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Cover Story - Make Entertaining The Focal Point Of Kitchen Design

The kitchen is such a gathering spot, so when you are thinking about renovating the kitchen it pays to have entertaining in mind. In this article you will learn some great renovations decisions to consider so that you can reap the greatest return on investment and make your kitchen an ideal gathering spot for family and friends.


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Easy Ways To Winterize Your Home Now is the time for organization & planning indoor home improvement projects for the upcoming season. Inside this edition of Home & Lifestyles Magazine, we have included articles to give tips and ideas for that task list.


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We all have many places to be and little time to get there, so it is important to stay on top of our planning and projects in order for our day-to-day lives to keep running smoothly. Do not forget to spend quality time with your family and take a little time for yourself!


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Make Entertaining the Focal Point of Kitchen Design “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best.” This saying has adorned wall plaques in many people’s kitchens, and for most individuals the sentiment is quite true. The kitchen tends to be the gathering place for the family. When thinking about renovating the kitchen, it pays to have entertaining in mind. It is widely known that improvements to kitchens and bathrooms often reap the greatest return on investment. When making changes to the kitchen, paying attention to the trend of kitchen entertaining can make the room even more valuable -- should a homeowner choose to sell at a later point in time. Gearing renovations around kitchen entertaining also can make the space desireable for current homeowners. Here are some renovation decisions to consider that can make the kitchen an ideal gathering spot for family and friends. * Space: The best kitchens for entertaining are roomy and feature an open floor plan. For homeowners who have limited space, the first decision may be to expand the kitchen by building an extension on the home or taking down a wall. Many homeowners find that spacious eat-in-kitchens are preferable over a small kitchen and formal dining area. So if a dining room abuts the kitchen, remove the wall to create a large kitchen space. * Multiple islands: Instead of one large island, consider two islands. They are less cumbersome, making it easier for guests to easily traverse the kitchen. One island can be set up with a prep sink and wine cooler, while the other can feature a countertop-mounted induction stovetop for convenience and safety. A few tall stools around the back of one island can provide seating while prepping, or for simple conversation. * Company cleanup: Think about large sinks that can accommodate tall pots and pans, such as a double-basin apron sink. Drawer-style dishwashers can be installed so that delicate china and glassware can be washed separately from grimy pots. This segregated style means homeowners can save money by washing smaller loads as needed. * Gathering niche: A butler’s pantry or another alcove equipped with beverage center enables guests to gather in an area away from the main cooking and preparation space. * Breakfast nook: Cozy banquette seating nestled next to a picture window is a great spot for early-morning coffee or when overnight guests trickle down for a hearty breakfast. Decorative brick or stone -- or even a fireplace next to the nook -- completes the warm and fuzzy feel of the area.

A curved countertop serves as extra seating around the prep area, while a large table is perfect for serving big meals.

* Large table: Homeowners who h d do a llott off h hosting ti can b benefi fitt ffrom a ttable bl th thatt seats t many. P Purchase h a llarge ttable bl or one that can be expanded with a drop-in leaf. * Hidden appliances: The kitchen should be decorated according to homeowners’ preferences. Key appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and even ovens can be masked with cabinet facing, so they blend right into the rest of the cabinetry. A larger refrigerator with features for entertaining, such as room for platters or bakery cakes, is ideal for the host and hostess. A separate beverage drawer eliminates the need to open the refrigerator repeatedly, plus it’s at a great height for kids looking for juice boxes. * Lighting: Homeowners should consider many different lighting sources. Pendant lights over islands illuminate these work stations. Recessed lighting under cabinets can brighten countertop areas that tend to be dark. A chandelier or bold fixture over the table shows off the amazing meal. Because the kitchen is such a gathering spot, renovations to this room should reflect how much foot traffic and use the kitchen gets.


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• • Beauty • Tips for • • • • • • • • • • •

Don’t compromise your beauty

Women are juggling much more today than in years past. According to U.S. Census Bureau reports from 2002, 31 percent of married couples with children are two-income families, and many women are balancing work, family, social obligations, and additional activities. This can leave little time for personal grooming. However, looking your best doesn’t require a lot of time or money. In fact, by focusing on a few areas, you can put your best face forward despite being under a time crunch. * Invest in a good haircut. Consult with a stylist who knows his or her stuff. Ask for recommendations on what cut will work for your facial shape, lifestyle and trends you desire. You want something that works for you and doesn’t require a lot of effort to achieve. For example, if you’re time-pressed and your ‘do requires 40 minutes of blow-drying every morning, it may not be practical for your situation. Work with your hair type instead of against it. Investing in a good cut is a beauty secret every woman should know. * Select dual-purpose products. Saving time can often mean using beauty products that serve more than one purpose. For example, a moisturizer that’s also a sunblock saves on the extra step of applying SPF. Some mineral powder products


Home & Lifestyles Magazine

• • • • • Busy • Women • • • • • • • •

regimen just because you’re busy.

serve as a foundation and a oil-reducing finish coat. For women who want to skip a foundation, tinted moisturizers are also an option. * Play up your eyes. Bright eyes give the impression of being well-rested and healthy. If you spend time on anything in your beauty regimen, it should be adding some impact to your eyes, even if this just means using some mascara and applying a highlight under the browline and in the corners of the eyes. Don’t forget to cover under-eye circles if they are a problem. * Don’t overlook your hands. Hands have a way of giving away your age. Many women who use age-defying products or enlist in the help of plastic surgery fail to realize that their hands can reveal their age. Always moisturize and care for your hands. Routine manicures can help tame cuticles and keep nails and hands in top form. Use sun protection on your hands to avoid wrinkling and age spots from sun exposure. * Whiten your teeth. Putting a fresh-face forward also involves having a great smile. There are many inexpensive, over-the-counter whitening products that can lighten the shade of your teeth dramatically. They can be used while you’re taking care of other tasks, such as laundry or making dinner, maximizing your time.

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Winterize Your Home When summer draws to a close and autumn arrives, homeowners must place a precedent on readying their homes for the winter months. Often referred to as “winterizing,” the process is meant to ensure a home can withstand harsh winter weather while proving a safe haven from the elements. As autumn arrives, homeowners can take several steps to get their homes ready for whatever winter has to offer with the following tasks. * Fix the leaks. A leaky home will prove an expensive home during the winter months. A home with many leaks will be much colder to inhabit, and homeowners typically turn up the heat to counter drafts that can make a home feel like a meat locker. But turning up the thermostat isn’t the answer. Instead, fix leaks in the fall before the cold weather arrives.

But when summer is over, it’s time to put up the storm windows once again. Storm windows add an extra layer of protection from the elements and are especially valuable in homes with single-pane glass windows. Homeowners who don’t have storm windows should consider upgrading their existing windows. Such a project isn’t cheap, but newer windows will almost certainly lead to lower heating costs, meaning the project will essentially pay for itself over time. Homeowners who can’t afford to replace all of their windows don’t have to replace them all at once. Instead, replace them a few at a time and make the rooms where you spend the most time each winter the first on the list to receive new windows. * Be diligent with the gutters. Leaves falling from trees is an idyllic image associated primarily with autumn. Unfortunately, when leaves fall they often fall into the gutters. Routinely clean the gutters once

Routinely cleaning gutters throughout the fall and early winter can help reduce the risk of roof damage caused by winter weather. Leaks should not be very hard to find. On the first breezy autumn afternoon, walk around the house in search of any drafty areas. These drafts will be noticeable and often occur around doors and window frames, electrical outlets and even recessed lighting. Homeowners have a host of options at their disposal to plug leaks, be it door sweeps that block air from entering under exterior doors to caulk applied around leaky windows. When using caulk outdoors, be sure to use a weather-resistant caulk or, if sealing brick, use masonry sealer. * Add insulation upstairs. Homeowners who have an attic in their homes might want to consider adding some insulation up there. Experts recommend a minimum of 12 inches of insulation in the attic. That might prove costly, but a poorly insulated attic is akin to opening the front door and letting the heat out. It might be best for lessthan-handy homeowners to hire a professional to insulate the attic. But do-it-yourselfers might find it good to know that if the ceiling joists, which are often 11 inches or less, are visible, then the attic is in need of additional insulation. Such joists won’t be visible in an adequately insulated attic. * Put up the storm windows. It’s nice to open the windows in the spring and summer and let the warm air waft in through the screens.

the leaves start to fall. Clean gutters will allow snow and rain to effectively drain through the gutters. If the gutters are clogged, snow might have nowhere to go when it begins to melt, and roof damage might result. Such damage is costly but preventable in most instances. One of the easier preventive measures to take is to routinely clean the gutters of leaves and other debris that accumulate during the fall. When cleaning the gutters, make sure they are properly aligned. Poorly aligned gutters can lead to a host of problems. One such problem is flooding. If downspouts are not properly aligned with the rest of the gutters, then water might not be directed away from the home as it’s intended. Instead, water might be directed toward the home, resulting in flooding or additional water damage. * Have the furnace cleaned. Experts recommend annual furnace cleanings. Before cold weather arrives, turn the furnace on to make sure it’s still working. An unpleasant odor should appear when first turning on the furnace, but it shouldn’t last very long. If the odor sticks around, turn the furnace off and call a professional. Once winter arrives, routinely replace the filters. This makes the furnace operate more efficiently and can also reduce the risk of fire.


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Change of Scenery

Galena, Illinois When was the last time you watched a sunset while sipping a glass of wine at a vineyard, or enjoyed the fall colors during a carriage ride through a quaint river town? Perhaps now is the time for a little road trip to take in the fall scenery and head to Northern Illinois to Galena. Located in the northwest corner of Illinois, Galena/Jo Daviess County is bordered by Wisconsin to the north, while its western edge is outlined by the Mississippi River and Iowa. The county is distinguished as the northern Illinois gateway to the Great River Road, a national scenic byway running through 10 states along the Mississippi. Galena is the perfect place to connect with those who are special in your life. Our rolling hills, scenic roads and historic charm revitalize the spirit. Inspired by nature and overlooking the banks of the Galena River, our welcoming Main Street embraces a simpler time. You'll create cherished memories spending time together relaxing and unwinding. Few destinations can match the wealth of experiences this region offers: awe-inspiring gardens, intriguing history, notable architecture, top-rated skiing, world-class golf, tempting cuisine and rejuvenating spas. Galena and Jo Daviess County’s unprecedented variety of quality lodging choices offer all the modern amenities expected by today’s traveler. Cozy, comfortable bed and breakfasts; crisp, contemporary vacation rental homes; historic hotels, motels and nationally recognized resorts are all located in Illinois’ northwest corner.

Savor the Inviting Sights and Smells of Fall

Mother Nature has been at it again. It's that warm, inviting time of the year where she highlights the already beautiful setting of Galena and Jo Daviess County with her paint brush, giving touches of gold, flaming orange and umber to the hillsides, parks and along the rivers and streams. It's also a time for comfort-favorite fall food from the harvest (crisp yet gooey caramel apples, wine from the vineyard, freshly baked pumpkin pies), and snuggling in front of the fireplace or outdoor fire pit taking in the twinkling autumnal night ski.

Planning your visit? Be sure to consider: • Timing. Check the calendar of events. Galena is brimming with festivals this time of year. And there’s something for everyone! Wine festivals, Oktoberfest, Country Fair, Pottery tours, a must-see-hourlong Halloween Parade featuring a hot air balloon glow along the river, an event focused on the indulgence of Chocolate, Champagne and Candlelight and much, much more. • Experience nature. Outdoor recreation takes on a whole new perspective here, especially in fall. Adventure in Galena: camping, biking, hiking, riding, kayaking, canoeing, geocaching, scootering, hot air ballooning, hunting, fishing or boating. • A culinary adventure. For the foodies in the group, find comfort in pleasing your palate. Our chefs are busy preparing seasonal specialties from the fall harvest to provide the ultimate dining experience. • Wine and beer tasting. Did you know Galena has a new brewery on Main Street? Whether your passion is for beer or wine, our local breweries and vineyards offer tasting and educational programs, or take in a pub, maybe even some karaoke and kick back with friends. • Farmers Market. In the heart of the Heartland we are blessed with bounty from our rich gardens and farms. From produce to homemade jams and jellies to natural fall décor, our farmers’ markets will provide more treasures than a metropolitan shopping mall.


• Celebrate the season. Visit a pumpkin patch or journey on a guided ghost tour. • Take in the fresh air. Whether a nice, leisurely stroll while shopping the shops or enjoying a walk along the river levee or bike trail, your spirits will be lifted and soul refreshed by taking the relaxed pace and rejuvenating fresh air and healthful surroundings. • Enjoy the view. Ski lifts aren’t just for skiing. Imagine the fall colors surrounding the Mississippi River at the base of Chestnut Ski Resort and get a preview of the lay of the land before the snow starts to fall. • A sweet treat. Our local confectionaries make to-die-for caramel apples drench with golden gooeyness and decorated with your favorite accompaniment: nuts, Oreos, fudge, M&Ms and many more imaginative options. You’ll also find simmering fall flavors in our coffee shops and spice stores. • Get a jump on the holidays It’s never too early to start stashing away when you find those perfect gifts or decorations for the holidays. Galena’s shops specialize in unique gifts for all interests. • The perfect ending to a perfect day Relax in a whirlpool or lounge in front of the fireplace at one of our cozy lodging options: historic bed and breakfasts, modern chains, or full-service resorts.

Home & Lifestyles Magazine

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S abilize, Inc.

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa

Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa is a wonderful place to stay and enjoy the fall and winter months. It is located on 6,800 wooded, rolling acres just six miles from the historic town of Galena. Unique to Eagle Ridge is the more than 300 1-7 bedroom rental homes available to accommodate any family or group. Eagle Ridge is best known for its 63 holes of championship golf on four award winning golf courses. Other outdoor activities are tennis, biking, hot air balloon rides and hiking and horseback riding on miles of paved and wilderness trails. The Stonedrift Spa is the perfect place to restore peace with ten treatment rooms, a couple suite, Vichy room, nail suite, relaxation lounge with fireplace and steam rooms. Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa offers nine distinctly different dining venues located on the resort property. The chefs in our award-winning Culinary Department create innovative cuisine based on Midwest traditions utilizing local products. Whether your tastes are for a hearty breakfast, a traditional lunch after golf, an exquisite dining experience overlooking Lake Galena, cuisine designed to match an experience in our Stonedrift Spa or a fresh baked pizza from Paisanos, Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa has something to satisfy every palate and appetite. Woodlands Restaurant & Lounge serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Enjoy fantastic lake views with seasonal cuisine based on Midwest local products. Serving steaks, seafood, vegan dishes, with an extensive wine and a craft ale list. A lavish Sunday Brunch is featured weekly. Located at 444 Eagle Ridge Drive, Galena, IL 61036 Toll Free: 800.892.2269 or visit them online at

Irish Hollow – Galena Bed & Breakfast Resort with Private Cottages

If you are looking for a great bed and breakfast accommodations then make your reservation at Irish Hollow. Winter is the most romantic time to visit. Sunny, crisp days spent skiing, showshoeing or trekking are complemented by remarkable menues and blazing fireplaces. Their organic beds wear their winter comforter and piles of firewood wait to warm your evenings. They provide the snowshoes, dramatic terrain, amazing winterscapes and romantic, long shadowed sunsets. It’s the way winter should be. A sample of their winter 7 course farmhouse dinner might include pear with marscapone on a bacon crisp, savory French toast with salmon and maple cream, onion and wild mushroom borscht soup, house chopped salad with pomegranate vinaigrette, sorbet of winter fruits, grill sirloin filet with horseradish glaze/roasted sweet potatoes and molten dark chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream. Who can resist this type of fine dining? Phone 815-777-6000 | 2800 S. Irish Hollow Rd. Galena, IL 61036 /

Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort

Only in the Midwest will you find such an unexpected diamond in the rough. High above the Mississippi, tucked nicely in the hills near historic Galena, Chestnut Mountain is a premier Illinois resort that offers nineteen skiing trails that span 220 rolling acres with a total vertical drop of 475 feet. Midwesterners love their elbow room and Chestnut Mountain is no exception. Thanks to two quads, four triple chair lifts, and three surface lifts, lines are virtually non-existent. When darkness falls, great skiing and awesome views continue outside. But that's also just about the time things get exciting inside. Chestnut Mountain has 100 slope side rooms in close proximity to an indoor pool, sauna and jacuzzi. The Sunset Grille restaurant serves up fine dining favorites. Festive nightlife gets a leg up thanks to the frequent live music, an electronic game room and the Three Gables Lounge. Visit their website at

Historic Galena - The Grant Home

The brick house, which was designed by William Dennison, had been constructed in 1860 for former City Clerk Alexander J. Jackson. Thomas B. Hughlett, on behalf of only a small group of local Republicans, purchased the house for $2,500 in June 1865 and presented it to Grant two months later. The house is typical of the Italianate style, which is characterized by well defined rectilinear shapes, projecting eaves supported by brackets, low pitched roof, and balustraded balconies over covered porches. Following his election as president in 1868 he visited only occasionally. In 1873 Grant commented that "although it is probable I will never live much time among you, but in the future be only a visitor as I am at present, . . . I hope to retain my residence here . . . I expect to cast my vote here always." The house was maintained by caretakers in anticipation of the President's visits, the local newspaper reporting that it was "in excellent order and ready for occupation at any time," adding that "visitors are always admitted." Grant made his final visits to his Galena home in 1880. At that time he found that several changes had been made - "a new sidewalk laid in front of the premises, the outbuildings repaired, the trees handsomely trimmed, a new and commodious wash house built and other continued on pg. 33

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Calendar OF EVENTS Abe’s Old Hat

Antiques & Gifts “Not all great things are in a museum... some are across the street.”

Historic Downtown Springfield 111 North 6th Street (across from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum)

Tuesday Saturday: 11:00am 5:00pm Or by Appointment


November November 19-27

November 30-December 1

Disney’s Beauty & The Beast Sangamon Auditorium Wednesday 8:00pm & Thursday 7:00pm For more information, call 217-206-6160 or visit BeautyintheBeast.htm.

December December 1

Cirque du Soleil: Dralion Prairie Capital Convention Center, 1 Convention Center Plaza 7:30pm Tickets: $30-$90. For more information, call 217-788-8800.

December 2

Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol Performances will be at the Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site Visitor’s Center. For more information, call 217-632-5440. Dance Hosted by Springfield Park District Erin’s Pavilion Southwind Park 7:00pm-8:00pm Bring your dancing shoes and let’s get ready to boogie all night long! FREE dance for individuals of all abilities. Semi-formal dress attire. For more information, call 217-753-0702.

December 2-4

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Springfield Theatre Center 420 South 6th St. Friday & Saturdays 8:00pm, Sundays 2:00pm For more information, call 217-523-2787.

Memorial’s Festival Of Tree’s A holiday tradition featuring more than 150 decorated trees, wreaths and swags, talented December 3 local entertainment, delicious gingerbread cookies Springfield Jaycees/Ansar Shrine Holiday and tasty treats from our Holiday Kitchen. Parade Adults $5, Children 3-12 $2, 2yrs and under free. Downtown Springfield For more information, call 217-788-4301. Time TBA. Free Admission. November 24 For more information, call 217-971-1625. Thanksgiving Springfield Art Association Beaux Arts Ball 3000 South Dirksen Parkway 5:30pm Tickets are $125 for adults and $50-75 for children, and may be purchased by calling the Springfield Art Association at 217-523-2631. Email us at for more information.

Pancakes, Paws & Santa Claus Lincoln Greens Golf Course 8:30am-10:30pm Get into the holiday spirit with breakfast with the jolly guy himself. Each child in attendance will get a free photo with Santa. Hosted by Springfield Park District/Henson Robinson Zoo. $8 per adult, $6 per child residents & members. For more information, call 217-753-6217.

November 30

December 4

November 26

Daisy Girl Scouts Rochester Public Library 6:00pm-7:00pm For more information, call 217-498-8454 or email

Santa in the Depot Chatham Railroad Museum 1:00pm After Santa visits with each child and determines what they want, Santa’s elves give them a bag of “Goodies” donated by local merchants. This free event for the kids is the chapter’s way of saying “thank you” to the people of Chatham for supporting the museum and our chapter. For more information, email us at

December 5

Computer Maintenance Class Rochester Public Library 6:00pm-7:30pm For more information, call 217.498.8454 or email

December 7

Annual Candlelight Dinner Sangamo Club: Springfield, IL 6:15pm For more information, call 217-544-1793 or visit their website

December 7, 8, 14 & 21

Old Capitol Holiday Walk Downtown Springfield 5:00pm-8:00pm Extended shopping and dining hours; Santa House, horse drawn trolley, lighted holiday tree, toy train display, free entertainment. Free and open to the public. For more information on this event, please call 217-544-1723.


List it in our Calendar of Events for FREE. Call Tara @ 1.800.399.5401 ext. 243 December 9

Gaslight Victorian Tea Springfield Art Association 7:00pm-8:30pm Enjoy sweets and savories while learning about the splendor of Christmases past at this special evening tea! For more information, call 217-523-2631 or email

December 9-11

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Springfield Theatre Center 420 South 6th St. Friday & Saturdays 8:00pm, Sundays 2:00pm For more information, call 217-523-2787.

December 10

Christmas Festival Rochester Public Library 8:00am-2:00pm For more information, call 217-498-8454 or email

December 11

Christmas in the Carillon Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon 4:30pm-5:00pm A roaring bonfire and a chance to sing Christmas Carols with the bells of the Rees Carillon followed by cookies and hot cocoa.

Autumn 2011

Admission is FREE. For more information, call 217-753-6219.

December 13

Literacy Circle Sangamo Club, Springfield, IL 12:00pm-1:30pm For more information, call 217-544-1793 or visit their website

December 14

Paul Mickey Science Series Lecture Dr. Mark J. Wagner, Center for Archaeological Investigations Southern Illinois University Carbondale, will present “Unraveling a Mystery: Recent Excavations at the Hickory Hill Site in Southern Illinois. Free and open to the public. For more information call 217-785-0037.

Winter Warm Jazz Sangamo Club, Springfield, IL 6:30-9:00pm For more information, call 217-544-1793 or visit their website

January 13-15

Chess The Musical Springfield Theatre Center, 420 South 6th St. Friday & Saturdays 8:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm Based off the book by Richard Nelson, the collaborators of CHESS have created a complex rock opera that played to full Broadway houses and standing ovations. For more information, call 217-523-2787.

January 16

Martin Luther King Jr’s Day

January 20-22

December 17

Chess The Musical Springfield Theatre Center, 420 South 6th St. Friday & Saturdays 8:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm Based off the book by Richard Nelson, the collaborators of CHESS have created a complex rock opera that played to full Broadway houses and standing ovations. For more information, call 217-523-2787.

Kool Yule Kids’ Holiday Party Sangamo Club, Springfield, IL 11:30am-1:00pm For more information call 217-544-1793 or visit their website

January 26

Illinois Symphony Orchestra Holiday Pops Sangamon Auditorium 8:00pm Tickets: $20-$45 For more information, visit www.ilsymphony. org/home.

December 24

Christmas Eve

December 25


December 31

New Years Eve Bret Michaels, Get Your Rock On New Year’s Eve Extravaganza Prairie Capital Convention Center 8:00pm-1:00am Tickets: $51-$201. For more information, call 217-788-8800.

January January 1

New Years Day

January 6

Harlem Globetrotters Prairie Capital Convention Center 7:00pm-9:00pm For more information, call 217-788-8800 or visit the website

January 13

Treasured Stories by Eric Carle Sangamon Auditorium 7:00pm Featuring evocative music, stunning visual effects and innovative puppetry, the triple-bill highlights three of Eric Carle’s most beloved tales. To purchase tickets, call 217-206-6160.

Wine/Beer Dinner Sangamo Club, Springfield, IL 6:00pm For more information, call 217-544-1793 or visit their website

January 28

Eric Bibb & Grant Dermody Sangamon Auditorium 8:00pm Best Newcomer title in the British Blues Awards, Bibb has been appropriately described as “discreetly awesome” and “a total original.” For ticket information, call 217-206-6160.

February February 2

Groundhog Day

February 3

Annual Gala & Banquet Crowne Plaza Hotel 3000 S. Dirksen Parkway, Springfield 6:00pm-9:30pm For more information, call 217-525-1173 or send an email

February 11

Ruth Moody Band Sangamon Auditorium 8:00pm Ruth Moody is also an exceptional solo artist full of depth and grace. For ticket information, call 217-206-6160.

February 12

Lincoln’s Birthday


Paint Projects To Spruce Up Your Home This Fall


Given the sluggish economy, now is not the time most of us want to spring for a costly remodeling project. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to spruce up your home with paint. The nation’s number one do-it-yourself project holds that title for a reason (two reasons, actually): Painting is easy and it’s inexpensive, making it just right for budget-minded consumers. What’s more, even small paint projects can greatly enhance

Paint a room’s standout feature. Play up what’s special about a room by painting it a different color. This could be a fireplace surround, a curved archway, the backs of built-in bookshelves or cabinets, or something else. Using a strong “punch” color will draw immediate attention to your standout feature. Paint the front door. Studies have shown that visitors get their first impression about a home from the condition of the front entrance, according to Zimmer. A freshly painted door helps

the appearance of your home. Here are some quick ways to get a lot of mileage out of a little paint, according to Debbie Zimmer, spokesperson for the Paint Quality Institute: Paint just an interior accent wall. Don’t have the time or energy to paint an entire room? Give the space an exciting new look by painting just one wall in a different color. A so-called accent wall can add visual interest to a room and introduce another hue into your color scheme. Paint the area above (or below) a chair rail. According to Zimmer, if your home is blessed with chair rails, you don’t have to paint the entire wall. “You can choose to repaint only the wall area above the rail, or the area below it,” says Zimmer. “It’s a simple project that can dramatically change the appearance of the room.” Paint the interior windows and trim. Love your wall color, but still yearn for a new look? Give the room a makeover by painting your windows, molding, and trim. You’ll be surprised how different a room can look when you change the intensity of color there.

ensure that first impression will be favorable. Paint just a few exterior architectural details. Even if you don’t have to paint your home exterior for maintenance reasons, consider changing the appearance of your home by painting a few architectural details. Shutters are good candidates. “But if you’re lucky enough to own a house with ornamental fretwork, call attention to the trim by painting it a strong or vibrant color that contrasts with your walls,” Zimmer recommends. Whether you try one of these quick and easy do-it-yourself projects, or take on more ambitious home painting, Zimmer advises that you always use a top quality 100 percent acrylic latex paint. These paints have superior “hiding” capability when painting over dark colors, they are stain- and mildewresistant, many function as both primer and paint, and best of all ... they offer tremendous durability, so your paint job will continue to look great for years to come! For more ideas on budget-friendly do-it-yourself painting projects, visit

A bold-colored accent wall can add visual interest.


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OPEN 7 DAYS Sun. 9:30a.m.-1:00p.m. Mon. - Fri. 9:00a.m.-7:00p.m. Sat. 9:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

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v e m o r e p nt Tre m I e m nd o H

That Won’t Break The Bank

Faux painting techniques are an economical and innovative way to transform any surface and can complement any decorating style. Dull concrete floors, both indoors and out, can be brought dramatically to life with a latex paint such as DRYLOK(R) Latex Concrete Floor Paint.

Planning and Preparation

Before choosing a design, look carefully at your surface and space. Some designs are useful for disguising flaws in a floor. For other designs you may need to patch and smooth flawed surfaces first. You will also need to think about the traffic in the area you are painting. Is it worth doing an elaborate, time-consuming pattern in a high traffic area? Large, bold patterns may be out of scale for a small room. Equally, small, detailed patterns may get lost in large spaces.

Inspirations for Faux Painted Floors

Brick and Stone Brick and stone finishes can add texture and/or color and can be effective indoors and outdoors. Depending on personal taste, homeowners can create a host of faux floor finishes and bring their patio to life with DRYLOK(R) Latex Concrete Floor Paint.

Tiles and Mosaics

Faux terra-cotta tiles are a versatile option for porches, patios and dining areas. The earthy appearance creates a warm, earthy feel and goes well with the rustic Tuscan look and matches many decors. 28

Patterned and Textured Finishes

For a finish that isn’t too busy, you can use paint to create subtle visual texture. With pattern, your choice is endless. Covering an entire surface is one option. Alternatively, you could paint a faux rug, perhaps with patterns inspired by oriental carpets. The most important thing to remember is to follow the proper preparation and patching procedures from the product label. If you are using a pressure washer to clean the surface, do not use on a pressure setting above 1750 psi to avoid damaging the concrete. Remember concrete acts like a sponge. Pressure washing and cleaning in general may trap residual moisture in the concrete. To check for trapped moisture, tape a 12” x 12” piece of 3 mil plastic or aluminum foil tightly on all four edges to the surface. Remove it after 24 hours. If the floor side of the plastic or foil is damp, allow additional drying and then repeat the test. It is very important not to have trapped moisture in the concrete; it is the number one reason why epoxy and latex concrete floor paints fail.

Protecting the Pattern

A clear protective coat, such as DRYLOK(R) WetLook Sealer is the perfect finish to protect the design from scraping of patio furniture, grease, weathering and washings. Remember to use a product that is made to be a clear protective coat, not a penetrating sealer. A penetrating sealer is designed to enter the pores of the surface and settle into the masonry. It will not penetrate the floor paint. The clear sealer is a protective measure that should be repeated every two to four years depending on the use and exposure of the surface. Bold or subtle, bright or neutral, faux painting techniques can give your floor an expensive-looking makeover that won’t break the bank.

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Blinds and Shades:

Window Treatment Options for the Home These days many people are choosing to go bare - on the windows, that is. Windows without window treatments such as blinds or shades are ideal in areas where privacy and sun damage are not a concern, but blinds and shades are sometimes necessary. Not only do window treatments such as blinds and shades provide much needed privacy, but they also block the potentially damaging rays of the sun while adding beauty and style to a room. Consider the following blinds and shades for your home before shopping for window treatments, and choose the perfect options to meet your needs and dress up your windows in style.

• Vinyl Blinds •

• Roll-Up Blinds •

Vinyl window treatments are easy to clean, and light-blocking blinds do a great job of blocking out unwanted light, but they are not the sturdiest window treatments available. Although they can last for years, vinyl blinds do not stand up well to continual bending, and the slats can break if mishandled.

These types of blinds can be attractive in the right setting, but they do not completely block out light, and the small spaces between the slats do not offer complete privacy. Choose roll-up blinds for a room where privacy is not required, and where complete darkness is not necessary.

• Metal Blinds •

• Solar Mesh Shades •

• Matchstick Blinds •

• Roller Shades •

If you want window treatments that can stand up to a little more wear and tear, choose high-quality metal blinds. Although the slats are sturdy and do not break off like typical vinyl blinds, they are not indestructible. Metal blinds can become bent and permanently misshapen, but with proper care, metal blinds can last for decades. These attractive window treatments are typically designed using split bamboo or manufactured materials that look like bamboo. Although they look great, matchstick blinds do not block out light or provide complete privacy unless they are backed with light-blocking material.

• Wood and Faux Wood Blinds •

Blinds made of wood or faux wood materials are stylish, attractive, and they are window treatments that provide privacy. If you plan on buying genuine wood blinds, consider choosing bamboo since it is a renewable natural resource. Bamboo resists UV damage and it resists warping. However, genuine wood blinds are one of the most expensive window treatments available. To cut the price by almost half, consider embossed faux wood made from sturdy PVC. Faux wood window treatments are mildew resistant, and they are ideal for areas of high humidity.

• Vertical Blinds •

When looking for window treatments to control sunlight and provide privacy in a room with sliding doors, consider choosing a vertical blinds. These types of window treatments are also ideal for larger windows, and they can be chosen to match the color of other window treatments in a room. They are available in easyto-clean vinyl, metal, and fabric covered varieties, and although most ready-made vertical blinds on store shelves come in neutral shades, a variety of colors are available by special order in stores that offer custom window treatments.

Those looking to save energy year-round while beautifying windows should consider solar mesh shades. They are designed from polyester fibers and coated with PVC that can be wiped clean. These easy-to-clean shades are available in various colors to match home decor, and they are fairly reasonable. On the downside, they do not block light or provide complete privacy. When some people think of roller shades they recall the plain white shades of decades past, but these days, roller shades are available in countless styles and colors to match many different styles of home decor. Search online and you will discover roller shades that are fringed, scalloped, and many more. In addition, they can be lined with a blackout layer for privacy and light control.

• Balloon Shades •

Those who are decorating an elegant room should look for equally elegant window treatments, and balloon shades are an excellent choice. Not only are these shades attractive, balloon shades can be energy efficient. Varieties are available that will completely block out light while providing an insulating layer of protection from damaging UV rays and drafts.

• Roman Shades •

Roman shades are one of the most popular types of shades because they are very stylish and elegant, and they range from those with just a few folds to very full shades that offer complete privacy when pulled down. These beautiful shades come in a wide range of colors and materials, from woven wood varieties to polyester that can be dusted or vacuumed.

• Cellular Shades •

These energy-saving shades provide a pocket of resistance that effectively blocks out extreme cold and heat. On the downside, cellular shades do not completely block out light. They are available in many different colors to match every decorating scheme or theme, and they are an excellent choice when searching for window treatments that will not only look good but will also help save valuable energy.

improvements made." In 1904 Grant's children gave the house to the City of Galena "with the understanding that this property is to be kept as a memorial to the late General Ulysses S. Grant, and for no other purpose." However, maintaining the Grant's home proved too costly for the city and the Grant Home Association, so in 1931 the city deeded the house to the State of Illinois. A thorough restoration project was undertaken in 1955. Considerable research was undertaken as the house was returned to its 1868 appearance. Fortunately, much of the furniture used by Grant and his family remained in the house.

Washburne House Historic Site

Washburne House was for many years the home of Elihu B. Washburne, United States Congressman from 1853 to 1869. An associate of Abraham Lincoln, Washburne was also a wartime “sponsor” of fellow Galenian Ulysses S. Grant. While following the election returns in the Washburne library on the evening of November 3, 1868, Grant learned of his election as President. Washburne served as Grant’s Minister to France from 1869 to 1877 and in 1879-1880 was considered for the Republican presidential nomination. The original portion of the two-story brick Greek Revival home was built beginning in 1843, with additions in 1859 and 1860. The “restored” home’s first floor interprets an entry hall, parlor, sitting room, library, dining room, and kitchen with adjoining pantries. All are decorated and furnished to depict the lifestyle of a well-to-do mid-western professional. On the second floor are the master bedroom and a second bedroom. In 1973 the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Visitors are given 25-minute guided tours of rooms on the first floor and two second-floor bedrooms, emphasizing the life of Elihu Washburne and his Civil War-era friendships with Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. The story of Washburne’s wife, Adele Gratiot, provides insights on the Galena region’s French and Native American cultures. The state’s efforts to restore and refurnish the building are also described. The building's first floor is accessible to persons with disabilities, the second floor is not.

Take a break and take in magic of fall. More ideas are waiting at Let us be your guide.

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Window Treatment Colors Curtains are a fast way to bring new life and color to any room, and now home decorators can create them more quickly and easily than ever. One clever example: simply clip an attractive tablecloth or tea towel onto a rod. Curtains and drapes will give you the more traditional window covering that you can combine with window shades and blinds. Measure each window separately and record the measurements on paper. Be sure to check all measurements twice Choosing a great window before you purchase a new window treatment. Measuring and installation is available in the Brooklyn, NY area. treatment idea can be a Measure from the point you’ll hang the shade to the point where you want it to drop. Add an extra two inches to daunting task if you’re not the top portion of the window frame to allow for mounting brackets. There are many types of window treatments to choose from. Aside from the standard curtains and drapes here are: sure where to start. wood blinds, pleated shades, cellular shades, plantation shutters, aluminum mini blinds, and vertical blinds are only a few of the many options available. Matchstick and bamboo blinds can be found at many imports stores or on the Internet. Wooden vertical blinds offer a vast choice of different natural and stained colors. The lightweight woods which offer paler colors such as ash and beech can create a warming and inviting atmosphere, for a more contemporary and dramatic effect dark woods such as dark oak and rowan are very striking. Don’t forget the interior wood shutters. These give a country styled appearance to a home and kitchen. They may be painted in any color that one desires. Wood, for example, is warm and rich and works well in home offices. Deciding on what type of blind to use in each room can be done with your own creativity or you can hire an interior designer who can offer more helpful advice. Wood blinds can be cleaned with a cleaner suited for wood surfaces. Use water sparingly, however, as you don’t want to damage the wood. Wood shutters are charming and substantial; those that cover only the bottom half of the window protect privacy but let in light, so you’ll want to add roller shades or Roman shades on top. Gathered Roman shades, handsome even in simple canvas, look wonderful in a circus stripe. Shades are similar to blinds, but instead of slats, they consist of fabric. Choosing the right kind of window treatment for your home can get very overwhelming and confusing. You should work from the design style in the room you are decorating and choose a treatment that complements the design. Since most curtains and drapes are simply vertical in design; these can work in any décor. You just have to choose a color that fits and that is done by finding the predominant color and matching it (if there is not a lot of this color) or complementing it to avoid over saturating the predominant color. A fabric store is the best place to start; so bring a sample of the predominant color with you.

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Curb Appeal Add



Window shutters aren’t a necessary home element any longer, but they certainly can add decorative appeal to both the exterior and interior of a home. Today, shutters are largely a decorative accent, but they used to be very functional.

It is difficult to pinpoint just when shutters were invented and first used. However, many historians surmise it took place in ancient Greece. It is believed these shutters were made from fixed marble louvers and provided light control, ventilation and protection from the tropical climate. Eventually builders discovered that wood was a more versatile shutter material, and moveable louvers were made that could vary the amount of light or air that entered a dwelling. Decorative and operable shutters generally are sold in three styles: louvered, raised-panel and board and batten. Traditionally, raisedpanel shutters were used on the first floor for privacy, and louvered shutters were used on higher levels to allow heat to escape the home. Homeowners looking to add something a little extra to their homes may want to consider shutters as a design element. While shutters used to be largely constructed from wood, shutters now are made from vinyl or composite materials for longer durability. Depending on their material and the surface to which they are being attached, shutters can be screwed or nailed directly to the exterior or attached with special clips. Shutters are also at home on the interior of a home. They can replace other window treatments, such as curtains or blinds. Interior shutters were commonly used in Southern and urban houses. They remain a perfect way to add architectural and historical detail to a home. Interior shutters are generally attached to a thin frame that rests on the inside of the window or the outside of the window casing. The shutters will swing open and shut, allowing light into a room or blocking light and other distractions from entering. They can be an ideal way to add privacy to a home in a decorative manner. Shutter installation both interior and exterior - can be a do-it-yourself venture. However, siding companies, window manufacturers, and window treatment retailers may have trained staff on hand that can install your shutters after purchase.

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H o T o e l i d day H i u G o o T st i w o

The holidays are once again right around the corner, and families across the country are preparing to reunite. With hosting family and friends on the holiday horizon, the following guide, can help those responsible for entertaining the troops this season become the holiday host with the most.

Prepare for the Feast

• Plan ahead. The key to minimizing holiday-induced anxiety is to plan in advance. Take inventory now to make sure you have the essentials you will need to serve your holiday meal -- both basics and serving pieces. • Save time and space. Use serving pieces with warming trays to free up essential cooking space on your stove. To create additional space in your oven, use a three-tier oven rack on one side that leaves the other side open for more bulky food allowing you to cook more than one dish at a time. • Think off the wall. If you’re hosting a buffet, set up the buffet table away from the wall to utilize both sides of the table to serve food. Add unique, multi-level serving dishes to give your table a fresh look. • Offer your guests a choice. Set up at least 2 urns for your party, one with coffee and one with hot water for the tea drinkers. Consider a third for decaf.

Planning in advance is key to holiday entertaining. Make note of what you have and what you’ll need to make your holiday party a success.

Gear up for the Guests

Once you’ve prepared for your holiday feast, give your home a fresh face with a few simple and affordable updates. • Seasonal solution. Transform your entertaining area by replacing sheer window treatments with more luxurious ones made of taffeta or chenille in warm, rich colors of the season. Pick the length that suits your style. More formal looks are achieved with longer treatments. Drape a throw in a rich burgundy or chocolate over the back of your couch and update your decorative pillows with covers that tie in with your existing decor. • Bathroom makeover. It doesn’t take a coat of paint to freshen up the guest bathroom. A new bath ensemble and some decorative seasonal hand towels will do the trick. Fresh flowers and scented lotion on the counter are welcoming treats. • Guest bedroom blues. Looking to breathe some life into a guest bedroom? Start with the bedding. Since it’s typically the biggest piece of decor in the room, changing the bedding alters the overall look and feel of the room. Add several extra pillows to the bed for that picture perfect catalog look. • Entertaining essentials. Being prepared helps avoid last minute panic. For the main event, make sure you have enough chairs for guests (including folding chairs) and consider whether you need an extra folding table to serve as a “kids” table or dessert station. For overnight guests, be sure you have clean towels and sheets and that you can put your hand on the extra inflatable mattress in case of a surprise guest.

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