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COASTAL CHIC WEDDING DESTINATION Intimate & unique bayside settings with the simple elegance of a coastal chic design, The Reeds is the most desirable seaside wedding destination at the southern New Jersey shore.

Stone Harbor, New Jersey 609.368.0100 | kostrander@reedsresort.com




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H+T  SPRING 2020



























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To the readers, Spring is upon us! With the skies clear and the sun out to play, this time of the year tops the charts as one of the best. Despite the chaos of the world and the stress of work or family, there is one thing that remains for sure - a fresh canvas is ready for the taking. Freshening up can mean something different to everyone, to us it means bringing more colors and health to your lives and meals. Read on to find the latest eats and treats that are gracing households, full of nourishment and fun for your table. In addition to your tables, and as spring can come up quickly, taking care of one’s self remains at the forefront of all our minds. Walk along the journey with us of exploring the movement of our bodies and prioritizing healthy mindfulness, and hopefully discover new ways to treat yourself that include benefits to your long term self. An important focus of this issue is bringing the clean air and youthful season to your home in the midst of this season. New trends are blooming all around us, and old favorites are being given new life in homes all over our world. The typical trend of “spring cleaning” is always a go-to, but walk down the paths of new ideas and decor that we have so carefully curated for you. My favorite part of this issue takes a dive into the bridal trends of 2020 and the plethora of options that lay at the feet of every individual finding themselves planning their nuptials this year. Exploring the lace, icing, petals, and more of the wedding vendor community is one of my most cherished things to do, and this year has not disappointed. Immerse yourself in all things bridal and don’t be surprised if you are swept off your feet between the cathartic layers of parchment that can create your invitations, or the inspiring trends of floral that envelope themselves around each and every bride for their big day. As always, enjoy yourself and enjoy our pages as you enter into this beautiful season of life. The team at Home + Table Magazine hopes to bring a peaceful and fresh take to your home and table in this issue, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the pages to come. Cheers,

Editor in Chief

Elizabeth Classen Associate Editor

Renee Lockwood Creative Director

Chris Bruno Contributing Writers & Photographers

Elizabeth Classen Martin Demearest Kathleen McMorrow Rich Silivanch Rachel Forrest Addie Broyles Torie Borrelli Ari Levaux Melissa Erickson Carolyn Sperry Advertising Opportunities

Elizabeth Classen (303) 349-8732 eclassen@homeandtablemagazine.com

Home + Table/online (ISSN 2469-7737) Vol. 5, No. 1. Home + Table is published bimonthly by Worksite Interactive, a Worksite company. 1765 Greensboro Station Place McLean, VA 22102 www.homeandtablemagazine.com ©2019 by Worksite Interactive. All rights reserved.

Elizabeth Classen Editor in Chief

Content herein can not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher. Return postage must accompany all manuscripts, photographs, etc. if they are to be returned. Worksite Interactive assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. All letters will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to Worksite Interactive’s right to edit and comment editorially. All manuscripts, photos or material of any kind may be edited at the discretion of the editors. To be properly credited, all submissions must be accurately marked with the name, address and phone number of the contributor. Postage paid at the Washington, DC, Office POSTMASTER, send address changes to: Worksite Interactive. 1765 Greensboro Station Place McLean, VA 22102 Subscription rate: $24 for 8 issues.


H+T  SPRING 2020



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Springing Into Your Tastebuds


H+T  SPRING 2020

Springing Into Your Tastebuds


RACHEL FORREST Under the Midnight Sun

Endless Summer Makes one drink

Ingredients: I learned this recipe from Mariena Mercer’s The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and I make it at least once a week. It’s a bit complex but so worth it. I have plenty of the shrub on hand which you can make ahead. She “perfumes” the egg white to give them a better aroma in the drink, but it is optional.

Ingredients: 2 Oz. Ford’s Gin ¼ Oz. Yellow Chartreuse

¼ Heirloom Tomato 1 Oz. Cantaloupe 6 Blueberries 1 ½ Oz. Gin ½ Oz. Lemon ¼ Oz. Simple Syrup

Muddle the melon, tomato and blueberries in a shaker until smooth. Add the gin, lemon and simple syrup. Shake with ice. Strain into a glass and garnish with herbs and a wedge of tomato.

1 ½ Oz. Killer Tomato Shrub (Recipe below) ¼ Oz. Fresh Lemon Juice 1 Ginger-perfumed Egg White 1 Dash Bittercube Orange Bitters

Killer Tomato Shrub

1 Slice Tomolive Pickled Green Tomato

Ingredients: Assemble all ingredients except green tomato in mixing glass. Shake with ice, and double strain into coupe glass. Garnish with pickled green tomato, perched on the side of the coupe to resemble the midnight sun.

6 Pineapple Rings, Grilled Till Caramelized 6 Quartered Green Pineapple Heirloom Tomatoes 6 Green Cardamom Pods Zest of 1 Lemon and 1 Lime ½ Tps. Grains of Paradise 4 Cup Granulated Sugar 2 Cups Champagne Vinegar 1 Lemongrass Heart 2 Cups Water

Boil sugar in water until dissolved. Add remaining ingredients except for vinegar and simmer covered for 30 minutes. Put sugar in water and boil until sugar is dissolved. Add vinegar and bring to a boil. Boil for 15 minutes or until reduced by half. To perfume egg white: Put 4 medallions of peeled ginger in egg carton for 24 hours and the egg whites will perfume through the shell.

SPRING 2020  H+T


Springing Into Your Tastebuds Salads & Wraps ADDIE BROYLES & TORIE BORRELLI Chopped Salad Ingredients: 2 Cups Leafy Greens (Arugula, Romaine, Spinach, Chard, Kale or a Mix) 2 Eggs, Medium-boiled, Chopped or Halved 4 Oz. Smoked Wild Salmon, Separated Into Pieces ½ Avocado, Cubed Handful of Raw Cashews, Pepitas Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts ¼ Cucumber, Thinly Sliced 2 Radishes, Chopped or Thinly Sliced 2 Tablespoons Fermented or Pickled Veggie of Choice Handful of Crumbled Feta or Goat Cheese (Optional)

For the Salad Dressing: ½ Avocado (Use the Remaining Half From Your Salad) 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar

To make the salad: In a large bowl, combine the greens, eggs, fish and avocado with the nuts, seeds, cucumber, radish and fermented veggie. Add cheese (if using) and mix together until well combined. To make the quick dressing: Use a whisk or immersion blender to blend together the avocado, oil, apple cider vinegar, herbs and salt, until smooth and creamy. Toss the salad with the dressing and serve.


H+T  SPRING 2020

Springing Into Your Tastebuds Salads & Wraps

ARI LEVAUX Salad Wraps Serves 4

Ingredients: 1 Head’s Worth of Raw Lettuce Leaves, Cleaned and Organized On a Platter or Large Plate 1 Ear’s Worth of Raw Corn Kernels ½ Teaspoon Salt ½ Cup Chopped Sweet Onions

Mix the corn with the salt. Arrange the ingredients on a platter, in little piles or in little bowls, and serve. To eat, load a leaf with a modest amount of filling. Aim for pieces of one and a half bites each. Just take a nice bite, and leave relatively few remains in your fingertips for a follow-up. And that’s a wrap.

2 Tablespoons Mayo 1 Bunch Basil Leaves 1 Pound Tomatoes, Cut Into Inch Chunks ½ Pound Protein, Chopped Coarsely (Deli Meat Such as Turkey or Ham, or Tofu for a Twist) (optional)

SPRING 2020  H+T


Springing Into Your Tastebuds Entrees ADDIE BROYLES Pan-fried Fish With Lemon and Herb Butter Ingredient: 4 White Fish Fillets, Skin On (About 14 Ounces Total) 3 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter Grated Zest of 1 Unwaxed Lemon 2 Teaspoons Chopped Fresh Herbs such as Parsley, Basil or Dill Freshly Ground Black Pepper (Optional)

Ensure the fish fillets are boneless and dry before you start. Pick any visible bones out from the flesh and dry the fillets by patting them with paper towels. Melt the butter in a large frying pan over medium heat, allowing it to foam. Add the fish, skin side down, and cook for around 3 minutes in the melted butter. Sprinkle the lemon zest over the fish. Add the herbs and black pepper (if using). Turn the fish over and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes. When it’s cooked, it will be bright white throughout and flake when you try and pull it apart with a fork. If it looks translucent, it’s still raw, so let it cook for a little longer. Remove the skin and any remaining bones. Serve warm, cut into manageable chunks for your baby. Serve with steamed new potatoes and vegetables or salad. Serves 4. - From “The Baby-Led Weaning Family Cookbook - Volume 2: 99 More No-Stress Recipes for the Whole Family” by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett (The Experiment, $15.95)


H+T  SPRING 2020

Springing Into Your Tastebuds Entrees

Cook the quinoa in 2 cups salted water for about 15 minutes, or until the water has been absorbed and the quinoa is tender. Spread out the cooked quinoa on a large plate or tray to cool.

ADDIE BROYLES Quinoa Fritters with Green Goddess Sauce Ingredients: 1 Cup Dried Quinoa 1/3 Cup Mayonnaise 1/3 Cup Greek Yogurt, Creme Fraiche or Sour Cream Big Bunch of Flat-leaf Parsley, Leaves Picked and Finely Chopped

Mix the mayonnaise and yogurt with half the herbs, half the green onions, half the garlic and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice. Check the seasoning, adding salt and pepper to taste. Mix the cooled quinoa with the remaining herbs, spring onions and garlic, the eggs, feta, cumin, lime or lemon zest and flour. Season with salt and pepper. Heat about 1 1/2 inches of oil in a non-stick frying pan over a high heat. Drop tablespoons of the fritter batter into the hot oil and fry in batches for 3 to 4 minutes on each side, until golden and crisp. Keep each batch warm while you cook the remainder. Season the fritters with a little more salt and pepper, or use chile flakes if you like, and serve warm with the green goddess sauce and the leftover lime or lemon. Serves 4.

Small Bunch of Mint, Leaves Picked and Finely Chopped 1 Bunch of Green Onions, Very Finely Chopped 2 Cloves of Garlic, Peeled and Finely Chopped Zest of 1 Lime or 1 Small Lemon, Plus a Squeeze of Juice 3 Eggs 3 and ½ Oz. Feta Cheese, Crumbled 1 Teaspoon Ground Cumin ½ Cup All-purpose Flour Vegetable Oil, for Frying Red Chile Flakes, to Serve (Optional) Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper

SPRING 2020  H+T


Springing Into Your Tastebuds Entrees

Cook the carrots in a skillet on low heat with the 1/2 cup olive oil. Cook the grated carrots for about 30 minutes, stirring often.

ARI LEVAUX Carrot Pasta

When you are about halfway done cooking your carrots, they should start to shrink down as the water in the carrots cooks off. Add ¾ of the cheese, the butter, half of the garlic, the hot pepper and the anchovies if using, and let it slowly caramelize with the lid on. The carrots will release water as they cook down, and may spend some time submerged until the water cooks off.

Serves four

Meanwhile, bring a pot of salted water to a boil and cook the noodles. Drain and, while still piping hot, toss with 2 tablespoons olive oil and the other half of the garlic. Set aside.


When the carrots and cheese have melted together, add the cream, salt and black pepper to the sauce. Mix, but don’t homogenize, meaning when the carrot coins have almost turned into a paste, at the end add the cream.

1 Pound Pasta (Larger Noodles Such as Rigatoni) 3 Pounds Peeled Carrots, Grated or Sliced Into Thin Coins ½ Cup Plus 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 6 Oz. Grated Parmesan, Romano or Blend of both 2 Tablespoons Butter 1-2 Cloves Garlic, Pressed, Minced or Crushed 1 Hot Pepper, Sliced in Half 1 Cup Heavy Cream ½ Teaspoon Black Pepper ½ Teaspoon Salt Optional: Chopped Anchovies, To Taste Garnish Suggestion: Parsley


H+T  SPRING 2020

Toss the noodles in the sauce. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top, garnish with something green and serve.

Park Avenue Club‌

Refined Elegance with a Uniquely Romantic Flair

A historical site, meticulously manicured grounds, a footbridge over a reflecting pond‌a canvas of unexpected accents creates your one-of-kind wedding in our modern events center. Complemented by our chef-curated cuisine and signature impeccable service, your magical day awaits. Contact us to learn more about affordable membership.

Eat . S i p. S h a re. Su pport

184 Par k Avenu e, Fl or ham Par k, NJ 0 7 9 3 2 973-301-823 3 par kav enueclub.c o m


H+T  SPRING 2020

Springing Into Your Tastebuds Desserts

ADDIE BROYLES Austrian Plum Cake Ingredients:

ADDIE BROYLES Pineapple and Coconut Ice Cream

1 Cup All Purpose Flour, Plus More for Coating the Pan ½ Cup Plus 2 Tablespoons Sugar, Divided ¾ Teaspoon Baking Powder ½ Teaspoon Kosher Salt

Ingredients: 1 (2-pound) Ripe Pineapple 1 Cup Sugar Juice of 2 Oranges Juice of 1 Lemon ½ Cup Shredded Coconut Plus 1 Tablespoon Extra, for Garnishing

8 Tablespoons Salted Butter, Cut Into 8 pieces, Room Temperature 1 Large Egg, Plus 1 Large Egg Yolk 1 ½ Teaspoons Vanilla Extract 1 ¼ Pounds Ripe but Firm Medium Plums, Pitted and Halved, Cut Into 3/4-inch Wedges Powdered Sugar, To serve

1 Cup Heavy Cream, Whipped to Soft Peaks

Peel and trim the pineapple. Cut it into quarters and remove the hard core. Cut the flesh into cubes. In a food processor, blend the pineapple, sugar, orange juice, lemon juice and coconut to a puree. Strain, if desired. Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker. Churn until the mixture begins to harden, then add the whipped cream and churn until the ice cream is firm. Transfer to a container, cover and store in the freezer. Serves 6 to 8. — Adapted from “So French, So Sweet” by Gabriel Gaté (Hardie Grant, $19.99)

Heat oven to 325 degrees. Coat the bottom of a springform pan with cooking spray and then dust with flour. (You can also use a cake pan.) In the bowl of a stand mixer or large bowl, whisk together the flour, 1/2 cup sugar, baking powder and salt until combined. Add the butter, one piece at a time. You can leave the mixer running if using a stand mixer. Combine until the mixture resembles moist sand, about 2 to 3 minutes total. Add the egg, egg yolk and vanilla. Beat on medium high until the mixture is pale and fluffy, about 1 minute. Scrape down the bowl, as needed. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and spread in an even layer. Place the wedges on their side on the top of the batter. Sprinkle with remaining 2 tablespoons sugar. Bake for about 1 hour and 15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack for 30 minutes, then remove the outside ring of the springform pan. Serve warm or at room temperature, dusted with powdered sugar.

— Adapted from a recipe in the July-August issue of Milk Street Kitchen

SPRING 2020  H+T





H+T  SPRING 2020


tranquil oasis tucked away in the rolling hills of Morris County, the Park Avenue Club offers an opulent setting for a wedding as unique and special as the couple being celebrated. A registered historical site, the lush property was once a working dairy barn for the Sisters of St. Elizabeth that was transformed twenty-five years ago into an elegant dining and social club catering to an upscale clientele.

With meticulously manicured grounds featuring gardens with stone patios, fire pits and sculptural accents dotting the landscape, as well as a footbridge positioned over a stunning reflecting pond, an unforgettable ceremony and reception are not only possible, but create the canvas for an heirloom wedding album accented with rare elements that will be cherished for generations. From the moment a prospective bride and groom walk through the strikingly handsome brick-clad entrance of the property to consider the Park Avenue Club as the venue for their wedding ceremony and/or reception, they are immersed in impeccable, personalized hospitality delivered by the highly experienced Park Avenue Club events team. It’s a mission and tradition they live 365 days a year as a private dining and social club featuring sumptuous chef-curated cuisine in the main Hayloft dining room, private dining silos and the casually elegant Charity’s bar. Park Avenue Club spaces are appointed with a rusticluxe design, creating a signature sophisticated yet relaxed setting that honors the Club’s history while remaining utterly contemporary. As such, Park Avenue Club is the year-round trusted

partner of the region’s leading corporations and business organizations for their most prominent events, as well as the dining venue of choice for business professionals who elect membership in the Club to provide an unmatched culinary experience for their VIP guests week after week. Further, members choose the Club for a variety of social celebrations from private romantic dinners to birthday, christening, retirement and holiday parties to bar mitzvahs and graduation parties, and of course, weddings. Unrivaled service is the first thing a bride and groom and their cherished guests will notice about Park Avenue Club. Beginning with the initial sit-down with the events team, every bride and groom experiences fully customized service. While indeed full wedding packages are offered, the Park Avenue Club events staff wants to ensure that all the special touches that a couple desires to represent them on their most important day are included. Though renowned for world-class cuisine with the staple epicurean fare expected of a five-star wedding venue, the events staff will inquire if a traditional family dish should be a part of the wedding day, or if the couple favors a non-traditional dessert offering. With an in-house sommelier, wine pairing requests can easily be accommodated. Because Park Avenue Club is used to “putting on a big show” nearly every day of the year, the events staff assists overwhelmed brides and grooms by offering a list of respected and proven vendors that can handle all the additional event details from invitations to flowers to DJs or live bands.

The centerpiece of a Park Avenue Club wedding, the recently completed 14,200-square-foot private events center, was constructed from the ground up with a two-story lobby offering its own private entrance and chef-quality stateof-the-art kitchen. The wing features a lavish modular 5,200-square-foot ballroom with soaring ceilings, French doors to an outside patio, abundant natural light, and the utmost in modern technology for displaying that special video or slide show at the reception and offering state-of-the-art acoustics. A second dedicated space of 2,500 square feet known as The Pavilion is ideal for cocktail hours for large receptions, or as the dedicated space for more intimate gatherings. Whether it’s a wedding for 50 guests or 500 guests, Park Avenue Club is positioned to meet and exceed every couple’s needs. The soft grey hues with gleaming white accents that adorn the events wing salon and ballroom were selected expressly to complement any event color scheme. In addition, ambient overhead accent lighting can be adjusted to effortlessly match the color tones of a wedding, creating an awe-inspiring warmth and comfort. Further, luxurious furnishings in the brick-detailed events wing lobby provide a refuge of rest away from the party atmosphere, or an area for friends and family to privately catch up during the jubilant reception. Park Avenue Club hosts only one wedding at a time, so there’s no possibility of a “traffic jam” on Club grounds, waiting to take that one-ofkind romantic photo at the footbridge over the

SPRING 2020  H+T



H+T  SPRING 2020

reflecting pond, nor the disruption of music from another event while taking wedding vows. The private club experience fully belongs to the bride and groom when they choose Park Avenue Club. There is even a well-appointed bride’s suite and a gentleman’s suite where the bride and groom can relax with the members of their wedding party before their ceremony. One of the most compelling aspects of choosing Park Avenue Club as a wedding venue or for a year-round membership is the Club’s support of the Park Avenue Foundation. Twenty-five years ago, several prominent individuals partnered with 600 businesses and 2,500 caring individuals to transform a dilapidated dairy farm structure into Park Avenue Club. Both the land and the building were donated to the nonprofits that comprise the Park Avenue Foundation, and Park Avenue Club operates within those walls. By providing members with gracious private dining and reception experiences, Park Avenue Club has been gently and dependably fulfilling the mission for which it was founded in 1994 -- to create ongoing funding for the foundation that currently benefits thirteen charities and cultural organizations. Funds raised support essential human needs, provide emergency housing and shelter in a crisis, facilitate access to education, honor culture and the arts, and preserve history. Thus, the Park Avenue Club is all at once for its members an enjoyable social and dining space, events venue and an investment in community giving. For many brides and grooms, the Park Avenue Club mission has been a principal reason to select the venue from the broad array of wedding venues located throughout New Jersey. Through the generosity of its members, the Park Avenue Foundation has donated more than $6 million since its 1994 inception. “Park Avenue Club members, clients and guests are among the most discriminating clientele in the world,” said Gregory Smith, Executive Director. “We have expanded so we can meet, and exceed, their evolving

SPRING 2020  H+T



H+T  SPRING 2020

SPRING 2020  H+T



H+T  SPRING 2020

tastes and styles and this commitment extends to our wedding services. The recent renovation project has been extensive, but anything less would have left needs and opportunities unmet. We have transformed the wedding experience in one of the most competitive events corridors in the country. Our difference is not just adding shiny new accents and rare menu options. Our difference is much deeper than aesthetics and trends. The club is now an extension of home for couples who choose to have their weddings here. We create a memorable hospitality experience by attending to wedding guests in the way every bride and groom dreams on their special day. “ Today, Park Avenue Club has approximately 1,000 members, comprised of both individual and corporate memberships. Most of the membership resides or works within a twenty-mile radius, but the Club also attracts out-of-state members who appreciate the value and amenities of membership when traveling within the region, as well as reciprocal dining and golf club access in the most prominent national and world destinations. For couples that would like to extend their membership beyond their wedding day, the Club recognizes spouses as automatic full members, keeping annual dues very reasonable. “Many of our member couples have leveraged the opportunity to dine in more than 180 reciprocal Clubs across the country and in Europe and Asia while on vacation,” said Gregory Smith. “In short, your Club experience goes with you nearly everywhere, so you can enjoy gourmet cuisine in some of the world’s most romantic cities.” “For engaged couples seeking a wedding venue, our hope is that they choose Park Avenue Club for their special day and every day beyond by becoming permanent members,” Gregory Smith continued. “Fortunately, throughout the years, we’ve seen our Club become something of a family legacy. It can start with a wedding and lead to christenings, bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, family vacations and so much more, all because we offer a warm yet very elegant home away from home. We’d love to engulf you and your guests in our unrivaled hospitality on your wedding day and all your special days to come.” Couples interested in the Park Avenue Club wedding venue and/or membership experience may contact the Club by telephone at (973) 301-8233, or email the events and member services teams through the website www.parkavenueclub.com. Park Avenue Club staff will answer any immediate questions, arrange a tour and make the entire process seamless.

SPRING 2020  H+T



To Do’s before the I Do’s BY ELIZABETH CLASSEN


H+T  SPRING 2020

Bridal Budget



3. 4. 5.

Be steadfast in your realistic boundaries and expectations. Talk with your partner to outline minimum and maximum allowances, and work together to find a happy medium that will not place stress on your daily finances. Take time to think about what truly means the most to you in your planning process. Is your dress something you want to keep forever and pass down to your children, or are you more inclined to spend $$$ on the videographer so you have a forever recollection of your special day? Allocate your dollars to what means the most to you and work your way down the list from there. Search thoroughly through vendor options and request interviews with each company you are considering spending money with. Don’t be afraid to take up their time so you can get all the answers you need, that’s what they are there for and most vendors love exploring all options with their clients! If you are eloping, be sure to ask for referrals in the area you have chosen. Track every penny. If you are going above or below your estimated costs in any specific area, make sure to document that fluctuation and account for it elsewhere in your budget. For example, if your flowers end up being more expensive than you originally allocated, consider taming down your reception dinner menu. Get creative! There are so many options for achievable “do-it-yourself ” decorations and details; don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and add your own personal (and less expensive) touch.

SPRING 2020  H+T


Theming the Day


2. 3. 4. 5.


H+T  SPRING 2020

Themes are a huge trend right now, don’t be afraid to jump on the train! If you have a theme in mind, write a list of the ways you can incorporate that into your big day. Music, food, decor, cake style, all are ways to integrate a theme into your wedding. Once you have chosen your theme, whether it be a fairy tale princess theme, or a simple yellow and blue motif, start exploring all options within it. Do the vendors you are considering using have accommodations for the theme you have chosen? Can the venue you’ve booked make use of all the themed decor you want to incorporate? Ask all your questions. Do some research on social media and Pinterest! There are some great ideas that you may have never considered and social media platforms are here for the theme trend. The possibilities are endless when you take a look at what other couples have put together for their themes. Themes don’t necessarily require extra money - keep your budget in mind. Include your family and friends in the creative process. You never know what decor or knick knacks your loved ones have to offer to make your dream day come true.

The Dress


2. 3. 4. 5.

Stay true to YOU. It is so important to remember that your big day is about you and your partner. Input from friends and family is wonderful, but keep in mind at the end of the day, what you wear on your big day is completely up to you and the most important factor is to feel good in your skin. Ask the store associates to bring you a dress in every style, even if it’s one you have never imagined yourself in. You will be surprised what you end up being a fan of! Don’t be afraid of the extras! Veils, trains, bows, capes, you name it. Take pictures of yourself in each dress you try on. A big part of your wedding is the photography, and some dresses photograph differently than others. Once you narrow down your favorites, you can review the photos and get another angle to consider. If a store works with a specific tailor, make sure you contact them right away to get details on their pricing, work product, etc. Set your expectations and know who you are working with!

SPRING 2020  H+T


Inviting Your Guests


2. 3. 4. 5. 30

Must Have’s and Hope To Have’s. Titling your guest list this way can be a lifesaver. Make a comprehensive list of the “absolutely have to have at our wedding” guests (typically immediate family members), and then compile your “really would like to have at our wedding if there is room” guest list (friends, extended family, etc). Compare and see where your options lie. Be realistic. If you simply do not have the budget or room to invite the coffee barista down the street who says hello to you every morning, they WILL understand. Try to not get caught up in the guilt of having to cap your guest list at some point. Consider some rules - not crazy about having children at your wedding? Limit children to the reception only, or inform your guests that kiddos aren’t included. My personal favorite? If neither you or your partner has spoken to, met them, or heard their name before, don’t invite them. Kindly let your parents know that your great aunt who you never knew you had probably doesn’t need to be at the wedding, but that you are happy to send them photos if they’d like. Include the guest’s name on their response card. This will limit people from writing in extra names (aka the girlfriend or boyfriend they’d like to bring with them) if you simply don’t have the room for extra people. Do your best to avoid last minute add-ons and stay calm if they arise.

H+T  SPRING 2020

Your Wedding - Your Process

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Enjoy yourself. This is such a collaboration for you and your partner, take every step possible to have fun and make this a time of creativity and quality time for you both. Remember to take care of yourself. The stress of planning a wedding, whether it be a simple courthouse ceremony, an elopement with close friends and family, or an elaborate celebration with all those who can make it, can be a lot. Take time out to remind yourself of the most important piece - you are planning such a special occasion for yourself and your partner! Contain the urge to please. It can be difficult for some to be selfish or put themselves first, but placing boundaries around your wedding and the planning process is completely acceptable. Accept help and advice, but allow yourself to remind others that their opinion is just that, THEIR opinion. Trust your partner. You chose to marry them right? Allow them to hear your thoughts and desires, and trust they will offer theirs as well. Take a break. Not everything needs to be completed as soon as your engagement occurs, and not everyone will judge you if you plan at your own pace.

SPRING 2020  H+T


A guide to wedding vendors and services in your area



H+T  SPRING 2020

Image via Little Black Dress Paperie

INVITATIONS Little Black Dress Paperie Little Black Dress is a gem of a service offering luxury custom designed paper items to celebrate the important events and locations of life. Their full service elegant and elaborate designs offer various printing methods ranging from traditional letterpress and engraving, to modern capabilities including foil stamping and blind embossing. Their expert artists clients find the perfect style for their invitations, event stationery, or venue illustrations.

FLOWERS Amanda Hope Events With a passion for esthetic event design, founder and owner Amanda Del Grosso works with clients to create stunning event atmospheres from floral arrangements and favors to ceremony and guest table dĂŠcor. The result is an unforgettable setting for lifetime memories.

Image via Amanda Hope Events

SPRING 2020  H+T


Image via I Do I Do

Image via Ashimoto Essential Beauty



I Do I Do

Ashimoto Essential Beauty

Selecting exactly the best wedding dress is both a goal and a process. The designers at I Do I Do in the heart of Morristown offer a wide range of designer dresses and make sure that each bride has a fun experience that will be a forever memory in the process.

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, and makeup artist and eyelash extension expert Meryl Proctor, makeup artist and founder of Ashimoto Essential Beauty, brings out the best in her clients using the latest technique and products. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, and she’s worked alongside industry icons including Bobbi Brown and Trish McEvoy.


H+T  SPRING 2020

Image via Cuppek Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY Cuppek Photography Wedding memories live forever. One of New York and New Jersey’s most creative and exclusive photographers, Josh Cuppek has been preserving wedding memories for more than a decade with a finely tuned mix of modern portraiture, photojournalistic candid images with amazing details for a lifetime of remembering.

SPRING 2020  H+T


Image via Park Avenue Club

VENUE Park Avenue Club A WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award winner, The Park Avenue Club has the newest state-of-the-art venue in the region. A recent renovation creates 11 world class private spaces ideal for weddings, Manicured landscapes, gardens, pond and bridge offer elegant context. The wedding experts include a personal event planner, in-house sommelier and mixologist.

JEWELRY DirectDiam DirectDiam has been a source for manufacturing diamonds for over 30 years. With a vast selection of diamonds in an array of colors created by international experts, DirectDiam offers more than 1000 polished diamonds in all shapes, color and clarity. More than 90% of DirectDiam diamonds are certified by leading world gemological labs.

Image via DirectDiam


H+T  SPRING 2020

EVENT PLANNING EVJ Wedding Co. EVJ Wedding Co. creates unique weddings and makes the planning process joyful and stress free. Premiere wedding planning offers full wedding coordination to a la carte add-ons. The Founder, Jacquelyn, and her five wedding planners have a goal to make each and every couple their top priority with personal attention to custom design for each event.

Image via EVJ Wedding Co.

ENTERTAINMENT Mystical Entertainment Group Mystical Entertainment Group has over two decades of experience making weddings truly unforgettable. Each event is planned to the individual tastes and personalities of their clients. Their services include DJ entertainment, special effects, live acts, audio/video special effect rentals, party rentals and much more. They offer packages and ala carte services.

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CAKES Swiss Chalet Bakery & Cafe If you can imagine it, Swiss Chalet Bakery & Cafe’s can create a special cake for a tasteful addition to the event. Their cakes are renowned not only for their unique expression of the day, but also their depth of rich, luscious flavor. Each cake is designed and created as a piece of culinary art. Their custom buttercream, fondant and specialty cakes have been part of weddings for more than four decades.

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Romantic Touches and Bold Statements Define 2020 Bridal Trends


rom big, ruffled wedding gowns to sophisticated bridal blazers, bohochic to floral fantasies, today’s designers offer brides the opportunity to express their individuality when they step forward and say, “I do.”

For inspiration, the vast majority of brides turn to Pinterest and Instagram, simply because it is easy to search by hashtags or designers, while others still like to flip through magazines to see what’s in style, said Laura Calderone, owner of Laura & Leigh Bridal in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Blurring the Line “The main trend for 2020, which really has been consistently building for the last five years or so, is the blurring of the line between ready-to-wear and bridal,” said Kpoene’ Kofi-Nicklin, creative director of Mignonette Bridal in Chicago. “For some companies, like BHLDN, this means offering separates (tops, bottoms and overlays that can be mixed and matched) so that brides can personalize a look, and for other companies like Cecilie Bahnsen that can mean offering pieces that blur the line between bridal and ready-to-wear completely and really can be worn again.”

Return To Romance “If there was a prize for a bridal trend that is truly timeless and classical, it would definitely go to off-the-shoulder wedding dresses,” said Valeria Istomnia, content manager at Wedding Forward, an online guide for wedding planning, ideas and inspiration. “Their romantic image is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fairy-tale princess attire.” Fun Florals “I love that florals, especially in bold colors, are having a moment, and the best part is that anyone can look beautiful in this trend,” Kofi-Nicklin said. Want to make a floral splash? “Choosing a gown with a large floral print or even just a single large floral pattern on the skirt is a great way to show off your personality. Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera have shown some truly amazing floral wedding gowns in the last few years,” Kofi-Nicklin said. Want to embrace florals in a delicate way?

Affordability is important to the modern bride, Kofi-Nicklin said. This concept offers a bride new ways to make her wedding outfit unique and looks that can be worn multiple ways and on multiple occasions.

“Picking a gown in shades of blush or champagne with floral embroidery is a great way to look like you just stepped out of a romantic garden,” KofiNicklin said. A gown with a subtle floral lace detail is a great way to nod to the trend while keeping the overall look very classic, she said.

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Mix It Up “2020 has a great mix of trends” like “fun necklines, low plunges, crescent necklines or off-the-shoulder, Calderone said. “There is also a lot of sparkle and fun laces with layers of shimmery tulle and bold modern laces. You’re going to probably see some keyhole backs and clean/classic A-lines have a little comeback, too.” “Bohemian style has been on top for more than one year, and it remains one of the hottest wedding dresses for 2020,” Istomnia said. Show Off Your Silhouette “Your silhouette has never been more attractive,” Istomnia said. A-line dresses or mermaid gowns give a bride the perfect opportunity to show off all of her curves. “Its low back will open up your fragile shoulder blades. The skirt will highlight your hips. Flowing fabric, delicate patterns, gentle lace: These dresses are sure to turn heads,” Istomnia said. A-lines and fit and flares are some of the most requested styles. “It’s easy to see why. Fit and flares show off a bride’s curves without being too heavy or dramatic, and A-lines show off a bride’s tiny waist in an airy way,” Calderone said. Add Some Sparkle “Sequins are a spectacular choice,” Istomnia said. “For more traditional brides craving glamour, elaborate beading, pearl detailing and rhinestones make for an ultra-glitzy gown, from bridal white shades to shimmering silver and gold hues. Also, a glitzy gown is a perfect second look for a wedding reception,” Istomnia said. Cover Up Long-sleeved gowns remain one of the hottest trends because they look classy, Istomnia said. For examples, see Meghan Markle’s wedding gown from 2018 and one of Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s three choices from October. Other options include a leather jacket for the chill bride who wants to have fun, or a beautiful faux or a vintage fur, Kofi-Nicklin said. “Capes in drapey tulle and net have been huge this year, and are an incredibly romantic way to make a statement without feeling like you are actually covering up your gown,” she said.


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Tips For A Perfect First Kiss Photo BY MELISSA ERICKSON


he first kiss is something to remember.

“A first kiss at the end of your wedding ceremony is a totally singular moment in your life. You’ve probably never really kissed in front of an eager crowd before, and it is also such a symbolic beginning of a married life,” said wedding photographer Becca Dilley of Minneapolisbased Becca Dilley Photography. “That puts a lot of pressure on anyone to have a meaningful and fun first kiss, and photographers definitely feel that pressure, too.”

To make sure your photographer gets a great shot, follow this expert advice. Ask the officiant to step away. The bride and groom should be the only stars of the shot. “Ask the officiant to stand back a few feet or to move to the side before announcing the first kiss. That way they will be blurred out and you will have a clear and uncluttered background,” said Mike Busada, lead photographer at Mike B Photography, a Maryland-based photography studio. Slow it down. “Every couple is different, but make the kiss warm and passionate, just not too passionate,” Busada said. “Don’t overdo it. Don’t get messy.” Guests do not want to see an R-rated embrace. After shooting more than 500 weddings, Busada said he’s seen many things, including couples with stage fright. Instead of a killer first kiss, a groom might lean in for a peck on the cheek. “Practice makes perfect. Couples talk about every part of their wedding. They should talk about the first kiss and practice, too,” Busada said. Ask the bridal party to smile. The photo will look better if the wedding party celebrates with you, Dilley said. “A first kiss is a perfect time to cheer or clap, so let them know if you’d like them to participate in that way,” she said.

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raditionally, engagement parties for brides are planned by the bride’s parents to bring together family and friends for a fun evening together to celebrate the engagement. Over the generations, the engagement party has changed with the times and have become creative celebrations with flair. Most basics of an engagement party remain the same. The celebrations are planned by co-workers, friends or family, with some couples planning their own party. A guest list is established, a date and location chosen, then invitations are sent via email or social media. After that, the fun part begins.

Choosing a theme is an opportunity for a memorable event to share the news and bring family and friends together to celebrate the forthcoming union. The focus of the theme should fit the personality and interests of the honoree, and is limited only by the creativity of the planners. Here are some creative ideas for engagement parties for 2020! •

Traditionally engagement parties were home based affairs, but recently off-site locations have added a wide variety of options to event planning. An almost unlimited set of possibilities exists in local parks, museums, art galleries, restaurants, even sports venues. The environment of each can be an inspiration for a theme and provide a unique context for the event. Think of a sailing theme on a yacht moored in harbor, a roaring 20’s theme in a local pub, or a castaways theme at a local beach.


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Other Worlds Parties are in – fantastic themes that take people out of their day to day selves. A local park can provide the setting for an Enchanted Forest party complete with fairy tale settings, music can add to the mood, and dress can offer a range of magic creatures.

• A Night in Paris can turn a local restaurant into a Parisian café – strolling musicians, candlelight, elegant wine, and French food. •

Lucky Lady Theme can remind the couple of their chance encounter, with the venue decorated as a gambling hall, games of chance, prizes for the winners and pretend beatings for the losers; appropriate food choices and gambler costumes can complete the theme.

For a more family oriented engagement party consider the I Do BBQ – with string lights and picnic tables including classic homestyle dishes. A bit of music and yard games can entertain family and morph into a romantic evening.

• A local greenhouse can be transformed into a truly magnificent romantic world of soft lights and romantic music with catered dining surrounded by the sights and luscious smells of blooms.

Pumpkin patches exist in many areas and can create a wonderful environment for an engagement party. Active games, down home music, and picnic style dining can create a fun party for large groups.

Take It On the Road – A chartered bus or van can be a mobile party center for wine lovers on a vineyard tour. Add in music at one or more stops and dining either before or after, for a party on the move.

Murder Mystery events are popular, and nothing brings a group together like the role-playing activity of murder. Costumes and a clue laden dinner set the stage for this fun event in a theater, museum, or other venue.

On the Town Out of Town – Plan a group weekend in a nearby locale that can include tours, dining, music and other group events that encourage people to enjoy each other’s company in a new place.

Rooftop Romance – An elegant dinner served on a rooftop with a commanding view of a surrounding area with elegant dress, music of choice, dancing, and maybe a romantic movie on a portable screen.

Celebrate the micro brewery craze with a selection of local beers along with finger food selections. Combine the brewery theme with games of chance, darts, trivia, or charades for a rollicking good time

Choose a decade as a theme – roaring 20s, hobo 30s, the war years, “Father Knows Best Fifties,”“Swinging 60” and so on. Suggest appropriate costumes, add era time music, and signature foods of the time. Activities can include games of the time, slide shows of iconic figures, trivia games and more. Food choices can even match each decade!

For active groups, a picnic and bike ride can be a wonderful group activity. Set in a park, lake, or venue some ways distant, your guests can bike together for an active celebration. For the water inclined, incorporate canoes.. or a hike. The common experience will be long remembered.

Glamping is yet another way to bring friends and family together for a common experience that celebrates the marriage to come with the people sharing lives with the couple. A campground provides inexpensive lodging in a rustic location and the setting for games, music, dance, hiking and whatever brings a group together.

While traditions have evolved and today’s engagement parties can take an almost infinite list of creative options, the core experience of a group of friends and family celebrating the union of people they care about, as well as getting to know each other as a supportive group, remains unchanged over the decades.

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ou are getting married! You want to look and feel your absolute best possible self on your big day. You choose your dress carefully, discuss with your hairstylist the most flattering style, choose invitations to convey your warm greetings to friends and family. You may think you’re ready for the I Do’s...but as the saying goes, “Wait! There’s more…” From rejuvenating massage, to meditation and beyond there are additional steps you can take to look and feel your best on the big day. A new trend using an old treatment method has become a thing to consider in preparing for your wedding. Chill! Use the power of super-cold to be at your best. Extreme cold was used as far back as 2500BC in Egypt to heal. Modern use of the technique began in 1978 in Japan when a physician started using extreme cold as a treatment. The benefits of the method became abundantly apparent and it has now been adapted for specific functions. One use is a treatment called CoolSculpting, a low-risk, non-invasive procedure that eliminates subcutaneous body fat through a controlled cooling process called Cryolipolysis. This process freezes, kills and eliminates fat cells in specific areas of the body. It has become one of the most popular treatments for fat reduction . It has little or no down time and is completely non-invasive. The technique provides fat reduction in specific areas of your body. You can focus on your chin, tummy or other areas where stubborn fat gathers. Results can take some weeks to become apparent, so schedule ahead! Putting on your best face for the big day is easier with another use of super-cold temperatures. Cryo Facials can tighten and brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, increase blood flow, provide a natural collagen boost, refine pores, and treat blemished and acne-prone skin. Look radiant with a youthful glow. The technique, known as Frotox, is 100% non-invasive and works with a concentrated stream of vaporized liquid nitrogen blowing gently over your face. Results are evident after one treatment, and continued treatments increase collagen production and cell repair for lasting benefits. Earlier generations used ice baths to create a natural glow. The 21st Century answer to the ice bath is Cryotherapy. It uses sub-zero temperatures to draw blood from the extremities to the body’s core, hyper-oxygenating the red blood cells and then pushing them back through the body. All this in a treatment that lasts only three minutes. The benefits of this 21st Century adaptation of an old method include a three to five fold increase in natural collagen production, increased flexibility and staminal, better sleep quality, and enhanced production of natural endorphins. At the same time the treatment reduces cellulite, joint and muscle pain, inflammation in the body, and importantly in preparing for your wedding – stress and anxiety Whether you brighten your look with a cryofacial, rid yourself of stubborn fat with coolsculpting or cryotherapy, your way to a more chill life is possible with the new treatments out there for you to consider as you prepare for your big day.

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Getting back into



hether sidelined by an illness, an injury or just a very busy life, lots of us find ourselves in a position where we haven’t moved enough in ages. Even if you love exercise and being active, it’s easy to fall out of a routine.

But as we all know, falling off the wagon forever would be really unhealthy. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain, health problems, depressed mood and dissatisfaction, so there’s plenty of reason to get going again. According to the CDC, among the many benefits of exercise, it helps maintain our ability to live independently and reduces the risk of falling and fracturing bones. It also reduces the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and of developing high blood pressure, colon cancer and diabetes. Exercise helps people with chronic, disabling conditions improve their stamina and muscle strength; it can also reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression and foster improvements in mood and feelings of well-being. If it’s been a while, though, it can be tough to get moving again, or to know where to start. Olivia Klinkner, member services manager at Life Time Fitness in Lakeville, Minnesota, advises keeping goals simple and achievable. “A return to activity begins with focusing on mobility and stability,” she says.

“Look for a gym that understands and acknowledges the unique needs of aging adults, and provides services to meet all your needs.”


Olivia Klinkner


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Look for exercises that involve basic range of motion and core strength. Weight-bearing exercise, abdominal and low back exercise, as well as simple stretches, are great places to start, she says. This means that beginning Pilates, yoga and basic weight training routines or classes are ideal. If you’re considering joining a gym, look for one that understands your needs. “Look for a gym that understands and acknowledges the unique needs of aging adults, and provides services to meet all your needs,” Klinkner says. Don’t be shy about inquiring about the credentials of the staff. Look for a gym with highly educated and nationally certified trainers and instructors. If you’re interested in getting advice about your diet as well, look to see if the gym has registered dietitians. Look, too, at the social and community aspect of the gym. Does the gym provide opportunities for community through social events, sports groups for people over 50 and places to gather? These types of offerings can enhance your overall experience. Consider hiring a personal trainer, even if you’ve never done so before. Personal training is not just for dedicated, hardcore fitness buffs. “Everybody and every body is unique,” says Klinkner, so a personal trainer is a great way to set yourself up for success. The trainer can help address your individual needs through participation in types of physical activity that you love. “Any well-educated and certified trainer has the tools and knowledge to work with aging populations,” she says. Look for someone that you like and connect with, and who motivates you to keep going.



kitchen trends BY MELISSA ERICKSON

“Now more than ever people are looking to bring the dining table back into the kitchen so you can sit facing each other and communicate while eating.” Anna Gibson, AKG Design Studio


tandout kitchen islands, statement backsplashes and vinyl flooring are all popular choices among homeowners adding or upgrading, according to the 2020 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.

Nearly two-thirds of kitchen renovations include an island, which is a hub of activity for dining, socializing and entertainment. In today’s very virtual, social media world people are looking to connect when it comes to dinnertime, said Anna Gibson, owner and chief designer of AKG Design Studio in Great Falls, Virginia. “Now more than ever people are looking to bring the dining table back into the kitchen so you can sit facing each other and communicate while eating,” she said. The push will be to create seating on at least two sides to restore a sense of family and connection. Kitchen islands are growing, with a third measuring more than 7 feet and another 39% 6 to 7 feet, according to the study. “As for the style, we are moving more toward the contemporary and clean lines, so there are great elements like a waterfall edge that make a big wow factor and a finished look,” Gibson said.

While two-tone colors to be popular, we’ll see a the organic with walnut wood and natural stone, quartzite and granite.

continue return to and dark especially

“Natural stone is organic, green and most of all unique. Every slab is different, and it’s letting us create one-of-kind islands and space for our clients,” Gibson said. Making a statement One in 10 homeowners upgrading a backsplash goes bold, installing it all the way to the ceiling, with white being the most popular color followed by multi-colored and gray, according to the study. “I love this trend and hope it will continue,” Gibson said. “For me, tile is always the cherry on top since it is the focal point and can set the tone for space and style.” Install the same kitchen cabinets and granite with two different backsplash tiles, and it will be a completely different-style kitchen, Gibson said. “Running tile to the ceiling really adds the extra touch and interesting factor to the design. It works great with the open shelving and cabinets because it helps define the space and really dress up the wall, especially when we use floating shelves,” Gibson said.

Vinyl on the rise Vinyl flooring, the third overall choice in renovated kitchens, continues a three-year climb from 10% in 2018 and 12% in 2019 to 14% in 2020. Vinyl flooring fits busy and active homeowners’ lifestyles. “For someone looking for materials that are durable and easy to maintain it’s a big plus,” Gibson said. “For years we didn’t have the good midway material between tile and hardwood, and the luxury vinyl tile/ luxury vinyl plank closes this gap. It is great for basements, high traffic areas and can withstand kids, dogs, heavy traffic and is water-resistant. “With the added wood look, it’s making a great option for families across different stages of life. It is easy to install, which is an added bonus for the DIY market.” No hands “Cabinet and drawer handles will be very discreet in 2020 — even non-existent,” said Gibson, referring to manufacturers’ push-to-open options. Streamlined and elegant, handleless cabinets complement the minimalism and clean lines of Scandinavian and contemporary design, Gibson said.

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PLANTING love Indoor garden rooms are havens for relaxation, nurturing BY MELISSA ERICKSON


ouseplants and indoor garden rooms are having a moment, probably thanks to the lush looks posted to social media accounts.

“I think as people continue to look for ways to escape hectic lives and try to find a place to unwind, garden rooms will continue to grow in popularity,” said Amy Enfield, spokeswoman for Bonnie Plants. “They are a great place to unwind, tend to plants regardless of the weather outside and destress. For people who live in parts of the country where the winters are long, it allows them to grow plants year-round, and not just houseplants.” The indoor gardening trend has been growing for the last five-plus years in a way that can be compared to the enthusiasm for houseplants seen in the ’70s, said Shane Pliska, president of Planterra, a West Bloomfield, Michigan-based interior landscape firm that provides plants to workplaces throughout the United States and Canada. The difference now is that people are using them as a design element, Pliska said. ‘Became a lifestyle’ “Millennials are especially involved with houseplants and exotics,” said Megan Wages, owner of Fancy Free Nursery in Tampa, Florida. “People started greening their spaces, which grew into the parenting of houseplants. What started as indoor plant styling became a lifestyle.” Plants are something to come home to, to care about, to love. “First of all, plants are beautiful,” said Kerbi Howat, owner of Flora plant shops in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. “There are different sizes, shapes and structures that can complement the desired aesthetic for a space. Additionally, studies have shown that plants improve air quality, boost creativity and focus, and simply make people happy. There is also a therapeutic element to caring for your own plants and watching them grow.”


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Considerations Before giving this trend a try, think about what you want in your garden room, how you will use the room and what plants to grow, Enfield said. “Do you want a tropical paradise or have access to fresh herbs and veggies year-round?” she asked. Consider light, temperature, humidity and airflow. “Unless you have a sunroom that gets lots of natural light, you will likely need to add lights to the room,” Enfield said. “Fluorescent lighting, specialty grow light bulbs, even LEDs will all work in a garden room. “Plants need good airflow to grow well. Adding a ceiling fan would be a great option to help keep the air circulating. Most plants, especially during the dry winter months, also benefit from having a humidifier in the room to help increase the humidity.”


How to start Start with one type of plant that needs the same type of light and watering schedule, such as philodendron, and grow them in groups, Wages said. “If you’re a beginner, start small. You want to make sure you understand how to care for plants successfully before you invest a lot of money. Also, get educated,” Howat said. “It’s OK to start with just a few plants and then add more to your room as your plant knowledge and confidence grows. Don’t be afraid to experiment with plants, and add seasonal plants like Christmas cactus, poinsettias, spring bulbs and amaryllis to your room.”

“Succulents seem easy, but they thrive on neglect. People want to love them to death,” Wages said. From the fiddle leaf fig to the rubber tree, Swiss cheese plant (monstera deliciosa) to bird of paradise, more is more in a garden room. “An abundance of plants is luxe,” said Pliska, offering these tips: • Don’t be shy. • Buy what you like.

“The staple plant for many garden rooms is going to be houseplants,” Enfield said. “Great houseplants for beginners include spider plant, pothos, snake plant, ZZ plant, peace lily and ponytail palm. Succulents and cacti are also great for beginners as long as you give them lots of light. If you want to add a pop of color to your space, look for Phalaenopsis (or moth orchids) or African violets.”

• If it’s not working out, don’t get emotionally attached. Get rid of what is dying or doesn’t work.

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hat goes around comes around. Wicker and rattan are in style again to add a laid-back vibe to your decor, in a updated and sophisticated way.

This long-lasting, natural medium keeps dipping back into fashion. Introduced to the United States in the mid- to late 1800s, wicker and rattan popped up again during the arts and crafts movement in the early 20th century. Most recently their popularity surged with the kitchy ’60s style, and never really left among those trying to capture the feel of island or resortstyle living. “Nowadays, design-savvy consumers are placing less importance on specific periods or styles of furniture and more emphasis on materiality. As we move to more plant-based products, much like in the food space, the same holds true in the design arena,” said designer Mark Brunetz, spokesman for Design For A Difference, a community-based design movement that makes over spaces at local charities in the United States and Canada. “Derived from plants, the resurgence of wicker and rattan furnishings reflects a increased consumer awareness and desire to connect to nature,” said Brunetz, author of “Take the U Out of Clutter.” As humans we possess an innate tendency to connect to living things, Brunetz said. “In addition, the making of wicker and rattan furniture also stems from the art of basket weaving, one of many ancient art forms having a moment in the design world,” he said. “As consumers strive for authenticity and artisanquality goods, it’s only appropriate that these materials are having a moment. Everything old is new again.” Traditionally found in outdoor settings and adapted to interior spaces, lightweight wicker instantly connotes a feeling of relaxation and vacation, said interior designer Joan Kaufman of Interior Planning & Design in Naperville, Illinois.


H+T  SPRING 2020

“The natural material adds texture and life to spaces exuding charm, triggering pleasant thoughts of comfort and ease,” she said. To add this timeless classic to your interior design, Kaufman suggests starting small. “We love using wicker accent pieces such as a nightstand, console or accent chair that add character to a space. Depending on the space, one piece can be just the right touch to add a wow factor to the total design,” she said. For a show-stopping effect, go all out with a full dining set, which works well when combined with other materials such as a stone top or upholstered cushions, Kaufman said. Beautiful and versatile, wicker plays well with different design styles and can be an eye-catching addition to any room. “Virtually any piece can be found in wicker or rattan, from bedroom sets to mirrors to sofas, chairs, tables and dining sets and accent pieces,” Kaufman said. When shopping for pieces, consider that as with all furnishings there are varying levels of quality and design style. “Selecting pieces that suit your budget and taste from reputable manufacturers typically yields high satisfaction,” Kaufman said. Wicker and rattan are not the same. Wicker is a style of woven fibers while rattan is a vine-like material. While the product may be natural, the process of weaving can be labor intensive. “Learn about the source of the piece and where it is made. Learning about the manufacturer’s fabrication process prior to making a major purchase is beneficial,” Kaufman said.

This dinner started here.

The Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Showroom will help you create a kitchen that’s uniquely yours. On-site chefs, product experts, and inspiring designs will help you envision the possibilities for your home – and all of the delicious moments to come.

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Home+Table Spring 2020 Issue  

Home+Table Spring 2020 Featuring articles: Springing Into Your Tastebuds, Planning For Bliss: To Do’s Before the I Do’s, The 'I Do' Director...

Home+Table Spring 2020 Issue  

Home+Table Spring 2020 Featuring articles: Springing Into Your Tastebuds, Planning For Bliss: To Do’s Before the I Do’s, The 'I Do' Director...