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Vol.1 Issue.1

Wayfarer ISSN 2169-3145

A Journal of Contemplative Literature

The Irish Kerouac

An Interview with Emmy-Winning Filmmaker Alan Cooke by L.M. Browning

The Wine and the Brine Walking Cape Cod with Thoreau by Eric D. Lehman

The Bones That Were Our People

An Essay by C. L. Prater

Feature Photographer Duncan George

Featuring the poetry of Martin Willitts Jr., Leah Shelleda, Aaron Cornett, Ysabel Schuld, Amber Koneval, Theodore Richards, Andrea Freeman, Jamie K. Reaser, Daniel Ari, Ryan Bayless, Julian Berengaut, William Akin and Thomas Zimmerman. With photography by Eleanor Leonne Bennett. Also featuring previews of Fleeting Moments of Fierce Clarity by L.M. Browning and Powers of Influence by Jordan Arey.

The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature | Volume. 1 Issue. 1  

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