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Fall 2019 - Trinity News A Seasonal Publication of Holy Trinity Church, Thornhill (Established in 1830)

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“Something good is happening here!!”

NEWS FROM GENERAL SYNOD New Primate Bishop Linda Nicholls, bishop of the Diocese of Huron, and a former incumbent of our parish, was elected fourteenth Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada at the recently concluded meeting of General Synod. She becomes the first woman in the history of the church to hold the position. After her election she said to the synod “you have bestowed on me an honour that I can hardly imagine, and it is terrifying. But it is also a gift, to be able to walk with the whole of the Anglican Church of Canada from coast to coast to coast.” She was installed on Tuesday, July 16, the final day of General Synod, succeeding Archbishop Fred Hiltz, who was elected Primate in 2007. We wish her every blessing as she undertakes the leadership of our National Church. Canon XXI—Marriage Canon General Synod failed in its effort to amend Canon XXI, which would have allowed for the sacrament of marriage to be received by same gender couples. It failed in the House of Bishops but was passed in the Houses of the Laity and Clergy. After the vote, the House of Bishops issued the following statement. “We, members of the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada, see the pain and anguish inflicted on LGBTQ2S+ people, on members of the General Synod, across the Church, and in the world, as a result of the work and the vote on the matter of Canon 21, concerning marriage. We see your tears, we hear your cries, and we weep with you. We have caused deep hurt. We are profoundly sorry.

“Although the bishops are not of one mind, we look with hope to the “Word to the Church” and its affirmations which General Synod 2019 overwhelmingly approved on Friday, July 12. “We are walking together in a way which leaves room for individual dioceses and jurisdictions of our church to proceed with same-sex marriage according to their contexts and convictions, sometimes described as “local option.” “Together, we affirm the inherent right of Indigenous peoples and communities to spiritual selfdetermination in their discernment and decisions in all matters. “Although we as bishops are not able to agree, in the name of Jesus Christ, we commit to conduct ourselves “with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:2-3)”. What’s Inside A Profile ACW News Wardens Report The Canon’s Column Healing and Wellness Ministry Brief Cemetery Outreach Looking Forward

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Trinity News - Fall 2019

A Profile: Cassandra Culpepper

Resha, above. Achebe and Léandra on duty

Cassandra Culpepper was born in Toronto and was made a Christian in baptism at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Bloor Street. At one year of age, she relocated to Barbados where she attended primary school at St. Lawrence Primary and high school at Christ Church Foundation School. Soon after graduation, she returned to Canada where she attended Centennial College and pursued her professional training as a Corporate Law Clerk/Corporate Secretary. She also attended the University of the West Indies and where she pursued further professional certification. Prior to returning to Canada last spring, she worked in the corporate and legal community in Barbados, including the law office of a former Prime Minister, the late Sir Harold Bernard St. John. Currently, she is the corporate law clerk for the Dairy Farmers of Ontario. Cassandra was a faithful member of her home church, St. Lawrence. She was a member of the church’s Holy Spirit Prayer Group, Mothers’ Union, Servers’ Guild, Intercessory Prayer Guild and Lector. She also served as a Sunday School teacher and Assistant Director of the Youth Group. Her professional life and work in the church community did not seem to be enough. She served the wider community as a member of the Kiwanis Club of Barbados South, and Girl Guides Association of Barbados as a former guider. In addition, she organized and participated in fundraising efforts in the service of children in need.

She enjoys ballroom dancing and, for a time, competed nationally. Her other hobbies include reading, baking and dabbling in sewing. She told Trinity News “my greatest 2

enjoyment is gained from volunteering especially giving back to society”. Cassandra is blessed with three children. Resha, like her mother was born and baptized in Canada. Unlike her mother, her baptism was at the font of Holy Trinity, Thornhill, by then Incumbent (now Primate), Linda Nicholls. Resha has just completed her B.Sc. in Physics and recently returned to Canada. Léandra, will start her journey as a junior in Thornhill Secondary School in September. She enjoys badminton and basketball as well as playing in her former school’s band and watching television. Achebe currently attends E.J. Sand Public School where he is a member of the school band and soccer team. He enjoys soccer, basketball, track and field, volleyball, badminton and playing video games. They are members of the church’s junior choir and, with Cassandra, are members of our servers’ guild. Léandra and Achebe were baptized at St. Lawrence Church and prior to immigrating to Canada, they were confirmed at St. David’s Church. As Cassandra continues in her Christian service, she volunteered to serve in the role secretary of the Corporation of our church following our annual vestry meeting earlier this year. We were pleased to welcome Cassandra, Léandra and Achebe to our community last summer and were equally pleased when they volunteered to be a part of our servers’ guild.

Fall 2019 - Trinity News

ACW News Pot Luck Dinner Tuesday October 1, 2019 The Pot Luck Dinner is back for ALL WOMEN of the parish. 6:30 p.m. Please join us in the Auditorium for punch. 7:00 p.m. Buffet-style dinner will be served. Bring your favourite main dish, salad or side, or dessert. If this is your first time attending, no need to bring a dish, just come. No meeting, no speaker . . . simply enjoy the food, fun and fellowship.

IMPORTANT DATES Tuesday Oct. 1 Women's Pot Luck Dinner Saturday Oct. 26 Warm Clothing Sale Saturday Nov. 2 Parish Breakfast

Saturday Nov. 23 Festival of Christmas

Warm CLOTHING Sale Saturday Oct. 26, 2019 This is a clothing drive designed to assist those needing warmer items for the winter weather. IT IS NOT A RUMMAGE SALE !! Please NO Jewelry & Household Items Donations gratefully accepted on Monday Oct. 21 - Friday Oct. 25. Set up days are Thursday & Friday. All help on intake, set up and sale day, greatly appreciated. Accepted Items :  men's, women's and children's clothing  linens  shoes, boots (adults & children)  purses and accessories

Parish Breakfast Saturday November 2, 2019 Attention: ALL MEN & WOMEN of the Parish. Please join us for a light breakfast Guest speaker: Barbara Trieloff from The Substance Abuse Foundation of Barbados. Our parish sent a barrel to Barbados last year and three years ago.

Tell friends & neighbours of the much anticipated OLD FASHIONED

Festival of Christmas Homemade baked goods, gourmet preserves, crafts, Christmas Past treasures, the wonderful Country Store, and delicious Luncheon. Parish families will receive a phone call from ACW asking for contribution of baked goods. We will greatly appreciate donations of Christmas related items & decorations for the Christmas Past Room. The RAFFLE Prizes & Values are: Double Size Quilt $500 (hand-sewn by HTC Quilters)

… and Gift Certificates from Thornhill Ladies Golf Course $100 (donated by Gloria Downey)

Thornhill Country Club


(donated by Bobbie Creber)

Festival of Christmas

Saturday Nov. 23, 2019

The Festival runs from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and provides a wonderful chance to begin your Christmas shopping early. The luncheon will be followed by the raffle draw, and there is an opportunity to purchase many craft and gift items.

Terra Restaurant Sarpa Restaurant

$200 $200

(both vouchers donated by Ian Chase)

Luncheon and Raffle TICKETS will be on sale on Sundays prior to the Festival. 3

Trinity News - Fall 2019

Wardens Mid Year Report ADMINISTRATION MATTERS Appointments: Winston Holder was reappointed Treasurer for 2019 and Cassandra Culpepper, a corporate secretary, was appointed as our Recording Secretary. We wish to thank Nicola Palframan and Pat Johnson for serving in that capacity throughout 2018 into 2019. Church Office: We are exploring the feasibility of digitizing our financial and other records. In compliance with CRA rules, we keep the most recent seven years of financial records. Records from earlier years will be destroyed. Diocesan Workshop: In April, Cassandra Culpepper, Jewell Coy, Edward Carter and Canon Stephen attended a Parish Leadership workshop for continuing and new leadership in parishes. FINANCE MATTERS At the end of May, our income totaled $194,274 while our disbursements were $219,945 for a net deficit of $25,671. We anticipated a budget deficit for the period of $32,270 on revenues of $185,374 and disbursements of $217,644. The envelope receipts were $119,866 which exceeded the budgeted amount of 116,667. Endowment Fund Request for Grant: We have requested a grant of $15,000 for ongoing church property maintenance from the HTC Endowment Fund. 50K in 50 Days - To date, pledges received total $58,420.34 of which $48,620.34 have been received. In addition, we have received $2,500 before the campaign was launched, $1,000 from the ACW, and $500 from the employer of one of our members. Total deposited is $52,120.34. The campaign has been a success and we thank members of our parish, the ACW, and parish friends for their generosity in providing funds to ensure the continued upkeep of our church property. PERSONNEL MATTERS Staff Leave: In January 2019, Jesús Cruz Arángo requested and was granted a three-month leave of absence to repair his houses in Mexico. Our Lay Pastor, Christine Ivy, requested and was granted personal leave until August 13, 2019.

Archivist Needed: There has been no successor in this ministry following the death of Judy Fleming. We are seeking a volunteer to fill this role. If there is no interest 4

in this work, a decision will be taken to move our archives to the Diocesan Archives department for storage and safekeeping. Staff Performance Reviews: Staff annual reviews will be conducted in the fall. PROPERTY MATTERS Cemetery: Conversion to Land Titles: This matter is now completed. The Incumbent and Churchwardens of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Thornhill is now the registered owner of the parcels of land that make up our cemetery. There was a spring cleanup in April. The fall cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, September 21, 2019 (rain date is October 5). Thornhill Nursery School & Kindergarten (“TNSK”): A study was undertaken to compare the rental fees paid by other daycares in the Thornhill area with the fees paid to HTC by Thornhill Nursery School & Kindergarten. Fee adjustments will be discussed with TNSK prior to the end-date of their license agreement in June 2021. We are in the process of reviewing all of our long-term and short-term license agreements to ensure that they are in line with rental fees charged by other churches in the Thornhill Area and in compliance with diocesan policies. Audio/Visual Equipment in Auditorium: It has been suggested that we should offer this equipment for rent to tenants for a rental fee, such amount to be decided. Women of our parish have been trained to use the equipment so that it can utilized when needed for an ACW event. Green Team Initiative/Climate Control: The Green Team continues to search out various programs to improve the greening projects for our parish. Following a request regarding the used of compostable materials in the kitchen, Steven Law, a member of the Green Team, submitted a draft of a “proposed list of HTC Green Kitchen Best Practices” for our consideration. These are under review and will be shared with the Advisory Board and brought to Vestry 2020 for approval.

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Fall 2019 - Trinity News

The Canon’s Column LEARNING AND GROWING OPPORTUNITIES When the disciples of John the Baptist expressed their curiosity about Jesus, Jesus invited them to “come and see”. It was by spending much time in his presence, not necessarily in worship, that they learnt a lot about him and the work that they were called to share with him. The statement “The Diocese of Toronto serves Christ’s mission through compassionate service, intelligent faith, and godly worship” articulates and important perspective of the Anglican Way. One hallmark of the Anglican Way is the joyful pursuit of, and engagement in, theological education and reflection. This may be done at the highest levels in the academy or in the Bible Study group in a parish hall. We continue to make opportunities for learning and spiritual growth available to the membership of our parish. Wednesdays in Lent During Lent, we were pleased to welcome Bishop Peter Fenty who led a ‘reflection series’ in each of the YorkSimcoe deaneries. Travelling to a church in each of the four deaneries on Wednesday nights after a day of attending to the administrative and pastoral concerns of his episcopal office, he engaged the clergy and laity on the theme, ‘Give us this day our daily bread’. The final session was held at Holy Trinity. We, in preparation for the session with Bishop Peter, focused our Wednesday Nights in Lent around the first four phrases in the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father, in heaven”, “Hallowed Be Your Name”, “Your Kingdom Come”, and “Your Will Be Done”. We would have wished for a larger attendance but those who attended were able to approach the Lord’s Prayer with new lenses. One participant said, “these sessions really prepared us for the session with Bishop Fenty”.

God, Self, Others, and Creation by “Growing A Rule of Life”. Again, I invite members to join us on your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer when we resume in September. Let’s make use of this opportunity and the technology available as we seek to grow deeper in our faith and relationships. You are only a click away. Go to https://zoom.us/j/7643626913. Tuesday Bible Study Group Every Tuesday afternoon (1:30 - 3:00 p.m. - except during the summer), a number of members, facilitated by John Carrington, meet in the Reception Room for biblical and theological reflection. Important questions about biblical and personal meaning constitute the content of their conversations. The group usually studies a book or reflects on the lectionary readings for the upcoming Sunday. Authors studied include Marcus Borg, Desmond Tutu and Bill Hockin. Tremendous interest was stirred when the group did a comparative study of the Birth Narratives of Jesus during Advent. Pilgrim Courses Our Lay Pastor offered several “Pilgrim Courses” over the past eighteen months. These are user friendly courses that have provided opportunities for participants to explore some of the basic foundations of our faith. In addition, she has made herself available to lead bible study sessions with the small groups in the church. On a personal note. By attending these sessions which are facilitated by our lay leaders and also engaging viDEoVOTIONS, I reap the harvest of fruit from the seeds planted in these conversations and they provide many ideas for the sermons that I deliver on Sundays. I encourage you to make use of these opportunities for further formation and development.

viDEoVOTIONS One cannot say too much about these viDEoVOTIONS at 8:00am on Monday to Thursday each week. Seven faithful participants, with coffee, fruit, cereal, in their study, bedroom, or at the mall, enter our ZOOM room for music, conversation and prayer. During Lent, using a resource prepared by the Brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, an Episcopal (Anglican) order of monks based in Boston, and the Virginia Theological Seminary, we sought to cultivate our relationships with 5

Trinity News - Fall 2019

Wardens Mid Year Report cont’d Property Items to Be Completed In 2019 – Estimated the establishment of an outreach committee to oversee Costs $23,425.00: Our Property Committee, headed by our broader outreach ministry. Ron Tolhurst, continues to ensure that our church Emergency Shelter: A request was made to use the buildings remain in excellent condition. We have a very Auditorium from November to December on Sunday large property which takes a small army to maintain. We nights to provide dinner, overnight stay and breakfast. all owe a debt of gratitude not only to Ron but also to the The initial plan was to bring the request to a Special amazing members of the Property Committee. Below is Vestry in May. However, a decision was taken to cancel the list of the projects, completed, outstanding or the proposed vestry and engage in a more deferred. detailed conversation about the issue. We a town hall meeting on Completed will have a town hall meeting on Nov. 9 to November 9 to address  Replace exterior door from Vestry address issues relating of hosting the issues relating of hosting emergency shelter. Vestry will be invited to  Repair warming oven; reconnect wire to element the emergency shelter. discuss the matter at its 2020 annual  Replace lock on purpose cupboard in meeting. kitchen Refugee Settlement Committee (RSC): Linda Gould and  Replace kitchen tap – internal leak Hilary Irving-Brown continue to keep us updated on the  Grab bar on wall by Lectern four ongoing refugee sponsorships in which we are  Repair front step railing anchor in cement currently engaged under the auspices of AURA (Anglican Outstanding United Refugee Alliance).  Auditorium: heat tracing to prevent ice buildup on In May, Danny Schild of Canadians Helping Asylum west roof & eaves -contractor  Install stair treads on back stairs leading to Seekers in Israel (CHAI), an organization of individuals, rabbis and leaders and a few congregations in the Jewish auditorium community in Toronto, one of our partners, addressed  Repaint south door the congregation about their work.  Elevator Maintenance – hydraulic hose  Parge concrete on north & west on exterior of church Thornhill United Church (TUC) has requested our RSC to basement assist them with the sponsorship of a Palestinian family,  Caulk cornice by front door of church now resident in Libya. Their family has committed  Power floor cleaner - new equipment $70,000 to meet the 12-month settlement costs of the  Extend lawn sprinkler system to urn on the walkway refugee family but have been advised that Immigration  Repaint parking lot lines Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires a further  Deferred $40,000, given the number and ages of the persons in the  The replacement of the sanctuary A/C units family. TUC has reached out to other churches for support to fund the extra amount required. Snow Removal: We will undertake an RFP to include the We desire to support our committee as they assist a current provider to ensure we are getting the optimal member of our ministerial. We were reminded of the fact value. that even though we are involved in three pending sponsorships, we have no financial investment in them. MINISTRY MATTERS We have decided that we will: Outreach  support the request of Thornhill United Church to Vestry Motion: Our Advisory Board has been addressing support them in the sponsorship of a refugee family, the motion “Standing in Solidarity with The Poor” which by granting the amount of $2,000, to be advanced was passed at Vestry. The motioned endorsed our from the Ministry Fund, and to be reimbursed commitment to stand in solidarity with the poor through through fundraising events to be organised by the prayer, outreach and advocacy, and joined the rest of our refugee committee, church in calling on all levels of government to fulfill their  make available any excess funds, realized from these responsibilities to all our citizens. events, to be added to the funds granted, and  explore, with the treasurer, if there is any flexibility in Outreach Committee: Noting that the task of the current the current budget to fund any short that may occur Outreach Committee is to identify charities for receipt of in the fundraising efforts. funding from our outreach budget, the board agreed to Continued to page 10 6

Fall 2019 - Trinity News

Healing & Wellness Ministry Pause for thought. In the summer months, we often have the opportunity to take a few days, weeks or even a month to press “the pause button”, and spend time away from work, school, and some of the other activities that dictate how we spend our time and energy. We more easily give ourselves permission to step away from the routines of life, to relax. We can think more deeply than when we are over-busy. Have you considered the deep value of reading through the Book of Proverbs? There is much to be gained by reading a chapter a day for 31 days. Then, start again. The difference between reading and studying can be bridged by having a pen and a notebook with you, as you read. The Book of Proverbs is a good starting point to readers who are looking for wisdom, and ultimately the path toward knowing themselves more realistically. It is a way to stretch your thinking (good brain exercise), develop your understanding of human nature (good way to enhance interpersonal skills) and uncover the depth of true wisdom. Mental health is linked with accurate selfunderstanding. To gain wisdom and insight by getting to know the character of God is an achievable goal which pays dividends to your overall well-being. Consider adding the Book of Proverbs to your summer reading list.

No Scents Makes Sense … Please be aware that fragranced products can trigger allergies, asthma and migraines in others. One sniff may be all that it takes from the person who is to receive the prayer shawl you’re making. So be mindful. This likely means refraining from using hand soap or lotions whenever you’re knitting. Might even be a good idea to always keep the shawl tightly enclosed in a zip lock plastic bag to ensure it is remains protected from environmental scents in your home that it might inadvertently come in contact with.

Thank you to all who heeded the call for shawls to be completed… Our coffers are brimming with shawls and I’m grateful for your response. Happy scent-free knitting… Cathy Pearson* *Head Knit Wit



We welcome into God’s family

We gave thanks for the lives of

Evelyn Elizabeth Turner

Leonard Edward Graves Donna Martin Hilda Anne Blaine

Maureen McNeish, RN Parish Nurse 905 889 5931 ext. 29


Gordon Drummond Robertson

We joined in Holy Matrimony

Ruth Stirling Gall


Stephanie Birrell & Mike Maddin

Michael Cubitt Robert Fielding Haslett

Glen Ellis Bristow


Trinity News - Fall 2019

Ministry Brief Music Ministry

Church School

New Choir Members Welcome We invite you to join our Senior Choir. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings between 7:30 and 9:00 p.m. Short term seasonal commitments are welcome, too; join us as we prepare special music for Christmas and Easter. If interested in joining our choir, please speak with Rachel Yoon or email her: musicdirector@holytrinitythornhill.ca.

September means Back to School and routine! Holy Trinity Church School opens again on Sunday, September 8, 2019. We welcome back our regular students and any new children as well.

Holy Trinity Junior Choir Our Junior Choir, now entering its third year, is open to all children and youth (from age 8 and up) in the community as well as our Sunday school students. We have been making music together and experiencing the joy of singing. The choir practices are held on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 p.m. in Room A. Please share with your friends or neighbors who may be interested in the choir program. To join, please contact Rachel.

What’s Happening @ Your Library Throughout winter and spring inventory was taken and general house-keeping was done to maintain the library. Please remember to return your borrowed book; a few are still outstanding. We received donations of several new books that will be added to the library collection. A "big thank you" to all donors. As always we welcome donation of books (please no text books). In May the hymnals and prayer books were mended.

There will be a change this year. Our older students “youth group” will meet with Christine Ivy on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. The younger children will continue in room B with Judith and Hazel every week. The alternate weeks we will all join together in Room B. We look forward to a new learning year together. Shoeboxes for our annual drive for Samaritan's Purse will arrive in September and be available as soon as possible. Please bring filled boxes by the end of October. They will be delivered to the collection depot for shipment to the developing countries.

Judith Sinclair 905 889 5931 ext. 30 Church School Teacher and Coordinator 5jasagain@gmail.com

Welcome Teams— Sidespeople & Greeters A sincere Thank You! to all team members who have assisted with, and contributed to, this important ministry during July, August and September. Much appreciated! For more information about our HTC Welcome Teams, please speak to Peter Paterson or call him at 905 889 5532.

Here is what Your Library houses: Bible study material, family friendly books, Christian fictions, books for children. All free and available for check out anytime the building is open. Enjoy borrowing a book. We continue to collect cancelled stamps for Christian Salvage Mission, who are grateful for our support of their ministry. A big thank you to all those who willingly continue to support Christian Salvage Mission by bringing in your cancelled stamps. It is most appreciated. Angella Smith 8

$5.00 each available from Jane Winstanley

Fall 2019 - Trinity News

Holy Trinity Cemetery The Cemetery has been relatively active this year. To date, there have been one burial, one cremated remains interment, and two foundation installations. Many sunken markers and corner stones were raised in June. A committee member must be present for interments and installation of monuments and markers. In April we had a mini-clean up resulting in many bags of garden waste. In June, the Thornhill Club weed-wacked and removed the weeds on the south side of the cemetery that grow on three feet of their property which is north of the tennis fence. We have received notification that the Cemetery is now properly registered at the Land Registry Office. It has been a long and expensive process. A huge thank you to Iverson Grimes who has facilitated the entire process. We received Inquiries about the purchase of interments rights on a regular basis as are inquiries from people looking for information about their ancestors. New price lists were approved January 2019 in keeping with the rising costs of the contractors who do the maintenance, foundation and interment work. Each month during the spring, summer and fall, members of the Committee have been doing weekly cleanups of litter which has been dropped or blown into the cemetery. A big thank you goes to these people for keeping our cemetery tidy and welcoming. We would welcome additional help with this task. Please contact Enid Corbett if you can help. Saturday, September 21, 2019, is our fall cleanup day. (Rain date October 5). We welcome all helpers from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. The tasks are numerous: raking, vines to remove, shrubs to trim, grass to trim from corner stones and flat markers, grass cuttings and needles to sweep from flat stones, etc. etc. etc. The Cemetery Committee is a group of volunteers who meet bi-monthly to discuss the ongoing work in the cemetery. New members are welcome to join us in this interesting and vital task. Our next meeting is Tuesday September 24.

From Your Church Office Custodian - Jesús Cruz Arángo


Please contact him directly on janitorial, cleaning, and building maintenance matters.

Work (church) phone: 905 889 5931 ext. 24 Work email: custodian@holytrinity-thornhill.ca USE OF ROOM/SPACE A friendly reminder that BEFORE deciding on date & time of your meeting(s), please check with Swan/Church Office whether the space is available. The demand of spaces within our community and beyond is very high.

CALL AHEAD ... It will be much appreciated that parishioners call/email ahead when they would like to come to the church and would need attention and/or help from Swan or Jesús. This would ensure that:  You will get the full attention/help that you need.  Allow staff to re-arrange or prioritize their duties.  Avoid several members come and need attention at the same time, which happen frequently as “great minds thinks alike”.

SECURITY & PRIVACY Policy… From the beginning of her employment in year 2000, Swan has been required to carry out banking when necessary. Citing security & privacy, the bank & church policies have been tightened and only the wardens have the authority to retrieve info from the bank. Currently …  when Swan deposits monies to the bank, the bank teller refuses to disclose the account balance.  Swan cannot collect/pick-up the bank statement from the branch.  she was refused a service when she wanted to buy international money order on behalf of HTC. Weird things are not exclusive to Trump or Ford offices, they occur also in Thornhill.

Enid Corbett Chair, Cemetery Committee


Trinity News - Fall 2019

Wardens Mid Year Report cont’d We were concerned about our liability in this thoughtful initiative and sought advice from our insurance company and the York Region Health Department. The insurance company has informed us that as long as the volunteers are from the church and are acting on behalf of the church, our insurance will cover. The health department has informed us that for this initiative to be acceptable, the soup must be prepared and frozen in the Church Kitchen and not in the homes of parishioners. This would require that our kitchen be inspected and meet the health services standards. The York Region Health Department is not concerned about the baked goods. Funding our Outreach Budget. Our Lenten Offerings which members set aside as part of their Lenten exercise evening of Jazz with the band, KaLaBash, and the realized a total of $3,000. Healing and Wellness Lunch and Learn. In May, the parish nurse organized a Lunch and Learn on the topic “Supporting the Caregiver” with a guest speaker, Virginia Bidwell from Evergreen Hospice in Markham. She spoke on coping strategies for the caregiver. CPR/First Aid. Later in the month, she organized a CPR/ AED and First Aid certification seminar. 21 persons participated. Seniors’ Luncheons were held on April 24 and June 5, following a celebration of the Eucharist. Our Healing & Wellness Committee had proposed to purchase containers to be given to members to be filled with homemade soups or cookies/muffins, to be frozen and made available for our clergy and lay visitors to take to our housebound members, as needed.

Eva Rea Bursary Report Bursaries: The Eva Rea Committee reviewed and approved 14 applications for the 2019 bursaries. As was the case last year, we made this opportunity available to schools in our community (one school submitted 2 applications, but only one was selected). Each student received $1,000. This year a framed bursary certificate was given to all recipients. Committee members participated in various Graduation Ceremonies to present bursary certificates to recipients. The ACW The ACW continues to be a source of strength and support in our ministry. In addition to their donation to the 50K’s in 50 Days campaign, they organized their annual Spring Rummage Sale and a fashion show. Thanks We are thankful to all who continue to support our ministry at HTC, to volunteers and the staff, Jesús, Maureen, Rachel, Christine, Judith, and Swan who are all incredible resources on our team.

Altar Flowers The Altar Guild relies on donations from the congregation to beautify our church with flowers every Sunday. The flowers are placed on the Altar and Memorial Table. Donations in any amount are most welcome. You may dedicate flowers  In celebration of events in your family’s life;  In memory of loved ones. To donate, or for more information, please contact Lois Symons. Thank you. 10

Fall 2019 - Trinity News

Bishop Asbil’s Visit in Pictures


Trinity News - Fall 2019

Outreach Easter Sunday Coffee Hour Grodzinski Bakery … Free Will Offering $278.50 Each year, in the weeks leading to Passover, Grodzinsky Bakery contacted us to remove all their products as the store is closed for two weeks to celebrate Passover. This arrangement required multiple visits to their Centre St. store followed by trips to Richmond Hill foodbank or other charities to deliver the baked items. On Easter Sunday, we decided to serve the baked goods during Coffee Hour and members could “purchase” some items and free will offering was collected. As of July 10, this total has been shared equally between the Richmond Hill Food Bank and the All Saints Community Centre/Kitchen to purchase non-perishable food items most requested by each charity. All Food Basics receipts will be kept on file until September 30. Thanks again for your generous support at the Easter Sunday Coffee Hour. Much appreciated.

Richmond Hill Food Bank, All Saints Community Kitchen/Clothing Closet, Eva’s Place (North York) As of July 18, there have been 20 deliveries of nonperishable food and personal use items to the Richmond Hill Food Bank (13) and the All Saints Community Centre/ Kitchen (7). There also have been nine deliveries of men’s apparel to the All Saints Clothing Closet. THANK YOU! for your continued support including financial contributions. Much appreciated! If you would like more information on the charities mentioned here please speak to Peter Paterson or call him at 905 889 5532.

2019 FaithWorks Campaign Package is included in this newsletter.

Peter Paterson

Teacher: ‘Craig, you know you can’t sleep in my class.’ Craig: ‘I know. But maybe if you were just a little quieter, I could.’

The teacher says to Patrick “the essay you wrote about your dog is word for word the same as your brother’s.” “Of course it is” says Patrick “it’s the same dog”.

Mother is waking her son: “Paulie, come, wake up, you have to go to school.” “Aw mom, just a bit more sleep, please.” “No, it’s really high time, now get up.” “But I don’t want to. The children annoy me and the teachers are a complete pain!” “Stop it now. Get up and off to school with you!” “Mom, give me two good reasons why I should go to the stupid school.” “Paulie, first of all, you’re 45, and second, you’re the Principle.” 12

A woman has just returned from seeing her doctor for her annual physical. Her husband asks her how things went. “Everything was fine” she replied. The following morning he notices her sifting through a cup of sugar, but thinks nothing of it, figuring she was planning on doing some baking. The sifting ritual repeats itself that evening. This continues for a couple of days, where the woman gets a cup of sugar, sifts through it, and returns it to the larger sugar bowl that she got it from. With curiosity getting the better of him, the husband asks the wife why she keeps on “playing” with the sugar. “I am not playing with the sugar silly, I am following my doctor’s instructions to check my sugar twice a day” she replied innocently.

The Police Officer say’s to the man: “Why didn’t you report your stolen credit card?” The man replied: “Why ….. the thief was spending less than my wife!” Source: Jokes of the Day, Jewell 88.5 Radio

Fall 2019 - Trinity News

Looking Forward Sunday Sept. 29 after the 10:00 a.m. service

Endowment Fund Special Vestry

Tuesday Oct. 1 6:30 p.m.

ACW Pot Luck Dinner

Seniors’ Thanksgiving Luncheon Wednesday Oct. 9 11:00 a.m. Eucharist We welcome all mature adults to this 12:00 noon Luncheon fellowship. Please let us know that you’re coming to ensure adequate staffing. Jean Challoner Church Office 905 889 5931 ext. 21 Saturday Oct. 26 9:00 - 12:00

Warm Clothing Sale

Saturday Nov. 2 8:30 a.m.

Parish Breakfast Meeting

Saturday Nov. 9 9:30 a.m.

Town Hall Meeting - topic: “Providing Shelter to the Homeless”

Festival of Christmas Saturday Nov. 23 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

For individual tickets or Tables of 10, send to Markham Prayer Breakfast c/o 9 Cypress Point Court, Thornhill L3T 1V6 r or Email: TicketsMPB@bell.net

GOLDEN AGE I didn’t make it to the gym today. That makes five years in a row.

Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators. We haven’t met yet.

I decided to sop calling the bathroom the “John” and renamed it the “Jim”. I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.

Why do I have to press one for English when you’re going to transfer me to someone I can’t understand anyway.

When I was a child I thought Nap Time was a punishment. Now as a grownup, it feels like a small vacation. I don’t have gray hair; I have “wisdom highlights”. I’m just very wise. If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.

Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice. At my age "Getting lucky" means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for. The biggest lie I tell myself is " I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it."


Trinity News - Fall 2019


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Trinity News - 2019 Fall Edition  

Trinity News - 2019 Fall Edition