

cost money and labour.

This double hung’s basic

reasons: 1) the connection

The 210BMJ has an

model with our Solar Gain

between any accessory

external double wall that

glass and Argon gas is

and a main frame is always

allows for welding and

designed to meet both

a potential location in the

provides enough space to

the Building code and be

long-term for water or air

be a brick mould without


additional external acces-

certified for all three zones.

sories. As an integral part of


the main frame, it has no


do better, and increase profits.

North American Competition in Track Saws

16 Home BUILDER Summer 2017

DEWALT introduces the

cut. The scale accounts

length. In addition, a rail


for the thickness of the

adjustment feature allows

Track Saw, delivering a

track from the bottom of

the saw to be accurately

finished edge just like a

the track down to 1/16”.


table saw. The Track Saw is

With straight plunge and a

FLEXVOLT combines the

capable of an on-track cut

parallel-link plunge mecha-

convenience of cordless

depth of 2-1/8” (54mm)

nism, the saw can be used

with the precision, porta-

at 90° and 1-5/8” (41mm)

in a variety of ergonomic

bility, and versatility of a

at 45°. It includes a

orientations. A dual-edge

corded track saw.

depth scale to accurately

track allows for fast set up

indicate exact depth of

and long anti-splinter guard

Summer 2017 | HomeBuilder Magazine Canada  

Annual New Product Showcase / Outdoor Living, Landscapes & Decks / CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence and Annual Conference

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