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Welcome back to our 3rd issue of Home & Living magazine! Fall means football games, fire pits, crunching leaves, and warm cider. Halloween and Thanksgiving bring families together for fun events and theme gatherings. In this third issue we'll examine the joy of the cool weather season with fresh concepts for your home and lifestyle. It's been a pleasure getting to know my audience over these years. This magazine is just one more way of connecting with you. I'd love for you to reach out anytime! Best,


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White Cottage Home store is a curated collection of vintage finds, gifts, and home decor that will add a one-of-a-kind look to your home. I have a passion for bringing you quality products at a great price.

No matter your style, we’ve got you covered! Just a note to let you know that most in-stock items are limited in quantity due to the fact that they are found treasures, handmade, or one-ofa-kind pieces.

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Autumn leaves don't fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar. - Delia Owens



To go with my brass vintage candlesticks I was planning on using, I decided to paint these faux pears a metallic gold.

Two coats was enough for full coverage on these faux pears. I avoided painting the stems in order to leave those a natural color. I love how they turned out! Such a pretty gold with just enough shine. Paired with brass candlesticks and eucalyptus branches I purchased on Amazon (LINK), it was even better than I expected. You can view a whole video which includes more of my brass candlestick collection over on YouTube (LINK). and see exactly how I painted the pears.

A fall mantel dressed in gold!

White Cottage Home & Living Fall 2021

"I collect antiques. Why? Because they're beautiful." -Broderick Crawford Collections~ Vintage Silver You can find many different kinds of silver in the marketplace today. Some of the oldest American silver is "coin," which contains at least 89.2 percent of silver if it was made between 1792 to 1837, an amount set by the U.S. Mint after the American Revolution-which rose to 90 percent in the years after 1837. Sterling, on the other hand, must be at least 92.5 percent silver. This standard92.5 parts pure silver to 7.5 parts copper alloy, which strengthens softer silver-was established by the English during the 12th century and later adopted by most of the silver-making world, including the United States in 1868. Many people think of coin as much less valuable than sterling, but it has only about two percent less silver and, in some rare cases, may even contain more. Because of its age and beauty, a piece made from coin can sometimes be worth more than American sterling. Silver plate is a coating of pure silver on a base metal such as copper or nickel silver (an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc) and was developed later than sterling or coin, but various forms date to the 18th century. Electroplating processes were invented in England in the 1830s and 1840s; this method is still used today. "Hotel" silver is a form of electroplate that was manufactured for use in trains, on ships, in restaurants, and hotels. You can dent a sterling sugar bowl very easily-but a similar piece of hotel silver can be dropped without much harm because the underlying base metal is stronger than its silver exterior. Certain alloys, referred to as Venetian silver and Nevada silver, consist of nickel and silver. Although they're solid metal rather than plated, they contain less silver than sterling pieces. These lower-grade compounds are less expensive than silver-plated items, but don't polish up as easily. Source: Martha Stewart LINK)

Read more about this special collection in this post (LINK).


Thanksgiving Get out your gold flatware and crystal goblets, it’s perfect for the season! I enjoy mixing it up between rustic and elegant. My rattan chargers pair well with the basket tray in the center of the table. The brass candlesticks mimic the flatware and the crystal goblets take it all up a notch! I was so lucky to find these turkey plates while out thrifting. It was a set of 6, so I will continue to keep an eye out to add more to this collection. The large turkey platter was also thrifted last year. The large turkey centerpiece, tablecloth and gold acorns are all from Hobby Lobby.

Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude.

-Nigel Hamilton

Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape (LINK)


Hello Fall~ Burlap Art 1. Use a pre-made stencil or create your own. 2. Cut your burlap to the size you want 3. Using craft paint, I painted the inside of the stencil. Allow to dry 4. Frame your masterpiece!

I love the look of burlap for fall! This was so simple and I can see using this same idea for many future projects.


It’s been a dream of mine for years to have my very own store, Several months ago, I set up a booth in a local antique store. I have been working steadily at updating and refreshing my booth now for several months. It's currently filled with cottage finds, small furniture pieces, fun fall vignettes, and ready to hang vintage art for your next gallery wall. My online store continues to thrive, but I hope you will come visit my booth if you’re a local reader or if you happen to be passing by Cincinnati! Booth M19 Westchester Antique Center 4924 Union Center Pavillion Dr, West Chester Township, OH 45069 Open Every Day 10-6

APPLE CIDER DONUTS Nothing ushers in fall like a homemade apple cider donut! Ingredients

2 cups all purpose flour 1/2 cup granulated sugar ¼ cup brown sugar 2 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp ground nutmeg 1 tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp salt 3 tbsp melted, unsalted butter (or a flavorless oil like canola) 1 large egg 1 cup apple cider reduced down to ¾ cup ½ cup whole milk ½ tsp vanilla extract

Topping ⅓ cup unsalted butter melted ½ cup granulated sugar 1 tsp ground cinnamon

WE ARE NOW ON YOUTUBE White Cottage Home & Living is now on YouTube! Visit our channel for more of your favorite content including thrift store hauls, diy projects, decorating ideas, gardening and easy recipes. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE (LINK) so you won't miss an episode.

Instructions 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and grease and flour two donut pans (I love using Baker’s Joy!) 2. In a large mixing bowl whisk together flour, sugars, baking powder, cinnamon,nutmeg, and salt 3. In another bowl, mix together egg, melted butter, reduced apple cider, milk, and vanilla 4. Mix wet ingredients into the dry until just combine 5. Pour batter evenly into the donut pan, filling almost to the top 6. Bake for 9-11 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. 7. Carefully remove from pan and place onto a cooling rack with parchment or wax paper underneath 8. Mix together the sugar and cinnamon for the topping. Dip the donuts into the melted butter, then dip into the cinnamon sugar and place back on the cooling rack 9. Serve at room temperature or while still warm

SOURCE: My Baking Bliss (LINK)



It is possible to update a


dime and I’m going to give

SPENDING A DIME Often times I think we believe that the only way to update a space is to buy something new. That can genuinely make sense in certain situations, but also just a few simple changes without spending any money can make a huge impact on your room!

room without spending a you 5 easy ways!








1. Rearrange Furniture~ An easy way to create a whole new look is to move furniture around. Even taking a piece from one room and moving it into another one. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture. Dressers will work in almost any space from the foyer for storage to a nightstand. Also, armoires are great in a family room for enclosed storage and even a kitchen for a pantry. 2. Exchange Pillows & Blankets~ Pull up your light blankets and exchange for heavier blankets. Swap out pillows between rooms. Also, you can take your heavy quilt for the winter and fold it over the end of the bed to create a new look. 3. New Plants~ Breathe new life into your plants by moving them to a new window or room. 4. Layer Your Rugs~ Put down a heavy rugs or layer a couple on top of each other to give your space a warm and cozy feel for the season. 5. Move Lighting~ Table lamps are easy to move from room to room. Not only does different lighting in rooms create a new look but adding one to a different area just might encourage a new uses of that space.



After living with a rather neutral bathroom for some time, I was looking to update my space. I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone, take a chance, and go BOLD! Sticking with my green color palette in the rest of the home, I used a dark rich shade called Army Fatigue Green (LINK) to update I was really fortunate to pull vintage artwork that I already had in storage. Between that and a couple of pieces of chinoiserie, I really didn’t need to buy anything new except for this beautiful rug which just pulled all the colors together! One of my favorite travel keepsakes was a gorgeous handmade basket which we got in Africa. I’m using it to store extra toilet paper. The black storage cabinet was a piece I purchased in our last house. I hope this encourages you to take a bold step in your home~ maybe it’s a new color you introduce or a new style for you! Decor is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it!

See Full Post Over on The Blog: (LINK)

Crafting a Cozy Cottage Home, One DIY at a Time

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Home & Living Magazine Fall 2021  

Home & Living magazine is a quarterly magazine created and published by White Cottage Home & Living blog. This fall 2021 issue is filled wit...

Home & Living Magazine Fall 2021  

Home & Living magazine is a quarterly magazine created and published by White Cottage Home & Living blog. This fall 2021 issue is filled wit...


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