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Physical Therapy

Are you in need of physical therapy? Our website provides information about various aspects of the Physical Therapy like Joint replacements, total knee replacement and Arthritis.

What is Physical Therapy?

PT’s take a thorough history and provide a physical examination to diagnose and establish a plan of care focused on the alleviation of pain, improvement of range of motion, strength, balance, and endurance to achieve the optimum level of comfort and functional mobility.

How Do PT’s Treats?

• Therapeutic exercise • Neuromuscular ReEducation • Therapeutic Activities • Gait Training • Modalities

electric stimulation ultrasound moist heat/ice

• Manual techniques

soft tissue massage Myofascial release manipulation/mobilization


Gait and Balance disorders Orthopaedic Joint replacements • total knee replacement • total hip replacement • total shoulder replacement

Arthritis Fractures Ligamentous /Muscle injuries

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Neurologic • CVA (stroke) • MS (multiple sclerosis) • Parkinson’s disease • Neuropathy • SCI (spinal cord injury) • TBI (traumatic brain injury) • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) More on Next page


• CHF (congestive heart failure) • MI (heart attack) • COPD (emphysema, chronic bronchitis)

General deconditioning Amputee • BKA (below knee) • AKA (above knee) • Upper extremity

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Physical Therapy