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HOMEBASE BUILD II Letters Home March 2012 ___


About HomeBase Project HomeBase Project, an international artist run residency and research program established in 2006 in NYC by artist and curator Anat Litwin, explores the notion of home through the intersection of contemporary art, community and social innovation. HomeBase has traveled to four different urban sites in NYC before arriving in Berlin in 2010, to a historic brewery located in the Pankow district, in formally east Berlin. The HomeBase BUILD II program is an international Artist-inResidence and research program, focused on the exploration of home, while building the HB LAB as a year round artistic home and research center. Fourteen professional artists, social entrepreneurs have been selected to participate in this three month long program which began on December 7th and ends on March 10th 2012. The artists currently living at the HB LAB work on individual, site-specific art projects whilst engaging in our HB BUILD II educational program and creative communal living. Each artist participates as a creator, student, and teacher while collectively generating content and self-direction. The culmination of each artist’s work and the results of this communal project will be exhibited in our HB BUILD II Festival.

HB team: Anat Litwin, Adrian Brun, Nikki Hendrikx, Heather McKee, Mauricio Lizarazo, Bas Kools

__ IS THAT YOU? The interactive photo-video-performance installation from the artist Loudwig van Ludens invites the visitor to explore their senses, physicality and moral boundaries. It raises questions. Ist that you? Wich version? Why this one? Do you like to be touched and what are your favorite spots? How far would you go if nobody can see you? ___

Loudwig van Ludens - Luxembourg Loudwig van Ludens is a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur, working in painting, video installation, sculpture, and performance. He was born on Alpha Centaury in Belgrade on July 7 1962, and emigrated as a young child to Germany. By the age of 16 he was sent back to Yugoslavia and was later drafted by the People’s Army of Yugoslavia. In 1983 on account of political differences with the education system, he rejected public education, and continued private studies in various local and international art studios and workshops with sculptors, painters, blacksmiths, stonemasons, stained glass studios etc. He travelled extensively and moved to Luxembourg in 1988, where he founded, directed and curated several art venues including the Gallery Philo’soff, a venue that

combined visual art and live concerts, the Artspace Octav, a venue for theatre and stop motion film, and from 1995 to 2009 he cofounded Metaph Artworks, a company offering services of graphic and interior design. In 2008 he moved to Berlin. In recent years his work has been focusing on anamorphic photos and videos in which iconic architectural settings are transformed and distorted into abstract forms, reflecting on hidden layers of perception. His work has been featured in venues such as the Goddess festival at Woodstock and the Salomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC.

Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy - Austrlia Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy is the founder and creative director of triage live art collective. She is a director, writer, performer and dramaturge whose creative agenda embraces live art, tex-based performance, video and installation work. Since 2006 her work has increasingly focused on live art, audience-participation, and site-specificity. Katerina trained at the Victorian College of the Arts, the University of Melbourne and Monash University.   For the past fifteen years she has trained artists at several vocational training institutes (1998-), co-directed a multi-disciplinary arts incubator (2002-2004), and was the feature arts writer for Artshub UK (2005-2007).   She recently completed a research Masters in Performance Practice for which she was awarded a postgraduate

scholarship. With her company triage live art collective  she has created the stranger series (Once, It’s All About You and Strange Passions) which recently toured to the EU. Katerina is currently developing several large-scale public art works in Berlin. Triage live art collective:  http://www.triageliveartcollective. com/index.html

___ My project Winter Schlafen began due to a curiosity about the bear as a symbol of the city of Berlin.  It fascinated me to see so many images of bears and references to bears. There is also the strange fact that a number of bears continue to live in parts of the city outside the confines of a zoo - bringing to mind a time in history when dancing bears were common in Europe. Lots of questions occurred to me: What kind of city takes a bear to its heart? What role do bears and other animals play in our lives and imaginations?  What can animals teach us about the world and ourselves?  Why do bears hibernate in winter? And, is there some connection between a hibernating bear and an artist seeking a residency opportunity?  The resulting work has been a series of ‘bear portraits’ of people I’ve met and lived with in Berlin. In these photos each person appears to be ‘hidden’ behind a cheap party bear mask; however, what I really enjoyed about taking the photographs was that even with just one eye exposed (in a sea of fake fur and a plastic nose) a lot is revealed in each person’s gaze. ___ 

___ It’s early in the morning and the milkman hasn’t come by yet. I hear him working and his rhythm tells me about the power and sweetness of milk. I know what he’s doing. I know his ritual. The strife of the body against its built-in limitations. A complex non-technological superstructure. The flesh machine. The inner expandable open and close tubular systems. In and out, within. Organic exchange. Olympic setting. A ritualised warfare of fluid desires. What is this competition all about? What is the price one obtains? Milking as an athletic model of liquid transmission. To honour and explore the invisible visceral system we all carry with us. To recognise the anatomical cavities, and the muscles with their rigorous tone and elegant postures. Organs and fluid systems. The body failing to master its own actions. How much do we control them, how much do they control us? How much do we give away, how much do we take in? The leitmotif for the exploration of a polymorphous sexuality. This absurd milkman and his efforts to build a mythological world that probes dilemmas and traumas shaping our time. There’s something about this milkman. His brutality anaesthesias my structured mind. I’m laughing at him now. I wish the milkman would deliver my milk this morning.

Adrian Brun, 2012 ___

Adrian Brun - Argentina Adrian Brun – Born in Bs. As. Argentina. Graduated Bachelor Fine Art (BFA), HKU Utrecht, The Netherlands (2008). For the past years Adrian has been trying to develop an individual sculptural language that visualizes his physical and spiritual fascination with human biology, sexuality as well as the wonder and mystery of the reproductive system, with a fundamental and universal subject matter. His work, which includes installations, videos, photography and performances, has acquired depth through a comprehensive study process. It has been personalized by his own knowledge and understanding of the subject and by his intuitive sensitivity for form and material. Although it has quite a clear anatomical and organic kernel, there is a second or rather parallel

layer in it, which deals more with matters such as ordinary life and how we all function or often malfunction as individuals as well as within community/society. Other Projects: Co-founder, Curator at RoomService Project Space, Amsterdam. Contributor at Das Banale Ding Project Amsterdam. Currently Artist and Co-Curator at HomeBase Project Berlin.

Shony Rivnay - Israel Shony lives and work in Tel-Aviv. He participated in many group exhibitions including “My own Body, Art in Israel in the 70′s” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel, “Mapping VIII “a Collateral Event of the 54th Venice Biennale, ArtLife for the World Gallery, Venice, Italy and at the Center of Contemporary Art in Tel-Aviv. He had also frequently shown Solo Exhibitions such as “Ehevuny” (2010) and “How things work” (2008) at Tavi Dresdner Gallery. Rivnay had study art at Bezalel Academy of Arts and design, Jerusalem, Israel.

___ I was way ahead of my schedule producing my installation here. so i went to see Alex playing piano in a neighbourhood bar. When i got there i saw few people drinking beer and talking. took me few minutes to find that back room where a guitar player was singing in front of a small crowed. Where is Alejandro? did i got him wrong? maybe he didn’t understand that it’s him i want to see? so I got a glass of Jack Daniells and felt like i’m in one of those Hamlet Cigar TV commercials from the 90’, or George Constanza if you will. Just when I lit a cigarette I noticed that back entrance where people where standing on a line to buy tickets. so I said to myself “here it is, they are having the concert here”. I bought a 2Euro ticket and got in just about the light turned gracefully off... and a Roman Polanski movie started. I went out to the street thinking that I couldn’t make a better installation here in Berlin called “Two on Richter scale” ___ “Two on Richter scale proposes intercultural crosses, acts of hybridisation emphasising material transformation, and an interplay between form and formlessness mess and flimsiness, being and in substantiality. The viewer enters a room with a table set for two at the center. The dishes are placed on the table: bowls, plates, cups, sausages and cabbage, and a chicken all of them cast form flexible silicone and an ultra thin fragile layer of ridged polyurethane. A chandelier is suspended from above. The tables legs are unequal or perhaps the floor is uneven and the table tips from side to side sounding a muffled knock on the floor every twenty seconds or so” ___

___ Dear Home, I write to you this letter, letting you know what you mean for me. I hope you will all read this being aware of the other, that you are not alone in being my Home and that I will never forget you. What I find in a Home is connections, connections to other Homes, to previous and future Homes, to Homes of friends and neighbours. To build a relation and to work together to make this something we have in common. I have to tell you I have had many Homes like you, they where all very different form each other and all great as you are. You will find out that all Homes will forever stay connected to me and to each other. See it as a journey on which you and the others have brought me so much of what they call belonging. The other way around, I have tried to care and to bring something of me to Home. And although Im not the material type but still I think that I have given quite a lot in care and dedication, being proud that you are my Home. For now I will have to say goodbye. I am not saying I wont be back but after this time together I have to go away and find myself another Home. My Home, I will miss you without regretting leaving you for someone else to find. Dearest Home, I hope you find someone that sees you as I do. B ___

Bas Kools - the Netherlands Educated as a Product designer at the Royal College of Art (2007) my main interest is in the systems, situations, and services people find themselves in focussing on finding out how we can design new ways of living and working together. Through experience in projects around the topics of public space, education, games, policy making, and business innovation, I became a designer of communities. A designers with the ability to redefine the relations between situations, systems, objects, materials and services in our society. In this investigation action research and service design are some of the tools I use to create a response to what I see, hear and feel. Offering solutions,

alternatives and sometimes even provoke interactions with a comment. Altogether I work to activate the local intelligence of a community to innovate itself, in rural areas, organisations, part of a city, virtual community or other formal or non formal group of people.

Rosalie Vos - the Netherlands In 2011 Rosalie Vos graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. While at Rietveld she attended the Live Works program for a year and a half. In this ongoing workshop, participants work from body, space and time to explore the area between fine arts, performance and theater. Rosalie’s current work consists of newly created spaces and modified existing spaces that are to be entered and experienced. She is curious about the relation between the physical and the mental or emotional: how do the qualities of a space (atmosphere, size, sound, light) influence the visitor?

___ I like to close myself in. Like a cat in a cardboard box. Closing the curtains, closing the door, and sometimes even locking it, seem necessary for my feeling comfortable and safe. I need to feel like I’m alone in there. I need to feel like there is some sort of distance, or a gap, between me and the rest of the world. By adding layers to a room, like wall paper or curtains, in-between-spaces are created. These, often minimal, spaces function as mental buffer zones. They have a cushioning effect, like the constant noise of air conditioning systems, humidifiers or fans. This type of sound puts a blanket over all of the other sound. Making it softer, more bearable. ___

___ Hello! Yes, here. Hi, again. So you´re reading, aren´t you? Well... I´m writing. But its ok, I was thinking in you already, please, take place.

Where are you? Latitude? Longitude? and, when? Is winter, summer? The sun is shining? or is the moon reflected in some window? We can draw an imaginary line between us. So, we can speak about a strange relation between past and future... We can also talk about the spectacle-time, the TV-no-time, the time of life that goes ..., the time before history, the time after the end of history, the time as connector or as Maya, the time of no dualism or the time as illusion.... I´m writing you because I would like to share with you this though: Vibration/Light Light Two things, but one: light as particle, light as wave(form). This is the paradox of our time. We have two spheres: inner (mental) world, and real. Fire spirit flows within our body, in perpetuum conflict with the world in which we move. Vibration Heart, primitive movement, action, happenings. World of movement.

We put it together. Is sunny, inside. Is sunny, outside. There´s people dancing in the street. Is warm, inside. Is warm, outside. I can see you smiling looking the beautiful summer sky. You fill your body with air -it feels so good - smells green, fresh, like games and new things coming. Love ___

Alejandro Vaquero - Spain Musician, composer, piano player. He spent his childhood playing with imaginary beings. As a teenager he moves to Badajoz to study with Alexander Kandelaki, his musical&spiritual guru. During those years he was playing in different festivals, and receiving lessons from masters like Andrezj Jazinsky, Nino Kereselidje, Manana Avazashvili, Peter Bithell or Almudena Cano, amongs others. After a short period of time teaching, he felt the need to make his own musical proyects, starting a new period in Berlin, in 2010, where he started to perform&play with different people. One of the luckiest encounters was start to work with “Rotonda teatro”, playing with them since 2011. He is currenty working for “Homebase proyect” and developing two musical proyects: a piano music recording, “Vibration/Light”; and with the singer Heather Ann McKee.

Michal Rivlin - Israel A multidisciplinary artist and curator. Born in Jerusalem 1975. Studied at Betzalel Academy of Art and Design and the Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts, Tel Aviv University. Selected works: Polar bear Prostitute, Seduced to Art, Salon de refuges 2010 and 2011, Write Cube, Desire for Ethics, Checkpoints, Blindness and No Man is an Island.


Michal Rivlin – a body station in location – independent artist Last Home: Thulestr. 54 Haus I HB Project in Berlin (Keep writing!, this time it should be a letter, a letter home, a letter to HomeBase Berlin). Hello love, It’s me and you now, a writing period: (Carrying an identity of a Mediterranean teller, my story always sounds as a witness describing a disaster and as cracks of broken glass). __ Ho home, you contained those shadows Scratches of my pieces on your walls Fingers of your living history circling from my holy hole Through that hallway and stairway, towards Thulestrasse, Pankow, Berlin, Europe While watching east – to the rest of the world. And she, As an artist, a disturbed child, criticized woman, an animal in the wild A mother, a skeptical human being, a wet personality, a meaningful scene, A black widow, a tree in a window Trough a body acting soul, Just did her best to touch you all __ Thulestrasse 54 Haus II is my station right now Some work there should be done lonely people could get inspired, leaving bodies can get more fun If some independent artist originated in different religions, will negotiate art in Pankow, Berlin Well, as a skeptical human being I wonder, What could Art Bring?

Late winter, 2012 ___

____ My sense of home is different here than in New York. I did not come to Homebase to feel comfortable or to find a routine but to get to know new amazing people in an intimate setting and to experience Berlin in all its glory. I open up, go head and heart first relationships with the people here and the experiences we share. I am deeply inspired but exposed and vulnerable. Often I recoil back to a more traditional home; one of privacy, comfort and routine. In that period though I feel no regret. Rather I revel in the many moments had, trying to comprehend how and why they happened and to understand the amazing people with whom I shared them . Making art here allows my Brooklyn and Berlin sense of home to coexist. There is a synthesizing rhythm to my current studio practice. I can both push boundaries and return to safe haven. I can invite people in to see my work and I can close the door. I can work on parts of a project that are predictable and stable or I can experiment with parts of a project that are unforeseen and improvisational. All the while the climate in the studio shifts as memories enter and leave: a conversations with housemates, moments in magical places in the wee hours of the night, a deep routed fear or doubt, a sense of a loved one’s presence. Upon leaving for Brooklyn I will bring a deep admiration and wonder of the people I have met here. Each person is endlessly complicated but with an essence that has a distinct and clear signature. There are brave strong and beautifully delicate hearts here. I will leave with mine a little broken, fully inspired and without regret. ____

Brian Fernandes-Halloran - U.S.A. Brian grew up outside of Philadelphia USA and developed a strong interest in the arts and other cultures. At 18 he went for a year to teach at a training college in rural Mozambique and traveled the country painting murals with students. He since graduated Boston University receiving credits for painting the homeless in Sao Paulo, Brazil and participating in Yale’s Norfolk program. Brian currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where he produces interactive exhibitions that challenge social boundaries. His most recent show took place on the multicultural block where he lives. His neighbors were invited to take part in a creative dialog strengthened by the differences among them.

Fela Kim - the Netherlands “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” I like to wander. Physically, mentally, artistically. While wandering it’s not only every road that takes you there, the there is also completely unbeknown to you. I think we need new and unbeknown things, the reality of today seems to me like an endless repetition of the same. Products, markets, money. In wandering I try to find a new humanity, a new way of living. The Facts: Dutch, born in 1985, grew up in Amsterdam, finished my bachelor Autonomous Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary attitudes at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2011, did a bit of VAV

at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy as well, had shows in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Beelitz-Heilstätten.

___ On Home I have felt very at home walking between people sleeping on the street in India at night and very out of place in my own home. It all depends on my state of mind. Home is not in a place but in myself. Of course, if you do talk about home as a place, I do have my preferences. I like space. Space to move, space to think. The two for me are intrinsically interwoven. And I need a space I can close, privacy. At the same time I need people to connect me to the world. I have a tendency to be a loner, to withdraw, to drift and to float. But ties that bind are there for a reason and no man is an island. The connections you make with people you love serve as a compass. Not to follow them blindly, or to let them pull you in any direction, but as certain points to which you hold your position. Like to the north, south, east and west. Home is when I take my position. Even if I don’t know where that is. When I take my place, and not in the way of taking place in line, but literally claiming my space, knowing that this space is mine, I can be here, then I find myself at home. I do not have to know my surroundings, or the people I am with, it can be anywhere. In a crowd at rush hour, on a deserted beach in the middle of the night, alone or together, in the place commonly designated as my home or in a place I have never been to before. It is a simple “I am here� that brings me home. Fela Kim 2012 ___

___ I open to catch the one. still you  pause, then play heartbeats  ours  two three ___

Heather Ann McKee - U.S.A. Heather Ann McKee is also a singer/songwriter/performer whose work expresses universal physical experiences through booming to birdlike voicescapes. With Alejandro Vaquero, a composer and pianist, they make the new music group Billie Pistol 27. She considers both Seattle and Berlin home, where she lives, works and collaborates. Heather has Bachelor’s degrees in both ‘Community, Environment and Planning’ & ‘Dance’ from the University of Washington in Seattle. She is currently enrolled in the HumboldtViadrina School of Governance, pursuing a Masters in Public Policy, the HomeBase Project is the focal point in her studies. Heather has outstanding experience in community building , program coordination and non-profit administration. Since spring

2010 she is thrilled to be apart of the HomeBase Project in Berlin with such an inspiring and challenging program, artists and team.

Felipe Arruda - Brasil Felipe Arruda is a 31 years old cultural manager and creative writer from S達o Paulo, Brazil, living in Berlin since October 2011. Felipe has been working with the concept of Ekphrasis (the graphic, often dramatic description of a visual work of art), having pictures and contemporary artworks as inspiration for his short stories. His interest comes from the poetic potential existing in every image and which can be explored through literature - either prose or poetry. In S達o Paulo, Felipe has worked with writers, visual artists and musicians in collaborative art projects joining different media. Some of his fiction texts have been published in literature

magazines and short story anthologies in Brazil in the past three years, being two of them awarded by national literature contests. He is a member of the art + literature collective Edith www. and has recently finished his first book, Effects, to be released in Brazil in 2012.

___ From Felipe To Felipe Arruda

I came to Berlin to write. To be away from home for a while. From a busy life in São Paulo, occupied by hard work and small distractions of daily routine. I took this time to get deeper into a practice that is vital to me, that awakes me, that provides meaning and enables a certain kind of integrity in my life. In this sense, I’ve been building another notion of home, which is related to this place where the writer can live. Somehow, I feel this has to do with time. It is the time I reserve to read, to make notes, to be attentive to whatever I am observing. It is the time I’m in silence, thinking, looking at the computer screen, setting good conditions to my mind and fingers work together. So it is also the time where thoughts are more free to reach a kind of dimension invariably more interesting than reality.   It is like I had the writer unprotected before, having him running randomly through the streets, under drizzle. Now I’m trying to take good care of this guy. Offering him an habitat. And every time I seat at the computer to write, I feel I put one more brick in this silent hut, which maybe, the writer himself is inventing to live in. What we both hope, is that he is courageous and honest enough to inhabit this place. ___


622012 / 2220122222012

a letter to a unrevealed beloved / still life and nude

while you remain unknown, faceless, nameless, the further i become exposed. like sensitive photography paper meeting rays of light I am now developing.

during this cycle I have been breathing, counting, documenting myself on a daily basis. mapping parts of my body and mind, building a vocabulary, measuring myself, learning Anatomy in details.

I have surrounded myself in this white room with white branches which emerge from the wall and one fallen lace curtain which is still hanging in the window. I built my bed from large wooden crates, and set it with white sheets on which little white flowers are woven. I lay on this bed under the branches and think to myself that i am in embargo business these days - I am both an importer and exporter and my own goods all at the same time. A sailor on a raft or boat, with many possible ports but with one beloved on my mind.

The objects in my room are sparse. mostly bare necessities or gifts I got in trade - dried lavender flowers, pure almond oil for my skin, a cream colored rubber water bottle, a pink plastic doll leg, moon water, cans of food, a few apples and oranges and lemons which are set in the window, one yellow candle which is always on.

My attempt is to remain simple yet connected to daily life, conscious to things and people around me, noticing presence and absence, intentions, thirst and hunger, infinite space. most of the time i am trying to empty out, to edit down, not to clutter. most of the time, i am trying to remain warm near the heater, with my cat on my lap and my back against the heated wall.

I wake up at the break of dawn, brush my long hair and listen, soak soft bones in milk, lick honey off my dreams. here I am, revealing tender skins, sustaining my desires, becoming undone.

Anat Litwin ___

Anat Litwin - Israel Anat Litwin is a Brooklyn based Israeli /American artist and curator working in the medium of paper cut-outs, installation, and public art. Litwin received her BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel in 2001, and her MFA in 2005 from Hunter College in New York, Department of Combined Media with a focus on Public Art. Her art work has been exhibited internationally in Israel, Europe and NY, is included in several private collections, and has been noted in prestigious publications such as the New York Times. In 2006 Anat founded ‘The HomeBase Project’ - a site-specific, artist run public art project that explores the notion of Home. The

project has taken place in various sites in both NY and Berlin, and has gained a status in the art world as a ‘new model for Public Art” with an aim of fostering interconnectedness in society.

Nikki Hendrikx - the Netherlands Manager HomeBase LAB coordinator HB BUILD. Nikki Hendrikx has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Management. She studied Art Economics at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands. Nikki is a cultural entrepreneur, who loves to work close with the artists and artistic team in order to achieve the highest level of art. She has a significant amount of experience working behind the scenes for theatre plays and other art events in the Netherlands. In the past she has worked with the artist/composer/creator Merlijn Twaalfhoven as a producer for his interactive and innovative music performances.



HomeBase LAB ThulestraĂ&#x;e 54 13189 Pankow Berlin


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