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HomeBridge Youth Society

Vision All youth and their families living in health, safety and harmony

Mandate Using an inter-disciplinary approach to youth care HomeBridge provides youth with experiences of stabilization, emergency placement, therapeutic programming, educational opportunities and longer-term residential interventions. This mandate is achieved through a collaboration with stakeholders, a community orientation, a commitment to youth education, continued professional development, implementation of current evidence based interventions and therapeutic programming.

HomeBridge Youth Occupancy Statistics Individual Youth Served 2016/2017 -101 Total

Individual Youth per Department of Community Services Region or Child Welfare Agency Residing in Facilities - 101 Total

9% 57%


Total Female (43)


Total Male (58)

109 individual youth were served during 2016/2017, however there were 170 total youth admissions to all facilities, which includes a number of youth who had multiple admissions and were served by more than one HomeBridge facility.

6% 45%


Central Region (46 Individuals) Western Region (25 Individuals) Mi'Kmaw Family and Children Services (15 Individuals) Northern Region (9 Individuals) Eastern Region (6 Individuals)




Homebridge Annual Report 2017  
Homebridge Annual Report 2017