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The Promise of Joy

This fullness also results from something being restored that had been lost or that was missing from the start: sight, hearing, being able to sing and dance with joy, health of body and spirit. Such fullness comes from God. It is gift, pure and simple.

- Msgr Tom

Joy is different from happiness. Happiness is a transient experience, but joy has more depth to it. Joy can be independent of what is going on around us. John’s Gospel records that the night before Jesus died, he says to his disciples that he wants his “joy to be in them, and their joy to be complete.” And Paul writes to the Thessalonians: “Rejoice always!”

Our Father wants us to have this fullness of life, to be sure. It will come with the coming of the Lord. In the meantime, we are to wait patiently, not complaining, but with hearts marked by certitude. We have assurance in that we have already been welcomed into the Kingdom at our baptism. The rest is only a matter of time. This week ask the Father to give you that joy that the world cannot give – a joy rooted in trusting that God who raised Jesus up will also bring us to the fullness of life. Rejoice!

Today’s readings invite us to think about what brings us joy. Isaiah offers images of a world that will blossom or bloom, flowering into fullness. The prophet gives us wonderful images of dry, parched land suddenly breaking into a colorful display of new and abundant life.


been completely covered by morning.

Monsignor Rescued from the Snow

Monsignor says: “Thanks a million, guys! Typical of our parish family, you are always there with a helping hand! Your rescue is deeply appreciated!!”

Last Monday evening, Monsignor Tom was returning to the Rectory after visiting some of our homebound parishioners. The snow had swirled about for most of the day, and created a 3 foot snow drift in the parking lot just to the side of the garage.

People For Life Annual March Attend the annual March for Life in Washington, DC on Monday, 24th of January. Buses chartered by People for Life will leave Erie Sunday evening (23rd of January) at 11 p.m. and return about 1:30 a.m., 25th of January.

In seconds, our pastor was solidly planted in the middle of the drift – and no amount of effort could create any traction at all. The wheels were barely touching the ground! Fortunately, the PCEP families were busily preparing the last batch of pierogies for this weekend’s Christmas Bakery in the Social Center. If it weren’t for Marc Moore, Ken Niedzwiecki, Mike Fahey (who fired up the snow blower), and Rob Young, Monsignor’s car may have

Students and families on a tight budget are encouraged to inquire about sponsorships. Reservations should be made as soon as possible. Send $40 per seat to People for Life/ P.O. Box 1126/ Erie PA 16512. Information: 814.882.1333.


New Website At Holy Trinity

The committee hopes to make the site as informative and up-to-date as possible. If there is something that you, the parishioner or event organizer, feel is missing from the site, please let them know.


Thanks to the leadership of Deacon Tom Matusiak and the able assist of Michelle Wiley and Corey Spacht, our website is being refreshed to attract more people to our parish life and ministries.

There are so many imaginative ways to use the site to promote our Zabawa and other fund-raising efforts – and they are open to all suggestions.

Taking their cue from Pope Benedict XVI’s recent exhortation to embrace this important technology and to spread the Good News, Deacon Tom and his committee are in the process of creating a framework for telling our story, our parish history, and vital information about our various groups and organizations.

Michelle brings a lot of experience to the website. Her work on the University of Central Florida was remarkable, and she is excited to apply her expertise to preserving our history and ethnicity. Corey came to us at the suggestion of Deacon Chuck Adamczyk of St. James. He is the designer of and webmaster for the St. James website.

There will be information meant to preserve our history and heritage – especially our many Polish traditions and customs.


Taizé Prayer

Prayer List

Peggy Baland Pauline Benes Don Bross Kathy Cancilla Nicklos Cancilla Lori Chiesa Margaret Chilcott Jim Colburn Mary Cook Richard and Doris Czerwinski Zachary Czerwinski Bill and Mary DeMarco Marlene Dempsey Toni Dillion Carol DiPanfilo Joyce Dolph Debbie Ellis Judy Englert Nobert Figurski Evelyn Foley Frances Ganska Bobby Gibson Mary Grzemski Walt Gorniak Maryann Hess Michael Hilbrich Kenneth Hlopick Barbie Jarrett Joseph Joint Hal Karle Ken Koszegi Jean Kozlowski Sr. M. Rachel Krauza Debbie Kuhn Larry Lahnan Mary Jane Lahnan Clare Laskowski Chester Madras Tony Maciulewicz Frances Majba Steve Menosky Carl Milewski Pat Morabito Louise Murzynski Sydney Proper Brian Pruzenski Bill and Georgia Quashnock Karina Randall Jim Robert Joann Rowland Ed Rutkowski Damian Santabene Frank and Gladys Sarnowski Henry Slubowski Linda Steadman Lori Thomas Lois Vosmus Joe Walczak

Ecumenical Christian Taizé prayer around the cross is planned for 7 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 10 at the Sisters of Mercy Motherhouse, 444 E. Grandview Blvd., Erie. The gatherings, which will also be held the third Friday of each month at 7 p.m. from January through April, include Christian chanting, Scripture reading and silence. For more information, contact Sister Rita Panciera at the House of Prayer in Erie at 814.456.1802.



Ministers for DEC. 11/12

Ministers for DEC. 18/19

Saturday, 5 PM Mass

Saturday, 5 PM Mass

Altar Servers Anna Czulewicz Claire Weisenfluh Emma Weisenfluh

Altar Servers Zoe Futscher Tony Young Serena Plott

Lectors Theresa Ignaczak Steven Matusiak

Lectors Jack Kempisty Robert Koziel

Eucharistic Minister Debbie Majewski

Eucharistic Minister Deacon Matusiak

Sunday, 10 AM Mass

Sunday, 10 AM Mass

Altar Servers Francis Stark Norman Stark John Paul Stark

Altar Servers Domenica Babo Christian Babo Rachel Heberle

Lectors William Downing

Lectors Michele Koszegi Nathan Nitczynski

Eucharistic Minister Deacon Matusiak

Eucharistic Minister Regina Rutkowski


Third Sunday of Advent (Guadete Sunday)  

December 12, 2010 bulletin for Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Third Sunday of Advent (Guadete Sunday)  

December 12, 2010 bulletin for Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania.