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5 Things Your Microwave Oven can do

Life seems so much easy with just a microwave oven at our home! With busy lifestyles, it has become an important part of our lives. Nowadays, it’s found in almost every kitchen. Whether you are an amateur, an expert, it is the go-to home appliance. From cooking to baking to toasting to sterilizing, your microwave oven can do a lot of things. Read on to find out what all things can your multitasker, microwave oven do:

Cook Meals Not just re-heating the leftovers, with various settings like the grill, bake, steam and more, an oven can add a variety to your everyday menu. Just follow the instructions for cooking, rotating and stirring carefully, for a hassle-free experience. These days, many people prefer buying Panasonic Convection Microwave Oven, as it comes with pre-installed Auto-Cook Menus.

Peel Garlic or Onions Most of us avoid the messy peeling job. Well, we’ve got a trick! In case of both, onions and garlic, all you have to do is microwave it for a few seconds, before peeling. Just remember that for garlic, microwave the head for 20 seconds, and then peel it apart. For onions, cut the ends and microwave for 30 seconds. Easy! Isn’t it?

Bake You can bake scrumptious dishes like pasta, breads, cakes, and brownies, within a few minutes in a microwave. Especially, the convection microwave ovens offer some advance cooking features, which help you bake delights, easily. Just make sure that you use microwavable pans and trays while baking. The exact baking time will vary depending on the units or watts your microwave operates on.

Roast Nuts Roasted nuts are preferred by all as munchies while watching a movie, or having drinks. Microwaving is a simple technique for roasting and toasting nuts evenly. It’s super easy and takes only a few minutes. Just spread the nuts in an even layer on a microwave-safe dish, sprinkle some spices of your choice, and then microwave them for a minute. Keep checking until they turn light golden in colour. Pro Tip: Spread them in an even layer to toast them perfectly.

Sterilize Glass Jars Sterilizing glass jars is important as it helps in removing bacteria, yeasts or fungi. It helps in preserving the food for long. Dirty jars can infect the food inside and can rot it quickly. Sterilizing a glass jar or bottle can be easily done in a microwave oven. Just clean the jars with a dry cloth, fill them with some water and microwave for about 1-2 minutes. Remove the jars from the oven only when they cool down.

Dry Herbs Drying herbs out in the sun, every day until it dries out completely, is no doubt a tedious job. Not anymore, as we’ve got the easiest way out for you. All you have to do it spread the herbs in a cotton cloth or towel, fold it, and microwave for 30 seconds. Voila, it’s all dry! Just crumble it and keep it in an air-tight jar. Isn’t it interesting to know that your microwave can do so much more than just reheating and cooking? Unfortunately, the majority of people are unaware of these easy tricks that their oven can do. Many of them just use it for reheating food or melting butter. Now that you’re acquainted with the actual potential of your oven, try them out and become a kitchen expert. Buying a new oven can be confusing as so many new features get added to the new models available. Opt for the best microwave oven in India for a quality experience.

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5 Things Your Microwave Oven can do  

Find here the list of 5 Things Your Microwave Oven can do

5 Things Your Microwave Oven can do  

Find here the list of 5 Things Your Microwave Oven can do