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How to Rock Trendy Hairstyles Using a Professional Hair Straightener

Majority of people believe that a hair straightener is used to straighten frizzy, curly hair, but only a few people know that there's much more it! You can get beachy waves, luscious curls, all by using a hair straightening tool. With a little patience and the right styling technique, you can easily create a salon-like hairstyle from the comfort of your own home. Read on for some trendy hairstyles that you can pull off using a professional hair straightener:

Luscious Curls Even if you don’t have a hair curler, you can still curl your hair beautifully with a hair straightener in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is to use your straightener exactly like curling tongs. • Secure hair in section clips on top of the head and begin working from one side around the nape • Take your hair in small square sections of approx. ¼ inch x ¼ inch and clasp them in the straightener as close to the root as you can • Make a circular motion with your wrist so that the section is wrapped around the hair straightening iron • Pull the iron smoothly down the section to get those perfect long curls

Dreamy Waves Love to keep your hair naturally wavy? Now you can achieve a dreamy wavy look using a professional hair straightener. • Start by taking uneven and random sections of your hair • Clasp the hair a little further from the roots and pull the hair straightening iron away from your head instead of pulling them straight down • Work through all sections in this way and set with a light hairspray

Twists & Turns This messy, braided hairdo is simple and easy to do. • Make a loose voluminous braid. Make sure you also pull out some hair strands to let them fall out of the braid as you will have to work your straightener on these strands to get the look • Take the other strands in between the clamps of the hair straightening the iron rod • Now twist and turn the iron in different directions • Loosely place all unruly strands in the braid with the help of pins, and glam-up with this pretty hairdo

Sleek, Top Pony Tail If you’re looking for a casual hairdo that you can flaunt with almost any attire, then this hairstyle is meant for you! • After straightening all your hair, take them at the crown in your hand and back-comb that section to create volume • Secure this part on top with pins • Tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail and divide the pony into 4-5 parts • Taking one part at a time, straighten the parts, starting from the bottom-most section which is closest to the neck

From giving your hair all sorts of waves and curls to bounce and volume, a professional hair straightener is that versatile hair styling tool that can help you achieve your dreamy hair-look! However, you need to be cautious while straightening your hair at home. Here are few tips on how to use hair straightener at home for a smooth & shiny hair. • Always apply a heat protection product to protect your hair from damage • Always keep the straightener moving as you work along the hair section to avoid burning the hair • If your hair is extremely curly, first smoothen your hair using your straightener, and then go back to create the desired wavy or curly look These days, there are various brands of hair straighteners available in the market. One such brand is Panasonic. Panasonic Hair Straighteners come with Even Heat Distribution Plate for better styling results. As per your needs, bring home a professional hair straightener, adorn great hairstyles and enjoy a good hair day, every day!

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How to rock trendy hairstyles using a professional hair straightener  
How to rock trendy hairstyles using a professional hair straightener