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New Concept in Sales How to Answer All Your Customers Questions Before They Meet You!

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presentation Innovations To Improve Your Business

How to Answer All Your Customers Questions Before They Meet You! New concept in publishing merges print with digital media so you give all the info Robert: Hi Darrell. I hear you have a new publication coming out called INNOVATIONS and your subtext is to improve your business. Can you tell me a little bit of what you can do for the average small business? Darrell: Yes, this a new concept that we're taking a method of merging print with digital so that you can get all the information in basically less than 30 seconds when they glance through the page. Robert: That's just pretty good, combining the print and the digital side together. Darrell: That's right, it's a new concept. Robert:Can you evaluate your tagline, all the information you'd want to make a well-informed decision? Darrell: This is the concept of it is that when people want information, they want all the information and they don't want to spend a lot of effort getting it, so they can make a well-informed decision. People, when they enough information, they make their own mind up. They don't need to be sold. That's the concept of it. You're educating them, you're not selling them.

“Give me all the information I need to make a well informed decision ..” Robert: Very much so, Darrell. What about the customer just not going to Google and finding out, let's say I wanted to know about how to become a vegan or whatever? Darrell: That is the number one question that people ask me, "Why don't we just do it on Google?" Because I've been a specialist for 10 years of placing on the first page of Google. However, if it's not in their mind to look for it, they'll never look for it. The purpose of the paper is to spark the idea. Oh, that's interesting, yes. They get the information, then they will go to Google. They will check it out, but people don't wake up in the morning just like digital marketing. Nobody wakes up and says, "Oh I think I need digital marketing." They need their house painted, or they need a problem solved, but they'd never think of ... or for instance, a company that we deal with has a solution to odors. But people don't think in that way. They're not looking online for that. That's the reason. Robert: Right, I see. I do agree with that, that's quite good. INNOVATIONS answers up to 10 to 20 questions people most usually ask on a sales call?

Darrell: Everybody, if you think of your average sales call when you go and you finally get there, and it takes two or three days of putting it together, you sit there and you talk for half an hour to an hour, and you're going through all the features and benefits of what you sell, and you're answering their questions. That's what a typical sales call is. Extremely expensive because people don't end up doing that many sales calls. It's a necessary feature, it needs to be done. People will go, they'll search the internet, but then they'll still have to have somebody in front of them. However, this is designed to replace that. Get the information they want, they can make their own mind up. Robert: What is the format? What would you format be for this publication? Darrell: We considered a magazines format, but there wasn't enough room to put all that questions in there. We decided to go with a tabloids format similar to Business in Vancouver's in a tabloid, so's the Courier. All of these however, we decided to go with a different type of format that there are no, there are no little ads in it. It's not filled up with stories and all of that set stuff. This is total purpose is to share your knowledge with the prospective reader. That's it. It's not meant to be entertaining, it's not something they'd pick just to glance through. It's really an eight to 12 page flip through. They see you, they like you, they buy from you. Simple. Robert: How is it that digital marketing is merged with this publication? Darrell: What we do is we create a specializing in apps called Dovetails. We can create a system that has that ... Robert: Does that interface with the existing ... Darrell: Yeah, it's a simple two to three digit app. It's pretty easy to use.

Robert: That's successful what you're doing? Darrell: Yeah, works very well. Robert: How are the videos implemented into the publication?

“Watch Videos with a simple 2 digit Code” Darrell: The videos are implemented because I create a digital magazine that when they click on the magazine, there's a picture of the video, and they click on it and it takes it right to the video. Everything's right inside it, all digital, click to view. That's it.

Robert: How does this double page pullout or spread work for you? Darrell: Very, very seldom do you ever see a double page spread in a newspaper or in Business in Vancouver or any of these things because traditionally they're extremely expensive. Then if you go into a major publication it's $20,000 for a doublepage spread. That's out of the for most people, but here's a little secret. I've been publishing for years, and I was in advertising. That's how I got into this. I found out the cheapest charge of any publication of a paper. So I give the paper away almost. It's not expensive. The cost for your ad billings traditionally go into sales, operations, people writing stories, people collecting your money, all these other operations are 70% to 80% of the cost. Your actual print and delivery run 20% to 30%. Robert: Darrell, how does the paper work on the AIDA principle? Darrell: Okay, AIDA is attention, interest, desire, action. This is the benefit if when you look at a full-page ad, the title. People scan every publication and they only read the title. If the title attracts their interest, that the attract. Then you get the interest. All the subtitles, and the little quote blocks, that creates the interest. The desire, when they get the digital and the action. Once they've gone to there, there's instant message that they don't have to [inaudible 00:06:29] and copy your website. It's all digital. It's very simple to action. That's it.

www.iNanaimo.Tel Digital Magazine is on App

Radio Interview: Digital Innovations Tom MacDonald: Good morning, and welcome to the Extreme Business Show on CKPM FM. I'm glad you're joining us this beautiful Saturday morning. You're listening to Tom MacDonald. I am a local business telecom entrepreneur, and I am so happy to be able to sit here in front of the microphone in the studio in beautiful downtown Port Moody and bring to you any secrets, any tidbits, any level of information and education I can to help you bring your business to the next highest level of profitability and success. We all, as a telecom entrepreneur myself, and as entrepreneurs out there and business owners, we work very hard. A lot of us work hard on our business, and we also work hard in our business. I talked to a lot of entrepreneurs, and they say that the reason they got into it is because they wanted time. They wanted to have their own time, be in control of their own time, but what they don't realize is that being in your own business is a lot of work. It's a lot of hard work, and if you're going to be successful, you have to put in way more than 40 hours a week. There's so much to do. You have bookkeeping, finances, employees, salaries, CRA remittances, WCB. You have marketing. You have all of your technical, your operational information, administrative. It just goes on and on. You have to get the various platforms to run your company. All that takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, so my goal on this show, if you've been listening to the Extreme Business Show, is to try to shortcut that for you, try to make it so that we can help you get to where you want to be faster, more profitably, and have more control over your time. A lot of people need some breaks from their business, and lifestyle really is what you want in your business. The reason you get into business is because you love it, but you don't love it so much that that's all you do. You need to be able to get a lifestyle out of it so you can go traveling, you can spend more time with your family and children, or you can just grow your business and have extreme profitability so that you can do what you want to do. The Extreme Business Show brings you that. I've been in business for 30 years. I'm a local telecom entrepreneur, and I've grown up here in Coquitlam. At least business-wise I've grown up here. I was born and raised in Quebec. I joined the military in communications. Then when I was 21 I started a business out here selling phone systems or telephones even, just retail telephones back in the day when it was illegal to buy a telephone, so I was a pioneer in the telecom industry. I had a store in Coquitlam Center. I can tell you that starting in a business where the phone company doesn't want you to be in can be pretty rough. We've had pickets outside our store. We've had our phone lines cut off. I'd go out to my truck at nighttime when I was younger, and my headlights would be kicked in when I was starting. The union didn't want us to be in business, and they did their best to get us out of business, but here we are 30 years later, very, very successful. I've got over 10,000 clients, and I've saved over $17 million for business owners everywhere in the Lower Mainland by explaining to them how they can save money on their lines, but also getting them into equipment that makes them more successful and more efficient.

Watch The Interview Goals for our show: efficiency, success for your company. I've got in the studio guests every week that can bring those efficiencies and those profitability to your company. One of the guests I have in has been a good friend of mine I've known for several years. His name is Darrell Backen from Backen Media. Darrell is an expert in digital marketing, so we're going to get right into it on this show and explain to you what digital marketing is and how it can affect your business. First of all, I'd like to introduce you to Darrell. Darrell, welcome to the show. Darrell Backen: Hi, Tom. Tom MacDonald: Darrell, you've been in digital marketing for not all your life, but just recently, but you've been into communications and media for a long, long time, so give us a little bit about your background.

How innovations over 30 years produce new products Darrell Backen: Starting in 1983 I started QuikCall, which was the first basically a wallet directory for the new item which was called a "cell phone." They were invented in 1983. Back in about '87 I started Home & Leisure Magazine, which was basically dealing with the upper end homes of Edmonton. We delivered up to them every month. Going through the print industry I had learned a lot of lessons and I had most of the major names in the industry, Molly Maid and California Closets, everybody to do with basically your home. A few years ago I thought, "Everything is switching to mobile." I wanted to learn how that was done. There was no way to find out how it was done, so what I did is I did an intense research on what works and what doesn't work. Tom MacDonald: I know you've spent hours on that because you and I got involved in helping my company as well. We're going to get right back to you after these messages, and Darrell is going to tell us about digital marketing and how it's going to impact your company in a very huge way. If you're not doing it your competitor probably is going to start, so we need to get you ahead of your competitor. Listen on our next segment. We'll be right back after these messages. You're listening to the Extreme Business Show in 5, 4, 3. Welcome back. I'm glad you're joining us on the beautiful Saturday here at CKPM FM. The studio is right in the local Tri-Cities

independent radio station location in beautiful downtown Port Moody. My name is Tom MacDonald. I'm a local telecom entrepreneur, and I'm glad and privileged and honored to be hosting this show here, the Extreme Business Show, right here on our local radio station. We've been doing this now for about seven months, bringing topical information, important information, to our listening audience who are entrepreneurs, thinking of getting into business, in business for themselves. Maybe they've been in business for a long time. We bring experts on the show every week to help you get your business to a next level of profitability and lifestyle independence. Darrell Backen, you're knowledgeable, I know for a fact, on digital marketing, because you've helped me with my business on it. Can you tell us what is digital marketing? What does it mean?

How Digital marketing has created new opportunities for small business owners Darrell Backen: Digital marketing is the new coin phrase that has come up in the last few years. Basically for people who are experts in taking whatever is online and creating a marketing system behind it there, so basically managing your website, your YouTube, all the methods of developing business online. Tom MacDonald: What do you do specifically at Backen Media? I think is your website. Is that correct? Darrell Backen: That's right. Tom MacDonald: Obviously you don't own YouTube or Google, but you help businesses, what, optimize that? Can you explain what it is that is important that you can do that can help our clients out there? Darrell Backen: What it is, I've spent the hours of research and development of what works and what doesn't. With Google having your website optimized to fit on the first page of Google is extremely hard because they keep changing the rules every three, four months with a Panda review and all these other things. Their objective is they want to have the items that they have that they own, that that's what I've specialized in, is YouTube and Google Maps. Items, products that Google owns, they're not going to change the

Radio Interview: Digital Innovations system. Month in, month out is if you do it right it will stay there forever, and that'sTom MacDonald: So you're using the tools that Google has already developed, butDarrell Backen: Right. I just use them well. Tom MacDonald: And you're helping people get to the first page, but in a much different fashion than, say, for instance, AdWords or what they call "black hat listings," or black hat way of getting ... I get calls all the time: "Dominate Google first page." I get emails on that. I don't go for them. I went with you. You and I work together on it, and I can attest to you if you want to check really quickly, just type in Google search "business telephone systems Coquitlam," and you'll see that my company dominates the first page and probably the second page with videos and other informations and links that Darrell created or helped me create so that I have a great presence on there. You did that differently than the conventional method. What makes your method different, Darrell, than, say, the average way of doing it? Darrell Backen: The reason my method is different is because I use multi-channel and multi ... using many different ways. If you just do one thing you're only going to get one result, but if you use a multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-leverage system, then there's a better result. Tom MacDonald: So you're not doing AdWords specifically. You're doing this as an organic section?

A proven digital system for 10 years Darrell Backen: Everything I do is for organic because I build for the long term. Tom MacDonald: Okay, so can you give us in maybe a minute, tell us the difference between paid advertising on Google and free advertising, which is where your specialty is? Darrell Backen: The difference is that Google AdWords is a fantastic program, and it's quick and instant, and it works overnight. The only problem with it is that if you put aside a $1,000 budget, when people have clicked on your words enough that they've used up the $1,000, then you disappear. That's the problem is you got to relist it again, but I do know of companies that are spending, $4,000, $5,000, $6,000 a month and they're making $12,000, $15,000 worth of revenue, so I guess they're getting their ... They'll spend $3,000 to get $10,000. It works for them. Tom MacDonald: So a good value for their money, but not everybody has ... I guess if it returns value then it's good, but the thing about Google AdWords that I found is that the value changes. It's an auction-based system that people may or may not know about. If you're paying $5 an ad and somebody outbids you for pizza, you're owner of a pizza company, and someone outbids you, all of a sudden their ads are getting placed more often than yours are, so all of a sudden you're kicked off. Your system doesn't have that ability for a competitor to kick you off. You got it the opposite way where you try to kick other people off on the Google organic side. Can you explain that? Darrell Backen: I don't really kick them off. What I do is I place well so that there's only

twelve positions on the first page of Google usually. What I do is try to place twelve properly-placed positions that involve your company, so it's not just a website, but seven different methods of media. Tom MacDonald: If you do it right you're squeezing them out of the first page. Darrell Backen: They end up, because there's only room for 12, if you control the first seven, which I've done many times, then the ones that were on that first seven, they went to Page 2. Tom MacDonald: Right, okay, so we know that if you're on Page 2 you're nowhere. Darrell Backen: Right. Well, you're somewhere but you're just not as good as [crosstalk 00:11:08]. Tom MacDonald: Not going to get found. Darrell Backen: Yeah. Tom MacDonald: That's for sure. When you get found then the important thing is it takes you to your website, but not necessarily. One of the big things you talk about is that your website necessarily is not the primary online presence you need. There's other forms and tools that you use that are even more efficient and effective than a website.

The golden opportunity answer their questions when they ask Google Darrell Backen: My basic idea behind it was that when your customer is asking Google questions, they want instant answers, and they want it now, so building a video that answers their question, it's instant, and they have a one-minute solution to their problem, and then they remember you, and they have trust, and they deal with you. Tom MacDonald: Most people like me, we don't have a lot of time. Maybe you're searching for something. You're looking for the answer. You're not going to browse through somebody's website for a half an hour going, "Oh, these pictures are beautiful." Not too many people have time for that. They want the answer now. They want to get to it fast. What you've done is you've circumvented this website searching, browsing where you get answers faster by giving them the video. We're going to talk about video in just a few minutes on our next segment and how you've developed a different way of doing video that cuts away from the very expensive, elaborate video postproduction techniques that we thought we had to do. You're listening to the Extreme Business Show. I'm Tom MacDonald. We'll be right back after these messages. Welcome back. I'm glad you've joined us. You're listening to the Extreme Business Show. My name Tom MacDonald, and this is a segment about digital marketing. I have in studio with me a friend and special guest who knows what he's talking about when it comes to digital marketing. His name is Darrell Backen from Darrell, we were just talking about your unique way of doing videos that's different than what we normally think of in videos. Can you talk about that?

Darrell Backen: One of the major systems that I've implemented is the most common aggravation that your client has, when they want information they want your phone number. Most people hide it on their website on page 52 under "contact," and it's like 8 point. They have to get their glasses out to read it. The very first thing is that your phone number is front and center on every video. If you have a video and they don't even have to watch the video but they got your phone number because they wanted to find somebody to solve their problem, you've already solved your problem. You've got a customer. Every video that I do, the first thing I do is optimize your phone number at the very top and front center.

Why this digital marketing system works so well... Tom MacDonald: Of course, because people can call you right away. The #1 search engine I think everybody knows is Google, but what's the #2 search engine? Darrell Backen: The #2 search engine is YouTube. Tom MacDonald: Who owns YouTube? Darrell Backen: Google. Tom MacDonald: Google, so you better be playing by their rules if you want to get found. Doing video, we've done video, you and I have, and you can see my videos. If you just want to get a sample of Darrell's work, you go to, for instance, "business telephone systems Coquitlam." That's the geographic tagline that Darrell builds for you on your company. It can be global. It can be local, and you can see how I dominate, and you can go and watch my videos. However, Darrell, you have a more efficient way or easier way of creating videos called "video billboarding." Could you tell our listeners about that, and how that works, and why it's effective? Darrell Backen: People want to brand their logo, and what I've done is that when customers are searching Google for what you do, I have your logo pop up on the first page of Google. Then it leads to an information video, but the first thing they see is your logo, and that plants in their mind. That's the same as driving down the highway except it's the cyber highway, and you see the logo.

Why simple produces greater results Tom MacDonald: When I click on the video, you don't have necessarily a real-time video. You use a series of pictures or stills to build your videos. Is that right? Darrell Backen: That's right. What I've learned is that using video, it's a real production, and that's why video, to have a professional video company come in and do a video, they need sound men, they need makeup. They need basically seven, eight people to do a good job, and it's thousands of dollars per minutes. Tom MacDonald: Yeah, it's like $1,000 a minute to get a proper post-production video done. Darrell Backen: Right. Whereas I don't use that system. What you want to do is tell your story. All I need from you is just either I come out and I take good high-quality digital photographs or you can send me one, people already have them, and I develop a story and I put the titles right on the photographs. If they're not perfect

Radio Interview:Digital Innovations photographs, then I Photoshop them so they look good. Then I create a video out of the still photographs. Tom MacDonald: That's perfect, and of course you optimize them so they do get found. During this segment let's talk about three classic mistakes that entrepreneurs are making when they're trying to develop their online presence, Darrell. You've lived this. You've seen it with hundreds of websites and hundreds of online presences. What are some of the ... Number one: What's one of the classic mistakes that a business person will make when they're trying to develop their online presence? Darrell Backen: Number one: They don't properly optimize their Google Maps listing. It's a gift from Google that is the most priceless marketing you can have, and most people don't do it, or if they do it, they do it wrong. Tom MacDonald: Tell me a little bit about Google Maps. What do you mean by that, that they're not doing it properly? Darrell Backen: They have not optimized for everything they do and every city that they serve, and they've not put in ... You can put in up to three videos and 10 photographs, and they're not doing that. Tom MacDonald: Okay. Probably people don't know about it. Darrell Backen: No, they don't know about it. Tom MacDonald: Yeah, they don't, and where does that show up? If I've optimized, if you've helped me optimize my Google Maps properly, how does that change the way I get found on Google? Darrell Backen: Actually when you do a search you end up being on the first page of Google because they give that priority. It's on the first page of Google. If there's enough interest in that search term keyword they give it a map listing. Tom MacDonald: Oh, okay, and a map listing has ... I've seen those. They're on the right hand side. They're underneath the paid ads, and they have a little pointer or a dart that shows where you are on the map, and it also shows your address and phone number so that people can click on that and dial you up directly, right? Darrell Backen: That's right. Tom MacDonald: Then if they open that up then they can get to videos and other ... Darrell Backen: Yes. Tom MacDonald: ... pieces. That's #1. Give me another classic mistake that people, businesses will make when they're doing or developing their online presence. Darrell Backen: A lot of people are doing their own websites, and they don't know that they have to give an instruction to Google as to what your site is all about, and they're leaving their basically page title and page description blank. What happens is that Google, the little search bots, they're looking for something to figure out what that's about, and they're searching your entire ... They'll end up grabbing a piece of text, or even if there's not text, if you've used a whole bunch of pictures on your first page, they'll use the small little thing at the bottom of the page, which is a disclaimer usually. That's what you're getting optimized for is the disclaimer.

Why your website is not producing the results it needs Tom MacDonald: Businesses listening out there might go, "Yeah, but I've got a professional

doing my website." I'm here to tell you I've seen professional websites that are missing the H1, H2, H3 tagging. You've probably seen that as well. So even professionals are missing this kind of stuff. Darrell Backen: There's a big misconception between a website designer and a person who's placing it on the Internet. Pretty pictures is what you have. What I make the analogy is when I build something I build it as a race car to win the race. Then we give it to the people ... Tom MacDonald: Drive it. Darrell Backen: ... yeah, to make nice pictures and put a nice paint job on it and all the logos, so build something that will first win the race, and then dress it up. Tom MacDonald: People are doing it the other way around. They get a web designer and beautiful pictures and artwork and fancy fonts, not getting found. It's just going to waste. Darrell Backen: That's right. Tom MacDonald: Grandma finds it and that's about it. Darrell Backen: Right, because she was sent the link. Tom MacDonald: We're going to be right back with the #3 mistake that entrepreneurs and small business and medium business owners, even large businesses classically make when they're doing their online presence in digital marketing. You're listening to the Extreme Business Show on CKPM FM. Welcome back, and thanks for joining us. My name is Tom MacDonald. You're listening to CKPM FM. We are local Tri-Cities independent radio station, and this is the Extreme Business Show, Saturday mornings 8:30, so listen in. We have great guests every week. Our goal is to give you the power, the tools, the knowledge, the time, the effort so that you can translate that into money and lifestyle in your business and be more successful. In this studio session we have Darrell Backen from Backen Media. He's going to give away a gift here. He's got a gift for you at the end of the show, and we're going to talk to you about that, but the #3 mistake we're going to get into, we covered the first two, Google Maps, and then the second one was tagging your website, what's another classic mistake that you find out there when you're helping people develop their digital presence?

The big mistake of how you’re letting 80% of your business not find you ...SEO Darrell Backen: A lot of companies are making the mistake of having four or five keyword search terms and building their entire site around it, and they're using what they think people are searching for. It is not necessarily the same thing. I have a special software program that I would type in. An example is painters. People think "house painters" would be a good search term. Ten times more people are searching for "painting contractors" instead of "house painters," and the difference of "painter" with and "s" and "painters" without an "s," there's a seven times more people looking for "painters" with an "s." Tom MacDonald: Finding out what search terms are even going to drive business to your site is important, and you can do that.

Darrell Backen: Yes. Tom MacDonald: You can helpDarrell Backen: There's special software that I do. [crosstalk 00:21:24]. Tom MacDonald: Yeah, okay, and so don't guess. Just go to somebody who knows what they're doing. Darrell, as a matter of fact, which is a good time to segue into it, Darrell Backen: What I'll do is I'll give them a customized analysis of what they're missing on their digital marketing systems. Most people don't know what they're missing. I'll take a look at your site and I'll take a look at what you're missing, because I have a little schedule of what should be there, and I'll let you know. Tom MacDonald: Okay, so you'll be able to analyze what's happening that most of us don't even know. So many people have websites out there that aren't getting addressed properly. They're old. They're tired, or they're just not getting found because they just haven't done it quite right or they've got the wrong people and the wrong chair doing the wrong skill set on their website or online presence. We don't have as much time, as we'd love to get into all of this, but if you go to there's a lot more online stuff that you can ... free information from Darrell, it's great, like all our guests tend to bring us on this particular program. What are some of the things that people should be doing? If they can't use your services or they're not going to engage you, what would you recommend that they should do? What are the top maybe two or three things in the next couple of minutes that we have that you would recommend that they do? Darrell Backen: Go to your library and do the research as to what can be done. An excellent resource that most people don't use is Small Business BC, which is in the train station downtown where the C Bus is, and it's an excellent resource for all types of things to help your business. I strongly recommend them, Small Business BC. Tom MacDonald: Good place to research. Excellent. I think you mentioned also getting your Google maps going, and if you're not sure how to do that, go see Darrell. He'll help you out with that as well. We got a couple more minutes here. You also talk about video education marketing. I've talked about this on the show a lot that what we really should be doing when we're trying to pull in clients and create a business is not telling them how great you are but actually offering them free advice or gifting advice to them, giving them education like we do on this show. Is that something you agree it that should be done online? Are businesses missing out if they're not doing educational marketing? Darrell Backen: Basically there are 20 questions that every company has always asked. Provide answers to those 20 questions in a video format so that when your clients are searching online you pop up with the answer. You've now created ... You've solved their problem. They know about you. They've got credibility with you, and you haven't hard-sold them. Tom MacDonald: That's hard selling. We're doing soft selling or as Colin Sprake even likes to say, sold selling as opposed to soft selling. Listen, Darrell, it's been great having you on this show.

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Canada, will have developed new convenient dispensers to deal with the odors associated with 2nd hand smoke. Compact 4 oz Sprayer - if out for "your coffee break", spray a little Aromask on your clothing prior to returning to your desk or work space. A quick spray in your car will help eliminate the odor of tobacco products. Grand kids coming over? A quick spray around your home will eliminate the odor and leave a refreshing neutral scent. Our NEW convenient 8 mil Personal Pocket/ purse sprayer is ideal for a quick spray for your clothing, auto or in your smoking area. Other common uses: public washrooms, smelly footwear, sport bags, lockers. Gel Paks - helps to eliminate the second hand smoke smell 24/7 from your automobile, home or your "designated smoke area". Our Gel Packs last for months and are refillable with our economical RTU (ready to use). Excellent to eliminate offensive odors in washrooms, closets,

Automobiles: When transporting your dog place a Gel-Pak™ or Gym-Bo™ under the front seat to control pet odors. For quick relief such as, “wet dog smell” use 1 or 2 sprays of Aromask. Aromask Gel-Paks™ and Sprayers are very effective in Police Canine units. Pet Accidents: Clean up as usual, then spray with Aromask to remove all lingering odors immediately. Pet Wash: Aromask is very effective in the rinse water to control odors. Add 1 capful of

Aromask is very effective on a variety of household uses such as: pet urine, litter box areas, washrooms, garbage containers/ area, under sinks, musty basements, clothes closets/hampers and is very effective on most common obnoxious residential and property odors. Aromask is commonly used by real estate & property management companies, hotel & motels to eliminate offensive odors while leaving a fresh scent. Whether its 2nd smoke (cigarette, cannabis) in your home, auto or on your clothing; Aromask will instantly eliminate the odor, replacing it with a fresh neutral scent. Aromask Products are formulated to eliminate all offensive odors; not just hide them. where odor is a problem.

Aromask products are 100% biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.