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How to shoot like a pro with HD Video Camera

Capturing priceless life moments or those breathtaking natural beauties help us relive them. With the availability of DSLR and other advanced cameras, shooting has become so much fun! The HD video option has added a new dimension to the world of photography. Whereas, the advanced features in a full HD video camera allow the user to switch from shooting photos to videos with a flick of a button. If you’re an amateur who wants to master the art, you need to have an HD video camera and work a bit on the basics. To fuel your passion for stills and videos, you can go for Panasonic Cameras. Here are some tips for shooting like an expert with a professional video camera:

Use a Tripod In order to shoot steady videos use a tripod. But one should not make it a habit as it’s not always possible to carry a tripod everywhere. Train yourself for situations where you won’t have a tripod. For this, start using the support of the floor, walls and other objects to brace the camera.

Produce Creative Shots

Learning creative shooting techniques is essential for producing interesting videos. For beginners, it's a good practice to put themselves in the middle of what's happening. In this way, you'll get shots that aren't possible from distance. So experiment with different angles by shooting above and below your subjects.

Different File Formats

There are various file formats available for video recordings like MOV, AVI or AVCHD format. All videos can be translated into different format at the editing and output stage.

Practice Wide-Screen Videos

Videos are trending towards widescreen formats, such as a 16x9 ratio. Think of how you can make this extra visual space work for you. You can capture much more content in a single shot, but remember that widescreen video doesn't mean shooting all wide shots. Close-ups of faces convey more emotion than a group shot of a crowd.

Avoid Unnecessary Zooms and Pans

Picking up a professional video camera for the first time is when everyone wants to hit the zoom button on every shot. The results can leave the viewers disappointed. If you're recording an action scene, let the motion naturally dominate your video. Never go for unnecessary pans which distract from the main action.

Videography is an art. It is all about exploring the uncommon. The more you experiment with your gear, the more creative the shots will be. You just need to approach the videography process through a slightly different lens. You need to have a professional video camera and learn a bit about motion, camera movement, audio, video editing, aesthetics, and storytelling. Try to be interesting in every shot and narrate a story through your lens.

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How to shoot like a pro with HD Video Camera  

Tips to shoot like a pro with HD Video Camera

How to shoot like a pro with HD Video Camera  

Tips to shoot like a pro with HD Video Camera