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MAY 2013

IN THIS ISSUE Fear Not—Good Friday “Fear is a very natural part of being human. In fact, when Gabriel comes to the young Mary to announce that she will carry the seed of the incarnate baby Jesus, bear him for nine months in her womb, and give birth to the messiah, she was at first quite fearful. “ by Fr. Andreas Vithoulkas

Μὴ ὴ φοβοῦ ῦ Παρασκευή



του π. Ανδρέα Βυθούλκας <<Ο φόβος είναι ένα πολύ φυσικό µέρος της ανθρώπινης ύ π α ρ ξ η ς . Σ τ η ν πρ α γµ ατ ικότ ητα , ότ α ν ο Γαβριήλ, έρχεται στην νεαρή Μαρία να της ανακοινώσει ότι αυτή θα ενσαρκώσει τον Υἱόν Λόγο, φοβήθηκε αρκετά. >>

του π. Ανδρέα Βυθούλκας

Chosen and Appointed by God to Go and Bear Fruit

MAY 2013 THE ώρες ORTHODOX VISION 9:00 2 am May 2013 Weekday & Saturday Liturgies/ Καθηµερινές & Σαββάτου Λειτουργίας Sun


MEMORIALS Sunday, May 19th Philip Petron - 1 year Alexandra Koulouris- 3 years James Koulouris 18 years


Oak Lawn: 1:00 pm Lawncroft: 2:00pm ΕΠΙΣΚΕΨΗ ΣΤΑ ΝΕΚΡΟΤΑΦΕΙΑ 27 ΜΑΙΟΥ 2013

ΛΕΪΚΒΙΟΥ: 9:30 ΠΜ MEMORIAL DAY - MAY GATE OF HEAVEN: 11:00 ΠΜ 27, 2013MT. GROVE: 12:15 CEMETERY VISITS ΜΜ Lakeview: 9:30 am Gates of Heaven: 11:00 OAKLAWN: 1:00 ΜM Lawncroft 2:00 MM am. Mt. Grove: 12:15 pm MAY 5

EASTER SUNDAY/ The Resurrection of our Lord Agape (Love) Services 11:00 am 12 Thomas Sunday Mother’s Day Athletic Dept. Awards

6 Renewal Monday

13 2nd Monday after Pascha

7 Renewal Tuesday: The Commemoration of Saints Raphael, Nicholas, Irene, and the Other Newly-revealed Martyrs of Lesbos 14 2nd Tuesday after Pascha

Martyr Glyceria

Martyr Isidore

George the Great Martyr & Triumphant Prophet Job

Sergios the Confessor

Hieromartyr Therapontus

20 19 Sunday of the 3rd Monday Myrrh-Bearing after Pascha Women Martyr Thalleleus Hieromartyr Patrick of Mark the Prusa Hermit Memnonus the

Carpos and Alphaeus of the 70 Martyr Alexander of Thessolonica






MAY 3 HOLY FRIDAYREADING & DECORATION OF THE EPITAPHIOS 9:30 am / Unnailing from the Cross the Lamentation Service

MAY 4 HOLY SATURDAY Liturgy of St. Basil and Holy Communion 9:00 am/ Canon Prior to Resurrection 11:00 pm /THE RESURRECTION – LITURGY of St. Chrysostom 12 midnight to 1:30 am/ EASTER MEAL OF LOVE right after LITURGY


27 Cemetery visits: Lakeview: 9:30 am/ Gate of Heaven: 11:00 am/ Mt. Grove: 12:15 pm/ Oak Lawn: 1:00/ Lawn Croft 2:00 pm


Constantine & Helen, Equal-to-the Apostles 9:00 am Pachomios the Righteous New Martyr 28 4th Tuesday after Pascha Martyr Eutychius Nikitas, Bishop of Chalcedon


3:00 pm/ Procession of Epitaphios

7:00 pm

7:00 PM

8 John the Theologian

9 Renewal Thursday

Arsenios the Great

Prophet Isaiah

15 2nd Wednesday after Pascha Pachomius the Great Achillius, Abp. Of Larissa

DOP Flower Sale

26 Sunday of the Paralytic


22 3rd Wednesday after Pascha Hieromartyr Basiliscus New Martyrs Demetrius and Paul 29 4th Wednesday after Pascha - MidPentecost Martyr Theodosia Virgin Martyr Theodosia of

MAY 10

11 Renewal Saturday Cyril and Methodius Renewal of Constantinople

Martyr Christopher


16 2nd Thursday after Pascha

17 2nd Friday after Pascha

18 2nd Saturday after Pascha

Theodore the Sanctified

Andronicus & Junia

Martyrs Peter, Dionysius & Paul

Martyr Peter of Blachernae

Nectarius of Meteora

23 3rd Thursday after Pascha

24 3rd Friday after Pascha

Michael, Bp. Of Synnada

Symeon the Stylite

Mary the Myrrhbearer & wife of Cleopas

Saint Vincent of Therapon the Hieromartyr, Bishop Lerins

30 4th Thursday after Pascha


Isaacius of Dalmatus Macrina, grandmother of St. Basil the Great

4th Friday after Pascha Martyr Hermias Eusebius and Haralambos

Julian the Martyr 25 Third Finding of the Precious Head of St. John the Baptist

of Cyprus

June 1 & 2 Olympiad Festival— Opens at 11:00am

MAY 2013


Fear Not— Good Friday by Father Andreas Vithoulkas


ately, I hear so much talk about fear. Newscasters and politicians are always talking a great deal about terrorism, global warming, the failing economy and war. As a priest, I hear a great deal of personal fear about people losing their jobs, receiving a bitter diagnosis from the doctor, and of course, the ultimate fear of death. Curious about this topic, I did a Google search on fear, and I came to a site called "The Phobia List." I couldn't believe all of the fears that we re lis te d--eve rything from "anthrophobia," the fear of people, to "la cha nophobia, " the fea r of v e g e t a b le s . T h e re is e v e n "ecclesiaphobia," the fear of church, and "homilophobia," the fear of sermons. And believe it or not, there are individuals who are afraid to share their faith in God with others who may have a different creed or belief in an interfaith service such as this one. I guess that would be a combination of “xenophobia” and “theophobia.” Fear is a very natural part of being human. In fact, when Gabriel comes to the young Mary to announce that she will carry the seed of the incarnate baby Jesus, bear him for nine months in her womb, and give birth to the messiah, she was at first quite fearful. When we think about a request of this magnitude from our twenty first century mindset, our initial reaction would be, "you've got

to be jok in g!” W ha t a n overwhelming request. We live in a material world, often seeking selfish pleasures that we could not fathom such a selfless request. While Mary trembled with fear when she heard the angel pronounce to her the news, Gabriel's response to her was, "Mary, don't be afraid, for you have found favor with God.” (Luke 1:30 NKJV) Suc h simple, ye t profound words....."Don’t be afraid, because the Lord is with you." We hear these same words often throughout the Bible. These words come to Joseph in a dream: "Don't be afraid." The same words come to Zachariah and Elizabeth: "Fear not," and angels come to the shepherds in a field keeping watch over their flocks by night: "Don't be afraid, for behold I bring you glad tidings of great joy which shall be to all people." The a nge lic gree ting comes with incredible monotony throughout the Advent story, the same greeting, and the same command, repeated over and over again: "Fear Not!" We can in fact sum up Mary’s entire life as one of overcoming fear. First, she is asked to give birth to the Incarnate Jesus. At the same time of giving birth to the baby Jesus, she was also being prepared to face her deepest and darkest fear: the death of her son on the Cross. Standing at the foot of the cross, we are reminded of already, when Jesus was just born and was being presented after forty days, we hear the prophecy of the righteous Simeon to Mary of his impending suffering, crucifixion and death. Simeon blessed them, and said to Mary his mother, “Behold this Child is destined for the fall and rising of many in Israel,


and for a sign which will be spoken against (yes, a sword will pierce through your own soul also), so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed." (Luke 2, 34-35) Simeon forewarns Mary of her own impending grief and suffering, which she will endure at the foot of the Cross. Now standing at the Cross, we hear Jesus speaking to his mother for the last time. "Woman, behold thy son, " and "Behold, thy Mother." (John 19: 26,27) We could only imagine the chill that went through her body knowing this ending, but somehow, she is able to move forward and accept the command her Son is giving her. Once again, she is obedient to God’s word as she was when Gabriel proclaimed to her that she would give birth to the Lord. What makes Mary so special is not that she accepts her calling without fear, but that even in spite of her fear, she is still obedient to God’s commandment. From the time of the conception of Jesus, her response to the news brought forth by the angel is: “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord; Let it be to me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38 NKJV) Mary willfully acce pts her obedience to God’s Word even in her initial fear. Even in the face of her ultimate fear the death of her son. What helps Mary overcome her fear is that she feels the presence of God within her and realizes that she is not alone. Yet, this is only possible by giving her own will completely over to God. Our fears, therefore, are a result of our attachment to this world. If we put our trust and faith in God as Mary did at the Holy Annunciation and now at the foot of the Cross, to (Connued on page 4)

“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” - M. Garrey

MAY 2013


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surrender ourselves over to God, we, in turn, would no longer feel afraid or alone and become more like Mary, full of Grace. Moreover, to give up our own life to Christ and to take up our Cross gives us a newly enriched spiritual life, and ultimately, eternal life. It is in Jesus’ sacrifice at the Cross that fear and death are conquered! We sing in the Orthodox tradition “Christ has Risen from the dead by death he has trampled upon death and bestowing life to those in the tombs.” As Christians in the twenty first century, we have an even new cross to bare together, as people, particularly in light of all the tragedies that have been occurring lately, such as the tragedy in Newtown. Evil forces are apparently at work against our society in new ways trying to create division and separation amongst Christians. Therefore, it is to our advantage to come together as Christians and rethink our roles and commonalities, rather than our differences in our ways of

Μὴ ὴ φοβοῦ ῦΜεγάλη Παρασκευή Τον τελευταίο καιρό, ακούω τόσα πολλά να λέγονται για το φόβο. ∆ηµοσιογράφοι και πολιτικοί πάντα µ ιλάνε πολ ύ σχ ετικά µ ε τη ν τροµοκρατία, την υπερθέρµανση του πλανήτη, την καταρρέουσα οικονοµία τον πόλεµο. Ως ιερέας, ακούω µε πολλή προσοχή για τον προσωπικό φόβο των ανθρώπων που χάνουν τη δουλειά τους, που λαµβάνουν µια διάγνωση από το γιατρό για άσχηµα επακόλουθα, και φυσικά, για τον τελικό φόβο του θανάτου. Έχοντας περιέργεια για αυτό το θέµα, έκανα µια σχετική αναζήτηση για το φόβο στο Google, και ήρθα σε µια περιοχή αποκαλούµενη "λίστα για τη φοβία." ∆εν θα µπορούσα να πιστέψω όλους τους φόβους που απαριθµήθηκαν - τα πάντα, από το "α νθ ρω ποφ οβία " - φ όβο τω ν


worship. As Orthodox Christians we must give witness to the legacy Christ leaves us on the cross when tells his mother to take his beloved disciple. He commands Mary to be his mother and for him to be her son. In this action Christ establishes the church which is united in his death on the cross. He abolishes fear of death and isolation and separation and unites us in his body. We all need to rethink Christ's presence and mission in the world , which is above all to love, the opposite of fear, which transcends any dogma of any church. I would like to thank His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios for his pastoral visit to our community for the Salutations to the Theotokos. We had a spiritually uplifting experience with His Eminence and I would like to thank all the volunteers and organizations that helped to make his visit to our community a memorable one. I would especially like to thank our Altar boys, who did an amazing job serving in the altar under the supervision of our new Altar Director, Mr. Pavlo Bozikis. I would also like to the thank Mrs. Kalliope Tsistispas and the Philoptochos of Holy Trinity for the incredible Lenten meal, which they prepared at the end of the service. I wish to all of you a blessed Holy Week and kali Anastasi!

ανθρώπων, "λαχανοφοβία", φόβο των λα χα νικών, α κόµη κα ι "εκ κλ η σιοφ ο βία , " φ όβος τη ς εκκλησίας, και "οµιλοφοβία," φόβος του κηρύγµατος. Και είτε το πιστεύετε είτε όχι, υπάρχουν άτοµα που φοβούνται να µοιράζονται την πίστη τους στο Θεό µε τους άλλους που µπορεί να έχουν διαφορετικό θ ρη σκευ τικ ό πιστ εύω , ή να λ αµ βάν ο υν µ έρο ς σ ε µ ία διαθρησκειακή τελετή. Υποθέτω ότι α υτό είνα ι ένα ς συνδυα σµ ός "ξενοφοβίας" και "Θεοφοβίας." Ο φόβος είναι ένα πολύ φυσικό µέρος της ανθρώπινης ύπαρξης. Στην πραγµατικότητα, όταν ο Γαβριήλ, έρχεται στην νεαρή Μαρία να της ανακοινώσει ότι αυτή θα ενσαρκώσει τον Υἱόν Λόγο, φοβήθηκε αρκετά. Όταν σκεφτόµαστε µε τη νοοτροπία του εικοστού πρώτου αιώνα για ένα αίτηµα αυτού του µεγέθους, η αρχική αντίδρασή µας θα ήταν, "προφανώς αστειεύεστε!" Τίµια συντριπτική αίτηση. Ζούµε σε έναν κόσµο υλικών προτεραιοτήτων, αναζητώντας συχνά εγωιστικές απολαύσεις µε αδυναµία

αντίληψης ανιδιοτελούς αιτήµατος. Ενώ η Μαρία έτρεµε από φόβο όταν άκουσε τον αρχάγγελο Γαβριήλ που της προανήγγειλε την είδηση της γεννήσεως του Σωτήρος, µε την καταλλ αγή, «Μ ὴ φο βο ῦ, Μαριάµ·» (Λουκᾶ 1, 30). Με µία τέτοια απλή και βαθυστόχαστη ταυτόχρονα αιτιολογία... «εὗρες γὰρ χάριν παρὰ τῷ Θεῷ». Συνα ντούµ ε συχ νά αυτή τη φρασεολογία σε όλη την Αγία Γραφή. Αυτές οι λέξεις που ακούει ο Ιωσήφ στο όνειρό του: «Μὴ φοβοῦ!» Οι ίδιες λέξεις επαναλαµβάνονται στην Ζαχαρία και την Ελισάβετ: «Μὴ φοβοῦ Ζαχαρία· διότι εἰσηκούσθη ἡ δέησί σου» (Λουκᾶ 1, 13) Οι άγγελοι εµφανιζόµενοι στους βοσκούς στα λιβάδια µε τα κοπάδια τους τη νύχτα των Χριστουγέννων τους αναγγέλλουν: «Μή βοφεῖσθε· ἰδοῦ γὰρ ευαγγελίζοµαι ὑµῖν χαρὰν µεγάλης ἥτις ἔσται παντὶ τῷ λαῷ, ὅτι ἐτέχθη ὑµῖν σήµερον σωτὴν ὅς ἐστιν Χριστὸς Κύριος ἐν πόλει ∆αυῒδ» Ο α γγ ελ ικός α υτός χα ιρετισµ ός, επαναλαµβάνεται και εµφανίζεται σε

όλη την ιστορία της Γεννήσεως, ο ίδιος χαιρετισµός, η ίδια εντολή, ξανά και ξανά: «Μή βοφεῖσθε!» Στην πραγµατικότητα µπορούµε να συνοψίσουµε ολόκληρη ζωή της Υπεραγία ς Θεοτόκου σαν µία υπέρβαση του φόβου. Κατ αρχάς της ανακοινώνεται ότι «Πνεῦµα ἅγιον ἐπελεύσεται ἐπὶ σὲ καὶ δύναµις ὑψίστου ἐποσκιάσει σοι· διὸ καὶ τὸ γεννώµενον ἄγιον κληθήσεται υἱὸς Θεοῦ» (Λουκᾶ, 1, 35). Σαράντα µέρες µετά την γέννηση του Σωτήρος Χριστ ού, ετ οιµάζεται να αντιµετωπίσει το βαθύτερο και πιο οδυνηρό γεγονός, τον θάνατο του Υιού της στον Σταυρό. Βρισκόµενη προ του Σταυρού, είχε ήδη ακούσει την προφητεία του δικαίου Συµεών για την επικείµενη σταύρωση και θάνατο. «καὶ εὐλόγησεν αὐτοὺς Συµεὼν καὶ εἶπε πρὸς Μαριὰµ τὴν µητέρα αὐτοῦ· ἰδοὺ οὗτος κεῖται εἰς πτῶσιν καὶ ἀνάστασιν πολλῶν ἐν τῷ ᾿Ισραὴλ καὶ εἰς σηµεῖον ἀντιλεγόµενον. καὶ σοῦ δὲ αὐτῆς τὴν ψυχὴν διελεύσεται ῥοµφαία, ὅπως ἂν ἀποκαλυφθῶσιν ἐκ πολλῶν καρδιῶν διαλογισµοί.» (Λουκᾶ 2, 34-35). Ο Συµεών προλέγει στην Παναγία την επικείµενη θλίψη και πόνο, που αυτή θα αντέξει στους πρόποδες του Σταυρού. Τώρα ευρισκόµενη δίπλα στο σταυρό, ακούµε τον Χριστό να αναφέρεται στη µητέρα του για τελευταία φορά. «Γύναι, ἴδε ὁ υἱός σου» και στον µαθητή «Ἰδοὺ ἡ µήτηρ σου.» (Ιωάννης 19, 26) Ν α µ π ορ ο ύ σα µ ε µ ό ν ο να φανταστούµε την ωδίνη που ἔνοιωσε γνωρίζοντας αυτό το τέλος. Αλλά µε κάποιο τρόπο, είναι σε θέση να αποδεχτεί την εντολή του Υιού της. Συνεχίζει να υπακούει στο λόγο του Θεού, όπως ακριβώς και όταν αρχάγγελος Γαβριήλ της διαµηνύει ότι αυτή θα γεννήσει στον Κύριο της δόξης. Αυτό που κάνει τόσο ξεχωριστή την Παναγία µας, δεν είναι ότι αποδέχεται τον ρόλο της χωρίς φόβο,

αλλά ότι ακόµη και παρά τον φόβο, είναι ακόµα περισσότερο υπάκουη στις εντολές του Θεού. Από τη στιγµή της ενσάρκωσης του Ιησού, η ανταπόκρισή της για την είδηση που έφερε στο προσκήνιο ο άγγελος είναι «Ἰδοὺ ἡ δούλη Κυρίου· γένοιτό µοι κατὰ τὸ ῥῆµά σου.» Η Παναγία αποδέχεται οικειόβουλα την υπακοή της στον Θεό, από στην αρχική διαταραχή της στον Ευαγγελισµό µέχρι την συµπαράστασή της, στον σταυρικό θάνατο του Υιού της. Αυτό που βοηθά την Παναγία να ξεπερνά το φόβο είναι ότι παρουσία του Θεού µέσα της και η συνειδητοποίηση ότι δεν είναι µόνη. Αυτό γίνεται δυνατό µε την παντελή ταύτιση της δικής της βουλήσεως µε την θέληση του Θεού. Οι φοβίες µας είναι αποτέλεσµα της προσήλωσή µας σε αυτόν τον επίγειο κόσµο. Όταν αναθέσουµε την εµπιστοσύνη και πίστη µας στο Θεό, όπως η Παναγία από τον Ευαγγελισµό µέχρι τους πρόποδες του Σταυρού, και εµείς, µε τη σειρά µας δεν θα αισθανόµαστε πλέον φοβισµένοι, α λ λ ά σα ν τη ν Πα να γ ία θ α πληρωθούµε χάριτος. Επιπλέον, όταν δώσουµε τη ζωή µας στον Χριστό και να άρουµε τον σταυρό µας, έχουµε πνευµατική, αιώνια ζωή. Η σταυρική θυσία του Ιησού Χριστού νικά το φόβο και τον θάνατο όπως ψάλουµε στην Ορθόδοξο παράδοση «Χριστός Ανέστη ἐκ νεκρῶν, θανάτῳ θάνατῳ πατήσας καὶ τ ὴν ἐ ν τ οῖ ς µ νή µ α σι ζω ή ν χαρισάµενος.» Σαν Χριστιανοί στον εικοστόπρώτο αιώνα, έχουµε ένα ακόµη σταυρό να υποµείνουµε, κυρίως υπό το φως των τραγωδιών που έχουν εµφανιστεί τον τελευταίο καιρό, όπως α υτή στο Newtown. Πονηρές δυνάµεις εργάζονται αδιάκοπα στην κοινωνία µας µε νέους τρόπους προσπαθώντας να δηµιουργήσουν σχίσµατα και διαχωρισµούς µεταξύ των Χριστιανών. Ως εκ τούτου, είναι προς όφελός µας να έρθουµε όλοι

µ α ζί οι Χ ρισ τια νοί κα ι να ξανασκεφτούµε τους ρόλους µας και κοινά στοιχεία µας, παρά τις διαφορές µας στον τρόπο της λατρείας. Ως Ορθόδοξοι Χριστιανοί, πρέπει να δίνουµε την µαρτυρία µας στην κληρονοµιά που ο Χριστός µας αφήνει από τον Σταυρό όταν απευθύνεται στη µητέρα και τον αγαπηµένο του µαθητή· την εντολή στη µητέρα του «να ο γιός σου» και στο µαθητή «να η µητέρα σου». Από αυτή τη θέση ο Χριστός καθιερώνει την εκκλησία Του, ενωµένη στο θάνατό του, στον Σταυρό. Καταργεί το φόβο του θανάτου µε την κατάργηση της αποµόνωσης και του δια χ ω ρισµ ού α πό Αυτόν κα ι ταυτόχρονα µας ενώνει µε το σώµα Του. Χρειαζόµαστε να επανεξετάσουµε την παρουσία και την αποστολή µας στον κόσµο, που είναι πάνω από όλα αγάπη, το αντίδοτο του φόβου, η οποία διαχέει κάθε δράση της εκκλησίας του Χριστού. Θα ήθελα να ευχαριστήσω τον Αρχιεπίσκοπο ∆ηµήτριο για την Ποιµαντική Του Επίσκεψη στην κοινότητά µας για τους Χαιρετισµούς της Θεοτόκου. Είχαµε µια πνευµατική εµπειρία µε τον Σεβασµιότατο και θα ήθελα να ευχαριστήσω όλους τους εθελοντές και τις οργανώσεις που βοήθησαν να κάνουν την επίσκεψή Του στην κοινότητά µας αξέχαστη. Θα ήθελα ιδιαίτερα να ευχαριστήσω τα αγόρια του Ιερού για την καταπληκτική δουλειά πού κάνουν κάτω από την επίβλ εψη του υπεύθυνου κ. Παύλου Μποζίκη και θα ήθελα επίσης να ευχαριστήσω την κα Καλλιόπη Τσιτσίπα και τις κυρίες της Φιλοπτώχου της Αγίας Τριάδος για το νηστίσιµο δείπνο που προσέφεραν για όλο το εκκλησίασµα µετά το πέρας των Χαιρετισµών. Εύχοµαι σε όλους σας µια ευλογηµένη Μεγάλη Εβδοµάδα και καλή ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΗ!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible, and trust God with the impossible.” - Ruth Graham

MAY 2013


The Making Of A Mother


y the time that God made mothers, He was into the sixth day working overtime. An Angel appeared and said, "Why are you spending so much time on this one?" And God answered and said, "Have you read the spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not elastic; have 200 movable parts, all replaceable; run on black coffee and leftovers; have a lap that can hold three children at one time and that disappears when she stands up; have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart; and have six pairs of hands." The Angel was astounded at the requirements for this one. "Six pairs of hands! No way!" said the Angel. God replied, "Oh, it's not the hands that are the problem. It's the three pairs of eyes that mothers must have!" "And that's on the standard model?" the Angel asked. God nodded in agreement, "Yep, one pair of eyes are to see through the closed door as she asks her children what they are doing even though she already knows. Another pair in the back of her head are to see what she needs to know even though no one thinks she can. And the third pair are here in the front of her head. They are for looking at an errant child and saying that she understands and loves him or her without even saying a single word." The Angel tried to stop Him, "This is too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish."


ing this creation that is so close to my own heart. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can feed a family of six on a pound of hamburger and can get a nine year old to stand in the shower." The Angel moved closer and touched the woman, "But you have made her so soft, God." "She is soft," God agreed, "but I have also made her tough. You have no idea what she can endure or accomplish." "Will she be able to think?" asked the Angel. God replied, "Not only will she be able to think, she will be able to reason, and negotiate." The Angel then noticed something and reached out and touched the woman's cheek. "Oops, it looks like You have a leak with this model. I told You that You were trying to put too much into this one." "That's not a leak." God objected. "That's a tear!" "What's the tear for?" the Angel asked. God said, "The tear is her way of expressing her joy, her sorrow, her disappointment, her pain, her loneliness, her grief, and her pride." The Angel was impressed. "You are a genius, God. You thought of everything for this one. You even created the tear!" God looked at the Angel and smiled and said, "I'm afraid you are wrong again. I created the woman, but she created the tear!" Submitted by Vicky Andriotis—Author Unknown

"But I can't!" God protested, "I am so close to finish-

Daughters of Penelope— Acts of Kindness for the Month of May

15. Plant flowers from our sale at the church 16. Donate toiletries to a woman's shelter

doing 19. Offer to help a stranger with their groceries 20. Pay someone a compliment

17. Treat our Senior Citizens group to lunch

21. Donate food to someone in need

18. Call a shut-in to see how they're

“There is only one pretty child in the whole world, and every mother has it.”

MAY 2013


ed earth a voice goes up with our own. It says, "Disarm, disarm! The sword is not the balance of justice." Blood does not wipe out dishonor nor violence indicate possession.

The Original Mother's Day Proclamation


hile countries around the world celebrate their own Mother's Day at different times throughout the year, several countries, including the United States, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, and Turkey celebrate it on the second Sunday of May. In the United States, the origins of the official holiday go back to 1870, when Julia Ward Howe—an abolitionist best remembered as the poet who wrote “Battle Hymn of the Republic”—worked to establish a Mother’s Peace Day. Howe dedicated the celebration to the eradication of war, and organized festivities in Boston for years. In 1907, Anna Jarvis, of Philadelphia, began the campaign to have Mother’s Day officially recognized, and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson did this, proclaiming it a national holiday and a “public expression of our love and reverence for all mothers.” Today’s commercialized celebration of candy, flowers, gift certifi-


cates, and lavish meals at restaurants bears little resemblance to Howe's original idea. There is nothing wrong with that. But here, for the record’s sake, is the proclamation she wrote in 1870, which explains, in her own impassioned words, the goals of the original holiday. Arise, all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be that of water or of tears! Say firmly: "We will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies, our husbands shall not come to us, reeking with carnage, for caresses and applause. "Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience. We women of one country will be too tender of those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs." From the bosom of the devastat-

As men have often forsaken the plow and the anvil at the summons of war, let women now leave all that may be left of home for a great and earnest day of counsel. Let them meet first, as women, to bewail and commemorate the dead. Let them then solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means whereby the great human family can live in peace, each learning after his own time, the sacred impress, not of Caesar, but of God. In the name of womanhood and of humanity, I earnestly ask that a general congress of women without limit of nationality may be appointed and held at some place deemed most convenient and at the earliest period consistent with its objects, to promote the alliance of the different nationalities, the amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace. Submitted by Vicky Andriotis— proclamation written by Julia Ward Howe

season rebuilding, thanks to all of Stella's efforts in shaping the experience for team.

Athletic Department by Chris Danas—Director

Congratulations to our All Star players who played on March 23rd. They are: Nick Bochanis, Evan Yannoulis , Spencer Vlandis, Phil Vlandis, Alex Vlandis, Justin Schiller, Brian Schiller, Jake Chamberlain and Lucas Chamberlain. GO


ooking back, our season was a display of “Inspire Blue.” Thank you to all the teams for a great season of energy and commitment. Basketball JV and Varsity made it to the championship game, and JV took home the championship title. The support of all of our parents who drove to New Rochelle twice to cheer us on was remarkable. Many thanks to Steffano's Pizza for accommodating all of us after the game! Our girls’ volleyball program had a great

BLUE! In addition our Recognition Day scheduled for May 12th, we are working on other programs for the spring and summer, and of course, for next year.

Happy Mother’s Day!

MAY 2013


Our Parish by George Mourizakis -Parish Council President

It has being a very busy month at Holy Trinity. We just had our spring General Assembly, and I was glad to see a greater number than usual there. Is it the bagels? Anyhow, a lot of comments were made, mainly about stewardship. I agree with all of your suggestions, but we have to get more people involved. Only then can we see better results. Our treasurer mentioned that our stewardship number is down, but the revenue is the same. That means that less people carrying a larger burden. At the same time, we have to take in to consideration that we not only need the dollar amounts , but more importantly, we need participation. Give us your time and talent. I know the economy has taken its toll on all of us. As the Festival approaches, we need everyone’s time and talent to make it a successful one. Also, most of the improvements that we have accomplished were paid by either donations, or the extra income from our rentals. We also had a special visit on the 4th Salutations to the Theotokos by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios. We had a beautiful service with the participation of a lot of our young children, and had over 20 altar boys present who were blessed by His Eminence in their new robes. We received many compliments from His Eminence for our Altar boys. I would like to also thank the Ladies Philoptochos for a great reception afterwards. Our annual Greek parade in N.Y. was a great event for all of us, as we are celebrating our 100th year. We had a large number of participants all, well dressed and representing our Church with such a pride.



Μ Ο Υ Ρ Ι Ζ ΑΚ Η Σ ,

Απρίλιος ήταν ένας πολυάσχολος µήνας για την Aγία Tριάδα. Μόλις είχαµε την Ανοιξιάτικη Γενική µας Συνέλευση και ήµουν ευτυχής να δώ ένα µεγάλο αριθµό παρευρισκοµένων περισσότερο από


Our hallways have had a wonderful aroma during these days leading up to Pascha. It is the aroma of freshly baked goods from our Philoptochos ladies who getting ready for their Easter baked goods sale. Our PTO is selling beautiful, decorated Easter candles on Sundays, or during Greek school hours. Make sure you stop by and get some for your Godchildren. You should also have your raffle tickets by now. Please try selling them all, as they provide a great source of income for our Festival. Also, we had three ladies from our church who have offered more than 50 years of service to the Philoptochos and our community. They are Stella Capiris, Evangelia Exis, and Helen Vittorio. Thank you Ladies, and hope that you are a living example to many other people to follow in your footsteps. We are getting the church ready for our Easter celebration, and that involves a lot of work by different people either by cleaning, polishing, decorating, ordering goods and flowers, or planting spring flowers. Everyone around here has a task. As someone recently told me after working a day in the kitchen that they never realized before how much work is involved to prepare for a bake sale. A lot of people walk in any given Sunday to our Church without knowing how many hours of hard work and preparation everything takes. Our community is alive and busy all week and sometimes in the late hours of the night. Our choir practices every Tuesday late into the night. I would also like to thank Pater Andrea for his inspirational sermons every Sunday. I know he has the undivided attention of all our Sunday school kids, and most adults as well. If you’ve never come to one of his Bible study lessons, you are missing out! Many things that we take for granted about our religion are explained in a very simple way for us to get a better understanding. I hope to see you there. Kali Anastasi. Thank and God Bless

τον συνηθισµένο. Μήπως έχει να κάνει κάτι µε τα κουλουράκια; (bagels). Αλλά εν πάση περιπτώσει, πολλά σχόλια έγιναν κυρίως για την Χριστιανική Οικονοµία. Συµφωνώ απόλυτα µε όλες τις εισηγήσεις, αλλά θα πρέπει να συµµετέχουν περισσότεροι ενορίτες. Μόνο τότε θα δούµε καλύτερα αποτελέσµατα. Ο ταµίας ανάφερε ότι ο αριθµός οικονόµων είναι κάτω τα έσοδα όµως είναι τα ίδια. Αυτό σηµαίνει ότι λιγότεροι οικονόµοι µεταφέρουν

ένα µεγαλύτερο βάρος. Επίσης πρέπει να λάβουµε υπόψη µας ότι δεν χ ρε ια ζόµ α στε µ όνο το χρηµατικό ποσό αλλά χρειαζόµαστε συµµετοχή εθελοντών, γνωρίζουµε ότι η κατάσταση της οικονοµίας έχει να κάνει λίγο πολύ µε όλους µας. Ειδικά τώρα που πλησιάζει το φεστιβάλ χρειαζόµαστε την βοήθεια (Connued on page 9)

“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” - E. Chapin

MAY 2013 (Connued from page 8)

όλων να γίνει επιτυχηµένο. Επίσης περισσότερες από τις βελτιώσεις και επιδιορθώσεις που έχουµε κάνει πληρώθηκαν από δωρεές ή από εισόδηµα από τα ενοίκια. Είχαµε επίσης την επίσκεψη στους 4ους Χαιρετισµούς της Παναγίας από τον Αρχιεπίσκοπο ∆ηµήτριο. Ήταν µία εξαιρετική ακολουθία µε την συµµετοχή πολλών και της νεολαίας µας και πάνω από 20 Ιεροπαίδες παρόντες λαµβάνοντας τις ευλογίες του Αρχιεπισκόπου µε τις καινούριες ρόµπες του Ιερού. Ακούσαµε πολλά θετικά σχόλια για τα παιδιά του Ιερού µας. Επίσης θέλω να ευχαριστήσω τις κυρίες της Φιλόπτωχου για την υπέροχη δεξίωση που ακολούθησε στην κοινοτική αίθουσα. Η ετήσια παρέλαση στην Νέα Υ ό ρκη ή τα ν επ ιτ υχ ές µ ε συµµετοχή πολλών ενοριτών αντιπροσωπεύοντας την ενορία µας, καθώς φέτος γιορτάζουµε την 100εντηρίδα µας . Οι διάδροµοι καθώς µπαίνετε έχουν το πασχαλινό άρωµα από τα

THE ORTHODOX VISION φρεσκοψηµένα τσουρέκια που ετοιµ ά ζουν οι κυρίες τη ς Φιλόπτωχου για το Πάσχα. Το ΡΤΟ µας πουλάει τις όµορφες στολισµένες λαµπάδες του Πάσχα τις Κυριακές µετά την Θεία Λειτουργία ή κατά την διάρκεια του Ελληνικού Σχολείου. Έχετε λάβει και τα τικέτα για το φ ε σ τ ιβ ά λ . Πα ρ α κ α λ ο ύµ ε προσπαθήστε να τα πουλήσετε όλα ει δυνατόν γιατί είναι ένα ε π ι κ ε ρ δ έ ς ει σ ό δη µ α στ η ν κοινότητά µας. Είχαµε επίσης τρείς κυρίες που πρόσφεραν τις υπηρεσίες τους για περισσότερα α πό πενή ντα χ ρόνια στη ν Φιλόπτωχο και κοινότητά µας. Είνα ι οι: Σ τέλ λα Κα πίρη , Ευαγγελία Έξη και Ελένη Βιτόριο. Σας ευχαριστούµε κυρίες και ελπίζω να γίνετε παράδειγµα για πολλούς άλλους να ακουλουθήσουν τα βήµατά σας.

Ετοιµάζουµε την Εκκλησία µας για το Πάσχα. Είναι αρκετή δουλειά µε τον καθαρισµό, διακόσµηση, παραγγελίες για λουλούδια, αυγά, λαµπάδες και άλλα. Κάθε ένας µπορεί να κάνει κάτι εδώ. Όπως κάποιος µου είπε πρόσφατα, αφού εργάστηκε µια

Sunday School by Eva Vaniotis, Director


ALI ANASTASI. Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical— Saturday, April 6 –the District IV Oratorical was held at the Archangels Church in Stamford with an excellent presentation by two of the Sunday school students representing Holy Trinity. They are as follows: JUNIORS: Zachary Arvanitis - 9th Grade / Marina Christakos - 8th Grade They both received Honorable Mention.


µέρα στην κουζίνα, ποτέ δεν πίστευε πόση εργασία απαιτείται να προετοιµαστούν και πουληθούν όλα τα γλυκίσµατα και φαγητά. Πολλοί άνθρωποι εισέρχονται τις Κυριακές στην Εκκλησία χωρίς να γνωρίζουν πόσες ώρες σκληρής δουλειάς προετοιµασίας απαιτείται. Η Κοινότητά µας είναι γ εµά τη ζω ντά νια κα ι απασχοληµένη όλη την εβδοµάδα και πολλές φορές έως αργά τις βραδινές ώρες. Η Χορωδία µας ευρίσκεται εδώ κάθε Τρίτη µέχρι αργά το βράδυ. Θ α ή θ ελα επίση ς να ευχαριστήσω τον πάτερ Ανδρέα για τα εµπνευσµένα κηρύγµατα τις Κυριακές. Ξέρω ότι έχει την αµέριστη προσοχή τόσο από τα παιδιά του Κατηχητικού Σχολείου όσο και τους ενήλικους. Και εάν δεν έχετε έρθει ποτέ στην µελέτη της Αγίας Γραφής, χάνετε. Πολλά πράγµατα που εµείς τα θεωρούµε δεδοµένα για την θρησκεία µας, εξηγούνται µε πολύ απλό τρόπο για την καλύτερη κατανόηση. Ελπίζω να σας δούµε εκεί. Ευχαριστώ και εύχοµαι σε όλους Καλή Ανάσταση.

Elementary Oratorical - Sunday, April 21, in the double classroom, with parents and grandparents attending. A special "thank you" to the teachers who worked very hard to help the children. FORCC SCHOLARSHIPS are now available. For information, please see Eva Vaniotis, E-mail Preparation for Easter Sunday is underway for the Sunday school children to attend the Easter services on Sunday morning. Sunday school Graduation is on Sunday, June 9, 2013.

“There is no friendship, no love, like that of the mother for the child.” - H. Beecher

MAY 2013


Ελληνικό Σχολείο Greek School Eleni Limberis—Director

Χριστός Ανέστη

Christ is Risen!


υγχαρητήρια στην Νεκταρία Καραγιάννη και Σεβαστιανό Machado, µαθητές του σχολείου µας πού κέρδισαν τους τίτλους: Miss Lavinia and Tom Thumb. Η Νεκταρία και ο Σεβαστιανός θα λάβουν µέρος και στην παρέλαση της 4ης Ιουλίου. Στην Αργυρούλα Κουβάτα και Βαγγέλη Γιαννούλη που έλαβαν µέρος στους Χαιρετισµούς, τα παιδιά µας, γονείς, συµβούλιο, δασκάλες, ΡΤΟ και όλους τους ενορίτες που έλαβαν µέρος στην φετινή παρέλαση. Ευχαριστούµε τις µαθήτριες (Μυροφόρες) πού φέτος έλαβαν µέρος την Κυριακή των Βαΐων και στον Επιτάφιο – την Μεγάλη Παρασκευή: Αγγέλικα

Daughters of Penelope by Helen Yeotsas, President


e would like to wish everyone Kali Anastasi and we hope for a blessed Pa s c ha fo r everyone! First off, I'd like to say thanks to everyone for their wonderful support of all of our "mini drives" which are part of our "26 Acts of Kindness". We have had such a wonderful time while at the same time doing some good! For this month, there will be more Acts planned, both by our individual Sisters and the group as a whole. We plan to donate some plants from our sale, have a Toiletry


Βλάµη, Χριστίνα Βλάµη, Νικόλ Βαρβαρά, Ειρήνη Bal, Καλλιόπη Bellows, Ζωή Γκούπτα, Αγγελική ∆εµέστιχα, Μαγδαληνή Γεωργακόπουλου, Μαρία Κατσέτου, Κατερίνα Λαϊνας, Κατερίνα Odendahl, Γαβριέλλα Παπανικολάου & Ευτυχία Χαλλά. Ένα µεγάλο ευχαριστώ στην Αλίκη Λουκρέζη που µας παρουσίασε τις ωραίες φωτογραφίες για την γιορτή της 25ης Μαρτίου. Το Σχολείο µας και φέτος θα λάβη µέρος στο Φεστιβάλ της ενορίας µας – και τις τρείς µέρες τα παιδιά µας θα χορέψουν. Το Φεστιβάλ είναι στις: 31 Μαΐου, 1 & 2 Ιουνίου 2013. Χρόνια πολλά σε όλες τις µητέρες! Happy Mother’s Day! Οι εξετάσεις τού Ελληνικού Σχολείου, ∆ΕΥΤΕΡΑ 10 ΙΟΥΝΙΟΥ 2013- 4 :30 Μ.Μ Our Greek School Graduation will be on: Monday, June 10, 2013@4:30 P.M. Ευχαριστώ πολύ, Κυρία Ελένη. Αληθώς Ανέστη!

drive for a local women’s shelter, and much more! We hope each organization considers joining the movement along with us. This month is our "big" Mother's Day Flower, Bake and Gift Sale! The event runs for two days - Saturday May 12 from 10:00 to 1:00, and on Sunday, May 13 after services. Please support our beautiful sale once again this year. We'll have all sorts of plants, things you can put into your gardens and beautiful gifts for mom, da ughte r, godmother or anyone! We'll have home made baked goods, and assorted gifts as well. On Saturday, we'll also have our renowned "Penelope's Cafe" serving coffee, tea and frappe, along with spectacular desserts. You won't regret coming, I can assure you! All proceeds go to our philanthropic endeavors, as we try to make a difference to others who are in need.

We are also giving out scholarships again this year, and your support helps us continue with this cause. Applications are available in the church office and our deadline is June 1. Additionally in May, we will try to send a few Sisters to the Ahepa/Daughters Convention which is taking place in Newport this year. If you are interested in helping out at our Flower sale, or in joining this wonderful group, please feel free to email us at daughters@holytrinitybridgeport. org, or see any of the Daughters for more information. Our next meeting is on May 15th at 7:00pm. Hope to see many of you there as we plan for the end of the year Luncheon and we continue with our Acts of Kindness!

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.”

MAY 2013

Around the Parish by Stella Capiris On a personal note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our beloved community for the honors that were bestowed upon me on Sunday, March 31st, the day that I was honored for my years of service. I was overwhelmed and I thank each and everyone of you for your calls, your cards, your notes and your good wishes. My specialthanks to Father Andreas, to the Parish Council, and to the Philoptochos. May God Bless each and everyone of you with good health, happiness, and peace. With deep appreciation from me and from my family. Stella Capiris. How very nice it was to have Archbishop Demetrios with us on the night of April 12th for Heretismoi Services. A reception followed, served by the Philoptochos, and we thank all those who worked inany capacity to make this evening so meaningful. Congratulations to our Greek School who presented a delightful Greek Independence Day Program. The children performed poems and dances for us. Thanks to the P.T.O. for serving Lenten refreshments following the program.

THE ORTHODOX VISION Our Parish participated in the recent Greek Independence Day Parade in New York. Congratulations to all those who marched and chanted ''Zeto E Ellas". New ministries have started: (1) "Community Supper," where volunteers from Holy Trinity can participate in serving food to the needy every Thursday, 6:00 -7:00 p.m., at the United Congregational Church on Pa rk Ave nue. C onta c t Pe te r Karayiannis if able to volunteer. (2) "Love One Another" - this ministry connects Cancer patients, survivors, families, and caregivers. Contact Maria Mourizakis if interested in joining. (3) Two new groups have been formed for our youth; If interested, contact Stella Katsetos. One - the Holy Trinity Sorority Group is an inspirational group for girls in 5th through 12th grades. They will explore issues facing girls around the world. The other is a Drama Club specially designed for children. This program is open for all boys and girls from 2nd to 12th grades. No acting experience is necessary. So nice to see Gus and Maria Agortsas back in Church, both looking so well, after their journey to California, where they had a lovely visitation with their family. Congratulations to Necta ria, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Argiris Karagiannis and Sebastian, son of Mr. &

AHEPAâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;by John Bochanis, President The Bridgeport Chapter of AHEPA recently presented a donation in the amount of $1,000.00 to our church to be used for the purchase of new altar boy robes. The robes were recently delivered and have been worn by the altar boys. The donation was made possible from proceeds raised the AHEPA Taverna Night event. The communityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s support of Taverna Night helps fund these worthwhile causes. Thank you again for your support and to our members who contribute their time to make our fundraising events a success. The Bridgeport Chapter of AHEPA together with the Daughters of Penelope recently sponsored the spring AHEPA and Daughters of Penelope Yankee District conference at our church. District members from Connecticut


Mrs. Manny Machado, who were selected to participate as this year's ''Tom Thumb" and this year's "Lavinia Warren" in the forthcoming Barnum Festival Activities. We are so very proud of both of these outstanding children. Congratulations to Sandra and Charles Papadopoulos orrthe birth of their baby boy and to Mrs. Eleni Demestihas on the birth of her great-grandson. Na sas zissoun. Congratulations to Ellen and Jonathan Anderson on the engagement of their daughter Kristin. We wish the couple "happy planning"! We welcome Joy Sideleou to our Church family following her Chrismation on April 14th. We wish her God's Blessings on her forthcoming marriage to James Karageorge. Reminder: Scholarship applications for 2013 can be picked up in the Church Office. The Community extends get well wishes to Carol Vaniotis and Mary Agronis following their recent surgery, and to Helen Vittorio recuperating from pneumonia. . The Community extends its deepest sympathy to Eleni Valsamis and family on the death of her mother in Greece, to the family of loannis Tsoukalas on his recent death, to Maria Bothos and family on the death of her brother-inlaw in Greece. May their Memories be Eternal!

and Rhode Island attended the conference. The conference provided valuable information of the many ongoing activities of AHEPA and Daughters of Penelope. Speaking of ongoing AHEPA activities the Bridgeport Chapter of AHEPA college scholarship applications are currently available. The scholarship applications are available from the church office or by contacting one of our AHEPA members. The scholarships are awarded annually to graduating high school seniors. The scholarship application deadline is June 1st. Our AHEPA Chapter is currently making plans for the next Taverna Night event which will be held in August. Unfortunately, due to superstorm Sandy the event will have to be held at a different location while the Fairfield Beach Pavilion is being reconstructed. Details of the new Taverna Night location will be provided soon.

MAY 2013



Philoptochos honors Stella Capiris

courtesy C. Hasios

Greek School Independence Day Celebra-on

Kathari Deftera Photo courtesy of Bessie Tsilfides

photo courtesy of Bessie T.

Archbishop Demetrios visits Holy Trinity—April 12, 2013

Archbishop Demetrios visits Holy Trinity—April 12, 2013 photo courtesy C.Hasiotis

photo courtesy C.Hasiotis

Fes-val Volunteer Form

May 28 May 29 May 30

May 31 June 1 June 2

3 4 5

M EMORIAL DAY - M AY 27, 2013 CEMETERY VISITS Lakeview: 9:30 am Gates of Heaven: 11:00 am. Mt. Grove: 12:15 pm Oak Lawn: 1:00 pm Lawncroft: 2:00pm ΕΠΙΣΚΕΨΗ ΣΤΑ ΝΕΚΡΟΤΑΦΕΙΑ 27 ΜΑΙΟΥ 2013

100% of the proceeds from the sale of your items go to our Church!


SCHOLARSHIPS 2013 1. Athletic Committee Scholarship 2. Philoptochos Scholarship 3. PTO Scholarship 4. Stavroula Rountos Memorial Scholarship 5. Nicholas & Alexandra Keffas Memorial Scholarship. 6. Frossie Trigonis Memorial Scholarship 7. Harriett Chirigos Memorial Scholarship 8. Irene Mellas Memorial Scholarship 9. Pamela & Dean Hatzis Memorial Scholarship 10.Maria Skenderis Isola Memorial Scholarship 11.Sophia Vlantes Memorial Scholarship 12.Georgia Demont/Pappas Scholarship for High School girls students 13.Georgia Demont/Pappas for women who are currently matriculated or have been accepted as undergraduates or graduate College or university. 14.GOYA SCHOLARSHIP 15.AHEPA SCHOLARSHIP 16.DAUGHTERS OF PENELOPE SCHOLARSHIP 17. FORCC SCHOLARSHIP— Please Call Eva Vaniotis (203) 374-0013. 18. Petros Roussas Memorial Scholarship

DEADLINE IS MAY 11, 2013 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS can be obtained at the Church Office.

Holy Trinity Centennial Anniversary Celebration Saturday, November 30th, 2013 – Holiday Inn, Bridgeport, Connecticut

AD Book Gold Page

$ 1,000.00 (with photo)

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(Please Print) NAME: ______________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE: ______________________________________________________ TELEPHONE: ________________________________________________________________ EMAIL (In case we need to communicate with you):______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

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The Official Monthly Publicaon of Holy Trinity May 2013— Issue #279

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The Orthodox Vision - May 2013 Issue #279  
The Orthodox Vision - May 2013 Issue #279  

The Official Monthly publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Bridgeport, Connecticu