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Photography sessions provided participants with the fundamentals of digital photograph as well as an opportunity to build upon any skills they already had. They also learned and expanded their understanding of macro and night photography. The young people learned both through theory and practical, hands on application of the techniques. They enjoyed a variety of field trips to historic sites, skate parks and areas with impressive cityscapes both during the day and after dark to try their hand at capturing images. The Circus Circle program often attracts even reluctant participants because it is fun, physical and looks “cool”. The benefits however run much deeper. While learning to juggle or walk the tightrope the young people are improving their hand eye coordination and concentration. They also learn a great deal about commitment and dedication through this program as it takes time and effort to build the skills required whether you are riding the unicycle or trying to master flips and tricks with the diablo. The facilitator not only guides youth through the techniques involved in developing these circus skills, but also teaches them important life lessons. Youth learn that it is ok to make mistakes as long as they keep trying and that anything is possible with hard work and practice. These are messages that they can apply to many facets of their lives.


Photo taken by youth

Circus Circle

The Expressions facilitators enjoyed watching the participants experience many firsts, discover new talents, and grow and develop throughout the year. This program would not be possible without the support of our donors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for funding the program and making many meaningful experiences possible.

I learned that I am good at stuff. – even stuff I haven’t tried before. -HomeBridge Youth

A Special Thank You to Our Expressions Donors Clearwater Fine Foods Ltd., Investors Group, Canadian Progress Club Halifax Cornwallis, Gratitude at Work, 100 Men Who Give A Damn! Halifax




Homebridge Annual Report 2017  
Homebridge Annual Report 2017