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Pet Urine, Stinky Feet, Dead Animal Smell Removal Aromask is NOT only an Air Freshener - Aromask is an ODOR ELIMINATOR! Biodegradable natural enzymes convert sulfur and proteins of decomposing rodents, urine, and rotting organic materials into "no smell" - Now you smell it, and Now you don't!

2nd Hand Smoke

Hotel & Motel Management

Household Uses

Waste Management

In recent years there is no doubt that second smoke is becoming an issue with non smokers (family, friends and co-workers). And yes they are becoming very verbal about our "bad habit" !

Converting Smoking Rooms to NON Smoking Rooms: The use of a Cyclone Unit™ in a smoking room for 12 to 24 hours will eliminate stale cigarette/cigar smoke and pet odors, often saving hundreds of dollars in dry-cleaning and painting bills. Cyclone Units™ are cost effective when used with a *timer in the bar or restaurant area to

BATHROOMS: 1 or 3 sprays for a quick odor fix - use GelPaks™ for 24/7 odor control.

DUMPSTERS: Spray Aromask directly into dumpsters to control odor problems immediately. During monthly cleaning add Aromask concentrate (mix 1 to 15 with water or 1 - 4 litre bottle to 45 gallons of water) to use in your power washer to eliminate odors.

We at Aromask have received many, many testimonials over the years from customers using Aromask products to help eliminate the smell of "second

KITCHENS: Use sprayer for quick odor relief from unwanted cooking smells (burnt food, spicy foods, etc.). A Gel-Pak™ placed under the kitchen sink will ensure control of unwanted odors from garbage containers.


General Use: Aromask Gel-Paks™ are a cost effective and ideal way to keep bathrooms, patient rooms, kitchens, storage rooms, garbage collection areas and offices odor free 24/7, while replacing obnoxious odors with a fresh scent. Gel-Paks™ are also used extensively in pathology

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2Find by Home & Leisure Magazine  

2Find by Home & Leisure Magazine  

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