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The QuikFind app is a universal system that does not need to download. It can be shared by email SMS and also posted on Facebook and twitter. With one click the user has instant access to what is around them with the GPS with her phone their mobile device will show them turn by turn directions how to get there by car, bus, walking or bicycle. All results by the GPS show what is near me: Traffic weather 24 hr gas where the bike routes are near me, where the medical clinics are near me, taxicabs near me, ATMs near me, Pizza near me, shopping centers near me, banks near me, movie theaters near me, coffee near me, restaurants near me, fast food near me. These are all daily needs that are solved in 1 click. spelling, no searching, no typing and no frustration.

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They’re also quick links to order wait times ferry info movie theaters near me and new movie info near me. All the information changes as you move across the town or across the country it is always accurate because it works on the GPS of your smart phone. When you want the traffic in New York City just press the button once when you’re there.

Pizza near me bit.ly/2p8XE3z Shopping Centers near me bit.ly/2otIXKf Ferry Info www.google.ca/?gws_rd=ssl#q=ferry+info Border Wait Times bit.ly/2qJVmLY Movie Theater near me bit.ly/2p8WW6q New Movie Info Banks near me bit.ly/2o751Yi Coffee near me bit.ly/2puo7ba Restaurants near me bit.ly/2ooXeWR Fast Food near me bit.ly/2qrmbRj

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