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MAY, 2014

Issue No. 31

New Ushirika Tower Modern Offices

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TYPE GJG 25 GJG 40 GJR 55 GJR 75 GJR 90 GJR 110 GJR 125 GJR 150 GJR 165 GJR 220 GJR 250 GJR 306 GJW 350 GJW 450 GJW 550 GJW 660 GJW 750 GJW 800 GJW 930 GJW 1100




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Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31

12 Properties by page LETTING 8

Regent Estate | Masaki | Oysterbay | Mikocheni


Upanga | Mikocheni | Oysterbay | Regent Estate


Upanga | Mikocheni | Oysterbay | Masaki




Msasani | Masaki | Mikocheni | Regent Estate



Upanga | Mikocheni | Oysterbay | Msasani LETTING


M b e z i B e a c h - Te g e t a - K a w e - M b w e n i


Kijitonyama - Mikochen | Mbweni Malindi - Mbezi



M b e z i B e a c h - B a h a r i B e a c h - Te g e t a - K a w e - M b w e n i


Mbezi Beach - Bahari Beach - Kunduchi


LETTING Victoria - Kariakoo - City centre - Kigamboni





Prime Location - Home of Properties



May 2014 - Issue No. 31


Regent Estate | Masaki | Oysterbay | Mikocheni


BIG LUXURLOUS HOUSE FOR RENT- REGENT ESTATE A prime located 4 bedrooms luxurious double storey with a swimming pool, guest house and ample parking space of up to 15 cars available for long term lease. It is located in Regent Estate Mikocheni.


CALL: 0716998864


THREE STOREYS DIPLOMATIC VILLA-MASAKI Two beautiful and modern three storeys villas in Masaki adjacent to Sea Cliff hotel and Village Super market. Comprise of spacious guest room, inbuilt car garage and laundry room on the ground floor, spacious living and sitting rooms, balcony and kitchen on the first floor, three bedrooms (one master bedroom on the third floor and open top roof for home party and chilling. The compound comprised of six diplomatic villas and four are currently occupied by diplomats. The tenants have full time membership access to Sea Cliff hotel gym and swimming facilities.

RENT: USD 5000 inclusive of all services charge. Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


APARTMENTS FOR RENT IN MASAKI Prime located area in a mature garden and paved compound consisting of fully furnished Two & Three bedrooms, modern cabinetted kitchen, ample parking space and 24hrs security.

RENT: USD 2500



APARTMENT FOR RENT- OYSTER BAY Located in the heart of Oyster Bay, comprising of four bedrooms all ensuite, furnished in a shared compound. Other amenities include swimming pool, garden, parking, security and generator.

RENT: USD 5,000.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


Regent Estate | Masaki | Oysterbay | Mikocheni APARTMENT FOR RENT- OYSTER BAY Fully furnished apartment, comprising of three bedrooms, two washrooms, swimming pool, gym, 24 hours security, well maintained garden and ample parking space.

RENT: USD 3,500.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


LUXURIOUS APARTMENTS - MASAKI Beautiful and luxurious apartments on the 8th floor, equipped with all modern lifestyle required facilities as self explained on the photos. Comprising of spacious three and two bedrooms, living and dining rooms, cabin netted kitchen and balconies to give elegant sea view. Two rooms are en suite. Other amenities include , elevator, 24hrs security, swimming pool, gym and sufficient parking space. Apartments located in Masaki at the junction of Chole Road and Coco. Within the same building there is Village Supermarket, DTB bank and Bureau de change. It is less than 500m to Coco Beach, 50m to International school of Tanganyika and easy and convenient reach to high end hotels and restaurants.

RENT: 3500 USD for three bedrooms and USD 2500 for two bedrooms. Contact:0759668111


COMING SOON OFFICE SPACE AND APARTMENTS-MASAKI Best investment in Masaki! Basement (ground floor) ideal for supermarket or restaurant, first and second floor two and three bedrooms apartments. The building is along the Haile salasie road next to George and Dragon Masaki.

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT - MASAKI Prime located fully furnished three beds apartments with smooth access to the tarmac road. It consist of spacious living and dining rooms, enough parking space, 24 hours security and standby generator. Are located in the heart of Masaki with convenient reach to all shopping and recreation centres.

RENT: USD 2000 per Month

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:

May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties



Upanga | Mikocheni | Oysterbay | Regent Estate


LUXURY APARTMENT FOR RENT- UPANGA Comprising of three bedrooms all ensuite, cool ocean view for your pure relaxation, swimming pool, gym, 24 hours security, generator and ample parking space.

RENT: USD 2,500

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


APARTMENT FOR RENT- MASAKI Masaki semi furnished apartment with two bedrooms, two washrooms, shared parking, in a good quiet area.

RENT: USD 1,600. Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:



Just what you have been waiting for! Spacious, gracious apartment for rent fully furnished and located in best location in Upanga along United National road, in a warm friendly neighborhood. Comprises of two bedrooms all en suite other amenities are gym, swimming pool, air condition and ample parking space.

RENT: USD 1700 per Month Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


HOUSE FOR SALE-MSASANI PENINSULA Brand new, fully furnished, spacious, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, ocean view, generator, ample parking space and 24 hours security house is available for sale.

PRICE: USD 205,000

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:

10 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Color me happy use color to impact the mood of your interior

Home decor is often viewed as simply a matter of aesthetics ‌ what looks attractive. But proponents of color psychology believe that the colors you use to decorate your home can have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of you and your family. If you like the idea of using color to create an emotionally healthy home, you should first consider the primary function of each room. Here are some colors and how can affect our mood and tips on how well can it be used.


Red is a powerful color. It referred to the fire and heat. It embodies physical strength and energy. It is known to increase blood pressure and heart beat. Its stimulating effect is good and friendly in places where there are many activities such as kitchen, dining room or playroom, Although rarely used in bedrooms, touches of red can create a conducive atmosphere to passion. However, be careful not to abuse, its presence can become tiring in the long run and cause irritability. To enjoy its benefits, use in accent color

12 Prime Location - Home of Properties


Blue evokes the cold and creates a feeling of calm and serenity. Located opposite the red in the color wheel, it also creates the opposite effect. It promotes relaxation and provides a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. It embodies the spirit, intelligence, logic and thinking. Blue is the ideal color for bedrooms and bathrooms. However, because of its sedative effect that could have a negative influence on appetite, it is preferable not to be used in kitchens and dining.


Yellow is probably the most cheerful of the color wheel. It evokes optimism, self-confidence and emotional strength. It elevates the mind and stimulates creativity. It increases memory and promotes decision. For all these reasons, yellow can be used almost anywhere: kitchen, dining room, living room, entrance hall or office. But beware: used too much, it can create anxiety. It is best to avoid it for the bedroom or to calm it with a soothing color like blue.

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


Green is the symbol of harmony, balance, healing and rest. It recalls the colors of nature and creates a relaxing environment. According to its shade, green can be hot or cold and can be easily combined with many colors. It is particularly popular in bedrooms and bathrooms because of its calming properties, but it may be appropriate for other parts of the house.


Purple represents spirituality, intuition and artistic creativity. It is often associated with wealth and luxury, but its effect internalizing promotes meditation and contemplation. Dark purple shades are generally used in accent while lighter shades like lilac, well suited for

rooms. Excessive use may make a stuffy room though ,and a bad combination with certain colors can create a boring atmosphere.


Orange stimulating, refreshing, sensual, or-ange gives a sense of security and abun-dance. It works on both physical and mental: it aids digestion, strengthens the immune sys-tem and fights depression. Friendly, orange promotes human relationships and evokes pleasure. It is particularly suited to busy areas such as the lobby, game room, kitchen and dining room, but it can have a stressful effect in the bedroom, if is used in excess

So, now that you know what different colors do and the feelings they generate and nurture, you can plan how to decorate and color your house and influence your life. However remember, the use of colors is not clear cut and there are numerous blends and mixing techniques that you could apply to come out with that perfect combination that you want. If you are sure what you want to do, just go for it and do it‌. but if you are not and need some advice, ideas and help, then talk to us, we will be delighted to assist you!

Tel 0788 221 435 | 0767 161 161 May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties




Brand new apartments with an Indian ocean view in a prime and cool area with high end neighborhood. Stunning view of the lagoon (Yatch club, Slipway, Double tree hotel) the apartments comprise of 2 bedrooms (both en suite) with wardrobes, kitchen with nice cabinets, party (storage room), guests washroom and balconies giving a spectacular sea view.

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email: pli@primelocationtz.Com 14 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31



Prime location for competitive driven business! Ideal for large and medium size businesses. Located in the heart of Kinondoni with easy access to city centre and other business centres. Very convenient for public and private transport users. The building is well designed to suit modern office requirements with 250 square metres per floor. Other amenities include elevator, standby generator, reliable water supply, security and ample parking space. Ground floor and Mezanine floors are ideal for bank or high traffic driven business i.e. telecom or restaurant. The complex is located along Kinondoni road.

Rent starts at USD 10 per SQM Plus USD 2 for service charges.

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email: May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties



Upanga | Mikocheni | Oysterbay | Masaki


APARTMENT FOR RENT- UPANGA It’s beautiful fully furnished apartment of three bedrooms, two washrooms, swimming pool, ample parking, spacious, standby generator, gym and 24 hours security.

RENT: USD 2,000

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


APARTMENT FOR RENT- UPANGA Fully furnished with an extremely beautiful ocean view, comprising of four bedrooms, three washrooms, gym, swimming pool and 24hours security.

RENT: USD 3,000.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


LUXURIOUS APARTMENT IN UPANGA Fully furnished with two bedrooms (one master bedroom), spacious living room, cabinetted kitchen, two parking spaces per each tenant, 24hrs security and standby generator.

RENT: USD 1400 inclusive of service charges

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


BRAND NEW MANSSIONETTE-MASAKI This brand new manssionette in a prime location of Masaki with cool neighborhood and easy road access is ready for occupation. It comprises of spacious four bedrooms (all en suite), dinning and sitting room, beautiful kitchen to mention a few. Other amenities include servant quarter, ample parking space, beautiful garden and fence to strengthen security and privacy.

RENT: USD 4500 pm Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email: 16 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


Upanga | Mikocheni | Oysterbay | Masaki HOUSE FOR RENT- MIKOCHENI Located in Mikocheni, fully furnished with three bedrooms, two washrooms, standby generator, security, beautiful garden and a paved compound.

RENT: USD 1,500.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


APARTMENT FOR RENT IN MIKOCHENI Located in Mikocheni - consisting of three bedrooms, one master bedroom, spacious living and dining room. Nice kitchen cabinets, 24hrs security, gym and swimming pool.

RENT: USD 3000

Contact: 0759668111


LUXURIOUS STANDALONE HOUSE IN UPANGA Big luxurious fully furnished house for located in Upanga next to international school of Tanganyika, 3mins drive to city center.

LowMus property management 0716 998864


May 2014 - Issue No. 31

PRIME OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT-WHITE STAR TOWERS-MIKOCHENI White star tower coming soon with cutting edge design for executives! As you enter you will be overwhelmed by magnificent finishing. Dedicated restaurant and conference space on the upper floors giving you awesome sea view. The tower is located in a classic elegant location with excellent value along Mwai Kibaki road near Feza school with a 10 mins drive to city center during low traffic time. It comprises of modern facilities such as: • 750 square metres per floor (1st to 5th floors). • 10 people elevator. • 24hours security and fire alarm system. • Ample parking space for more than 50 cars. • 24hours water supply and room internet service. • 350KV backup generator. Tel: 0754 711 120, Email: Prime Location - Home of Properties





APARTMENT FOR RENT: MIKOCHENI Two and three apartment- fully furnished in the heart of Mikocheni, just 200meters from Mwai Kibaki road with paved blocks and lovely garden, shaded and ample parking space, standby generator, 24 hours security , safe, quiet in a secure location.

RENT: 2 Bedrooms USD 1400 RENT: 3 Bedrooms USD 1600

Call: 0767 711 120/ 022 2772494


APARTMENT FOR RENT: MIKOCHENI Beautiful fully furnished apartment, well maintained two bedrooms, modern kitchen, shaded parking and 24 hours security, in a spacious compound is available for rent. Located along Rose garden road, close to Pakistan Embassy.

RENT: USD 1300.

Call: 0767 711 120/ 022 2772494 Email:


APARTMENT FOR RENT: MIKOCHENI A gorgeous and modern apartment consisting of two bedrooms close to Regency Hotel, spacious with a modern kitchen, spacious living room, visitors washroom and fenced with paved blocks, standby generator and full time security.

RENT: USD 1800

Call: 0767 711 120/ 022 2772494 Email:


APARTMENT FOR RENT: MIKOCHENI Three bedroom apartment in quiet, safe and secure location, nicely tiled, modern executive windows, modern kitchen fitted cup board, large luxury living room with air condition.


Call: 0767 711 120/ 022 2772494 Email:

18 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Mwongozo Housing Estate Zinavutia, bora na za bei nafuu Mwongozo Housing Estate ni makazi mapya yaliyojengwa katika eneo tulivu la Mwongozo - Kigamboni, kilometa 19.5 kutoka feri. Mradi una makazi yenye huduma zote za msingi kama zahanati, shule ya chekechea na maduka ya manunuzi. Mwongozo Housing Estate ina nyumba za aina tano zilizojengwa ili kukidhi mahitaji tofauti ya wakazi wake. Pia kila nyumba inayojitegemea ina eneo kubwa la maegesho ya magari.

Ofa Maalum Miliki nyumba yako leo kwa pesa taslimu au kwa mkopo wa nyumba kutoka benki washirika. Na.

Aina ya nyumba


Eneo la mraba

Bei bila VAT (Tshs)

1 2 3 4 5

Nyati Twiga Simba Chui Tembo

2 3 3 3 3

65 85 144 130 100

44,753,000 58,523,000 128,902,000 116,357,000 89,506,000

Hatua 10 rahisi za kumiliki nyumba yako leo.



Chukua fomu ya kununua Nyumba kutoka oďŹ si yoyote ya mkoa popote nchini au kwenye tovuti ya shirika.


Rudisha fomu iliyojazwa ikiwa na uthibitisho wa kulipiwa na malipo ya 10% (ikiwa na VAT) ya thamani ya Nyumba husika.


Maombi yako yatapitiwa kwa umakini ili kuhakikisha kunakuwa na usawa katika uchaguaji wa watu wanaostahili kulingana na Vigezo na masharti ya NHC na taratibu za Jamhuri ya Tanzania.


Kama umefanikiwa, utatumiwa barua za kuthibitishiwa kukubaliwa maombi yako. Barua zitatolewa kwa wote waliokidhi Vigezo vilivyowekwa.


Utatakiwa kulipa 90% iliyobaki kulingana na thamani ya nyumba husika ndani ya siku 90 tangu umepewa.


Endapo ukishindwa kulipa ndani ya siku 90, NHC itatoa nyumba kwa Waombaji waliopo kwenye orodha ya wanao subiri.


Orodha ya wanaosubiri itakuwa na majina ya waombaji waliolipia malipo ya mwanzo lakini wakakosa nafasi kwa kuwa nyumba zote zilishapata watu.


Kama ukishindwa kulipia kiasi kilichobakia, au ukakosa nafasi ukiwa kwenye orodha ya wanaosubiri, kiasi cha 10% kilicholipwa kinaweza kutumiwa kulipia kwenye miradi mingine ya NHC na waliopo kwenye orodha ya wanaosubiri au kurudishiwa pesa zao.


Mauzo ya nyumba za mradi husika yatatangazwa yamefungwa pindi Waombaji waliofanikiwa kupata nyumba wamemaliza kufanya malipo yao yote.

10. NHC itafanya utaratibu wa kutafuta hati za nyumba na kisha kuwapatia wanunuzi walioweza kulipia pesa zote taslimu au kupitia taratibu za mkopo.

Miliki nyumba yako sasa. Kumiliki nyumba yako leo piga: 0754 444 333 au tutumie baruapepe Tovuti:, Nyumba hizi zinauzwa bila samani chini ya Sheria ya Makazi ya 2008. Nyumba hizi zinauzwa bila samani. Vigezo na Masharti kuzingatiwa.




atumishi Housing Company (WHC) is a public entity responsible for real estate development and a fund manager established in 2013.

The company is the main implementer of the Tanzania Public Servant Housing Scheme tasked with building of 50,000 houses that will be sold under mortgage arrangements to public servants across Tanzania. As a fund manager, WHC is responsible for overseeing investments in real estate by way of managing Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). It is estimated that there 650,000 public servants working in the public sector of Tanzania out of which only 10,000 or less than 2% have been provided with residential accommodation through leasing or house purchase scheme.

20 Prime Location - Home of Properties

The existing housing backlog which is now estimated at 3 million housing units and is growing at 200,000 units annually means new delivery methodologies are needed to bridge the gap. It is from this understanding that seven public institutions have joined hands to speed up the provision of massive quality homes to public servants. These institutions include PPF Pensions Funds, National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF), LAPF Pensions Fund (LAPF), Government Employee Provident Fund (GEPF), National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) as well as National Housing Corporation (NHC).

The shortage of housing units in the market has pushed both residential as well commercial properties on the higher side. However, this trend is likely to be reversed in the near future as new developers enter the market to increase the supply. All is now set for Watumishi Housing to start construction of houses commencing from September 2014. The housing scheme will be implemented under five phases countrywide where 50,000 houses are expected to be constructed and sold to public servants. Houses will be sold under mortgage arrangements with tenure of up to 25 years. Some of the specials features of houses sold under this scheme that enhances the affordability include:

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


• No requirement for deposit from the house buyer • Affordable interest rate which i.e between 1113% only. • Ability to defer payments and pay some amount at the end using your pension (balloon payment). • Longer period to repay of up to 25 years. There will be options for those who want to repay earlier than that. Phase one of the project will entail construction of houses in Dar-es-salaam, Coast Region, Tanga, Arusha, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Mtwara, Lindi, Tabora, Dodoma,

Morogoro, Kilimanjaro, Ruvuma na Mbeya. There are a variey of house designs and sizes that fit with Tanzanian culture and lifestyles. As Watumishi Housing enters the real estate market, more vibrancy is expected in the housing market. Newly recruited young graduates will now be able to own houses immediately without having to wait for many years to build houses on their own. Public servants are advised to be ready to take this opportunity by ensuring that they do not take loans other loans such that they salaries qualify for mortgage deductions when they apply for housing loans.

 May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties



Msasani | Masaki | Mikocheni | Regent Estate


HOUSE FOR RENT: MSASANI PENINSULA Modern two bedrooms house with a marvellous ocean view is available for rent at a cheap price. Its spacious and has a living room, kitchen fitted with tiles and aluminum window, air condition and paved compound.

RENT: USD 1000

Call: 0767 711 120/ 022 2772494 Email: APARTMENT FOR RENT: MIKOCHENI PLI|31|028

Two and three fully furnished apartment located about 100m from Mwai Kibaki road, close to KFC and Regency Park Hotel. Amenities: Swimming pool, Security and general cleaning.

Two bedrooms USD 1400 pm Three bedrooms USD 1600 Pm

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


Located in Kawe beach consisting of four bedrooms (all- en suite) with modern cabinetted kitchen,ground & up stair living room, 24hrs security, standby generator, swimming pool and gym.

USD 3500

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT FOR RENT: REGENT ESTATE Single, two and three bedrooms furnished apartments located in a prime area with easy access to all key places including shopping malls, recreation, beach etc are available for rent. Very cool, good and secured neighborhood.

Single USD 800 I Two bedrooms USD 1500 I Three bedrooms USD 2000

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email: 22 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


Masaki | Mikocheni | Regent Estate APARTMENT FOR RENT: MIKOCHENI Two and three bedrooms apartment in Mikocheni - spacious dining and living room. Modern kitchen cabinets with quality furniture. Ample parking space, 24hrs security and standby generator.

RENT:USD 1200 - 1700 pm Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


HOUSE FOR RENT: MIKOCHENI A fully furnished three bedrooms house located at the center of Regent Estate Mikocheni is available for rental. It has shaded car park, reserve water tank, 2 bedroom servant quarter and a spacious compound. Ideal for residential or office. Has access to the tarmac road facing Mikocheni hospital.

USD 3000 per month Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


BRAND NEW APARTMENT (2 BEDS AND 3 BEDS) FOR RENT-REGENT ESTATE If you are looking to stay in a compound of few apartments, here is the ideal one. Brand new spacious 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments, in a compound of SIX apartments (SIX tenants only). Are strategic located and equipped with modern facilities including generator, water reservoir, gym and ample parking space. Other amenities include 24hrs security and DSTv connection. Are in the proximity to Mikocheni Hospital, Shoppers Plaza, May Fair Plaza with easy access to Bagamoyo and Mwai Kibaki roads. ONLY FOUR AVAILABLE 3Beds 2Beds

Furnished Unfurnished


1800 1600


1500 1300

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


Located in kawe beach ideal for Office, commercial or residential purposes is in a compound of approximately 3000 sqm,quiet neighborhood and secure area.

USD 3000 pm Tel: 0767 711120 / 022 2772494, Email:

May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties



Upanga | Mikocheni | Oysterbay | Msasani


APARTMENT FOR SALE- MASAKI Fully furnished apartment with three bedrooms all ensuite, swimming pool, gym and ample parking space.

PRICE: USD 300,000. Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


APARTMENT FOR SALE- MSASANI BEACH Msasani beach fully furnished apartment of two master bedrooms with an ocean view, swimming pool and a standby generator is available for sale.

PRICE: USD 200,000.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


HOUSE FOR SALE- UPANGA Located in Upanga, beautifully furnished house with 4 bedrooms, 3 rooms ensuite, swimming pool and gym is available for sale.


Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


MCHIKICHI APARTMENTS-ILALA-FOR RENT/SALE Strategic located three bedrooms with spacious lounge, dinning and beautiful kitchen with fine finishing and design are ready for rent or sale. They are located in Ilala about 200metres off Kawawa road, just less than 2kms from city center, easy access to the air port and all other important parts of the city.

Contact LowMus property management 0716 998864

24 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties



Mbezi Beach - Tegeta - Kawe - Mbweni


MASSIONETTE ON THE BEACH FOR RENT: MBEZI BEACH Beautiful and brand new double storey massionette with quality finishing of Ebony woods and Spanish tiles along the Indian Ocean in Mbezi beach is available for long term lease. It comprises of spacious private open beach area that can be used for any function or yachts parking. Has easy and convenient access to The Yacht Club, Bongoyo Island and other small islands. Other features include 3 beds upstairs all ensuite with sea view (Huge master bedroom with living room, balcony, and walking-in wardrobe), 1 guest room down stairs, beautiful kitchen, living and dining rooms, attached self contained 2 beds servant quarter, brand new Samsung AC’s, electric fence, Knight support security-panic button in each room, ambulance fire button &walking button, super green and well maintained garden plus great neighborhood. It is 400 meters from Mbezi road.

RENT: USD 5000 per month. Call: 0767 711 120/ 022 2772494 Email:


HOUSE FOR RENT- MBEZI BEACH A magnificent family home beautiful for rent, very well maintained and presented with 3 bedrooms,1 ensuite, store, modern kitchen, perfect matured garden, garage and servant quarter enough parking space. The house is located in Mbezi Beach before Ambrosia Bar.

RENT: USD 700. CALL: 0754711120

Call: 0767 711 120/ 022 2772494 Email:


HOUSE FOR RENT: MBEZI AFRICANA It’s in a beautiful area of Jangwani Africana, fully furnished, with three bedrooms, two washrooms, swimming pool, 24 hours security in a paved compound.

RENT: USD 1,700.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


BRAND NEW HOUSE FOR LEASE-MBEZI BEACH A beautifully designed in a paved compound and green garden comprising of three bedrooms in Mbezi Beach Makonde near National Examination Council is available for a family with desire live in a cool neighborhood. It is designed with spacious bedrooms, living room, dining room, cabinetted kitchen and two bedrooms servant quarter. Other amenities include water reserve tank 4000Litres and 5000litres and ample parking space plus a concrete wall fence

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email: 26 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


Kijitonyama - Mikochen | Mbweni Malindi - Mbezi



Two bedrooms fully furnished apartment in kawe beach, with swimming pool, gym and 24hrs security.

USD 1300

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


HOUSE FOR SALE-KIJITONYAMA Modern and new looking three bedrooms house (one master bedroom) with spacious dinning and sitting room, study room and kitchen. Has ample parking space, built-in garage, servants quarter and beautiful garden. Has a concrete wall fence with electricity security wire on the top. Located behind Johannesburg hotel about 2kms from Sinza road.

Asking price Tzs 600M. Contact 0754711120 or


It’s about 160m2 with spacious rooms, air conditions and paved compound. Located in a secured and quiet neighbor-hood. Big compound with 24 hours security.

RENT: USD 2200pm Tel:0754 711 120, 022 2772494, Email: May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties



Mbezi Beach - Bahari Beach -Tegeta - Kawe - Mbweni


EXCUTIVE HOUSE FOR SALE – MBEZI BEACH It is beautiful comprising 5 bedrooms all ensuite in Mbezi Beach with easy and convenient road access. Other amenities include generator, air condition, beautiful garden.

PRICE- USD1.2 Million Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250 Email:


HOUSE FOR SALE- BAHARI BEACH Located in Bahari Beach, comprising of 4 bedrooms and 3bathrooms and the plot size is 2700sqm, available now for sale.

PRICE: USD 150,000.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


HOUSE FOR SALE- MBEZI BEACH Mbezi beach executive house of 4 bedrooms, all ensuite with one bedroom staff quarter, ample parking space in a secured compound, near the main Road, plot size 900Sqm is available for sale.

PRICE: USD 500,000

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


Beautiful and modern double storey manssionette in a prime area of Mbezi BeachAfrikana is ready for sale. It comprises of 5 bedrooms, paved compound, beautiful and matured garden and ample parking space. Contact LowMus property management 0716 998864

28 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


Mbezi Beach - Bahari Beach -Tegeta - Kawe - Mbweni


Price Tsh. 400 mill negotiable


OFFICE SPACE/WAREHOUSE-KAWE Strategically located along the main road in Kawe area in fast growing business centre with proximity to Lugalo Golf club, beach hotels, Mbezi beach just to mention a few.

Contact LowMus property management 0716 998864


PLOT FOR SALE IN MBWENI MALINDI Prime located fenced plot in a beautiful, secured and fast developing area with easy roads access. It is only 5kms from Bagamoyo road. Water and electricity services are available.

Size 860sqm. Price Tzs 45 million

Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email: May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties


Minister: Commend Tanga City Council on Land planning By Special Correspondent

Deputy Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Hon George Simbachawene, has warned that land planning in the country is unsatisfactory due to the slow pace of land surveying for housing and essential services. He said that when commenting on land planning in the country and the actions taken by the government to manage the problem. Simbachawene has charred up efforts undertaken by Tanga City Council to improve human settlement by surveying over 2,000 plots for residential, business and vital services.

30 Prime Location - Home of Properties

Simbachawene said it is the responsibility of all regions to survey their land and to sell it to their residents at affordable price in order to meet land planning target in the country.

In addition, Simbachawene said that implementation of planning law and other bylaws in councils will depend on how they fasten surveying and planning according to council development.

“As the government we are accountable to curb the unsettlement situation in the country. It is supposed to be done by all district councils, municipals and cities; as central government we have already instructed them to survey their land and sell it at affordable price so that wananchi can afford to buy and help the government to curb unsettlement issue,� he said.

In her part, Tanga City Director, Ms Juliana Malange, said their plan now is to make sure Tanga is well surveyed and planned. Ms Malange said that they have recently surveyed about 1,200 plots situated in Pongwe area about 15 kilometers from City Center and the sale started February.

May 2014 - Issue No. 31

PONGWE CITY IDEAL RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS She said various social services such as electricity were close to the project area and plans are underway to ensure that the area is connected to power and water. The director invited wananchi, companies and institutions in need of plots to visit Tanga land office or Prime Location offices in Mikocheni Dar es Salaam to select plots they require.

area and housing estate. According to the director, 939 of the plots are residential while 231 are commercial plots and the size of plots range between 324 and 2,321 square meters.

Pongwe city which is along the Tanga-Segera highway is planned in a very modern lifestyle requirements including shopping malls, hotels, public building, car yards, petrol stations, nursery and secondary schools, religious sites, open space, market

May 2014 - Issue No. 31

Prime Location - Home of Properties



Mbezi Beach - Bahari Beach - Kunduchi BEACH PLOT FOR SALE- SILVER SANDS (Kudunchi)


A beautiful beach plot in Sliver Sands (Kunduchi) with a size of 5,350 square meters. It is easily accessible and ideal for commercial or residential building. It is surveyed with title deed.

PRICE: USD 1.5M but negotiable.

CALL: 0754710028


HOUSE FOR SALE- KUNDUCHI BEACH A standalone beautiful and prime located house comprising of 1 master bedroom, 2 standard bedrooms, sitting and dining rooms, spacious kitchen and servant quarter. It has electricity, water and with easy road access. Title deed available. Located at Kunduchi Beach.

PRICE: USD 150,000.

CALL: 0754710028 EMAIL:


BUNGALOW FOR SALE- KUNDUCHI BEACH A beautiful double storey bungalow in a fenced compound of 2,100 square meters comprising of 3 bedrooms all ensuite, spacious living and dining rooms and quality finishing. Other amenities include electricity, water, servant quarter and water reserve tank. Title deed available. CALL: 0754710028 EMAIL:


PLOT FOR SALE- KUNDUCHI BEACH Prime located plot of 2,100 square meters about 100 metres from the main road (tarmac road), easy access to electricity and water connections. Ideal for residential building. Title deed available.

PRICE: Tzs 250M. CALL: 0754710028 EMAIL:

32 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


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1 - 4 each copy Tsh. 6,000

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Published and distributed by Prime Location Investments Ltd P. O. Box 34683, Dar es salam, Tanzania May 2014 - Issue No.Tel: 31 +255 767 711120 /+255 222 772494,, Prime Location - Home of Properties


What is the right rent for your house or apartment? “In an ideal world, the right rent for your property would be the amount that would make you the most money. Unfortunately, in the actual world of competitive real estate, tenants have the freedom to choose from many different properties, so you have to set your rent accordingly”

By Emillian Rwejuna

Many have been asking themselves “What is the right rent for my house or apartment?” It is unfortunate that there are no bases from which to establish the right figure. Nonetheless, some have been and still using unrealistic grounds to come up with the rent figures such as the cost of the building, quality of the building, location, neighborhood and more worse hear says. Some get it right while majority get it wrong!.

So what are the best guidance to come up with the realistic figures that will give the landlords optimal revenue and constant cash flow? Let’s first consider the following statement. “Pricing your rental house/apartment is one of the more important tasks you’ll face as a landlord. Getting top dollar for your rental is important when it comes

to meeting your financial goals. However, if you set the rent too high, you’ll likely have to wait longer-than-average to get a tenant and you may also face high turnover rates as tenants seek more budget-friendly options”. The simple and easy source of guidance is seeking advises from professional real estate agents

or property manager (NOT DALALIs). They often have deep insight into specific rental markets and know how a given house/apartment stacks up compared to others with similar features in the same area. Whether you use a professional rental agent or go the Do It Yourself (DIY) route, you’ll need to know how to compare your property to others on the market in order to set the right price. Here are some guidance to take into account when determining how much rent to charge. 1. Location and nearby amenities For obvious reasons, the location of your house/ apartment is one of the main determining factors in how much rent you can charge. The more sought-after the neighborhood where your house/apartment is located, the more rent you can charge. While every desirable neighborhood has a unique mix of characteristics that make it a prime location, here are a few things that great neighborhoods tend to have: • • • • • • • •

Close proximity to working places and offices Good schools Nearby shopping and restaurants Nearby recreation places Secured with no or minimal records of crimes Good roads (Passable throughout the year) Nicely maintained houses and landscaping Overall charm

2. Main features When pricing your house/apartment, you should consider the most basic aspects of the property such as: • Bedrooms and bathrooms: The number of bedrooms and bathrooms your house/apartment has fundamentally affects how many people it can accommodate and how comfortable they will be. • Size and shape of the house/apartment: There can be vast differences between houses/apartments with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. A 120 square metres two-bedroom, two-bath house/apartment is not the same as a 300 square metres house/apartment with additional storage space. Likewise, the attractiveness and practicality of your house/ apartment’s floor plan will come into play when it comes to how much rent you can charge. • Overall condition of the home: The closer your house/apartment is to new condition, the more you can charge. 3. Finish levels The relative level of luxury your house/apartment offers will also impact the amount of rent

you can charge. Most tenants expect “standard” houses/apartments to be well-kept, with reasonably up to date interior finishing. If your house/ apartment features tiles and cabinetry from the 1980s, you’ll probably need to charge a bit less than the average going rate for a comparable space. On the flip side, if your house/apartment is full of trendy upgrades, you may be able to command a higher than average rent price. Here are some features that may allow you to charge premium rent, especially if you offer four or five of these items. • Wood and/or tile floors • Quality furnishing and fixtures • Quality kitchen finishing with granite counter tops • Dishwasher and garbage disposal • In-house laundry • Spacious closets • Energy efficient windows • Ample parking space • Swimming pool • Security

Professional management Keep in mind that using a property management company is not only a major convenience for you, it adds significant peace of mind for your tenants, as well. Renters are likely to pay more when they know that any issues that arise will be dealt with promptly and fairly by a dedicated professional manager.

To know more, please contact me 0754711120


Victoria - Kariakoo - City centre - Kigamboni


HOUSE FOR SALE- VICTORIA Located in Victoria, a lovely house of 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, garden, servant quarter, plot size 2600 sqm is available for sale.

PRICE: USD 3,000,000.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250 Email:


BEAUTIFUL HOUSE-KIBADA KIGAMBONI A beautiful well maintained and fully furnished four bedrooms house for rent. The house is well designed with spacious living and dining room, cabinneted kitchen, modern furniture ample parking space, matured garden, and paved compound. Other amenities include generator, solar power, 5000ltrs water reserve tank and staff house.

RENT: 1500 USD per month Tel: 0754 711 120 / 022 2772494 Email:


APARTMENT FOR RENT- KARIAKOO In a brand new building, very executive, beautifully fully furnished with ocean view, three bedrooms, two washrooms, 24 hours security and a standby generator.

RENT: Tsh 175,000. Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:


LUXURY APARTMENT FOR RENT- CITY CENTER Located in the city centre of Dar Es Salaam, it is luxurious fully furnished, comprising of four bedrooms all ensuite. Other amenities include swimming pool, gym, elevator, ample parking space, generator, 24 hours security and CCTV cameras.

RENT: USD 4,300.

Call: +255 756 960960 +255 714 444250, Email:

36 Prime Location - Home of Properties

May 2014 - Issue No. 31


Prime located in Oyster Bay, two and three bedrooms fully furnished apartment well kept, clean is for rent. Located in Oyster Bay along Uganda Avenue in a paved blocks and matured garden, Kitchen and roundly appliances provided, swimming pool, standby generator and two parking space for each tenant.

Call: 0767 711 120/ 022 2772494 Email:

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38 Prime Location - Home of Properties


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May 2014 - Issue No. 31

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