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PROFILE Richard Sandoval

Bob & Peter Unanue

22 Harry Connick Jr.


Aaron Sanchez

Hugh Jackman



Esai Morales

Andy Garcia



30 Alberto Del Rio


Andy Garcia Photographed exclusively for HOMBRE by Paul Tirado 6 HOMBRE


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WOMAN Sofia Vergara


Claudia Lopez





MODA Bright Lights

Mad Men




Gift Guide





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Photographed Exclusively for HOMBRE by Johnny Rodriguez

>>A Message from the Publishers

As another year comes to a close it’s time to reflect on past challenges, appreciate our accomplishments and plan ahead for a better 2012. The economy is showing signs of progress and a brighter future lies ahead. We at HOMBRE are no different. The coming year will bring a circulation increase - thanks to our new distributor – and new advertising partners. We will also see a greater participation in events and a series of new marketing initiatives sure to please you. For a little taste just take a look at our amazing Riviera Maya all inclusive package giveaway (page 66!)… And there is so much more to come!!! With the Holiday Season upon us the timing is perfect to feature Latin chefs that are revolutionizing North American cuisine – and as always – visit some of the nation’s top restaurants. All part of our SABOR issue. We wrap up the year with a review of the Census numbers, what they mean to us, and the political changes ahead. And naturally, we want to offer a little guidance as you go through your list and look for that perfect present, so enjoy our Holiday Gift Guide. We’re sure there’s something for everyone! Finally we want to say THANK YOU for making HOMBRE the world’s leading publication for Latin men. The numbers don’t lie and we could not have reached such a lofty position without your continuous support. THANKS to our advertisers for recognizing the importance of our audience. THANKS to our distributors for getting our message across. THANK YOU for being a loyal HOMBRE reader...THANK YOU for regularly visiting And most importantly, THANK YOU for following our message and continuing to redefine what it means to be a Latin man in America. After all, the future belongs to HOMBRE. Happy Holidays!!! Carlos Vélasquez CEO/ Publisher

Francisco Roméo Publisher and Editorial Director



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Francisco Roméo Founder, Publisher & Editorial Director

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z r m



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ROHAN MARLEY: How the “House” was Built

P o i u t

o L M t j r


To keep their father’s legacy alive, the Marley family has created “House of Marley.” The line is debuting with a line of eco-conscious audio including earbuds, headphones, docking stations, speakers, and boom boxes. House of Marley’s products are affiliated with which contributes to charity water and other causes, and part of the proceeds from all Marley entities go to the organization. As Rohan Marley says,” I’m here to make sure we carry on the legacy from generation to generation, so I said we have to be eco-friendly. It’s very important that the acoustics are good and the look and feel are also right; the wood and the aluminum just make the sound so much denser. The vision we have for House of Marley going forward is to continue to be eco-friendly, continuing our work with charities, and just upholding the message of the music and who we, the family are.” MSRP $29.99 – $499.99 12 HOMBRE




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Riviera Maya Hosts Premier Jazz Festival


strong line-up of Jazz greats will come together at this year’s Riviera Maya Jazz Festival. Performers include Natalia Lafourcade, Randy Brecker, Stanley Clarke and the Yellowjackets. The Festival has developed into one of the biggest musical events in Mexico and a premier attraction in Riviera Maya —all part of the destination’s commitment to offer visitors an unforgettable experience. Under the strong leadership of Director of Tourism Dario Flota and Public Relations Director Ana Mari Irabien, Riviera Maya has become one of the hottest tourism ‘musts’ in the world, a favorite for both domestic and international travellers. Crystalline waters, white sand beaches, ancient ruins, unexplored jungles, historic cenotes, exciting nightlife and, of course, one of the top ten jazz festivals in the world, make it completely irresistible. Now in its 9th year the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival - under the direction of Fernando Toussaint - begins on Thursday, November 24th, with Natalia Lafourcade, a talented, daring and irreverent artist who has won several MTV awards and been nominated for a Latin Grammy. The evening continues with pianist, composer and an excellent representative of fusion jazz, Jeff Lorber; ending with Randy Becker and his combination of R&B, rock and jazz on the trumpet. Day two, Friday November 25th, starts out with a sense of nostalgia around the now traditional stage at Playa del Carmen’s Playa Mamitas. Enrique and

Natalia Lafourcade

Stanley Clarke


Fernando Toussaint, together with Enrique Pat, will pay homage to the career of one of Mexico’s most recognized jazz musicians and composers, Eugenio Toussaint. This is an entirely new project with melodies created by the authors in honor of one of Mexico’s jazz greats. The night continues with Jon Anderson, the former vocalist for the legendary progressive rock band Yes. Ana Mari Irabien and Dario Flota Bringing the evening to a close is musical legend and Best Contemporary Jazz Album winner for 2011, Stanley Clarke. Clarke’s career spans over 36 years, taking the bass to new heights. The Festival concludes with renowned musician Alex Otaola. He will be followed by Richard Bona a musician from Cameroon, who upholds the concept of universal music by offering tunes that are generous and accessible to all. The Yellowjackets, celebrating 30 years together as a jazz fusion institution, have the honor of being the closing act for the Festivals’ 9th edition. Both jazz aficionados and music lovers in general will have the opportunity to indulge in an extraordinary experience as they listen to these masters under a canopy of stars with the Caribbean waves breaking in the background of Riviera Maya’s picturesque Playa Mamitas. To be a part of the experience visit HOMBRE 13


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S ‘The Nature of Colombia’ at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival


Text: Kristen Kosnac

ith deeply rooted, rich traditions, what better country to feature at the Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival than Colombia? Thanks to two coastlines, rainforests, and part of the world’s longest continental mountain range Colombia is truly a special destination. The Festival breaks stereotypes and showcases the best the nation has to offer. As part of the 45th annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival, talented craftspeople and performers gathered in Washington D.C.’s National Mall to demonstrate the process behind the trades that contribute to Colombia’s growing economy. By participating in this festival, representatives from Colombia hoped to eliminate the perception gap and prove the country as a fascinating, vibrant tourist destination. The festival itself was the result of a cooperation of many entities, including Proexport Colombia and the Smithsonian Institution. The process for Colombia to become a part of it was five years long, including two years for curatorship. Fittingly, the theme was “The Nature of Colombia.” With six primary ecosystems each of Colombia’s regions boasts its own specialty; in the Pacific Rainforest region, for example, gold mining is an important industry. The Pacific Coast is influenced heavily by African Culture. The large river basins of the Southeastern Plains provide fertile soil for crop growing. Agriculture, along with cattle ranching and hunting, are the main livelihoods of the region. Anyone traveling to the Cafe Triangle has the option to be immersed in the culture of the Coffee Region by renting a coffee hacienda. The coffee industry sustains around 550,000 families per year and is a key part of Colombia’s economy. The Andean Highlands are home to over seventy percent of the country’s population; the residents of this region are incredibly skilled in weaving. Watching a mother and daughter side by side, I could feel the enormous sense of well-deserved pride that each took in their work. If experiencing a traditional Colombian feast is on your agenda, the Caribbean influenced Momposino Depression is the perfect destination. The combination of African, Spanish, and Creole tradition in this region makes for fantastic celebrations, complete with rich food and drumming performances. For anyone seeking to partake in the symbolic rituals of Colombia’s indig-

enous culture, the Amazon Tropical Rainforest is the place. The region covers more than a third of the country and is home to fifty two ethnic groups who speak thirteen different languages. The Festival offered plenty of entertainment. Starting with Colombia’s music which is an adventure in and of itself. The instruments used come from three different cultures: Native, Spaniard, and African. Carranguera music from the Andean Highlands, joropo music from the Southeastern Plains, and chirimia music from the Pacific Coast were some of the rhythms showcased at the festival. Thanks to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, approximately one million people were able to get a taste of what Colombia is all about; to experience fully all that every region has to offer would take much longer than the festival’s ten day run. Whether you yearn to taste a cup of tinto fresher than any you’d find at your local Starbucks, visit the rainforest to get in touch with Colombia’s roots, or see the sustainable architecture made from guadua bamboo; Colombia has something for everyone. For more information on Colombia visit



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SABOR! It’s All About Good Taste!



s e a n s


n n r h -

The Influence of Latin Food Circles the Globe Join Us in A Never Ending Journey To Discover The Best All photos Zengo New York HOMBRE 15


11/7/2011 12:51:58 PM


Las Vegas: BESO Eva Longoria Conquers Vegas



Text: Jorge Savedra

va Longoria’s BESO Steakhouse and EVE Nightclub in Las Vegas are the crown jewels in the 8.5 billion dollar “Crystals” CityCenter MGM/Mirage Las Vegas development. The stylish restaurant has a Latin flare that combines Longoria’s heritage and passion for cooking with the skills of Chef Todd English. The result is exquisite fare featuring flavorful, tender cuts of aged beef and an assortment of tasty ceviche selections served in a beautiful, rich setting. The steakhouse is your quintessential Foodie haven, and with a wide variety of steaks and seafood, the selection is sure to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Eva Longoria herself lent a hand when creating the menu; her recipes include the to-die-for avocado guacamole, delicious chicken tortilla soup and the Chili Rubbed Skirt Steak which is an incredibly tender piece of meat, marinated with a Longoria family recipe that gives it a tasty kick. My personal favorite is the lamb chops, the tastiest, most delicious lamb you can imagine. But there is more to Beso than meats. The seafood potion of the menu has fresh, high quality Safe Harbor imported fish from Alaska. A specialty is the Seared Tuna Adobo, seared to perfection, served with a side of jumbo lumb crab which when combined create an exquisite dish. The meal portions are huge and guaranteed not to leave you hungry. When it comes time for dessert, the churros are not to be missed. BESO Steakhouse is environmentally conscious with a design that is elegant. Deep chocolate browns and rich gold finishes envelop Beso’s 6,000-square-foot interior. Custom-designed chandeliers highlight a red exhibition kitchen, there is a sophisticated dining room and a patio offers


t t T i b f

outdoor dining year round. BESO is also home to EVE Nightclub, where guests intertwine in a luxurious black and sparkling gold atmosphere, complete with lavish VIP booths, a premium sound and lighting system, floor-to-ceiling mirrored windows and 50-foot-tall arched ceilings. One-of-a kind colossal video screens surrounding the dance floor are a striking, state-of-the art feature unique to EVE Nightclub alone. EVE Nightclub is the first ever female-owned, female-designed, and female-operated nightclub in Vegas. Longoria’s hands-on approach and First Lady status means an end to the boys club that used to reign over Vegas nightlife. Your next time in Vegas make a BESO and EVE, a must visit destination.

BESO 6225 South Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118-3803 (702) 254-2376 16 HOMBRE


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I o a v f s

, s o


New York: ZENGO

Bringing Zest To Latin Cuisine Text: Kristen Kosnac


eave it to acclaimed restauranteur Richard Sandoval to successfully merge the best of Latin and Asian cuisine at Zengo. Sandoval is one of the most successful chefs in the world with an empire that expands as far as Dubai. The Zengo brand has outposts in Denver, D.C., Santa Monica and New York. New York's Zengo is a massive space located in the heart of Grand Central. On the mezzanine, there is the Sake and Sochu Lounge, which features traditional Japanese spirits, while the basement level La Biblioteca Tequila Library caters to the Western palate. Smack in between the two is the main dining room, where our adventure begins. The space is vast but warm, with wooden beams and floor to ceiling windows. A chandelier from Guadalajara hangs from the ceiling, tying it all together. The lighting is dim, augmenting the sophisticated ambiance of the place. In the main dining room, guests have the option of a communal table or one of the coves with plush booths; we choose the latter. We start with a tasting of two ceviches, both of which are tinged with Far Eastern flavor; the mahi-mahi is seasoned with napa cabbage and nori, and the other features Thai sweet shrimp. For sushi lovers, the Volcano Roll is an outstanding option which combines seared salmon and red crab marinated

in a sesame-chipotle aioli. Our waiter is extremely attentive, bringing out everything fast and giving an in depth explanation of each dish. We learn "Zengo" translates loosely to "give and take." Our feast continues. The Grilled Prawn marinated with yellow curry and pineapple salsa is outstanding; the sweetness of the salsa proves a surprisingly flattering companion to the spices of the curry. The Szechuan Grilled Rack of Lamb is juicy and succulent, seasoned with spicy rapini and served with a side of queso cotija gratin. Dessert includes an alcoholic version of Hurachas, as well as a tequila flight before descending into La Biblioteca, Zengo's tequila library. Our tequila librarian, Courtenay, shows us downstairs. With over 400 varieties, La Biblioteca is home to one of the largest collections of tequila and agave based spirits in the United States; perfect for those who prefer a library more suited for hitting the bottle than the books. If you'd rather sip leisurely than finish a whole bottle at once, there are lockers available to rent so you can savor yours at a later date should you not be able to finish it. Whether you're entertaining potential clients or trying to impress a date, the unusual combination that Zengo brings to the table will make the experience one that is memorable- and prove that you really can mix sake and tequila. Zengo is undoubtedly one of the best dining experiences in New York.

t s

Zengo 622 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017 (212) 808-811 HOMBRE 17


11/7/2011 12:54:39 PM


Miami: RED THE STEAKHOUSE Red Is The New Black In South Beach


Text: Alberto Marquez

eat lovers in Miami have a sanctuary: Red The Steakhouse. Since opening the doors in 2009, the chic, sophisticated restaurant has managed to capture a growing following of devoted celebrities, models, and plain ordinary folk with good taste, who can truly appreciate a succulent cut of meat prepared to perfection; all in the heart of South Beach. Red is the creation of restaurateur Brad Friedlander who after experiencing great success in Cleveland decided to venture into Miami with Executive Chef and partner Peter Vauthy. The menu developed by Vauthy and Executive Chef Jonathan Bennett proved to be just what the locals needed. The experience begins as you walk through the door and are surrounded by the dramatic and sexy décor. Subtle, yet elegant and sophisticated. The main dining room has dark crimson, mahogany fixtures, plush seating and red accents. There’s a VIP room, an oversized bar and a rooftop terrace with a panoramic view of South Beach. Awaken your palate with a choice appetizer of Tuna Tartare, a delicious mix of Sushi grade tuna and sweet chili vinaigrette served with plantain chips & pickled vegetables; or try the Mussels Diavolo a combination of Maine Mussels, chilies, tomato & garlic; or why not experience Brad’s Hot Stuffed Peppers with house made Italian sausage and tomato sauce - all sauces and garnishes prepared from scratch. You’re in Miami so the Frutti di Mare with oysters, clams, shrimp, mussels, calamari, King Crab and lobster is decadent choice. Now for the main course… Chef Peter Vauthy has been a featured chef at


a a z

c b c

the James Beard House and selected as the Certified Angus Beef celebrity chef, so naturally the specialty of the house are the incredible cuts of meat. The bone in selections are all Certified Angus Beef and include the 22oz. Ribeye or the meat lover’s dream of a 48 oz. porterhouse. Other exciting dishes are the Free Range Domestic Veal Marsala, the New Zealand Lamb Rack, and the Double Cut Pork Chop. The extensive menu also offers poultry and fresh seafood for those taking a break from meats – but why would you? Desserts are sure to provide the perfect exclamation point to the evening. And with over 700 bottles - including its own private blend - you really can’t go wrong in the wine department. Red The Steakhouse, as the name implies is sizzling hot. With exquisite cuisine, distinctive decor and excellent service you can understand Red’s popularity and why Red is the new black.

119 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 • 1 305.534.3688 18 HOMBRE



11/7/2011 12:56:47 PM

M a Y

y . . g b d y

e s


New York: CENTRICO Traditional Mexican Done Tribeca Style


Text: Kristen Kosnac

nyone who enjoys Mexican cuisine but yearns for a level of sophistication will find solace in Centrico. Acclaimed restaurateur Drew Nieporent has partnered with renowned Chef, Food Network star and cookbook author Aaron Sanchez to create a haven for sublime expressions of traditional Mexican dishes. The establishment, located in the heart of Tribeca, features a wraparound terrace, wall-to-wall windows, and a spacious dining room. The ambiance is more low key than your typical Mexican bistro. A hammered zinc bar along the wall serves up margaritas and other cocktails. Centrico's best attributes, however, are the open kitchen and the chef who occupies it: Aaron Sanchez. The place is far from snobbish, but it exudes a classiness that warrants more than just street style tacos; and indeed, Centrico delivers. What makes Centrico exceptional is its inclusion of recipes from many of Mexico's states, rather than one region: corn tarts with salsa from MichoacĂĄn, seafood frittata from Veracruz, slow roast suckling pig from the Yucatan. In essence, it's a "Melting Pot" of Mexican gastronomical diversity. The menu features traditional comfort food such as fresh guacamole with tres salsas, it also puts a twist on classic dishes. The Ceviche del Dia with Mahi Mahi is a welcome departure from the standard tuna or shrimp, adding a touch of Cuban influence. As someone who loves rock shrimp tempura, the Camarones y Pozole is a must try; instead of being deep fried, the rock shrimp are sau-

teed. The creamy ajillo chile sauce is the perfect marinade. The Tostadas de Jaiba is a zesty blend of lump crabmeat, avocado, and chipotle-lime aioli. Of course, no Mexican meal would be complete without sweetbread, which is Sanchez's specialty. The Tacos de Lengua, which are filled with surprisingly tender tongue, and The Birria al Estilo Jalisco, or braised short ribs seasoned with ancho chillies, are also excellent meat dishes. The Pescado del Dia is Sea Bass, which is served three ways; I order mine a la parrilla, which means grilled with tres salsas. Although the preparation is simple, the freshness of the ingredients makes the dish delicious. Dessert is coconut flan with spicy mango salsa and churros served with guava salsa and chocolate sauce. Nieporent and Sanchez have done a spectacular job combining the laid back downtown vibe and traditional Mexican dining to create Centrico. Although the place’s aesthetic, especially its high ceilings, are classic Tribeca, the American perspective that chef Aaron Sanchez brings to each dish adds contemporary flavor.

211 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013 (212) 431-0700 HOMBRE 19


11/7/2011 12:56:56 PM

QDOBA: Mexican Food Take Over Text: Inna Braginsky


doba Mexican Grill began in 1995 in Denver and has become one of the leading national restaurant chains serving fast casual Mexican food. After 16 years in business it can now be found in 43 states with more than 500 restaurants overall. The company continues to grow, rapidly expanding especially in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia with both corporate owned and franchised restaurants. According to Ted Stoner, the head chef of Qdoba for the past 6 years, “We run restaurants and make money the same way our franchisees make money and we are great at operating them. The growth all depends on where real estate is available. We have seen great growth in New York in the past three years as well as NewJersey. We have a corporate market in Boston; we have franchise interest in the Providence market. The whole East Coast is doing great, the West Coast was a little slower but we see more and more of a presence in California. The challenge in going into larger markets is often brand identity. But we see great potential with available real estate and plenty of hungry guests in those larger markets.”The biggest market remains Denver, where the business began. Ted Stoner and the entire Qdoba team are passionate about the food, the flavor and always excited to meet their guests and give the best. As Stoner explains, “We do so much hand prepara-

tion that is just unheard of in companies of 500 units. Whether it's slow cooking of shredded beef, the pork we hand shred, whether it's cooking beans from scratch, making guacamoles throughout the day, the chips…”He continues. “We are always updating our menu with new products. We've done a lot but it's the bigger you get, the more you have to test and it's really just a challenge to make sure the training material is unambiguous, that we have everything figured out, that we know how our guests are going to respond.” Qdoba’s team tries to test their new products in the different geographical locations and it’s interesting to see how people’s taste depends on their geographical region. For example, there are more fans of shredded meats in the West Coast, the Midwest is more about ground sirloin, and the East Coast sells more quesadillas than anywhere else. Stoner is a fan of the creativity of truly Mexican flavors and a firm believer in health consciousness. No extra fat, only a small amount of oil that gets naturally produced in the beans, and slow cooking for more nutrition and less calories. One of his latest innovations is Street Tacos. Its success is based on the high quality of ingredients and the right way to combine them. As he says, “I just wanted to hold true to the authentic tacos of Mexico using the soft corn and keep it minimally garnished. They are really simplistic and really allow the shredded beef and pork to come through.”

Holy Mole!

The New Hot Spot in Williamsburg Text: Kristen Kosnac


o one would ever guess that a place with a drink called “Sex in a Mexican Prison” on the menu could be romantic; Mole’s newest location in Williamsburg, however, is one of the best new spots in all of New York to take a date. Situated right on the waterfront, a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline looms right around the corner. It is Lupe Elizalde’s and Nick Cervera’s first Brooklyn establishment, and although it’s a bit more spacious than their other three in Manhattan, it’s just as charming. Mole Williamsburg has only been open for a few weeks, but it’s already created quite a buzz in the

neighborhood. Perhaps it’s all due to Mole’s secret ingredient: the Mole Poblano Sauce, made in Oaxaca by Lupe’s mom. She entrusts the rest of the ingredients to her chefs, but puts painstaking emphasis on consistency; they prep things the same way, every day. The Specials of the House include the “Ceviche Come to Life,” comprised of octopus, sepia, crab, shrimp, pico de gallo, lime juice, and orange soda. The fact that it’s cooked may seem contradictory, but the incarnation of this dish does the name justice. The tentacles spilling over the top of the glass and the salsa dripping down the side are a precursor to the generous portions that follow. Other specialties

include the Carnitas, a traditional dish from Michoacán with chunks of pork confit served with a fresh, zesty salsa verde. The side of cactus is like nothing you have ever tasted; similar to eggplant in texture, but better. Then there’s the Baja Style Fish Tacos. Consisting of blue corn tortillas wrapped around the flounder, pico de gallo, and avocado these are the most colorful fish tacos you’ve ever seen or tasted. Dessert at Mole is an absolute must. If you think you’ve had flan before, you haven’t tasted the flan at Mole. Its creamy, rich texture is a far cry from the gelatin-like substance that many restaurants pass off as an after dinner treat. With a ferry to Manhattan down the block and live concerts taking place along the waterfront, Mole offers an opportunity to truly enjoy Brooklyn at its finest.

Mole Williamsburg - 178 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211 20 HOMBRE


11/7/2011 12:57:55 PM



It’s time for a celebration and with this select group of spirits you’re always guaranteed a good time. Drink up! PELIGROSO TEQUILA

EXCLUSIV VODCA Originating from the wheat fields of Moldova, near the shores of the Black Sea, Exclusiv Vodca is smooth, subtle and rich with a sweeter, polished taste. It has a creamy mocha aroma and flavors with hints of dried cherries and spice and a long, delicate cream and powdered sugar fade.

Exclusiv Sangria 1 750 ml. bottle dry white wine 12 oz. Exclusiv Citrus Vodka 4 oz. Grand Marnier 4 oz. Orange Juice 4 oz. White Grape Juice 4 oz. Pomegranate Juice 4 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice 2 oz. Simple Syrup Combine 3 parts Exclusiv vodka with 1 part dry sherry, stir over ice, then strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon or a pimientostuffed Spanish olive. 1 serving.

Founded just over a year ago, Peligroso is an exceptionally smooth, 42% alcohol by Volume, 100% Blue Agave Tequila, grown and harvested in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The agave is steamed in authentic brick ovens, distilled in copper and stainless pots and aged in real white oak whiskey barrels from Tennessee (6-8 months for Reposado and 12-18 months for Anejo). Each Peligroso bottle is corked and numbered by hand, to certify its authenticity and the unique bottle design defines it as Silver, Reposado or Añejo.

The Peligroso Fresh Fruit Margarita Orginal Lime/Pineapple/Mango 1.5-2 oz of either Peligroso Reposado or Peligroso Silver Tequila 1-1.5 oz of triple sec 1/2 of a fresh lime


squeezed Fill the glass to the top with fresh fruit juice Shake all ingredients together in a shaker, and return back to glass

Riazul Premium Tequila’s agave fields sit on 250 acres of virgin, mineral-rich red volcanic soil, or “tierra roja” in the Jalisco highlands. After maturing for over a decade the agaves contain higher sugar content, resulting in more aromatic tequilas with sweeter tasting notes. Riazul can best be described silky, smooth, sweet. The distinctive f lavor profile will appeal to the spirit connoisseur and make converts out of previous tequila non-believers.


DonQ Rum is Puerto Rico’s bestselling rum and it’s now making great inroads in the North American palate. With strong character and smooth flavor the versatile spirit is perfect for mixed drinks, straight up or on the rocks. Produced by Destilería Serrallés since 1865, the brand consists of DonQ Cristal; Añejo, prized rum for its high quality; and three flavored rums, including Mojito, Límon and Coco.

S PA R K L I N G W I N E S The increased demand in sparkling wine along with the explosive growth in sweet wines has opened the door for an exciting new array of options. Here are 3 of our favorite choices: � Avissi Prosecco (Italy): Grown in the famed Veneto region of Italy, the grapes produce a straw-yellow sparkling wine with a bouquet of floral notes and fresh fruit. � Sutter Home Bubbly Moscato (USA, California): With a perfumed mix of rose petals and lychee fruit that blends the flavors of sweet, creamy white peaches and juicy, ripe honeydew melons this Moscato is perfect for a celebration or as a dessert wine. � Zibbibo Sparkling Pink Moscato (Australia): A light, effervescent, lusciously sweet sparkling spirit that is made from a blend of predominantly Muscat grapes with a splash of Shiraz revealing vibrant strawberry notes and red berry fruit. HOMBRE 21


11/7/2011 12:58:09 PM

Latin food is explosive, it’s colorful, there are so many varieties. It’s a cuisine the world has embraced.

H e R w t s

H R o c

H R c g t c

H R m c

H R c h t e d t

H a R t c t i s fi

Richard Sandoval: Globalizing Latin Cuisine

Text: Francisco Romeo


ho would have guessed that the aspiring professional tennis player would one day own a restaurant empire that extends from Denver to Dubai and around again. It can easily be said that Richard Sandoval is the most successful Latin chef in the world today. His commitment to quality and innovation has expanded the Richard Sandoval brand to places that were – until his arrival – unfamiliar with the world of Latin food. Since working at his father side in Acapulco and having the experience of two very popular New York restaurants, Sandoval’s career really took off with Maya. After sharing drinks with Richard at a Culinary Festival in Riviera Nayarit a few days before, we met again for a more formal interview at the soft opening of his latest venture in New York, DohYo, a spectacular space

H R I w T t

in the newly opened Yotel. HOMBRE: Let’s go back to where it all began. How did you decide to open Maya? RS: Mexican food 10 years ago was seen as very casual food, almost all Tex-Mex. After 2 years of realizing how restaurants worked I opened Maya in 1994. It was not a great location and I was a month away from closing and then the New York Times came in and gave me 2 stars. We were the first 2 star Mexican restaurant in New York and a domino effect took over. People kept coming to us. After that I went to San Francisco and opened Maya San Francisco which got 3 stars from the Chronicle. Then went to Denver and everywhere else and now we have 29 restaurants.



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l d y 2 a t s d


H: To what do you attribute the success of Maya and your ability to expand? RS: Growing up with my father I learned the restaurant business. He was always numbers driven. He always wanted me to understand that it wasn’t the glamorous side; first and foremost it was a business so when I went on my own l always understood numbers. H: How do you maintain quality control? RS: It’s all about the people. I have a great team of chefs, great operations people, I have a corporate office. I’ve structured my company in a way that allows me to grow H: How have you been able to expand your brand? RS: I’m very passionate with what I do. When Maya became successful lots of people wanted me to do the same thing. But I would go to a place where I was thinking of opening a restaurant, spend time there analyze the community, see the area and tweak it and come up with a different concept. H: How do you develop the menus? RS: Everything has a Latin element in it, all my restaurants, all my menus. There’s Latin Asian, Latin seafood, they all have a Latin component to it, depending in what I want to do. H: What has been your inspiration? RS: From the business side, my father. But the passion for food came from my grandmother. Every weekend at my grandmother’s house there was always a party, the whole family was together, there were platters of food coming out. They would have imported butters, imported cheeses. My palate was being exposed to different flavors from around the world. A lot of chefs don’t have that.

simple food. And I raise my kids to eat very healthy food. H: What’s next for you? RS: I’m opening a restaurant in DC tomorrow, then the Yotel opens officially, then Dubai, then a wine bar in Denver called Al Lado next to Zengo. I’m doing an Asian restaurant in Mexico City, working for something in Miami, opening something in Vegas, we have about 5 or 6 projects brewing right now for next 12 months H: How involved are you in the details of your restaurants? RS: I like to create. I’m involved in everything. People who invest in me want me to do that, it’s very important. I care about their money, care about every detail. H: To what do you attribute your success? RS: I would say it’s strong relationships and honesty, that’s why I have such a good reputation and people continue to do business with me. H: What can people expect from a Richard Sandoval restaurant? RS: It’s very important to over deliver. I think people understand my food now and look for bold flavors, balance, contrasts, texture, and consistency. If you’re going to be successful you have to be consistent and when people go to one of my restaurants they know what they’re getting.

Ketsi, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

H: How is the process of exporting Latin food to places like Dubai and India? RS: It’s incredible. Today Latin food is the Italian of 10 years ago, the French of 10 years ago. As the world has globalized I think all chefs are using all the ingredients from around the world, even the French are using jalapenos, cilantro. Latin food is explosive, it’s colorful, there are so many varieties and you can use them in so many ways to come up with a completely different flavor profile. It’s a cuisine the world has embraced. H: Tell us about Zengo. RS: Zengo in Japanese means give and take. I hired a chef when I was working in Singapore and he would do an Asian dish and I would Latinize. I would do a Latin dish and he would Asianize it. Two chefs, give and take, back and forth, mixing their cultures, their cuisines, their ideas.

Raya, Dubai

DohYo, New York

H: And DohYo, the new restaurant here at Yotel? RS: Yotel has a big boutique hotel feel to it. It’s fun, exciting, great food. This restaurant will have a global cuisine, a combination of all my menus, all my travels from around the world in one menu. H: What do you cook at home? RS: You’ve met my wife right (laughs). She doesn’t let me cook (laughs). You should ask her that question. But seriously, I live in California, I like an outside kitchen, fresh vegetables, fresh food. I’m always around such elaborate menus so when I’m home I like HOMBRE 23


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Robert Unanue & Peter Unanue: If It’s Goya…


I n b

Text: Jorge Aldestre


hen it comes to Latin food, one name stands above the rest. For the past 75 years Goya Foods has managed to outlast the competition and reign supreme as the brand of choice in Hispanic households. Led by the dynamic duo of Robert L. Unanue (President) and Peter Unanue (Executive Vice President), Goya Foods is undeniably the largest Hispanic owned food company in the United States. The company was founded in 1936 in a small storefront in Lower Manhattan by Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife Carolina as a food distributor of Spanish olives, olive oil and sardines. Today Goya Foods - still family owned - has over 3,000 employees with offices in New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, California, Texas, Puerto Rico and Spain. From modest origins and intent on building upon its rich heritage, the company now has more than 1,600 product offerings and distributed brands representing all of Latin America.

Education is very important to Goya and vital to the development of our youth. In addition to new product development, the company recently added over one million square feet to its manufacturing and packaging capacity. As company President Robert Unanue says, “Goya has done a total overhaul of our automation and improved our manufacturing and packaging technology.” He continues with this piece of advice, "Know your technology: Colleges today don't just look at your SAT scores, they look at how wellrounded you are. You need to have the technical background, but also be able to fit into the culture of the company you work for.” As he says, "Education is very important to Goya and vital to the development of our youth and to the strengthening of our communities." The company has stepped up to the plate in education with various initiatives including a new nationwide scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors interested in culinary arts and food sciences. "As the leader in Latin American food, our new Culinary Arts Scholarship Program is one of our educational pillars, essential to the fulfillment of our mission to celebrate, nurture, and preserve Goya's diverse culinary heritage and future," says Executive Vice President Peter Unanue. "We pride ourselves on authenticity, highquality, and culinary traditions and wanted to establish a scholarship that would give students the opportunity to pursue their passion in the culinary arts and food sciences." With a family-oriented approach, the company refers to its consumers as La Gran Familia Goya and actively participates in important community events. They sponsor festivals, parades, domino tournaments and children’s sports events. In 2011, the company developed the Goya Gives campaign and will donate over 2 million pounds of food to local and national organizations. It’s fitting that this year Goya Foods was recognized, and the Unanues were honored as Grand Marshalls of the two most important Latin events in New York City – The National Puerto Rican Parade and the Hispanic Parade. The recognitions have poured from around the country including a special presentation at the White House. After achieving their 75th Anniversary milestone even President Obama had to agree, ‘Si es Goya, Tiene que ser bueno!’



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Aaron Sanchez:

Blazing His Own Path Text: Francisco Romeo

In the world of Latin restaurants and Mexican food Zarela Martinez is an institution. But it is her son Aaron Sanchez who is now building his own legacy and blazing a trail for others to follow.


anchez stars on multiple Food Network shows including: Heat Seekers, Chefs vs. City, Chopped, Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Dear Food Network Thanksgiving Special. He is owner and executive chef of Centrico in New York and Mestizo Restaurant in Kansas City, and the culinary visionary behind New York’s Tacombi Tacqueria and Crossroads at House of Blues nationwide. His books include “La Comida del Barrio: Latin-American Cooking in the U.S.A.,” and his latest “Simple Food Big Flavor.” HOMBRE: Tell us about the development of the menu at Centrico? Aaron Sanchez: I’m from the north of Mexico, from Chihuahua and I started traveling when it came time to put the menu together. I didn’t want to have a homogenized menu. I wanted to feature classic dishes but reinvented with good quality ingredients and a more contemporary presentation H: To what do you attribute the success of Centrico? AS: We’ve tried to stay humble and accessible. The success is based on two things. First, our consistency, trying to deliver that positive experience over and over again. The second is meeting people’s expectations. When people come to my restaurant they have an expectation and that can be me cooking for them, it can be Mexican food at a good price point, a funky atmosphere, great drinks… Whatever that is we try to deliver those expectations and that’s how we have people coming back. H: What is the best lesson you learned from your mom? AS: To remember my culture, to know the food, and to develop my own style. To use your training but create dishes that are signature to you so when people eat your food they go that’s an Aaron Sanchez dish or a Zarela Martinez dish. H: What do you hope to teach mainstream audiences on television about Latin food? AS: I try to make sure that they know Latin food is not comida casera, not home style food necessarily. I want people to know that Sanchez, along there is an elegance and sophistication with partner MOZO shoes involved. Each country has contribuhas also created a signature tions that are being made and there footwear collection giving style, is a lot of originality. You have to think quality and affordable options to of the regionality of the restaurant industry and Latin food. You can’t home chef. just say all Latin or all Mexican food is the same. H: Do you have plans of expanding

When you cook for a woman you are breaking down the traditional barriers and also showing an artistic side to you. restaurants? AS: We’re looking at restaurants in the Midwest and other parts of the country. I want to spread the love. Especially to other places that don’t have the Mexican food or the experience they should be having. H: What are some of your other plans? AS: I just released my new cookbook “Simple food, Big flavor” which is unique Mexican inspired recipes from my kitchen to yours. I’m getting ready to promote the book and my new show on the Food Network “Heat Seekers.”There are a lot of different things going on H: Why is it important for men to cook for women? AS: When you cook for a woman you are breaking down the traditional barriers and also showing an artistic side to you. It’s very thoughtful. Any time you make something with your hands you are honoring that person and that’s an important thing to do. HOMBRE 25


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Perfect Tools For A

Kitchen Seduction A little cooking goes a long way in the art of seduction. Here are some essentials to prepare the perfect meal… and even if you end up ordering in, at least she’ll be turned on by your very impressive kitchen set up. Text: Alejandro Romero

❹ ❻


Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Indoor Grill

Most meals take less than 10 minutes in this nonstick grill that opens up to provide plenty of room for your steaks, burgers and hot dogs. MSRP $59.99


Microplane Meat Tenderizer

Forget about hammering your skirt steak to submission. Just rock the Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer back and forth across the meat and the sharp, etched blades break down and soften the fibers leaving you a softer, more flavorful steak. MSRP $19.95


Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 10 Piece Set

The Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel Set is crafted with copper to deliver optimum heat control and perfect cooking performance. A layer of aluminum is encapsulated with copper, followed by more aluminum and finished with an impact-bonded stainless steel cap for outstanding heat distribution. Its European-inspired design looks cool and this set of pots and pans has everything you need. Better yet, nonstick for easy food release, easy cleaning, metal utensil safe and suitable for all stovetops. The set includes: 1.5 Qt. Covered Saucepan, 3 Qt. Covered Saucepan, 8 Qt. Covered Stockpot, 8.5" French Skillet, 10" French Skillets 3 Qt. Covered Sauté MSRP $399.


Hamilton Beach Large Capacity Oven

When you need a second oven this stainless steel offering from Hamilton Beach provides efficiency, convenience and enough room for a 9 x 13 baking pan. Make pizzas, roast a 5lb chicken with rotating rotisserie, and with the easy to clean interior you’ll be done in no time. MSRP $129.99


T-Fal ActiFry

tionary machine that can roast, fry, (quickly) slow-cook, or stir-fry, a variety of foods, all with little to no oil. You can make a hundreds of meals in this one cooker - all with zero to two tablespoons of oil cutting away almost 75% of the fat. Make seafood, fajitas, buffalo wings, chili, desserts and more, including French fries that will go from 16-18 grams of fat to only 3 grams. MSRP $249.99


Wüsthof Classic Essential 3-Piece Knife Set

You know you want to play with the big knife and pretend to be a butcher! This professional-quality cutlery set simplifies the job of breaking down whole cuts of meat. The set includes the cleaver for breaking down large cuts and cutting through bones, the boning knife to cut meat from the bone and trim away fat, sinews and tendons and the poultry shears for cut through bone without tearing the delicate meat. MSRP $199.95


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s CBTL Kaldi

This single-serve brewing system from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf comes in a sleek design and vibrant metallic color to give you delicious coffee, tea and espressobased beverages – all with a single touch. The system employs single capsules containing The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf hand-selected premium coffees and hand-plucked whole leaf teas. It’s easy to use. One capsule, one touch. The unique twin pressure system provides high pressure to capture all the aroma, texture, flavor of espresso, while gentle pressure allows flavors in coffee and tea to develop naturally and with great balance. MSRP $179.99 The CBTL Milk Frother is the perfect complement for cappuccinos , chocolate and more. (Sold separately. MSRP $59.59)

Your attention to nutrition and health will go a long way in her book. Here is a revolu-



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e r

s, h m

s f h t.

a d e o, h




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t a e 1

w b l m u

s f m n


Sublime Sedans

in a Man’s World



Text: Michael Andre Adams

INDULGENCE IS: The Majesty of a Jaguar XJ Supersport - $111,075 With the power of 510 horses under the hood, driven by a six-speed transmission, XJ ushers in the presence of royalty unlike any other. XJ’s exterior design is nothing short of captivating. The silhouette exudes premium luxury class status from every angle. The all-encompassing interior cabinet is also befitting of royalty. Rich wood grain paneling wraps from the front dash, through the front door panels, ending on the rear door panels where Jaguar insignia is tastefully positioned in piano black. Above it rests a beautiful leather grain with two rows of stitching unlike anything I've seen from any other manufacturer in XJ’s class. The floor is covered in thick, plush carpeting. As opposed to a stick on the floor, a rotary gear selector automatically raises and lowers when the ignition is engaged/disengaged. Scoring a low EPA rating of 15 miles per gallon in the city, 21 on the highway, XJ is nonetheless a stately, oh so chic sedan for the man at the top of his game, who could probably care less about the price of gas per gallon. His family will also enjoy the two additional temperature control zones for rear seat passengers, with heated and cooled seats. However, the massage feature is reserved for front seat passengers only.

t t a o

e f c w


i s w c l 28 HOMBRE


11/7/2011 4:13:16 PM

VALUE IS: Hyundai Equus Signature - $58,000 Just when Hyundai had us with the Genesis Sedan, they raised the bar even higher with Equus! Think of the Equus and the Genesis as you do the Mercedes S550 and S400, and in that same order. But to experience the Equus is to know the power of the word value--to the 10th power! The S-esque presence of the Equus commands VIP attention whether in motion or parked—where it receives prominent placement by every valley attendant in town. From the enchanting front fascia laden with LED lights, to the muscular body that suggests purposeful motion as a sign of a more seasoned and sophisticated man, Equus is undeniably a hot whip! With a 4.6 liter, 385 horsepower V8 engine and six speed transmission, Equus boasts the type of power real men enjoy. But with your favorite song playing on the crisp, clear Lexicon stereo, hit the “Sport” mode button to feel the steering and suspension move into a whole new state of agility, taking the experience to a whole new level! Rich, polished wood grain with chrome accents - some polished, some brushed - add further luxury appeal on the inside.

While front and rear passengers have powered seats to some degree (10-directions in the front, two in the rear), the driver has the added advantage of a massage feature. For the price, with an EPA rating of 16 city/24 highway, Equus is quite an amazing value.

PERFORMANCE IS: Audi A8L 4.2 FSI Quattro Auto Tiptronic Sedan - $84,000 Packaged in the chic image of indulgence, Audi’s A8L touches the soul like few can do. As large as it appears, the A8L’s precision tuning places total control in the palm of the driver’s hands. Steering, acceleration, stopping distance...

it moves when you move, “Just like that!” One test and you’ll want to drive, drive, drive, then drive some more—that’s how good this one handles! Audi, a long time leader in performance driven vehicles, has earned a reputation for their gas guzzling engines. Contrary to the thought thereof, the A in A8 ought to stand for A-game based on the fuel economy achieved from the powerful 4.2 liter, 372 horsepower V8 engine, with an 8-speed transmission: 17 city and 27 highway. Inside, A8L’s front seats have more options than you can imagine, including a massage feature with the option to choose from a wave motion, knocking, stretch, lumbar, or shoulders, with pressure ranging from 1-5. The soft, supple, perforated leather seats are both heated and cooled. And you can’t help but love the power assisted doors that among other things seal the cabin for ultimate quiet and comfort. A8’s navigation offers voice instruction as well as a diagram to the left of the speedometer to keep your focus forward. Kudos for the best rain sensing wipers I’ve experienced! If it’s presence and performance that you desire, the A8L is for you!

LUXURY IS: Lincoln MKS AWD EcoBoost - $48,160 Here in the USA, the Lincoln brand is synonymous with stately luxury for the seasoned man. Built on the same platform as the hot, new Ford Taurus, the all wheel drive Lincoln MKS is the modern day option for the younger at heart, more contemporary driver, versus the more seasoned Town Car owner. The full size MKS, with its EcoBoot, twin turbo, 3.5 liter, 355 horsepower engine offers great aerodynamic appeal in a sedan. Behind the wheel the feel is quite solid and comforting--especially if safety may have ever been compromised in your past. Response time isn’t bad for a car of its size and weight, with acceleration coming along when called upon. Push to start is a yes. But rather than touch the handle to lock, or unlock the doors, a keypad is the standard. Interior design has a sort of British feel. Clean and crisp is the apparent intention of the design dominated by padded leather and a dark wood grain strip accented by polished chrome. A leather wrapped shifter and leather wrapped steering wheel helps relax the feeling. Perforated leather means cooled and heated seats. The interior roof is padded fabric, providing a softer look and feel versus padded leather. The rear seats are heated and there’s a

power outlet for rear seat passengers who need to charge a phone. Speaking of rear passengers, a dual panel moon-roof provides light and air for front seat passengers and light for the rear. MKS has an EPA rating of 17 city /25 highway.



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Boxing is set for a comeback. It needs stars. It needs a story. It needs Mayweather and Pacquia to fight. We need to have those star moments.


b j f p

t t

r fi t s fi

J A C K M An Hombre for All Seasons N Text: Francisco Romeo

When it comes to all-around entertainer, Hugh Jackman defines the term. The actor, dancer, singer and host easily dances his way from the Broadway stage of “A Boy From Oz,” to the action adventures of “Wolverine” to front and center at the Kodak Theater in front of 2 billion people as host of the Academy Awards. In the action drama “ wReal Steel” he stars as Charlie Kenton, the boxing corner man in a futuristic world where robots do the fighting.



11/7/2011 1:04:11 PM

t r T S

y h p


fi a h j




roving that not all Hombres are Latin we spoke with the Australian born megastar about “Real Steel” and his brilliant career.

Hombre: Talk to us about “Real Steel.” Hugh Jackman: I just got this script that came to me and I remember thinking ‘a robot boxing movie…mmm, I’m not sure.’ And then I just really kinda fell in love with it. I love the story. “Rocky” is one of my favorites. And this reminds me of that. One of those movies that gets people cheering and it’s fun. H: It’s a good analogy to compare it to “Rocky” because of the action and the emotional relationship of father and son, tell us about that. HJ: Yeah, the father son relationship speaks to me as a father. It’s really the spine of the film. Even though they are at odds during the first part of the film. They both have the common desire for their robot to win. They see robot boxing as some kind of a salvation. I’ve been at screenings and people cheer and yell and they get so involved. This film appeals to everyone at some level. H: How was the actual filming and playing off the robots? HJ: It was fun. The directing was amazing. As an actor you’re used to work with stick and tennis ball and someone else would paint the robot afterwards but for us it was different because we had real robots. The moves were completely alive...that was the suggestion of Steven Spielberg to director Shawn Levy. H: What’s the strongest message the film conveys? HJ: I think the film is about believing in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you will be alive. In our movie my character lost belief in himself and the world around him and it’s the son that gives him that power of redemption because he believes in him.

lot of people get into acting for the wrong reasons money or fame and I can tell you flat out that really hardly anybody in acting who wants that actually gets it. Go study, learn how to act, enjoy it, and don’t worry whether you can be a big star or not. That will come if it’s meant to.

H: What are the plans for the next “Wolverine” film? HJ: My next film is “Les miserables,” the musical. I’m doing that at the beginning of the year and “Wolverine” comes after that.

H: Who are some boxers that you admired as a kid? HJ: When I grew up it was Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson was a world champ when I was 18-19 so like all boys I admired Mike Tyson. Also obviously Muhammad Ali, and Sugar Ray Leonard.

H: You hosted the Oscars, any plans to do that in the future? HJ: I would love to. But you need to be asked. It’s a really difficult job. I’m excited about Eddie Murphy doing it this year - I am a huge fan. Growing up listening to his standup… I must have seen “Raw” a hundred times. I think he will do an amazing job. I’m excited about it. H: What advice do you give to someone who admires your career and would like to follow your footsteps? HJ: I think the most important thing is to love it. A

H: What do you think about the state of boxing today? HJ: I think boxing is set for a comeback. The UFC and Mixed Martial Arts have taken a little bit of the focus. Boxing needs stars. As we show in the movie, it’s a show, it’s show business. If you look at the NFL there are so many stars. And the NFL really tells the story of sports. We get caught up in the story so when we watch the game, we know it’s the story of a team, it’s the story of a player. And it’s the same with boxing. It needs a story. It needs Mayweather and Pacquia to fight. We need to have those star moments.



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Harry Connick Jr.

From the Big Easy to the Big Screen

Text: Kristen Kosnac


usician. Hollywood actor. Broadway star. Harry Connick Jr. has done it all. In addition to gold and multi-platinum albums, he has starred on Broadway’s Tony Award winning revival of “The Pajama Game,” and appeared in blockbuster films. His latest, “Dolphin Tale,” opened at the top of the box office. The star-studded cast included Kris Kristofferson, Ashley Judd, and Morgan Freeman. HOMBRE: What inspired you to do “Dolphin Tale”? Harry Connick Jr.: I read the script, and thought it was really cool. I couldn’t believe it actually happened...I thought it was an amazing story and it it would be really fun to be a part of it. H: Tell us about your role in the film. HCJr: I play a veterinarian by the name of Dr. Clay Hasket, and I am in charge of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is a real place. This dolphin enters my life and her tail needed to be removed because it was losing circulation, and I end up amputating her tail while finding a way to help her survive. H: You don’t just do television and films; you do theater as well. Can you tell us about that experience? HCJr: It’s cool because it’s the one place where you can combine a little bit of everything: live performance, singing, acting. It’s really a pleasure, and you’re working with truly some of the most talented people of all time. I mean these Broadway performers, their abilities are just overwhelming, and to be able to work with them eight times a week is really an honor. H: You grew up in New Orleans, did that shape your music stylistically? HCJr: Absolutely. I think if I’d grown up somewhere else I’d probably be a completely different artist- if I were even an artist at all. New Orleans was so inspirational. And the cool thing about New Orleans is that everything you want to do is so accessible, especially for a young musician. H: Was it difficult to transition into acting? HCJr: Not really. I think a lot of the skills that I use as a musician are very similar to the skills that I use as an actor, and I sort of have the personality that would lend itself to acting because I like being on stage and I like

I'm gonna keep on trucking and doing my music and working hard creative types of things. So it seemed like a natural extension of what I was doing already. H: Where can we expect to see you next? HCJr: The next thing I’m doing is on Broadway. I’m doing a show called “On a Clear Day”, where I play a psychiatrist that teaches hypnosis in his college class and has a patient who, when hypnotized, channels this woman that I fall in love with. So the only way to get to her is when I hypnotize this patient. That opens in the fall. Then there’ll be another film released in 2012 called “When Angels Sing.” Other than that I’m gonna keep on trucking and doing my music and working hard.



11/7/2011 1:05:07 PM


A o

n g d d


d n e n -


Keep learning and growing and never be satisfied Morales is the tormented father and husband Enrique, and Judy Reyes, portrays the mother Angela. Filmed on location this is director Rashaad Ernesto Green’s first feature length film. Same goes for Harmony Santana, who delivers a heartwrenching performance as Michael, the son. Being of Puerto Rican descent and having grown up in the Bronx, Morales was a perfect fit for the film.

Esai Morales: Bonds of Familia

Text: Kristin Kosnac Photographed exclusively for HOMBRE by Bradley Thurber Imaging: Imre Fejes; Location: Loews Regency Hotel, New York, NY

With his curiosity, energy, and charisma, it’s no wonder that Esai Morales has become one of the most familiar faces on both the big and small screen. He is talented, eloquent and multifaceted. Few will guess that he speaks some Russian and Japanese. “Language has always fascinated me,” he says during a roundtable for “Gun Hill Road,” a film he both starred in and executive produced.


orales made his big screen debut in “Bad Boys” in 1983, and some of his best known roles include Lt. Tony Rodriguez on “NYPD Blue,” Joseph Adama in the TV series “Caprica,” and Richie Valens’ older brother in “La Bamba.” He once again proved

his mettle as an incredibly versatile actor in “Gun Hill Road,” a powerful, moving portrayal of a Latino family living in the Bronx with a transgendered child. The film explores the bonds of a family whose former head of household just got out of prison and returns home to a wife who is distant and a son who is not the child he remembers.

HOMBRE: How do you think the Latin audience responded to “Gun Hill Road”? Esai Morales: You’ve got infidelity, you’ve got joblessness…we’ve got a lot of issues the characters are dealing with but the central core is gender identity, which is different from sexual orientation, which some people feel is more of a choice…gender identity is like a 3yr old child looking in the mirror, a little boy saying “I see a girl.” I think what Rashaad’s film does is really bring to our community the room to respect people for who they are regardless of whether they fall into the neat male or female box. That’s why Judy Reyes’ character is so important. Because she is similar to the real person or even Harmony’s mom, who said, I’ll help you choose your name... How beautiful is that? H: Why do you think the Latin community has such a difficult time dealing with issues such as gender identity and sexual orientation? E.M: You know, the word macho comes from Spanish. The men are men, and the women are traditionally submissive. When you have a gay child, that throws everything out the window, and the implication is, “we’ve done something wrong.” Maybe that’s in my genes, is what’s implied. And {my character}Enrique thinks, “We can’t have that.” Trying to help your own family, you can hurt them. As a self-proclaimed “actorvist,” Morales is involved with various charitable organizations and environmental causes. The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, which he co-founded along with Sonia Braga and Jimmy Smits, actually found “Gun Hill Road” director Rashaad Ernesto Green and helped him bring to life his first film. Esai’s advice to newcomer Green is advice that any aspiring artist would be wise to follow: “I keep telling him he’s growing; I can’t wait to see his future work. Because if this is how he’s starting…wow! I tell him, always strive, no matter how much people tell you you’re great and everything. Keep learning and growing, and never be satisfied.” HOMBRE 33


11/7/2011 1:05:24 PM

If there is respect, there will be no regret



p A V m n W F o p C

H a A d l

H A s u y

Text: Francisco Romeo Andy Garcia Photographed exclusively for HOMBRE by Bradley Thurber Imaging: Rick McKechnie Location: Loews Regency Hotel, New York, NY Special Thanks: Gabriel Reyes




11/7/2011 1:07:42 PM

s , e t





ndy Garcia has built one of the most respected and multidimensional careers in entertainment with a resume that includes portrayals as diverse as Cuban musician Arturo Sandoval, Italian painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani, casino owner Terry Benedict and his latest, Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili . Garcia gained international stardom as well as Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for his role as heir apparent Vincent Mancini in the legendary classic “The Godfather Part III.” But he is much more than an actor. Garcia is a writer, director, producer, Grammy winning musician and music producer and a devoted family man. We spoke to Garcia during his visit to accept the HBO NY Latino International Film Festival’s Impact Award. In a candid conversation the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree talks about portraying a sitting president in Renny Harlin’s powerful war drama “5 Days of War,” his role as executive producer in “Magic City Memoirs,” his upcoming projects and the love for his family. HOMBRE: “5 Days of War” deals with the armed conflict between Georgia and Russia, what attracted you to the film? Andy Garcia: It was a very challenging role. You have a sitting president dealing with a major crisis in his country, so it’s a heightened dramatic state. I like Renny as a director and it’s a genre he handles well.

H: What is the message of the film? AG: To me this is an anti-war movie. There is nothing that should not be resolved diplomatically. That’s what you hope for. There are situations that are unavoidable like World War II and Nazi Germany with all the atrocities. But you hope that as a society if there is respect there will be no regret. H: Tell us about the film AG: Someone told me that the film is like the first 12 minutes of “Saving Pri-

vate Ryan” except that it lasts two hours. It’s very visceral. You have relentless anxiety watching it. From a creative standpoint it’s a very good war movie and Renny should be commended. When I first saw it, the reality of that first scene took me by surprise. It captures the brutality of war very well. H: The film may be controversial for its take on the war, what is your opinion on that? AG: To me it’s an artistic process. It’s not a political process. You have to see the script, who’s directing it and then you make a decision. I don’t make movies with agendas. It’s an artistic decision. H: Did you know you were the Georgian president’s favorite actor? AG: I didn’t know that going in. I would have charged more money! (laughs) H: Can you share an anecdote about filming in the presidential palace? AG: The phone would ring and I would pick it up and say ‘Putin I’ll call you back’ (laughs). You have to make light of it. You’re in the president’s office and the phones are ringing! H: How did you become involved in “Magic City Memoirs”? AG: It’s a movie I knew of because my daughter was in it. An independent

movie out of Florida by young filmmakers. Written, acted and produced by young people. I went to visit the set and they showed me some dailies and said ‘we’d like to get your opinion once we finish.’ I said I’d be glad to see it, but don’t wait until you’re finished. When you have an assembly of the film come to LA and we’ll sit down and watch it. After seeing it I gave them my impressions of the movie and they came back the next day and said ‘Can you help us?’The movie’s raw material was so powerful, so beautifully acted, so beautifully shot, an important subject matter, filled with reality. I HOMBRE 35


11/7/2011 1:08:10 PM

just thought the storytelling was off. It didn’t need other things; just things were in the wrong spots. Whatever wisdom I can bring after so many years of knocking my head against the wall you share that with the kids and that’s important, it’s important to me anyway. I really got involved in the post-production aspect, helping them find the movie that represented the strongest version of what they had shot. They asked me if I would be executive producer and I said I’d be honored and I’d do what I could do to help. I thought the message was extremely important and if the movie can save just one life it would be a worthy cause. That’s why I’m involved.




H: Were you concerned about your daughter’s romantic scenes? AG: It doesn’t bother me. I know where the guy lives (laughs). It’s in the contract. H: What’s coming up next? AG: “Cristiada,” about the Cristeros war in Mexico in the 20’s is in post. I just finished a movie called “Open Road” with Camilla Belle where I play a homeless father. I’m sure there are others but once I do things I kind of let them go. Unless I’m involved as producer or creatively, like “Cristiada;” I’m still chiming in on that. But I have personal projects I constantly want to get off the ground. I have a project I wrote about Hemingway that I’m trying to complete financing for, which I’m also going to direct. I have a couple of comedies, a couple of independent films we’re in the process of casting.

i w s

p i U g

w a

H: How do you feel about being recognized by the HBO International Latino Film Festival? AG: It’s flattering that someone thinks of you and they want to give you an award. Especially for something that you value, that you’ve dedicated your life for, it’s your work. I’m very honored. Especially in this Festival. It’s an important festival because it gives a forum and an opportunity to young filmmakers to show their work. These kinds of things I like to support and do whatever I can.

i m

H S t f m c

H: Are there other living or historical personalities you would like to portray? AG: I’ve written a part in my Hemingway movie to play the character of Gregorio Fuentes who was his captain and inspired him to write ‘The Old Man and the Sea.’ I’ve gotten too old to play Jose Marti but it’s a character that really fascinated me. I’d like to make a movie about him. I had the pleasure of playing Modigliani which is a character I enjoyed a lot. Arturo Sandoval is in a way historical, it’s an actual person, a real life character. I tend to lean to characters in my own culture because I’m very stimulated by composers who have an incredible body of work.

H S a b

H S o T a D s

H: What do you like to do when not filming? AG: I have a family and that keeps me pretty busy. I have a 9 year old boy which takes up a lot of time in your schedule to stay young and engaged in his life. My girls are older and do their own thing but the 9 year old needs attention. So I do that. I like to fish, I play golf. My vices are not too complicated. I play music every day, I would say that’s my addiction. I play piano and percussion. I still have a band, we still perform. I have a desire to record another album with original material of mine. I have the stuff written, I just haven’t had the time. It’s more of a personal artistic venture. The music business is hard. My music is classic traditional Cuban music or as my cousin likes to say, it’s Cuban music hipped out. Or ‘Hipiado,’ Cuban hippie music is how he called it. I guess you can say it’s hip Cuban music. To me all Cuban music is hip.

H p S o f p

H c b S



11/7/2011 1:08:35 PM


Sofia Vergara:

“Modernizing” Latin Entertainment Text: Kristen Kosnac


ofia Vergara, has quite the body of work. The Emmy nominated actress recently launched her signature clothing line for Kmart. She is spokeswoman for Pepsi and for Comcast’s Xfinity cross platform entertainment experience in Spanish, after all, who better a spokesperson than a beautiful Latina who is the ultimate success story of a transition to the U.S. mainstream? The Emmy, Golden Globes and SAG nominated actress currently plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC's hit series "Modern Family." She is the first and only Latin actress to begin her career on a U.S. Spanish television network and successfully cross over to the general market. Now, in her new role as the face of Comcast, she will spread the word about something else that is ground-breaking (besides her acting career). HOMBRE had the opportunity to speak with Vergara and get the inside scoop on the newest form of entertainment designed to meet the interests of Latinos.

a lot of auditions and be in front of people you don’t know, and it's hard. Sometimes it’s just that you’re not what the director or producer had in mind. Just forget about it and prepare for the next role.

I thought it was great and the perfect role for me. But I never thought the character would be so accepted the way Gloria has been.

H: How did you land your role on "Modern Family"? SV: I’d been dealing with ABC for four years, and they were trying to place me in the perfect type of sitcom so they sent me the script for "Modern Family." I thought it was great and the perfect role for me, so they sent me the script and I did it. But I never thought the character would be so accepted the way Gloria has been. H: How did you feel when learning of your Emmy nomination? SV: It’s amazing! I never thought that I would be nominated or win anything, so for me it was a great surprise… I think [this is] the best time in my career, so I'm taking advantage of it. H: How did you get involved with Comcast? SV: I thought it was a very nice campaign to be a part of, with Comcast wanting to reach the Spanish market. They’re providing entertainment in Spanish, which is amazing. Viewers get to pick from more than 700 titles On Demand; Spanish movies, TV shows, it's fantastic. It’s definitely something I can relate to as a Latin woman and mother. H: Do you think that watching shows on online will ever be more popular than regular television? SV: Well, for me it is because I’m usually not at home. I’m always on the set or on the train or at the airport. Now I get to watch my favorite shows while I’m there, so for me it’s definitely getting more popular. H: You’ve done some really amazing things throughout your career; what is some advice you’d give to those aspiring to break into the American mainstream market? SV: Don’t take things personal. In this business you have to go to HOMBRE 37


11/7/2011 1:08:54 PM

Claudia Lopez Goes Mainstream

Text: Alejandro Blanco Photographed exclusively for HOMBRE by Nicholas Guillen 4th Imaging Rick McKechnie 38 HOMBRE


11/7/2011 1:09:36 PM



fter being one of the most popular personalities in Spanish language television, Claudia Lopez is going mainstream. The Colombian born beauty – and HOMBRE Spokesmodel - recently starred on VH1’s highly rated reality series ‘Tough Love: Miami.’ Even though this is the Miami native’s first foray into English language television, LaLopez has been a regular on Univision’s top rated entertainment programs including ‘Sabado Gigante,’ and ‘El Gordo y Flaca’ and Telefutura’s ‘Escandalo TV’ and ‘Acceso Maximo,’ where she not only co-hosted but also wrote and produced numerous segments. She is a multifaceted performer who has starred in several films, theatrical productions and hosted major events throughout the country. Lopez is currently filming the lead role in ‘Cuento sin Hadas,’ a dramatic feature scheduled to open in 2012. Filmed on exciting Magic City locales, VH1’s ratings winner ‘Tough Love: Miami’ follows Lopez as the ultimate catch; a beautiful, smart and talented woman, pursued by men but unable to find her perfect match. HOMBRE: Why did you decide to participate in ‘Tough Love: Miami’? Claudia Lopez: When a casting director approached me about the show, I really had my doubts, but then I started to re-evaluate my life... I've always wanted to cross to the American market, but it suddenly hit me that I also wanted to find out why I never dedicated enough time on love. Those were enough reasons for me to try it out, but I was still scared of being vulnerable. So, I prayed over it, and here I am. H: What did you expect to gain from the experience? CL: I knew the public was going to see my true self, but since I am already so used to being in front of the cameras, I didn't think it was going to be so tough, I expected it to be a light slap on the hand for choosing the wrong men, or for making the mistakes I've made. Boy was I wrong!!! There was nothing light about the "emotional slaps;" they don’t call it "Tough Love" for nothing. H: What do you look for in a man? CL: Above anything, a man has to love family and kids, know that I wouldn't mind having more, and definitely accept that I already have one precious little girl. I look for someone who is able to see the real me, and would be proud to introduce that real me to his loved ones. Having said that, I look for intelligence, charisma and loyalty. I do look for success in his career because it shows passion, dedication and perseverance; and just because a woman is independent and a hard worker, does not mean that she shouldn't be wined, dined and romanced from time to time. I am also big on kindness, so I tend to look for that in a man.

I believe in giving each other space, but I do not believe in negligence FINAL MAGAZINE CS3.indd 39

H: What advice can you give our readers for winning the heart of a woman like you? CL: I really don't know what gives me "butterflies," but for a man to accomplish that, all he needs is to have all, or at least most of what I'm looking for to win me... To keep me isn't as complicated, but that's for the man to figure out. I will give a freebie, I believe in giving each other space, but I do not believe in negligence. Over all, I am a woman who has a big heart, I need a man who is strong enough to have it. H: What are your plans now that the show has finished filming? CL: I am going to take ALL the lessons and apply it to my post TLM life. I learned a lot, not only from Steve and Joann, but I also learned from the girls, and last but not least, I learned from me, from the mistakes I've made and I hope that I can continue on this route because it will definitely lead me to a better future. HOMBRE 39

11/7/2011 1:09:48 PM

CHANGE The U.S. Census Redefines America

4 a p 9 1 h

p i n

C w

U p

f r w b p


A u o


Text: Peter Estrada ith the recent conclusion of another Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s time to analyze recent data released by the U.S. Census and understand what the numbers mean and how they will impact the nation’s future. As Census director Robert Groves says, “The growth of the Hispanic community is one of the main stories from the census. We should see big differences.”

Hispanic Heritage When Hispanic Heritage began in September 1968 after Congress authorized President Lyndon B. Johnson to proclaim National Hispanic Heritage Week there was little notion of how Hispanic numbers would redefine the country. As the observance was expanded in 1988 by Congress to a month-long celebration (Sept. 15 - Oct. 15), the numbers were beginning to earn notice. Now, according to the U.S. Census, Hispanics account for more than half of the U.S. population increase over the last decade, exceeding estimates in most states and reaching over 50 million, or 1 in 6 Americans. And Hispanics constitute 16.3 percent of the nation's total population. This excludes the 3.7 million residents of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. "This is a population that's young, whose growth is driven increasingly by births and not immigration," D'Vera Cohn of the Pew Research Center told the Reuters news agency. “It's a population that's expanding into virtually every county of the country, and growing especially sharply in states where Latinos had not been a presence a decade or so ago.” The new numbers mean that the U.S. Hispanic population worldwide is second only to Mexico, which with 112 million people is the largest.


Demographic Changes Analysts said the results confirmed a demographic transformation under way that is changing traditional notions of racial minorities, reformatting political swing districts and effectively changing the cultural and economic landscape. "These are big demographic changes," said Mark Mather, an associate vice president at the nonprofit Population Reference Bureau. "There is going to be some culture shock, especially in communities that haven't had high numbers of immigrants or minorities in the past." "By 2050, we may have an entirely new system of defining ourselves," he said. With the 43% increase in the Hispanic population between April 1, 2000, and April 1, 2010, Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority group. And with the projected Hispanic population of the United States expected to reach 132.8 million on July 1, 2050, Hispanics will constitute 30 percent of the nation's population. The breakdown of the Hispanic population is simple: 63% of U.S Hispanics are of Mexican background. 9.2 percent are of Puerto Rican background, 3.5 percent Cuban, 3.3 percent Salvadoran and 2.8 percent Dominican. The remainder is from other Central and South American origin.

Largest Hispanic Populations By Region The largest number of Latinos reside in California with a Latin population of 14 million - 4.7 million in Los Angeles alone (the highest of any county). But there are 16 states with at least a half-million Hispanic residents - Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.



11/7/2011 1:10:16 PM

T e p


New Mexico has by far the greatest percentage of Hispanics of any state – 46.3% But Hispanics make up at least one-fifth of the population in California and Texas, at 38 percent each, followed by Arizona (30 percent), Nevada (27 percent), Florida (22 percent) and Colorado (21 percent). New Mexico had 953,403 Hispanics. And South Carolina is gaining fast with an increase of 148% in Hispanic population between April 1, 2000, and April 1, 2010, the highest of any state. After initial fears of low participation, the 2010 count of the Hispanic population came in 900,000 higher than expected, matching or surpassing census estimates in 37 states, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan think tank. Many of the biggest jumps were in the South, including Alabama, North Carolina and Louisiana, where a small but fast-growing Hispanic population was fueled by an influx of immigrants during the housing boom. In all, racial and ethnic minorities made up about 90 percent of the total U.S. growth since 2000, part of a historic trend in which minorities are expected to become the majority by midcentury. "Hispanics and immigrant minorities are providing a much needed tonic for an older, largely white population which is moving into middle age and retirement," said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution who analyzed many of the census figures. "They will form the bulk of our labor force growth in the next decade as they continue to disperse into larger parts of the country."

Hispanic Business At the moment there are more than 2.5 million Hispanic-owned businesses, up 43.7 percent from 2002 generating over 3.7 billion in receipts, an increase of 55.5 percent since 2002.

Political Power The new general census figures come as states in the coming months engage in the contentious process of redrawing political districts based on population and racial makeup. The new political maps — which will also

change each state's electoral votes will take effect by the 2012 elections. Many of the states in the South and West that are picking up House seats are Republican leaning, such as Texas and Florida. But most of their growth is now being driven largely by Hispanics, who tend to vote Democratic, which could put those regions in play. In Texas, which picks up four House seats, the chair of the state Senate's redistricting panel has acknowledged that at least one House seat in north Texas could be a "minority or Hispanic influence district." Republicans are also rejecting the notion they can't appeal to Hispanics, who accounted for two-thirds of the state's population gains from 2000 to 2010. "Our legislators represent all their constituents," said Texas Republican Party spokesman Chris Elam. He and others noted that the party picked up — narrowly — two heavily Hispanic congressional seats from Democrats in South Texas. In New Jersey, Republicans are forming an unusual alliance with some Hispanics, who just surpassed African- Americans as that state's largest minority group. Both groups are looking for a political map — in this case, involving legislative districts — that offers a more competitive edge. "For us, it's not about parties, it's about whether Latinos are going to have Latinos in the Statehouse," said Martin Perez, president of the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey, who said he has met with Republicans. Hispanics will play a significant role in selecting a president in 2012, as over 10 million reported voting in the 2008 election, a number that is sure to increase next year. The percentage of Hispanic citizens voting went from 47 percent in 2004 to 50 percent in 2008.

Mainstream Names As you read this we’re sure you know a Garcia (#8), a Rodriguez (9), a Martinez (11) or a Hernandez (15). After all, those are the Hispanic surnames ranked among the 15 most common. It was the first time that a Hispanic surname reached the top 15 during a census. Conclusive proof of the changing American landscape. HOMBRE 41


11/7/2011 1:10:23 PM


Gift Guide

S F o i ( w l w


It’s that time again! Allow us to offer you guidance. This year’s list has something for everyone… and a few unique surprises we’re sure will set you apart.


T 2 t f w I S t v w


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Tech HP PAVILION DM1 Slim, light, cost effective and packed with AMD’s Fusion technology’s dual-core processor which offers seamless HD playback and sharp graphics making it perfect for work and play. 320GB (7200RPM) Hard Drive, 3GB RAM DDR3 SDRAM with a standard inline 6-cell battery for 9 hours of life. 3.5 pounds, 1” slim. MSRP Starts $399.99

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The thinnest and lightest tablet, 4G LTE-enabled and charged with the Android Honeycomb. With a large 10.1-inch display, a 1280x800 resolution HD screen, 1 GHz dual core fast application processor, a 2-megapixel frontfacing camera and a 3-megapixel rearfacing camer aand access to Android Market’s 200,000 applications, including Google’s new movie rental option. Business tools allow you to open and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. MSRP $529.99 for the 16GB and $629.99 for 32GB/ with 2 year contract


SLINGBOX PRO-HD AND SLINGPLAYER MOBILE Slingbox allows you to watch your home TV anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Connect the Slingbox to your television set top box, then connect the Slingbox to your router and basically you are streaming

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global capacity that allows calls, messages, and data service use in over 200 countries including México, Colombia, Ecuador and more. MSRP $199.99 with 2 year contract.

KIDS HEELYS You’ve seen these roll around, and they’re still popular. Shoes with a single or double wheel in the heel that allow wearers to go from walking to rolling simply by shifting their weight to their heels. MSRP 60-90

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CONAIR i-STUBBLE Equipped with 15 ultraprecise length settings, it's easy to customize stubble. The floating head technology tracks all the edges of a man's face. Create a cropped shadow look, longer stubble, or a trimmed beard. MSRP $49.99

PERFUME HEAVEN’S ALCHEMY Casablanca, Kyoto, Paris, Zanzibar – before taking her there, introduce her to the fragrance. Heaven’s Alchemy captures the essence of beautiful and vibrant cities in pure and undiluted perfume. MSRP $145. - $175.

GAMES SIMS 3 PETS (EA Play) Players can take full control of their pet, play out their life story and determine their pets’ personality traits to create their perfect pet for their Sims. Available for Xbox 360, PlayStaHOMBRE 43


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tion 3, Nintendo 3DS, PC/Mac. MSRP $39.95

SCENE IT? Harry Potter: The Complete Cinematic Journey Edition & SCENE IT? Comedy Movies Deluxe Edition

TRAVEL SADDLEBAG CLASSIC DUFFEL OVERNIGHT BAG Saddleback Leather bags and accessories are the toughest you’ll find, made with full-grain boot leather and no breakable parts (e.g. zippers,

Scene It? is the number one DVD game worldwide. Both games are overflowing with clips, trivia questions and on-screen puzzles. With Harry Potter enjoy the magic, fun and excitement of the legendary saga and The Comedy Movies Deluxe Edition features Hollywood’s funniest comedy movie moments! Available at major retailers. MSRP $29.99 each

NEED FOR SPEED: THE RUN Supermodels Irina Shayk and Chrissy Teigen, are now featured in the game courtesy of Sports Illustrated. The action-packed racing game takes players on a heart-pounding cross-country race from San Francisco to New York. As part of the partnership, Sports Illustrated and Electronic Arts

snaps...etc.). The leather wears over time and the company even offers a 100-year warranty, guaranteeing it will last forever. For anyone who travels this is the ultimate bag. Tough, sturdy, and cool. MSRP $537.


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Legacy of A ch a m pion

Few wrestlers in the WWE have a legacy as rich as Alberto Del Rio’s. With great power comes great responsibility, and having a grandfather and father who were two of the most popular Mexican wrestlers in history means having big shoes to fill. Having been named this year’s WWE champion, taking everything from the Money in the Bank to WrestleMania, Alberto Del Rio has certainly upheld his family’s name. His penchant for the finer things in life is certainly well deserved, and he truly embodies all the ideals of a true Hombre. Photographed Exclusively for HOMBRE by Paul Tirado Styling: Kathleen Muldoon Hair: Crews Grooming: Hiro Yonemoto Imaging: Jeff Fogarty Assistant: Dale Jagabat Location: ZENGO, New York, NY Special Thanks: WWE, Marcy Vernier, Gail Schoenberg, Zengo staff, Mattel Sweater: Joseph Abboud Joe for JC Penney; Wristwatch: Philip Stein



11/7/2011 1:15:04 PM

S t i


Shirt: Basile; Tie: Claiborne; Pants: Banana Republic; Shoes: Calvin Klein; Wristwatch: Philip Stein


Text: Kristen Kosnac el Rio is headed for big things. He is the first WWE Mexican Champion and first with his very own Mattel action figure – just in time for the holidays. Fittingly we spoke with Del Rio at Zengo, one of the best restaurants in New York City.

HOMBRE: Congratulations on being named champion! You must be thrilled. Alberto Del Rio: Yes! It’s the reason I came here. I left everything in Mexico, my family, my friends, for the WWE. H: Was being a wrestler something you’ve always wanted to do? ADR: Yes, my entire life. In my case, it’s a little bit different than the rest of the guys because I’m a third generation wrestler. My grandfather was a wrestler, my father was a wrestler, so I can say it runs in my veins, it’s in my blood. That’s the reason I’m a wrestler. H: How did you first become involved with the WWE? ADR: They (WWE) found me while I was working in Japan 3 years ago. I was working for a company over there, and WWE was doing a tour at the same time. The head of talent relations went to the place where I was doing my show, saw me, and offered me a contract. He invited me to come here, of course in the beginning things didn’t work that well money wise, but now I’m here, I’m happy, and everything’s going well. H: You come from a family of wrestlers, and they must be very proud of you right now. Is there a lot of pressure to uphold the family name? ADR: Well yes, my dad and my uncle aren’t so popular here in

the United States because they wrestled here 35, 40 years ago but they’re some of the most popular wrestlers in Mexican history. I’m sure I’m doing a great job at this moment; I’m the first Mexican in history to become the WWE champion, and actually this year I won it all: the Money in the Bank, the Royal Rumble, the WWE title. I can just say that this year’s been perfect for me. H: Having your own action figure is a pretty big deal in the WWE. What was your reaction when you were first approached about it? ADR: I was just waiting for it to happen, it was great. I was real excited when they told me…and when I saw the action figure for the first time it was amazing, because it looks like me: the face, the hair, the smile… they captured me all the way in that action figure. H: Can you talk a little bit about the creative process behind it, how it was to work with Mattel on this? ADR: It was great! We took, like, 100 pictures, and then they did the scan of my entire body in order to capture everything, the moles the tatoos, the facial expressions, everything. H: You like to arrive on stage in style; if you could pick any car to go along with your action figure, what would it be? ADR: I would say the Rolls Royce, because for me it just has class written all over it. H: What are your expectations for the future? ADR: Like I said, this year’s been great for me, I won it all. My plans are to keep the WWE title as long as I can and if someday I lose this title I will try to go back to the other brand, which is



11/7/2011 1:16:12 PM

w d o d

d t w


f w c b N a h

a n

t m n n n

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I was just waiting for it to happen…and when I saw the action figure for the first time it was amazing, because it looks like me: the face, the hair, the smile… they captured me all the way in this action figure. Smackdown, and compete for the world heavyweight title because that’s something I need to do. I must be the first Mexican wrestler in history to win everything in one year. H: Do you plan on following in the footsteps of Hulk Hogan and the Rock, who’ve ventured into other forms of entertainment? ADR: Definitely. Now I’m totally focused on the WWE and my wrestling career, but that’s something I wanna do. I’m planning to do the WWE for another five or six years, no more than that, and of course if they invite me to do movies, soap operas, whatever I’m down for it! H: What advice do you have for people who admire you? ADR: Just work hard. You’ve got to wake up early and start your day like it’s your last day, and whatever you do- if you’re a bartender, a doctor, a lawyer, a wrestler, a runner, whatever- you just work hard because nothing comes easy. H: How does your training for wrestling transfer into your personal life? ADR: I’m like this all the time, 24/7. I’m a person who’s very professional, always training because that’s the basis of success: if you want to do something good, you’ve got to work hard. Nothing comes free. I think that’s the reason why I’m so successful in this business and especially in this company, which is like the NFL or NBA of pro wrestling. I was a huge star in Mexico, Europe and Japan and now I’m here doing it in the big leagues of wrestling. I work hard, inside and outside the ring.

Suit: Ermenegildo Zegna; Shirt: Perry Ellis; Tie: Kenneth Cole; Belt: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Calvin Klein; Wristwatch: Modus


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Model: Melisa Britos/ Wilhelmina Miami Photographed exclusively for HOMBRE by Bradley Thurber Hair & Makeup: Cory Styling: On set - Marcela Bravo/ New York – Kimberly Gray Photo Assistant: Eric Haselton Produced by Audrey Federici Photographed on location at ONE Bal Harbour Accessories: Ben Amun Shoes Giueppe Zanotti Lingerie: ‘Be With You’ Lyrics by Beyonce



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Be With You HOMBRE 49


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There is nothing I won’t do for you I know my soul connected me to you I feel so safe when I’m alone with you 50 HOMBRE


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I’m holding back nothing Saving it all for you Baby I love making love to you It’s like a high I can’t come down from you



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MARIA: Jacket: Rare; Top: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti; Pant: PT Sumbiri; Shoes: Steve Madden; Earrings & bracelet: Laruicci ANTHONY: Jacket, pants, tie & belt: Perry Ellis; Shirt: Bar III; Boots: Giorgio Brutini

In the heart of the Big City, in the middle of Times Square, lies an oasis of style and cool. Welcome to Room-Mate’s Grace Hotel. Escape the bright lights, find peace in the waters of the lobby swimming pool, heat things up in the mezzanine sauna and lose yourself in a journey of pleasure and seduction. 52 HOMBRE


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MARYNA: Dress: Rare; Shoes: Betsey Johnson; Necklace: Circa Sixty Three; Ring: Laruicci FELIPE: Jacket, shirt & pant: H.E. by MANGO; Boots: Tweek; Wristwatch: MODUS Optimus


phed ex clusively for HOM Models: B ANTHO Bradley RE by NY/ FEL Thurbe IPE/ MA r RIA * Q Models / MARYN Styling: A DAR Ka Makeup / Groom thleen Muldo on ing: Hiro Y Hair: Ch onemoto ris Ne Assistan t: Inna B wburg raginsk Photog Imag y Grace H raphed on locati ing: Imre Fejes otel 125 on: Roo m-Mate West 45 ’s Street, New Yo rk, om-ma tehotels NY 10036 .com/g race Melissa Carrion Spec , Visit ww Formulatin PR ial thanks to w.homb and Eric Virgil for Whe re To Bu y HOMBRE 53


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This Page: FELIPE: Jacket, shirt & pants: Bar III; Tie: Perry Ellis Portfolio; Belt: Perry Ellis; Boots: Giorgio Brutini; Glasses: Marc Ecko Opposite Page: ANTHONY: Jacket & pants: L.L. Bean Signature; Shirt: Bar III; Tie: Perry Ellis Portfolio; Boots: Giorgio Brutini 54 HOMBRE


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B w B w B w C w C w C w G w H w H w I w L w L l M w M w M w P w P w P F w R w S w

MARYNA: Dress: Blank Silk; Earrings, bracelet, ring: Laruicci; Shoes: Steve Madden



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WHERE TO BUY Bar III Betsey Johnson Blank Silk Calvin Klein Circa Sixty Three Crux NY Giorgio Brutini H.E. by Mango Hugo Boss INC L.L.Bean Signature Laruicci Mango Marc EckoEyewear Modus Perry Ellis Philip Stein Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Rare Steve Madden

FELIPE: Jacket & pant: Bar III; Shirt: Perry Ellis; Tie: Perry Ellis Portfolio; Eyeglasses: Marc Ecko; Wristwatch: Philip Stein



11/7/2011 1:18:59 PM

MARIA: Dress: Blank Silk; Shoes: Steve Madden; Necklace: Crux NY; Earrings: Circa Sixty Three 58 HOMBRE


11/7/2011 1:19:16 PM

ANTHONY: Jacket: MANGO; Shirt: INC; Jeans: MANGO; Boots: Tweek MARYNA: Dress: Rare; Shoes: Steve Madden; Earrings: Laruicci; Ring: Circa Sixty Three; HOMBRE 59


11/7/2011 1:19:45 PM

Photographed exclusively for HOMBRE by Bradley Thurber Model: Jme Faria-Stein / Next Models Fashion Stylist: Don West / Agency Gerard Management. Grooming: Mary Irwin / Agency Gerard Management using Bumble and Bumble products. Imaging: Lindsey Jacobs Location: Viceroy, Miami, Fl.



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Mad Men Redux Everything old is new again. Update your look by going back in time.

Shirt: Lt blue dress shirt – Calvin Klein Scarf: Beige dogtooth scarf - J Lindeberg Suit: Grey/brown pinstripe Mark 50's suit - J Lindeberg Tie: Beige silk herringbone tie – Bottega Veneta Hat: Brown vintage felt fedora - C Madeline Shoes: Rust suede wingtip – Giorgio Brutini HOMBRE 61


11/7/2011 1:23:02 PM


Top: white dress shirt – Hugo Boss Tie: Beige silk herringbone tie – Kenneth Cole Suit: Grey wool – Joseph Abboud

Top: white dress shirt – Calvin Klein Cardigan: Beige Lymac True Merino Cardigan - J Lindeberg Tie: Forty vintage Silk scarf tie - J Lindeberg Trouser: Grey dressed wool trouser – Kenneth Cole 62 HOMBRE


11/7/2011 1:23:22 PM

Shirt: Lt blue dress shirt – Perry Ellis Tie: Burgundy and grey Dogtooth wool tie - J Lindeberg Trouser: Grey trouser – Calvin Klein Trench: Beige faxton compact weather twill - J Lindeberg Shoes: Rust dressed suede wingtip -Giorgio Brutini

Shirt: Lt blue dress shirt – Calvin Klein Scarf: Beige dogtooth scarf - J Lindeberg Suit: Grey/brown pinstripe Mark 50’s suit - J Lindeberg Tie: Beige silk herringbone tie – Bottega Veneta Hat: Brown vintage felt fedora - C Madeline Shoes: Rust suede wingtip – Giorgio Brutini



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MODUS OPTIMUS MODUS Optimus is an accessible, stylish watch perfect for every occasion. It features an intricate five-piece case design, finely crafted steel attachments, pushers and carbon fiber side plates with stainless steel accents, a scratch resistant sapphire crystal case and water resistance up to fifty meters. MSRP $495.

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PHILIP STEIN Every Philip Stein watch has a metal disk embedded in the back of the watch that emits Natural Frequency Technology. The energy from these frequencies enter and regulate yourbiofieldto minimize stress, prevent jet lag, and create an overall sense of well-being. Ideal if you’re multi-tasking a busy schedule - in style. Starts at $500.

Hublot and The African Wildlife Foundation Ambassador Photographed exclusively for HOMBRE by Bradley Thurber Location: Cipriani, NYC


KENNETH COLE TOUCH SCREEN The Touch Screen watch from Kenneth Cole functions the same way a touch screen on a phone works, allowing you to utilize features such as 32-city world time, an alarm, a stopwatch, electro luminescent backlight, stainless steel construction, water resistance and chronograph technology; all lighting up with the touch of a finger. Retails between $125 and $175.MSRP: $125.00




f t o m

Make a statement without saying a word

ublot, a world leader in luxury watches partnered with supermodel and former Victoria Secret hottie Veronica Varekova to bring awareness to the African Wildlife Foundation (www.awf. org). The brand created the “Big Bang Out of Africa” from which a percentage of sales will go to the Foundation, which over the last 50 years has pursued initiatives to protect Africa’s communities, wildlife, endangered species and landscapes. Varekova is the perfect ambassador to blend the values of luxury with nature, elegance with creativity, talent with dynamism and commitment with beauty.


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GOLD KING POWER TOURBILLON GMT Here’s the first Hublot Tourbillon watch to feature a dual timezone indicator. The two-color dial is set in the 2 o'clock position to allow you tosee the time in the place of your choice. The gold color is the result of a newly developed alloy known as "King Gold" and obtained by adding 5% platinum, making it all the more precious. Sold in an edition limited to twenty-eight pieces.MSRP $175,000.

Veronica Varekova:


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Out of Debt in 2012 Text: Sofia Huertas


hat are you looking forward to in the 2012? It may feel like "Resolution Impossible," but with some changes, you'll remember '12 as the year you finally took control of your financial future. "While the situation is improving, we tend to carry too much consumer debt," says Eric Tyson, author of Personal Finance for Dummies, 6th Edition (Wiley, ISBN: 978-0-470-50693-6, $21.99). "If you have credit card debt or auto loans, take some solace in the fact that you're far from alone and that many others have overcome these hurdles. Consumer debt is not okay, particularly in a slow economy such as this one. It can damage your personal relationships and mental well-being, not to mention the stability of your financial future."

Here are a few tips from Tyson that will help you improve your financial health in 2012:  Partake in a little self-reflection. A misaligned mindset toward spending and shopping—compulsive or otherwise—can severely affect your financial well-being. "Compulsive spending is a serious problem. You won't be able to get rid of your debt until you can figure out what makes you compulsively spend." Make a plan and stick to it. The reason so many New Year's resolutions fail is that we simply state the thing we want to improve and then never create a plan for helping us get from point A to point B. "Planning your finances doesn't have to be a long, complicated, dreary chore," says Tyson. "The first step to successful planning is setting some goals." Get rid of your four-wheeled debt. A brand new car is not a necessity, although some people try to make it one by saying, "I need a way to get to work." Guess what? There are plenty of far less expensive used cars out there that will also make it to your office! "And trading in your wallet-busting option for one of those will instantly help you free up money that you can use to pay off your other debts or invest in your future." Start making your purchases based on need, not emotion. " If a product is too expensive for your budget, then you don't need it, no matter how much you might want it." Research before you enter the stores. Prior to going shopping for necessities that aren't everyday purchases—say, a new refrigerator— do some research first. "When you've checked in with your budget to ensure you can afford it, check various retailers and compare prices," says Tyson. Watch your food budget. Dine out less and keep stock of the groceries you already have. "Try to keep a healthy inventory of groceries at home. This will minimize trips to the store and the need to impulsively dine out because your cupboard is bare.” Become more energy efficient. Check out opportunities to make your home more energy efficient. Adding insulation and weatherstripping, installing water-saving devices, and reducing use of electrical

Getting out of debt is your ticket to true freedom; it’s the best gift to give yourself and your family in 2012 appliances can pay for themselves in short order. "Not only will you be helping your bottom line, you'll also be reducing your personal impact on the environment." Watch what you are paying for insurance. Many people overspend on insurance by carrying coverage that's unnecessary or that covers small potential losses. "Take high deductibles on your insurance policies—as much as you can afford in the event of a loss," says Tyson. "Also, be sure to shop around. Rates vary tremendously among insurers." "It won't be easy getting out of debt, and it's certainly not something you will be able to achieve overnight," says Tyson. "Like losing weight, it's something that takes constant dedication but has a great payoff in the end. Once you're out of debt, the money you are able to invest will mushroom into substantial savings that will allow you to get so much more for your money. "Debt is emotionally crippling. It's a prison of your own making. Getting out of debt is your ticket to true freedom, and that's a great gift to give yourself and your family in 2012 and beyond." HOMBRE 65


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Invite you to

WIN AN ALL EXPENSE PAID GETAWAY FOR 2 TO RIVIERA MAYA!!! Riviera Maya is one of the most beautiful places in the world and this is your chance to visit paradise... ON US!!! HOMBRE and RIVIERA MAYA are giving away 2 ROUND TRIP AIRLINE TICKETS, HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS and ALL MEALS at the All Inclusive 5 STAR SANDOS PLAYACAR RESORT & SPA,Admission to XCARET THEME PARK, Day Tour at RIO SECRETO and Dinner at XULAN RESTAURANT - EVERYTHING FOR 2!

All you have to do to WIN is Visit and send us your FUNNIEST or MOST INTERESTING VACATION PHOTOS! That's right, just go through your archives and send the photos your friends couldn't stop laughing about, or those you just can't forget. Our panel will make initial selections and post the finalists. You, your friends and the visitors to our website will select the winner. So go ahead, don't be shy and send those photos! PARADISE AWAITS.

GRAND PRIZE � Air transportation for two people to Cancun from the Continental

United States. � Ground transportation to and from the airport in Cancun � Hotel Accommodations and ALL MEALS at the All Inclusive 5 star SANDOS

PLAYACAR RESORT for 2 people for 3 nights / 4 days ( ) � Entrance for two to Xcaret park ( ) � Day tour to Rio Secreto for two ( ) � Romantic Dinner at Xulam restaurant

The trip can be taken between January 1, 2012 and December 1, 2012. Reservations must be made two months in advance of travel and the winners must provide at least three travel date options when redeeming their prize. Blackout dates and restrictions do apply. One Grand Prize Winner will be selected. Winner Must Be Over 21 TO PARTICIPATE AND FOR THE COMPLETE LIST OF RULES AND DETAILS VISIT WWW.HOMBRE1.COM To learn more about Riviera Maya visit 66 HOMBRE


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