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Art Director / Designer 4126 Willow Bend Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 phone: 717-343-2626 email:

Client: DIAKON Lutheran Services Wellness program logo design Client: PCAR Sexual harrassment awareness music cd and circular brochure insert

Hill Stores AIGA

nanuary’s billboard membership email

Client: Phoenix Contact

Client: Hershey Symphony Global product advertisement

Client: AIGA

January’s membership email

Client: AIGA

Valentine’s Day happy hour e-vite

Dynamic & Proto Circuits Logo Design & Stationery Set

Client: Dynamic & Proto Circuits

Logo Design

Stationery SetCorporate Brochure

Capabilities brochure

RoHS Compliant Brochure

Client: Waynesboro Hospital


Client: PCAR

Sexual harrassment awareness music cd and circular brochure insert

Client: Pennsylvania Telephone Association

Commemorative charcoal portraits

Client: Turkey Hill Stores

Promotion billboard

Client: Shipley Energy

Street team vehicle graphics


Client: Phoenix Contact

Global product advertisement

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PAUL HOLZER Art Director / Designer 605 Bluebill Drive, Etters, PA 17319 phone: 717-343-2626 email:

poster > A

MOO-velous Fundraiser

D r i n k m i l k . G e t M o o M o n e y.



Project Description Driven by the desire to increase milk revenue in 2005, Turkey Hill Minit Markets and Turkey Hill Dairy will partner to share marketing cost of Milk Money Program with a strategic marketing thrust of: • targeting youth sports and civic organizations, elementary schools, groups and/or any Turkey Hill parent Stores volunteer organizations who are non-profit in nature and traditionally use fundraising activities to raise revenue “MOO MONEY” Fundraiser • developing a Turkey Hill Milk Money logo promotion as a promotional identifier and brand awareness tool • developing a promotional “kit” that contains the educational tools necessary to explain, promote and implement the Milk Money Program • developing a public relations strategy designed to take advantage of the promotion announcement, deployment, public interest, and success stories • using the Turkey Hill website to advertise and promote the Milk Money Program

advertisement > A refreshingly easy fundraiser that can raise tons of funds for your school, community group, or non-profit organization. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3 1) Drink milk 2) Collect the lids 3) And get Moo Money!

Earn 5¢ with each milk lid collected! For more information, stop by your local Turkey Hill, call toll free 1-866-569-MILK (6455), or visit

Our gallon milk prices are the lowest allowed by law.

A MOO-velous Fundraiser Drink milk. Get Moo Money. It’s refreshingly simple. Just visit any Turkey Hill Minit Market and pick up Turkey Hill milk products with specially marked lids. Then turn in the lids, and we’ll redeem ’em for 5¢ each!



website >

information kit >

Client: Hershey Symphony

“Cool Classics” concert poster

Client: Strathmeyer Company

Brochure and ads

Client: Gretna Theatre

Season advertisements


The double-page spread incorporates the circle shape for continuity.



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To call out certain articles in the design, I chose to use a vertical format for my headline type. This also adds visual variety to the layout.

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spotlight: jason reed Choreographer for Nunsense, Amen On February 23-25 and February 28-March 4,Theatre Harrisburg’s production of Nunsense,Amen features our own artistic director Tom Hostetter on stage along with other talented actor/singers Mark Arner, Doug Macut, Stosh Snyder, and Geoffrey Tough. But there is someone else audiences won’t see but whose contribution will be very much apparent. Just pay attention to the

u chooDirector four Thomas G. Hostetter, Artistic nine $3.50 Ma se = Flex Paul R. Foltz, Costume Designer the performinstage sh $86 (savin per show -Pas ) ows gs of ance s Victor Capecce, Set• Ge Designer/Technical t five - $132 (avDirectorday:Thurs (out of fiv $3.50 pe "magi e total day, Fri r show erage Rachael Matthews, Office Manager c )

day or coup For inf ) saving orma T H E A T RcallE(71 HtionA R on Rs" -I useS Bs ofU$2.60R G Saturday eve


toe-tapping dance numbers, the quirky motions, the laugh-a-minute movements. That’s the work of Jason Reed, the show’s choreographer, who imparts his unique dance interpretation of this comedic, fun, and entertaining production that will soon grace Whitaker’s Sunoco stage. “I was familiar with the


Nun-sense Amen by Dan Goggin


Theatre is inclusive of high-energy volunteers who love to be under the spotlight. With this in mind, I developed the name “encore” and logo in the shape of a spot light. There is constant motion on the stage and behind the scenes so I captured Theatre Harrisburg this through repeating the circle spotlight around the logo.



Project Description Theater Harrisburg launches their premier newsletter this month. I was honored as the marketing co-chair of Theatre Harrisburg to design this publication.


d the


spotlig ht: ja son re ed cov

(Contin ued from

found er REAC and exec H The Ar - Respec utive direc organiz ts Challen t Education tor of T H E peop ation that ge - a Ca Through le’ rli S T Jason s involvem nurtures sle A G youn g at sc has given ent in th E ho e mo area ol assemb tivation arts. I S an al tal ks to he d has de les in the S E ve lp Carli T sle discip school stu loped pr line an dents ograms d joy Su reali “If befor re a show then I’m not pa of artistic ze the e ’s I’m pa rt of ende Whit when th opening says.“ rt th av e set aker’s night I was of the pr e solution ors. an and so is Su helpe led by ob d me mu noco sta d props ma thrilling, bu exam lem,” Jason inspir me and ge t ke sc .Vo “W ple that le their I am ed to Thea e can alw equal ca lunteers motiv . People way fro excitem help ma So ha tre Ha ays us ated en ot begin and rri e help raderie, gr ve discove m Hurlo t begins perfo if you att hers.” at 9a sburg’s ck Str en rm da Betty shift set de for load- eat donu red that m (at sit ba ances of d any of eet to ys len ad ts, ins an ck th phot ’s It is in the ma ded at 1p the Jay an signer and d -out and a lot ding a ha Jason , relax, an Nunsense e o he d Na nd m te ,Ame tinee s,” Re of re that teresting found ed’s “signd be assu Betty n, ends (at Whitak ncy Krev chnical dir says Victo fun. So ge re ea Hung in ev ector.“ er). Lo sky Pr Harr r Cape t your , with a ery litt ature” ca d that a prod ch time to know er isb wrap od ad O work n be le ste and ch urg Guild ford,Theatr party -out/strik uction Ce ur load- cce, glove expr uction, we leave p. ins at air e me e nt s us us th ready er we w Pa es of mb board But Be and mae produc ually begin ) with a ually at th ses his ul (Foltz developthe theate er ish lis se tio is s am e wea tty co kn rk ) n at r’s ev ment t nd ce ow want 4pm, your er Offic lth of azemen calen nter.” after TH sh ywhere it committ happ more abou ed to need e supplie dar: talent t ee en ow se ems th NUN s and on th . She to ed behin t what - at Thea em! Rach s? Yes, we ca e SENSE “I am d tre Ha ael M prospe phone wi barets, Load box off ok on us the scen alway with mana rrisb atthe ,AMEN -in he es s ge ur get inv cts, urgin th board Load : Saturday, Harr ice duties ring and . devo Betty’s en so impres office- r, would g’s offic ws, -o g isb th olv ut Fe tio sed at e usiasm ap /Strik br relat ed wi others n to whet Thea urg Comm the forme say ed do preciate e: Sund uary 17 th recogn to th he tre an • Mult r ch s Jonathan e Theatre and natio an ize a show r it’s to TH ay, Ma volun d after unity ns su y ,” airma Kunk rch 4 tee And, d all that or pa come se • Pens i-purpose ch as a nig she wo ring tas thorou n.“She is el, board int e ht’s : Be and he yes, ther hard wo print ks • Penc e’s rk er pa bega tty’s love a set. and ma uld sit in were do memb gh when very per four r husband, family. Be . n of ne, cu the au rv ch • Pape ils tty from when she theater of Di ers for ou ltivating dienc is dece ildren, on Paul, have “I ha el at the Ke recto r Board • Stap r clips grade ntucky moved he ased.T e of wh deal ab ve learn local talen e rs. gra ” les Al aft re om ed here on ndch • File perfo and watch er 8th scenes out the be a great t. activitieg with he name ildren, all are 22 rman r • Gift folders s sh of Thea ces at ed live extra needs an hind-theCent s, Betty is theater ca te ordin d abou Whil e rememb whose er’s fir Home office rds to pu tunes, r. Broadw Hershey e resp arily de er t De st s. ou dic fam lan Di tal velop rchase supp r onsib ated d ily re ented on film whether ay showlies sta “It is 130 ye ment in ctor of continuhave kept ilities an su Le inter ff,” Betty and mo d he along , became ng live or estin each your Tht everyone is a sta ars of exist re than says. TH, ma es to find r busy, Be g tim ence ff of on re eatre she sa with the her favor Paul (Fo e we lea to know her stage rvel at th that path tty Harri ad about ite sa e and . She , an to e sburg wh church ng in colle cred mu s, ment ltz) expreve a produc that gif efforts, a throug she fel d recolle talent on STEE sic t was $1 do no is do at ge an tion, at the sses h choir ct the ing! contrib million L MA d t thro s. co theatert when sh Other wealth of his amaze Load e expe wonder - co nstruction uted for w aw -in: Su GNOLI s are talent. for wi Tell ot th the of a rie nser ay this ” Load nd am Be “The hers and th -out/St ay, April AS determ tty’s ow azed theater first time. nced of Ho vatory as one-of-a-ki ab newsle incre 15 rike: pa me dib inatio n drive nd ha your e joys of out Theatre tter Sund Deme land’s Al rt liv and n. she say le richnes s added En ay, Ap zh nt some core Ne e theater Harrisb ril 29 recent ia unit. Be eimer’s/ urg atten s.“People s to my life ws sugges by de who , tions letter. He sharing Fund ly honore tty was have d any TH have ” • Give : re ar rai d re no e Being the Ye sing Profe with the oppo ally misse productio t • Pass it to a fri ar aw ssion ns rtunit a subs d end or Full it a yo gre ar al ard, an y profe • Leav ound Su of uw cr family ssion to see qu at • Fron bscrip award exch ill be ab iber has its tio al en ality, ve ater • Tack e it in the at the offic member that le an te fo • Rear t orchestra n SECRE and su ge privi to choo advantag ment r a minim rtaining th ry • Pla it up on lunchroom e leges • Five orchestra = $125 se ce it a bulle es m of um eT m yo ! mo (sa GARD Load In er co an ur tin bo ney an investwaitin on a tab • You Mainstage or mezza vings of -in ncer d a 20% seat an addition ar EN le in d tim g area choo Load : Saturday, ts. to re discou d keep your d se the shows for nine = $1 $4 per sh e.” -out/St June With duce docto 05 (sa ow perfo nt on it rike: FO R rmanc the price yo r’s vings ) Sund 2 Thea all season d ticket Symp ur full su TI CK e day of $4 ay, Jun tre H :Thurs of four hony pr ET S, per sh e 17 Orch bscription day, Fri arrisbu, free ticke ices, CA LL ow) Mini estra , day or rg's ho t TH E Su Pops you will re Saturd • Fron bscrip BOX conc liday ceive ay eve tion t AT 7 er or tw nin t! chestra • Rear - $85 o fre g - or 17.2 Nam Theatre Harrisburg Staff: e ticke a Sund 14.A e: __ • Ch orchestra = $102 ts to ay ma oo RT S ____ David Richwine, Executive Director CUT or me (savings tinee se an any Ha Addr • Yo ____ d H zza of


PAUL HOLZER Art Director / Designer 605 Bluebill Drive, Etters, PA 17319 phone: 717-343-2626 email:


ess:_ ERE ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ______ ____ Check ____ _ ____ ____ Credi ____ ____ t card ___ : Card Visa #:____ Maste Exp. Date: ________ rcard ____ ____ ____ ____ Please __ ____ _____ ____ and m complet ____ ail to e ____ : Th the abov eatre e info 513 H Harrisbu rmation rg ur Harris lock Stre et burg, PA 17 OR YO 110-14 U CA 89



one pe on ning 7) 23 Board Officers - Theatre Harrisburg rfoDirectors: r sho per show 2-550 peof or a Su rman 200 w, all ) 1 x3Barbara nday 6 sea Chairman Jonathan W. Kunkel,5-0Esq., L.ceSchell,Vice-Chairman s, pack five at . matin son ages, once ee Kevin Kateluzos,Treasurer titles subjectRichard Askey, Secretary group or an to cha y oth rates nge bas er co or ge All pe Staff: Lori Myers, Writer Encore Newsletter Paul ed onHolzer, Designer mbina neral rform availab tion informa ances ility. are at tion, Whit aker Cente r's Su noco Perfo rman ce Th eatre .


show a little bit,” says Jason. “It’s slapstick. I mean, men playing nuns.The concept alone makes you laugh.” Jason brings with him quite a resume that includes receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from The Juilliard School in New York. He’s worked and trained with acclaimed choreographers and dancers such as Andra Corvino, Paul Sutherland, Christine Dakin, and many others and he presently produces, directs, choreographs, teaches, and performs with various companies, shows, schools, and ensembles. His choreography has been center stage as far away as Argentina and inside Juilliard, and as close as The Carlisle Theater in Carlisle, the town where he grew up and where he received his dance training with the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. But those bright lights of New York theater couldn’t make Jason forget his hometown or his serious side — a side that wanted to give back to others after so much was given to him. He is the (Continued on page 2)


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17) 23


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513 HURLOCK STREET HARRISBURG, PA 17110-1489 (717) 232-5501 W W W. T H E AT R E H A R R I S B U R G . O R G

< premier newsletter “encore”

PAUL HOLZER Art Director / Designer 605 Bluebill Drive, Etters, PA 17319 phone: 717-343-2626 email:

For immediate release Contact: Suzy Stahl, Promotional Events Coordinator Herr Foods Inc. 20 Herr Drive, Nottingham, Pa. 19362 (610) 932-6471 SUPER BOWL MUNCHIES MEET THEIR MATCH

Client: Herr’s

Herr’s Introduces Buffalo Wing Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Nottingham, Pa. (January 2006) – Kick off Super Bowl XL with Herr’s® new Buffalo Wing Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.


Buffalo Wing chips PR Project Description Herr Foods, a recognized leader in the snack food industry, launched new potato chip products in 2006 and needed something that would grab the newspaper press’ attention. Prior to our advertising agency purchasing the packaging and supplies to fulfill the press release vehicle, I had to show Herr Foods exactly how the release would look. Manipulating Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXpress Using the distort tool and other photo manipulation tools such as burn, dodge, blur and sharpen, Herr’s could received a precise composition of their products press release. Since the compositions were so close to the

Herr’s introduces the merging of two football-watching favorites—potato chips and buffalo wings. These crunchy chips are doused with tangy buffalo wing seasoning and topped off with a hint of blue cheese.


“Super Bowl munchies have met their match,” said Ed Herr, President of Herr Foods Inc. “These buffalo wing-flavored chips are a delicious play off of our popular Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.” Herr’s® Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are made from nature’s finest potatoes. After small batches of chips are cooked in pure vegetable oil, they are sprinkled with just the right amount of flavoring. “The Super Bowl and snacks go hand-in-hand,” said Herr. “Buffalo Wing Kettle Cooked Potato Chips make the perfect addition to any football party.” Buffalo Wing Kettle Cooked Potato Chips join flavors Original, Mesquite BBQ, Jalapeno, Boardwalk Salt & Vinegar and Sour Cream & Onion. Now available, Herr’s® Buffalo Wing Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are packaged in 10-ounce and 2.125-ounce bags. About Herr Foods Inc. A recognized leader in the snack food industry, Herr Foods Inc. is headquartered in Nottingham, Pa. The family-owned and -operated company began 60 years ago in Lancaster, Pa., and now employs 1,500 people who manufacture and distribute more than 350 delicious snack products direct to stores throughout the Northeast, nationally through independent distributors and retailers and in several countries around the world. For more information, please visit

Client: Tomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cafe

Illustrations, advertising, menu & direct mail

Since its

Client: The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER)

Website design and tri-fold brochure


ion in

Amazon 1991, th e Center for Envi Educat ronmen ion and tal Resear has wor ch (ACE ked tir ER), eles

sly for of rain the miss forest co ion nserva comm tion an unity ed d ucation Amazon in the Pe . ACEE ru vi an R has to of over uched 1 millio the lives n indivi United duals in States, the in the Am of Peru azon ra , and, in inforest deed, th world. rougho Becaus ut the e of its model unique , ACEER inclusiv offers tra e learning nsform experie ative nces to audien a global ce from local co the Peru mmun vian Am ities in azon to studen internat ts, rese ional archers natura and citiz lists. AC en EER is th non-pr e first an ofit dire d only ct ly su Nationa pporte d by th l Geog e raphic Society.

ACEER Un P.O. Box ited States Offi 25 ce: West Ch 49-WCU es Tel: 610-7 ter, PA 19383 Fax: 61 38-0477 0-436-28 60 ACEER Ofi Calle Mo cina Peruan a: rona 51 Iquitos, 7 Pe TelĂŠfon ru o: Fax: 51 51-65-241640 -65-2332 99


Diakon KidzStuff Character development and advertisement promoting new day care program

Client: PCAR

“What your teens should really know.” website


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