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Be it for festivities or evening snacks, a microwave oven is every home’s saviour. Although various types of ovens are available these days, a microwave oven with grillfeature is everyone’s go-to appliance. It helps you prepare delicious recipes in very less time and add variety to your menu. It also helps in preventing soggy crusts on pizza slices and other food items. Here are a few yummy recipes that you must try in your microwave oven with grillfeature.

ďƒ˜ Grilled Cheese Chilli Sandwich Recipe

Ingredients: 8 bread slices 2 tbsp. butter 1 cup chopped onions 1 cup chopped tomatoes 1/2 cup capsicum Salt to taste Red chili powder 1 tsp. cooking oil

Method: In a microwave-safe bowl, take all the finely chopped veggies and microwave for 10 minutes. For grilling the slices, set to grill mode. Spread butter on each side and grill for 5 minutes. Keep flipping to ensure both sides are grilled. Once the slices get grilled, put the stuffing on one side and place the other slice over it. Grill again for 2 minutes. Serve with potato chips, ketchup or flavoured chutneys.

 Aloo Tikki Recipe

Ingredients: 500 grams potatoes 100 grams green peas 2-3 finely chopped green chilies 1-inch, finely chopped ginger root 2 tbsp. finely chopped coriander leaves ½ tsp. chaat masala ½ tsp. dry mango powder ½ tsp. garam masala powder ½ tsp. roasted cumin powder ½ tsp. Kashmiri red chili powder 2 tbsp. cooking oil Salt to taste Method: Pierce potatoes with a fork, dip them in a bowl of water and now put them in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover and microwave it for 6 minutes. Peel off the skin and mash the potatoes. Make sure there are no lumps at all. Add peas, chopped green chilies, ginger, coriander leaves, red chili powder, garam masala powder, chaat masala powder, roasted cumin powder, dry mango powder, salt, and cooking oil, and mix well. Now make small portions of the dough and make small tikkis. For grilling them, take a high rack and a grill tawa. Put the tikkis on the tawa with oil on each side and remove after 10 minutes. Now grill the other side for 4 minutes. Serve it spicy chutneys.

 Tandoori Mushroom

Ingredients: 1-inch finely chopped ginger 2 pieces finely chopped garlic 2 cloves Salt to taste 1 tsp. grounded cumin 1 tsp. red chili powder ½ tsp. turmeric powder ½ tsp. white pepper ¼ cup fresh lemon juice 2 tsps. vegetable oil ¾ cup sour cream 3 tsps. plain Greek yogurt 12 ounces cremini, Portobello or other mushrooms, trimmed Method: Mix and grind ginger, garlic, salt, cumin, chili powder, turmeric and white pepper in a food processor. Add lemon juice and vegetable oil to it so that it forms a puree. Add sour cream and yogurt, and pulse processor in short bursts for mixing it properly. Transfer the marinade to a glass, ceramic or stainless steel mixing bowl. Wipe mushrooms with damp paper towels and put them into the marinade. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. After that, microwave them until golden and tender, 3 to 4 minutes a side, 6 to 8 minutes total, basting with oil.

ďƒ˜ Paneer Tikka

Ingredients: 1 tsp. lime juice 2 cups of cottage cheese 1 capsicum-chopped 1 large tomato-chopped Chopped coriander or Cilantro 1 medium sized chopped onion For the marinade 3 tsps. mustard oil 1 tsp. garlic paste 1 tsp. ginger paste 1/2 cup thick Curd 2 tsps. kashmiri red chili powder 1 tsp. coriander powder 1 tsp. chaat masala powder 1/2 tsp. garam masala powder 1 tsp. kasuri methi Salt to taste Method: Marinate the paneer and then skewer it. Place a cooling rack on a baking sheet so that it’s slightly raised. Place the paneer tikka skewers on the baking sheet. Leave it uncovered and let it cook on high flame for 4 minutes. Now, turn the paneer, brush with a little oil and cook again on high flame for 4 minutes. Check once done, and serve it hot and crispy with mint or tamarind chutney. In our fast-paced lifestyles, having a microwave oven at our homes is a must. A convection microwave oven makes our cooking experience very convenient. In such ovens the air and electrons move around the food, allowing the food to become crispier. It doubles the unit's ability to create crisp crusts. If you’re thinking to bring home one, then you can splurge on Panasonic Microwave Ovens as it offers a number of variants of the microwave oven with grill feature too.

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Here are a few yummy recipes that you must try in your microwave oven with grillfeature.


Here are a few yummy recipes that you must try in your microwave oven with grillfeature.