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MARCH 2012



March 2012

IN THIS ISSUE Benefits of Fasting in the Modern World “The type of food abstinence practiced in the Orthodox Church is not about complete deprivation, but more about careful management and training of the body and soul…”

by Fr. Andreas Vithoulkas

An Introduction to Great Lent “When a man leaves on a journey, he must know where he is going. Thus with Lent. Above all, Lent is a spiritual journey and its destination is Easter, “the Feast of Feasts.”

by Father Alexander Schmemann

―Come and See.‖ John 1:46


MARCH 2012



Friday March 2 1st Salutations 7:00 pm Saturday March 3 3rd Saturday of Souls 9:00am Sunday March 4 Sunday of Orthodoxy Tuesday March 6 Great Compline & Bible Class 7:00 pm Wednesday March 7 Presanctified Liturgy 7:00 pm Friday March 9 2nd Salutations 7:00 pm Sunday March 11 2nd Sunday of Lent Gregory Palamas Tuesday March 13 Great Compline and Bible Class 7:00pm Wednesday March 14 Presanctified Liturgy 7:00 pm Friday March 16 3rd Salutations 7:00 pm Sunday March 18 Veneration of The Cross 3rd Sunday of Lent Procession and Blessing Tuesday March 20 Great Compline & Bible Class 7:00 pm Wednesday March 21 Presanctified Liturgy 7:00 pm Friday March 23 4th Salutations 7:00 pm Sunday March 25 Annunciation of the Theotokos Tuesday March 26 Great Compline & Bible Class 7:00 pm Friday March 30 Akathist Hymn 7:00 pm Sunday April 1 4th Sunday of Lent - Mary of Egypt Wednesday April 4 Presanctified Liturgy7:00 pm Saturday April 7 Saturday of Lazarus 9:00 am Sunday April 8 Palm Sunday Holy Easter is Sunday , April 15th

Παξαζθεπή 2 Μαξηίνπ Α΄Υαηξεηηζκνί 7:00 κκ ΢άββαην 3 Μαξηίνπ 3νλ Φπρνζάββαην Κυριακή 4 Μαρτίου ΤΗΣ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΙΑΣ Σξίηε 6 Μαξηίνπ Μέγα Απόδεηπλνλ & Αγία Γξαθή 7:00 κκ Σεηάξηε 7 Μαξηίνπ Πξνεγηαζκέλε 7:00 κκ Παξαζθεπή 9 Μαξηίνπ Β΄Υαηξεηηζκνί 7:00 κκ Κπξηαθή 11 Μαξηίνπ Β΄Κπξηαθή ησλ Νεζηεηώλ – Γξεγόξηνο ν Παιακάο Σξίηε 13 Μαξηίνπ Μέγα Απόδεηπλνλ & Αγία Γξαθή 7:00 κκ Σεηάξηε 14 Μαξηίνπ Πξνεγηαζκέλε 7:00 κκ Παξαζθεπή 16 Μαξηίνπ Γ΄Υαηξεηηζκνί 7:00 κκ Κπξηαθή 18 Μαξηίνπ ΣΖ΢ ΢ΣΑΤΡΟΠΡΟ΢ΚΤΝΖ΢Δ΢Χ΢ Σξίηε 20 Μαξηίνπ Μέγα Απόδεηπλνλ & Αγία Γξαθή 7:00 κκ Σεηάξηε 21 Μαξηίνπ Πξνεγηαζκέλε 7:00 κκ Παξαζθεπή 23 Μαξηίνπ Γ΄Υαηξεηηζκνί 7:00 κκ Κπξηαθή 25 Μαξηίνπ Ο Δπαγγειηζκόο ηεο Θενηόθνπ Σξίηε 26 Μαξηίνπ Μέγα Απόδεηπλνλ & Αγία Γξαθή 7:00 κκ Κπξηαθή 1 Απξηιίνπ Γ΄ ΚΤΡΗΑΚΖ ΣΧΝ ΝΖ΢ΣΔΗΧΝ – Μαξίαο Αηγππηίαο Σεηάξηε 4 Απξηιίνπ Πξνεγηαζκέλε 7:00 κκ ΢άββαην 7 Απξηιίνπ ΣΟΤ ΛΑΕΑΡΟΤ Όξζξνο θαη Λεηηνπξγία 9:00 πκ Θεία Κνηλσλία-Πξσηλό & θηηάμηκν ΢ηαπξώλ από Βάτα Κπξηαθή 8 Απξηιίνπ ΚΤΡΗΑΚΖ ΣΧΝ ΒΑΗΧΝ Όξζξνο: 9:00 πκ. – Θεία Λεηηνπξγία:......10:00 πκ. ΣΟ ΑΓΗΟ ΠΑ΢ΥΑ ΔΗΝΑΗ ΚΤΡΗΑΚΖ 15 ΑΠΡΗΛΗΟΤ

MEMORIALS Sunday March 11: Ida Mellas - 40 Days Evangelia Quasnosky- 3 years Dean Hatzis 3 years

ORTHODOX LENTEN VESPERS SCHEDULE Bridgeport Clergy Association and CT Deanery (O.C.A.) All Services begin at 4:00pm Sunday March 4 Sunday of Orthodoxy, St. John the Baptist Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church , Mill Hill Ave., Bridgeport & Nativity of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church, Waterbury Sunday March 11 2nd Sunday of Lent St. John the Baptist Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church Broadbridge Avenue, Stratford & Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Williamantic

ΜΝΗΜΟΣΥΝΑ Κπξηαθή 11 Μαξηίνπ- Ατληα Μειιάο- 40 κέξεο Δπαγγειία Quasnosky - 3 ρξόληα Κσλ/λνο Ζαηδήο - 3 ρξόληα

Sunday March 18 3rd Sunday of Lent— St. George Albanian Orthodox Church, Trumbull Sunday March 25 4th Sunday of Lent, St. John the Baptist Carpatho-Russsian Orthodox Church, Silver Lane, Stratford & All Saints of North America Orthodox Church, Salisbury Sunday April 1 5th Sunday of Lent -- Unction Service & Three Saints Orthodox Church, Ansonia Sunday April 8 6th Sunday of Lent, Bridegroom Matins Individual Bridgeport area churches Christ the Savior Orthodox Church, Southbury

MARCH 2012

Benefits of Fasting in the Modern World by Father Andreas Vithoulkas


odern science has proven that one of the most important things we could do to live healthier, cancer free lives without medication is to eat right and exercise. Eating right means decreasing our over all consumption of total fats and meat and eating more fiber and vegetables, by switching from an animal based diet to a plant based diet. What some of you may know or not know is that this proven cancer preventing healthier life style is one which the Orthodox Church has followed from very early on during her fasting periods. An article in the Times that wrote about a study done with Monks on Mount Athos stated, ―If you want to avoid cancer, live like a monk.‖ The report stated that since 1994, the monks have been regularly tested, and only two have developed prostate cancer, a rate less than one quarter of the international average. Their rate of lung and bladder cancer was found to be zero. Life on Athos has changed little for the past 1043 years. Breakfast is hard bread and tea. Much of the day is chores – followed by supper, typically lentils, fruit and salad and evening prayers. Fasting comes under the heading of Asceticism, from the Greek "askesis," which indicates athletic training, exercise, practice, or discipline. Askesis could apply to any regimen or exercise with a



process of achieving theosis. If the body is working efficiently, it assists the soul in achieving sanctification, and in return, the body is also transformed and sanctified. If the body is diseased or not functioni ng efficiently, this can photo courtesy of Cristina Narciso Hasiotis lead to spiritual ailments. goal of improvement -in Physical passions such as overperformance, in manner of life, or eating lead to spiritual passions. in health and effectiveness of body Gluttony is one of the seven and mind. Ascetic discipline may deadly sins because it is the cause involve bodily renunciations of many other spiritual ailments (sexual chastity, food abstinence, according to St. John Climacus of or poverty) or contemplative the Ladder of Divine Ascent. In disciplines (meditation or study). step fourteen devoted to Gluttony These are all areas of discipline to he says, ―the mind of a faster which monks devote their lives, prays soberly, but the mind of an but also from which we as lay intemperate person is filled with people can also derive benefit. impure idols.‖ The Church in her two thousand A n o t h e r f o u r t h c e nt u r y years experience with the human Christian author wrote, ―Observe person has devised a way for us to what fasting does: it heals live a healthier, purer life, both diseases, dries up bodily humors, physically and spiritually, through casts out demons, chases away fasting. The type of fasting or food wicked thoughts, makes the mind abstinence we practice during the clearer and the heart pure, fasting periods in the Orthodox sanctifies the body and places the Church is not total abstinence person before the throne of God… from food but eating specifically For fasting is the life of the angels, prescribed foods, which have been and the one who makes use of it proven to have anti-cancer has angelic rank" (Pseudocharacteristics. These foods Athanasius fourth century). consist primarily of whole grains, The type of food abstinence vegetables and fruits. practiced in the Orthodox Church The Church understands the is not about complete deprivation, human person as a psycho-somatic but more about careful unity of body/soul and that these management and training of the two parts should work body and soul for a particular goal harmoniously. The relationship or way of life. The intention is not between body and soul is to destroy the body but make it symbiotic. The body and soul function as efficiently as possible work together to achieve through ascetic discipline. sanctification and holiness. The Wishing to all a Blessed and Holy body acts as a vehicle in this Great Lent!

MARCH 2012

John of Kronstadt: Saint of Communion, Saint of Confession by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Diokleia


n the Epistle (1 John 4:7-11) and the Gospel (Luke 6:31-36) that are read in honor of St. John of Kronstadt, we notice the emphasis upon love. Our Holy Father St. John of Kronstadt, Wonderworker of all Russia, is an example to us of loving compassion, of pastoral love. In the Gospel in particular, the Lord emphasizes that our love should not simply be towards the people that we find congenial, not just towards those who show love towards us. It is to be far wider, we are to love our enemies, we are to love all our fellow humans, and our love is to be without limits. It is very clear that when St. John in his Epistle and our Savior in the Gospel speak about love they do not just mean something sentimental, something emotional, they mean something far more profound. The kind of love that they envisage, a universal allembracing love, a love without limits, can only be a result of prayer, of ascetic effort. Such love is something for which we must struggle and suffer. Such love cannot be based just upon our emotional feelings, it has got to have a deeper basis. What is this deeper basis? It is precisely the service that we are celebrating together now, the service of the Holy Eucharist, which is indeed a sacrament of mutual love. Our love has its foundation and inspiration in the Divine Liturgy. If we are to show more vividly the kind of love of which the apostle John and our Lord speak, that can only come first and foremost through a deeper experience of Holy Communion, through frequent Communion received after profound and searching preparation.



St. John of Kronstadt was above all a Eucharistic Priest. He put The Holy Liturgy at the center of his life, and this was the source that enabled him to show such a dynamic and universal love. Our receiving of Holy Communion, while it is with the blessing of our spiritual father to be frequent, should never be mechanical or automatic. We are to prepare. And how should we do it? We are to prepare above all through the use of the sacrament of Confession. Here there are as we know different disciplines. Some have been brought up to go to confession before every Communion, others have a blessing from their spiritual father to go more frequently to Communion without confession every time. But undoubtedly in our Eucharistic experience the sacrament of healing which we call Confession or the sacrament of repentance plays a central part. Why do we need to go to confession? Is it not enough to confess our sins with sincerity in our private prayers each evening, will not God forgive us from the very moment that we confess our sins? Yes, as soon as we turn to God in true repentance He forgives us. God is always more ready to forgive than we to repent. Even the slightest turning of our heart will be blessed by God. Why then are we taught also to go to the sacrament of confession? I can think of three reasons certainly, perhaps you can think of more. First of all there are no private sins, all sins affect our brothers and sisters in Christ. All of our sins, however secret, have an effect on the community. If I feel in my heart anger towards someone else, even if I do not show it by word or action, that evil disposition in my heart has a destructive effect on others around. Every sin is a sin against the community, every sin however secret is a stumbling block for others and makes it harder for them to serve Christ. In the early Church confession was public. After the fourth century, with the growth of the Christian (Continued on page 5)

"Forgiveness is the fragrance the flower leaves on the heel of the one who crushed it." -D. Jeremiah

MARCH 2012




(Continued from page 4)

community, that gave scandal and so confession assumed its present form, as an opening of the heart before the priest alone, under conditions of secrecy. But let us remember that during confession the priest is there, among other things, as the representative of the community, of the people. The fact that we confess not just to God, but in the presence of a fellow man, shows that we acknowledge the communal social dimension of all our sins. In confessing in his presence we are also asking forgiveness from the community. I heard a story once told about St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco. I have also heard it told of others, but the same thing can happen more than once.

But in confession the priest is praying and we are praying for the light of the Holy Spirit, and he is addressing those words under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to each one of us, to each penitent personally. The words which looked at in the abstract might seem obvious, common place, can prove words of fire when we realize that they are being said to me personally here and now under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The uttered word has great force and we find ourselves in confession, by God's grace, saying things that we never said in our private prayers. Suddenly we are able to understand more deeply and to express it more openly. lies much of the grace of “ is Christ who lays Therein confession. The desert fathers say his hand upon us, that a thought which is concealed great power over us, but if we Christ who forgives has can find a way to bring it into the and that is certainly open and to speak of it, it loses its power. That is also what the modthe deepest and most ern psychiatrists tell us, but the profound reason why desert fathers said it first! So, the uttered word that we bring in conwe should go to Con- fession can have a sacramental force and a healing grace which fession. “ will surprise us.

Once before the Divine Liturgy he was hearing the confession of a man, and the man said: "Yes I know that what I have done is a sin, I ask God's forgiveness, but my heart is like a stone, I do not feel any sorrow for my sin, it is all just in my brain." So St. John said to him: "Go out into the center of the church in front of the people and make a prostration before them and then come back to me." As the man did this and knelt to ask forgiveness from the people before him, something broke inside his heart and it came alive again. Suddenly he felt real compunction for what he had done. He said "now it is different," and the Archbishop gave him forgiveness. That was the moment of turning for him because he acknowledged that his sin was a sin against the community and he asked their forgiveness. So in our confession let us first of all recall that dimension. We are also asking for forgiveness of our brothers and sisters for what we have done. That is one reason to go to confession, because sin is social.

There is a second reason. The spoken word, the uttered word has great force. This applies in two ways. First of all we listen to the spoken word of the priest, the council that he gives, and it may be that what he says if written down and put in a book would not seem so striking. It may be that it wouldn't seem so remarka-

But then there is a third thing, not just what the priest does when he offers advice, not just what we do when we try to speak the truth in Christ. There is also what Christ does. Confession is a mystery of the Church that confers sacramental grace, there is power within it, Divine power. When the priest lays his hand upon our head in Confession, it is Christ who lays his hand upon us, Christ who forgives and that is certainly the deepest and most profound reason why we should go to Confession. When such grace and such healing is offered to us, who among us dare refuse to accept such an opportunity.

Submitted by Father Andreas Vithoulkas— This article is from the September 1998 issue of In Communion, quarterly journal of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship

―Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. ― - Sally Koch

MARCH 2012


An Introduction to Great Lent by Father Alexander Schmemann


hen a man leaves on a journey, he must know where he is going. Thus with Lent. Above all, Lent is a spiritual journey and its destination is Easter, ―the Feast of Feasts.‖ It is the preparation for the ―fulfillment of Pascha, the true Revelation.‖ We must begin, therefore, by trying to understand this connection between Lent and Easter, for it reveals something very essential, very crucial about our Christian faith and life. Is it necessary to explain that Easter is much more than one of the feasts, more than a yearly commemoration of a past event? Anyone who has, be it only once, taken part in that night which is ―brighter than the day,‖ who has tasted of that unique joy, knows it. On Easter we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection

as something that happened and still happens to us. For each one of us received the gift of that new life and the power to accept it and live by it. It is a gift which radically alters our attitude toward everything in this world, including death. It makes it possible for us to joyfully affirm: ―Death is no more!‖ Oh, death is still there, to be sure, and we still face it and someday it will come and take us. But it is our whole faith that by His own death Christ changed the very nature of death, made it a passage — a ―passover,‖ a ―Pascha‖ — into the Kingdom of God, transforming the tragedy of tragedies into the ultimate victory. Such is that faith of the Church, affirmed and made evident by her countless Saints. Is it not our daily experience, however, that this faith is very seldom ours, that all the time we lose and betray the ―new life‖ which we received as a gift, and that in fact we live as if Christ did not rise from the dead, as if that unique event had no meaning whatsoever for us? We simply forget all this — so busy are we, so immersed in our daily preoccupations — and because we forget, we fail. And through this forgetfulness, failure, and sin, our life becomes ―old‖ again — petty, dark, and ultimately meaningless — a meaningless journey toward a meaningless end. We may from time to time acknowledge and confess our various ―sins,‖ yet we cease to refer our life to that new life which Christ revealed and gave to us. Indeed, we live as if He never came. This is the only real sin, the sin of all sins, the bottomless sadness and tragedy of our nominal Christianity.


it needs and presupposes Lent. For we may then understand that the liturgical traditions of the Church, all its cycles and services, exist, first of all, in order to help us recover the vision and the taste of that new life which we so easily lose and betray, so that we may repent and return to it. And yet the ―old‖ life, that of sin and pettiness, is not easily overcome and changed. The Gospel expects and requires from man an effort of which, in his present state, he is virtually incapable. This is where Great Lent comes in. This is the help extended to us by the Church, the school of repentance which alone will make it possible to receive Easter not as mere permission to eat, to drink, and to relax, but indeed as the end of the ―old‖ in us, as our entrance into the ―new.‖ For each year Lent and Easter are, once again, the rediscovery and the recovery by us of what we were made through our own baptismal death and resurrection. A journey, a pilgrimage! Yet, as we begin it, as we make the first step into the ―bright sadness‖ of Lent, we see — far, far away — the destination. It is the joy of Easter, it is the entrance into the glory of the Kingdom. And it is this vision, the foretaste of Easter, that makes Lent’s sadness bright and our Lenten effort a ―spiritual spring.‖ The night may be dark and long, but all along the way a mysterious and radiant dawn seems to shine on the horizon. ―Do not deprive us of our expectation, O Lover of man!‖ Glory be to God! Submitted by Father Andreas Vithoulkas

If we realize this, then we may understand what Easter is and why

“Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.‖ Albert Einstein

MARCH 2012


ηνπ π. Ανδπέα Βςθούλκαρ

Η αξία ηηρ νηζηείαρ ζηον ζύγσπονο κόζμο


ζύγρξνλε επηζηήκε έρεη απνδεηρζεί όηη έλα από ηα πην ζεκαληηθά πξάγκαηα πνπ κπνξνύκε λα θάλνπκε γηα λα δνύκε πγηέζηεξα, δσή ειεύζεξε από θαξθίλν θαη ρσξίο θαξκαθεπηηθή αγσγή είλαη λα ηξώκε ζσζηά θαη λα άζθνύκεζα. ΢σζηή ηξνθή ζεκαίλεη κείσζε πάλσ από όια ηεο θαηαλάισζεο νιηθώλ ιηπαξώλ θαη θξέαηνο θαη αύμεζε ηεο θαηαλάισζεο πεξηζζόηεξν ησλ δεκεηξηαθώλ θαη ιαραληθώλ. Μεηάβαζε από δστθή ζε θπηηθή δηαηξνθή. Ίζσο νξηζκέλνη από εζάο λα γλσξίδνπλ ή όρη όηη απηό πνπ έρεη απνδεηρζεί ζαλ πγηέζηεξε ζηάζε δσήο γηα ηελ πξόιεςε ηνπ θαξθίλνπ, είλαη απηή πνπ ε Οξζόδνμε Δθθιεζία αθνινύζεζε θαηά ηε δηάξθεηα ησλ πεξηόδσλ ηεο λεζηείαο. Έλα άξζξν ηεο εθεκεξίδνο Times δεκνζίεπζε κηα κειέηε πνπ έγηλε ζε κνλαρνύο ζην Άγην Όξνο αλέθεξε, "Αλ ζέιεηε λα απνθύγεηε ηνλ θαξθίλν, δήζηε ζαλ έλαο κνλαρόο." Ζ έθζεζε αλέθεξε όηη από ην 1994, ζε ηαθηηθέο εμεηάζεηο ησλ κνλαρώλ, θαη κόλν δύν έρνπλ αλαπηύμεη θαξθίλν ηνπ πξνζηάηε, έλα πνζνζηό κηθξόηεξν από έλα ηέηαξην ηνπ δηεζλνύο κέζνπ όξνπ. Σν πνζνζηό θαξθίλνπ ηνπ πλεύκνλα θαη θύζηεσο βξέζεθε λα είλαη κεδεληθό. Ζ δσή ζην άγην όξνο έρεη αιιάμεη ειάρηζηα ηα ηειεπηαία 1043 ρξόληα. Σν πξσηλό θαγεηό απνηειείηαη από ζθιεξό ςσκί θαη ηζάτ. Μεγάιν κέξνο ηεο εκέξαο πεξηιακβάλεη ρεηξνλαθηηθή εξγαζία – αθνινπζνύκελε από δείπλν, πνπ ζπλήζσο πεξηέρεη θαθέο, θξνύηα θαη ζαιάηα θαη αθνινπζεί πξνζεπρή – ην απόδεηπλν. Ο ύπλνο είλαη ιίγνο, λσξίο ην βξάδπ, θαη ε έγεξζε είλαη πξν ηνπ όξζνπ. Ζ λεζηεία εληάζεηαη ζηελ άζθεζε, πνπ ζεκαίλεη αζιεηηθή εμάζθεζε, εγξήγνξζε, ελαζρόιεζε θαη πεηζαξρία. Ζ άζθεζε είλαη ζεξαπεπηηθή θαη πξναγάγεη ην άηνκν πνπ αζθήηαη ζηε δσή ηνπ, ηελ πγεία ηνπ, ηελ απνηειεζκαηηθόηεηά ηνπ, ηόζν ζην ζώκα όζν θαη ηελ ςπρή. Ζ αζθεηηθή πεηζαξρία ζπλεπάγεηαη θπζηθή απνρή (αγλόηεηα, απνρή ηξνθίκσλ, θηώρεηα) δηαλνεηηθή πεηζαξρία (έιεγρν ηνπ λνύ θαη κειέηε) θαη θπζηθή εξγαζία. Όινη απηνί είλαη δξαζηεξηόηεηεο πνπ όρη κόλν ν κνλαρόο αθηεξώλεη ηε δσή ηνπ, αιιά επίζεο πνπ εκείο, όινη νη


άλζξσπνη επίζεο, κπνξνύκε λα απνθνκίζνπκε ζεκαληηθά νθέιε. Ζ εθθιεζία, ζηε δηζρηιηεηή εκπεηξία ηεο κε ηνλ άλζξσπν, έρεη επηδείμεη ηε κέζνδν γηα λα επηβηώλνπκε πγηέζηεξα θαη αγλόηεξα, ηόζν ζσκαηηθά όζν πλεπκαηηθά δηα ηεο λεζηείαο. Ο ηύπνο ηεο λεζηείαο, ή ηεο απνρήο από ηξόθηκα πνπ εθαξκόδνπκε ζηηο δηάθνξεο πεξηόδνπο λεζηείαο ζηελ Οξζόδνμε Δθθιεζία, δελ είλαη ζπλνιηθή απνρή από ηξνθίκα αιιά εηδηθή πξνδηαγξαθόκελε δηαηξνθή ηξόθίκα, ηα νπνία έρνπλ απνδεηρζεί όηη έρνπλ ζεκαληηθόηαηα αληηθαξθηληθά ραξαθηεξηζηηθά. Σα ηξόθηκα απηά απνηεινύληαη θαηά θύξην ιόγν από δεκεηξηαθά, ιαραληθά θαη θξνύηα. Ζ εθθιεζία αληηιακβάλεηαη ηνλ άλζξσπν ζαλ ςπρνζσκαηηθή ελόηεηα κε ηα δύν απηά κέξε ζε αξκνληθή ζπλεξγάζία. Ζ ζρέζε ζώκαηνο θαη ςπρήο είλαη ζπκβησηηθή. Σν ζώκα θαη ε ςπρή ζπλεξγάδνληαη γηα ηελ επίηεπμε ηνπ αγηαζκνύ θαη ηεο αγηόηεηαο. Σν ζώκα είλαη ην όρεκα ζηελ πνξεία επίηεπμεο ηεο ζέσζεο. Όηαλ ζώκα ιεηηνπξγεί απνηειεζκαηηθά ζε απηή ηελ πνξεία, βνεζά ηελ ςπρή ζηελ επίηεπμε ηνπ αγηαζκνύ θαη ζε αληάιιαγκα ην ζώκα κεηαζρεκαηίδεηαη θαη αγηάδεηαη. Όηαλ ν νξγαληζκόο είλαη αζζεληθόο κπνξεί λα θαηεπζύλεη θαη ην άηνκν ζε πλεπκαηηθέο παζήζεηο. Φπζηθά πάζε όπσο ηεο ππεξθαγίαο θαη ιαηκαξγίαο νδεγνύλ ζε πλεπκαηηθά πάζε. Ζ αδεθαγία είλαη έλα από ηα επηά ζαλάζηκα ακαξηήκαηα, επεηδή είλαη αηηία πνιιώλ πλεπκαηηθώλ παζήζεσλ θαηά ηνλ άγην Ησάλλε ηεο θιίκαθνο ηεο ζείαο αλαβάζεσο. ΢ην δέθαην ηέηαξην ζηάδην πνπ αθηεξώλεηαη ζηελ αδεθαγία αλαθέξεη όηη, "ην κπαιό ηνπ λεζηεπηή πξνζεύρεηαη κε εγγξήγνξζε, αιιά ην κπαιό αραιήλνηνπ γεκίδεη είδσια." Έλαοο άιινο ζπγγξαθέαο ηνπ ηεηάξηνπ αηώλα έγξαςε γηα λεζηείεο, "παξαηήξεζε ηη απνηειέζκαηα έρεη ε λεζηεία: επνπιώλεη αζζέλεηεο, ζηεγλώλεη ζσκαηηθά ιίπνη, δηώρλεη ηνπο δαίκνλεο, απνκαθξύλεη πνλεξέο ζθέςεηο, θαζίδεη ην κπαιό θαη ηελ θαξδηά, αγηάδεη ηνλ νξγαληζκό ην ζώκα θαη ηνπνζεηεί ηνλ άλζξσπν κπνξζηά ζην ζξόλν ηνπ Θενύ … Ζ λεζηεία είλαη ε δσή ησλ αγγέισλ, θαη όπνηνο ηελ θάλεη πξάμε απνθηά Αγγειηθή ηαμε». Ο ηύπνο ηεο απνρήο από ηα ηξόθίκα πνπ πηνζέηεζε ε εθθιεζία δελ είλαη ε πιήξε ζηέξεζε, αιιά ε πξνζεθηηθή δηαρείξηζε θαη ε εθπαίδεπζε ηνπ ζώκαηνο θαη ηεο ςπρήο γηα έλα ζπγθεθξηκέλν ζηόρν θαη ην ηξόπν δσήο. Ζ πξόζεζε ηεο εθθιεζίαο δελ είλαη λα θαηαζηξέςεη ην ζώκα αιιά λα ην ζέζεη ζε απνηειεζκαηηθή ιεηηνπξγία θαη όζν ην δπλαηόλ ζε αζθεηηθή πεηζαξρία.

MARCH 2012


Our Parish by George Mourizakis -Parish Council President


reat Lent is upon us, and we started it off with Clean Monday ―Καζαξα Γεπηεξα,” which was sponsored by our Greek school and PTO. It has become an annual event enjoyed not only by parents and grandparents of our schoolchildren, but by all parishioners who bring in their Lenten food for fellowship, which is reminiscent of our customs in Greece. We are all watching the crisis that our motherland is going through. I’ve only ever heard stories like these, of food lines and people not having enough to eat, by my mother and grandmother when they spoke of the war years. To see the same thing in today’s world should be unheard of. We have to come forward by supporting the efforts of our local Philoptochos chapter (to collect clothing and food—look for the flyer in this issue of the Vision), and the National AHEPA and Daughters of Penelope (who are collecting funds to pay for acquisition of medical supplies and food). We cannot sit idle as we watch schoolchildren go to school without a meal, only to pass out from hunger in the hallways. Throughout history, Hellenes abroad have always come to the assistance of our brothers and sisters in our motherland. I know this country is having its own problems, but with a small sacrifice we can all help make a huge difference. We are going to be extremely careful where our donations go, so as to not get ―mishandled‖ again by the Greek Government and other various organizations. Back on the home front, we have some of our own news to share about what’s happening around our parish.

The gym roof has been repaired temporarily so that our kids do not lose their basketball/volleyball seasons. I just finished renovating the ladies’ bathroom. New fixtures were installed, as well as a new water cooler, tiles etc... Walls were patched, lights fixed, padding has been put back in place for the safety of all. We will continue upgrades in the gym. It’s a big asset for our community, and we have to take advantage of it. In the spring or early summer , we will have to install a new roof on the gym, as well as make use of the unused showers on the 2nd floor. Upon a request from our choir for a better sound, a new mixing system and microphones were installed in the choir loft. Now the angelic voices of our choir can be heard loud and clear by all of us. A new water heater was installed in the bathroom across from the choir room in order to conserve energy. On the topic of energy conservation, please, we all have to be conscious about the lights that are constantly being left on, as well as faucets and stoves that are left running for hours. Also while on church premises please look out after your children. Last week we had to spend over $800 to unclog the drains because of misuse. Some of our Ladies expressed the need for a new faucet with a spray head in the kitchen. I installed a new faucet for them. Also, for our everyone’s safety and security, please do not use the front doors of the Church as your exit after fellowship hour. We constantly find the doors left open. Festival preparations are under way, and I would like all of you to participate in any way that you can. Please get in touch with me if you are available. Thank you and God bless.

you might have. We look forward to hearing from you. Phoebe Kamelakis Leask, Sr Choir 203.258.9160/ Joanna Bogardus, Jr. Choir / 203..736.6501 /

Choir Notes by Phoebe Leask -Director


re you interested in learning the Liturgical music that we sing in the Choir? Please join us for… Special half hour rehearsals Tuesday 7-7:30 pm Current choir members will arrive at 7:30 for the regular choir rehearsal. New members are wel-


come to stay and sing with us, or just follow along Please call us with any questions

A very special Thank You to Father Andreas and the Parish Council for the new sound system for the choir! It makes a major difference and We are most grateful!

―Never place a period where God has placed a comma.‖ Gracie Allen

MARCH 2012


Daughters of Penelope by Helen Yeotsas - President


a l i Sarakosti to all... may we all have a peaceful and spiritual Lenten season, as we look forward to the Resurrection! Thanks to everyone for making our Annual Luncheon on Godparent's Sunday a huge success. Thank you to our wonderful chefs, and all our very generous donors who made this all possible. Our proceeds will benefit the many wonderful causes the Daughters support, particularly our Scholarship fund. In the upcoming weeks we will be selling our Easter Lamb and Ham raffle tickets. Be sure to buy one at just $1, with ten prizes awarded. In March we plan to attend the District Conference in Norwich, where we will meet with other Chapters from Connecticut

and Rhode Island. Plans are under way for our Mother's Day Flower, Bake and Gift sale, and for our annual work at the Festival coordinating the "Greek Deli" booth. At the national level, we have recently learned that the AHEPA, with support from the Daughters, is mobilizing efforts to help with the humanitarian relief efforts for the people of Greece. Directly from the AHEPA website, they write: "How AHEPA Will Help... Identifying private sector/ corporate partners to donate medical supplies. Making available its 501(c)(3) AHEPA Foundation, Inc. to receive contributions that will directly pay for the shipment and acquisition of medical supplies and food. Mobilizing AHEPA Greece chapters to liaison with the Greek Ministry of Education to execute a food voucher program for schools. Partner with International Orthodox Christian Charities

PTO by Maria Gountas—President


here has the time gone? PTO has been very busy this year. Through our fundraisers, The PTO is able to treat our children to various activities. Thus far, the children went to a show at the Downtown Cabaret to see Frankstein and Pinkalicious. They were both great shows. The children also had a great time during February vacation at Skate Time in Milford. Moving on to our biggest fundraiser of the year, our Valentine’s dance was a huge success. I would like to thank everyone who attended the dance and who put an ad in our ad book, as well as all of our donors. I


(IOCC) to assist with acquisition of medical supplies and food. Mobilizing AHEPA family chapters. Outreaching to all Greek American organizations asking them to contribute financially to AHEPA’s program. Funds will go directly to pay for the shipment and acquisition of medical supplies and food. We look forward to working in partnership with the IOCC, an extremel y effecti ve relief organization, to assist with the acquisition of medical supplies and food" We hope to see these efforts come to fruition and do anything we can to help. Look for more on this in the upcoming months. Our next meeting is on March 21 at 7:45. Please consider joining our ever growing or gani zat ion! For mor e information or an application, please see me or any of the Daughters, or email us at daughters@holytrinitybridgeport. org. "Like" us on Facebook!

would especially like to thank the ladies and men who put their week on hold in order to make the dance such a success. We are so thankful for your help and dedication to the PTO. It was great to see so many parents and children having a great time. We celebrated clean Monday on February 27th. The children flew kites provided by the PTO. Everyone enjoy the Lenten dishes that were provided. We even celebrated Father Andreas 40th birthday. It was a great time by all. The Greek Independence Day Parade is on March 25, 2012. Please see Eleni Limberis for more information. There will be a Bingo Fun Night in April. Look for details on PTO board or in the Sunday Bulletins.

―God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame.” - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

MARCH 2012


GOYA - by Nicole Pettas and Evan Yiannoulis - Co-presidents


ur month started on a high note, as we delivered Valentine’s bears made by our members, to Ronald McDonald House in New York City. It was a privilege to personally meet and spend some time with the children who have and continue to fight various health issues. On February 22nd, GOYA served lunch with Philoptochos at the Merton House in Bridgeport. We all enjoyed giving back to our community and we thank all participants for their support.

Our bowling and dinner night at Pontos Restaurant was so much fun and everyone who attended enjoyed their day. We are looking forward to our district-wide GOYA scavenger hunt in Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall as it is fast approaching, and we hope many members will be able to join this exciting event. Our next all-members GOYA meeting will be the first Monday of the month. Please make an effort to attend and bring any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas… Visit our website for our calendar of events, or our Facebook page for updates. Happy Spring!!!


Greek School Ελληνικό Σσολείο by Eleni Limberis -Director

Our Greek School Program celebration, for the Greek Independence Day, will take place on, Wednesday, March 28, 2012


ongratulations to: NIKO GUPTA. Niko was honored on Saturday January 28, 2012, in New York City by the Archbishop Demetrios for his excellent score (100) in June by taking the Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek. Καη ζηελ Αξγπξνύια Κνπβάηα –πνπ δηάβαζε ηελ Κπξηαθή 29 Ηαλνπαξίνπ - ζηελ γηνξηή ησλ Σξηώλ Ηεξαξρώλ. Ο ενξηαζκόο ηεο 25εο Μαξηίνπ


Students must wear: Blue and White outfits or Greek National Costumes if they have any. θαη ην πξόγξακκα ηνπ ζρνιείνπ καο ζα γίλεη ηελ, ΣΔΣΑΡΣΖ 28 ΜΑΡΣΗΟΤ 2012, Όινη νη καζεηέο/ηξηεο πξέπεη λα είλαη ληπκέλνη ζηά κπιέ θαη άζπξα ή ζηίο εζληθέο ειιεληθέο

Our Greek Parade in New York is on: Sunday March 25, 2012 Καιή ΢αξαθνζηή θαη Πάζρα! Κπξία Διέλε

―In the end, dear friend, it is always between us and God, not between us and them.‖ Mother Teresa


MARCH 2012


Ladies Philoptochos Society Kalliope Tsitsipas-President


u r La-

d i e s Philoptochos Society is each of us, together dedicated women of the Greek Orthodox Church of America, who in just one year (2011) donated $1,500,000 and provided assistance to the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the elderly, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, the disabled, and disaster victims around

the world. And now, ―A Call to Action:‖ on Sunday, March 4th, we will be holding a loukoumades and coffee fundraiser in response to the urgent appeal for help issued by the National Philoptochos. All proceeds will benefit our brothers and sisters in Greece who are currently facing ―supreme hardships‖ due to Greece’s dire economic circumstances. Our immediate response to the needs in Greece are imperative. We must act now. Our monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 6th , with coffee and refreshments to be served. On Sunday, March 18th— Please join us after Church services for our annual Philoptochos Lenten Luncheon. All proceeds from this event will benefit Holy

Athletic Department by Pericles Koutroulas -Director


he playoffs for basketball and volleyball are set to begin the first weekend of March. As per the October 2010 league meeting, the basketball and volleyball semifinal and championship games are rotated to different sites beginning in 2011. The 2012 basketball semifinal and championship games will be played in Waterbury. Also, the Div. 1, Div. 2 and Div. 3 playoffs are limited to the top four teams in each division. In all basketball divisions, there will be a championship game; no longer a best-of-three championship series. As for volleyball, the 2012 semi -final and championship games will be held in Bridgeport. Also, the playoffs are limited to the top four teams in the division. I started training two more scorekeepers. They are


Cross/Hellenic College. For more information, please see the flyer in this issue of the Vision. On Wednesday, March 15th, we will be visiting Saint Michael’s Home for the Aged, which is in Yonkers, NY. If you would like to join us, please call Kalliope at 203 -926-0137. On Sunday, March 11th, we will be baking and serving coffee for Dean Hatzis’s memorial service. Please consider joining our Philoptochos! Even if you are unable to attend our evening meetings, your participation in our many daily functions is always appreciated. Feel free to call us if you have any questions, or need further information.

Nicholas Katsetos and Alex Vlandis. They are our youngest scorekeepers and are doing very well. Thank you guys for your help! Although there was no league this year for our Junior Varsity volleyball team, our girls did compete in friendly games against Waterbury and St. Barbara. The girls played very well. It was definitely a learning experience for them all. I would like to thank and say job well done to coaches Stella Katsetos and Steve Tsorvas for getting the girls excited to compete and having them all play in the game. It was definitely tough rotating in 18 girls to play in the games! As our season concludes in mid-March, we will be having our End-of-the-Year Celebration and Fun Day in the gym shortly afterwards. A flyer will be sent out once the date is set. Please feel free to email me at or call me at 203 556-0489 with any questions, concerns, and/or ideas.

―Everyday, God gives us the sun - and also one moment in which we have the ability to change everything…‖ Paulo Coelho

MARCH 2012

Around the Parish



h e Parish Council received their Oath of Office by Stella Capiris f r o m Archbishop Demetrios on Sunday, January 15th, and subsequently met on Sunday, January 22nd, to elect the Executive Board. Elected were George Mourizakis, President; Chris Papachristos, Vice-President; Robert Arvanitis, Treasurer; Constantinos Vlamis, Assistant Treasurer; Secretary, Stella Capiris; Assistant Secretary, A. J. Metsopoulos. Board Members: Michael Bouloubasis, Phillip Georgas, John Mihalakopoulos, Peter Tsimbidaros. Congratulations and good luck on their efforts on behalf of our Community. Congratulations to Michael Albano who was tonsured as an official "Reader" of the Church by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios. We wish Michael good luck and success in his continued pursuit for the Holy Diaconate. Many thanks to the ladies who worked on the reception for the St. Dionysios celebration. The "coffee hour" was most delicious with a wide assortment of homemade pastries. Monies collected that day were donated to the Church. We would like to congratulate our Golden Senior Citizen - Mildred "Millie" Arahovitis- who just celebrated her 89th birthday. We wish her good health, happiness, and peace. She is delighted to be able to enjoy her first great-grandchild. On Sunday, January 22nd, the Sunday School 3rd grade class received their first Bibles which were donated by the P.T.O. and presented to the children by Father Andreas. P.T.O. recently honored the Sunday School and Greek School Teachers at a "Coffee Hour" . Also, on that day, one of our Greek School Students - Nicholas

BIBLE STUDY CLASSES — TEMPORARY SCHEDULE CHANGE Please note that during the period of Great Lent, Bible study classes will be held on Tuesdays instead of Wednesday. Please see the ―Lenten Program of Services,‖ above, for details.


Gupta - was honored. He along with his family and the Greek School Principal, Helen Limberis, attended the Three Hierarchs Awards of Excellence Ceremony" at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Center in New York. Nicholas scored "100" on the Comprehensive Examination in Modem Greek in June - 2011. We are most proud of him. The annual "Three Hierarchs" celebration honoring Sts. Basil, Gregory, and John was presented with "readings" by our Greek School Student "Argyroula Kouvatas" and by our Sunday School Student "Nicole Pettas". We thank them both. Godparents’ Day was celebrated in February. How lovely it was to see the children together with their godparents receiving Holy Communion following which they all celebrated by having lunch together at the annual Daughters of Penelope luncheon which was most delicious, the proceeds of which went towards their Scholarship Fund and their many philanthropic obligations. National Heart Month was celebrated in our Community with many of our Ladies wearing "red". Also, distributed by the Philoptochos were 100 pins. Congratulations to Kathy Pertesis on their new ownership of the "Cactus Rose Cantina" in Wilton. We wish them good luck in their new adventure. Congratulations to Aris L. Yiannoulis, son of Lazaros and Effie Yiannoulis, on the opening of his new store , "Aris Luncheonette", located in Shelton. We wish him every success and good luck. We welcome back Pauline and Peter Halkias from their fabulous trip to Australia. Congratulations to the P.T.O. on their annual Valentine Dance. The decorations were lovely, the mezedakia delicious and plentiful. A fun time was had by all. Congratulations to Elias and Melissa Koutikas on the birth of their son "Demetrios". Our deepest sympathy to the family of Ida Mellas upon her recent death. May her Memory be forever eternal.

EVENTS AND PROGRAMS Sunday March 18 Philoptochos Lenten Luncheon after Church Sunday March 25 Greek Parade in New York Wednesday March 28 Greek School March 25th Program Celebration

"I used to ask God to help me. Then I asked if I might help Him. I ended up by asking God to do His work though me." - Hudson Taylor

MARCH 2012


Αγαπεηνί ελνξίηεο, Μεγάιε ΢αξαθνζηή άξρηζε, θαη μεθίλεζε κε ηελ Καζαξά Γεπηέξα πνπ πξνζθέξεηε από ην ειιεληθό ζρνιείν καο θαη PTO. Έρεη γίλεη έλα εηήζην Photo courtesy of Cristina Narciso Hasiotis γεγνλόο πνπ απνιακβάλνπλ όρη κόλν νη γνλείο θαη νη παππνύδεο θαη γηαγηαδεο ησλ καζεηώλ καο, πεξηπηώζεηο, ν Απόδεκνο αιιά από όινπο ηνπο ελνξίηεο πνπ Διιεληζκόο έξρεηαη πάληα ζηελ θέξλνπλ ηα λεζηίζηκα εδέζκαηα βνήζεηα ησλ αδειθώλ καο ζηελ ηνπο λα ηα κνηξαζηνπλ κε νινπο, παηξίδα καο. Ξέξσ όηη απηή ε ην νπνίνλ καο ζπκίδεη ηα έζηκά ρώξα έρεη ηα δηθά ηεο καο ζηελ Διιάδα. πξνβιήκαηα, αιιά κε κηα κηθξή Παξαθνινπζνύκε όινη ηελ ζπ ζ ί α κπνξνύ κε όι νη λ α θξίζε πνπ πεξλάεη ε παηξίδα καο . βνεζήζνπκε θαη απηό είλαη ε Έρσ αθνύζεη πνιιέο ηζηνξίεο ζαλ δηαθνξά πνπ κεηξάεη . Θα πξέπεη θη απηέο, από ηηο γξακκέο ησλ λα είκαζηε εμαηξεηηθά ζπζζηηίσλ θαη νη άλζξσπνη δελ πξνζεθηηθνί πνπ πεγαίλνπλ νη είραλ λα θάλε, απν ηελ κεηέξα θαη δσξεέο καο, έηζη ώζηε λα κελ ηελ γηαγηά κνπ, όηαλ κηινύζαλ γηα πάλε ζε «ιαλζαζκέλα» θαη πάιη ηα ρξόληα ηνπ πνιέκνπ θαη ηεο από ηελ ειιεληθή θπβέξλεζε θαη θαηνρήο. Γηα λα δνύκε ην ίδην δηάθνξεο άιιεο νξγαλώζεηο. πξάγκα ζηε ζεκεξηλή επνρή Δπηζηξνθή ζην δηθν καο πξέπεη λα είλαη αλήθνπζην. κέησπν, έρνπκε θάπνηεο από ηηο Πξέπεη λα έξζεηε πξνο ηα εκπξόο δηθέο καο εηδήζεηο λα κνηξαζηώ κε ηελ ππνζηήξημε ζαο ησλ ζρεηηθά κε ην ηη ζπκβαίλεη γύξσ πξνζπαζεηώλ ησλ ηνπηθώλ ζηελ ελνξία. νξγαλώζεσλ ζαλ ηεο Φηινπηώρνπ Ζ νξνθή ηνπ γπκλαζηεξίνπ έρεη καο (γηα ηε ζπιινγή ξνπρηζκνύ επηζθεπαζηεί πξνζσξηλά, έηζη θαη ηξνθίκσλ, ξίρηε κηα καηηά ζην ώζηε ηα παηδηά καο δελ ζα ράζνπλ θπιιάδην ζε απηό ην ζέκα ζην ηνπο αγώλεο κπάζθεη / βόιετ. κεληαίν πεξηνδηθό), θαη ηελ Μόιηο ηειείσζα ηελ αλαθαίληζε εζληθή ΑΥΔΠΑ θαη ηηο Θπγαηέξεο ηνπ κπάληνπ ησλ θπξηώλ. Νέα ηεο Πελειόπεο (πνπ καδεύνπλ θσηηζηηθά έρνπλ εγθαηαζηαζεί, ρξήκαηα γηα ηελ απόθηεζε ησλ θαζώο θαη έλαο λένο ςύθηεο ηαηξηθώλ εθνδίσλ θαη ησλ λεξνύ, πιαθάθηα θ.ιπ. .. Οη ηνίρνη ηξνθίκσλ πνπ είλαη αλαγθαία). έρνπλ ε πηδηνξζσζε ί, θώ ηα Γελ κπνξνύκε λα κείλνπκε θαζαξηζηεί, βάηεο ζηελ ζέζε ηνπο απαζείο όπσο βιέπνπκε ζηα λέα, γηα ηελ αζθάιεηα όισλ. Θα καζεηέο λα πεγαίλνπλ ζην ζπλερίζνπκε ηηο αλαβαζκίζεηο ζην ζρνιείν ρσξίο έλα γεύκα, κόλν λα γπκλαζηήξην. Δίλαη έλα κεγάιν ιηπνζπκνύλ από ηελ πείλα ζηνπο πιενλέθηεκα γηα ηελ θνηλόηεηά δηαδξόκνπο. ΢ε ηέηνηεο




καο, θαη ζα πξέπεη λα επσθειεζνύκε από απηό. Σν θαινθαίξη ή λσξίο ηελ άλνημε, ζα πξέπεη λα εγθαηαζηαζεί κηα λέα ζηέγε ζην γπκλαζηήξην, θαζώο θαη λα θάλνπκε ζρεδηα πξνο ρξήζε ησλ αρξεζηκνπνίεησλ ληνπο ζην 2ν όξνθν. Μεηά από αίηεκα ηεο ρνξσδίαο καο γηα έλα θαιύηεξν ήρν, έλα λέν ζύζηεκα αλάκημεο θαη κηθξόθσλα ερνπλ εγθαηαζηαζεί ζηε ζνθίηα ηεο ρνξσδίαο. Σώξα νη αγγειηθέο θσλέο ηεο ρνξσδίαο καο κπνξεί λα αθνπζηεί δπλαηά θαη θαζαξά από όινπο καο. Έλαο λένο ζεξκνζίθσλαο ερεη εγθαηαζηαζεί ζην κπάλην απέλαληη από ηελ αίζνπζα ρνξσδίαο, πξνθεηκέλνπ λα εμνηθνλνκήζεη ελέξγεηα. Όζνλ αθνξά ην ζέκα ηεο εμνηθνλόκεζεο ελέξγεηαο, παξαθαιώ, όινη πξέπεη λα βνεζήζεηε, ηα θώηα ηα νπνία δηαξθώο κέλνπλ αλνηθηα, θαζώο θαη βξύζεο θαη θνπδηλεο πνπ εμαθνινπζνύλ λα ηξέρνπλ κε ηηο ώξεο. Δπίζεο, νηαλ εηζηαη ζηα θηεξηα ηεο εθθιεζίαο παξαθαιώ πξνζέμηε ηα παηδηά ζαο. Σελ πεξαζκέλε εβδνκάδα μνδέςακε πάλσ από $800 δνιάξηα γηα ην μεβνύισκα ηεο απνρέηεπζεο, ιόγσ θαθήο ρξήζεσο. Σνπνζεηήζεθε λεα βξύζε κε ληνπδ ζηελ θνπδίλα γηα ηελ δηεπθόιπλζε ησλ θνξηηζηώλ καο. Παξαθαινύκε γηα ηελ αζθάιεηα ηεο εθθιεζίαο θαη ηελ αζθάιεηα όισλ καο, κελ ρξεζηκνπνηείηε ηηο κπξνζηηλέο πόξηεο ηεο Δθθιεζίαο σο έμνδν ζαο κεηά από ηνλ θαθέ ηελ Κπξηαθή . ΢πλερώο βξίζθνπκε ηηο πόξηεο αλνηθηέο. Οη πξνεηνηκαζίεο ηνπΦεζηηβάι βξίζθνληαη ζε εμέιημε, θαη ζα ήζεια όινη ζαο λα ζπκκεηάζρεηε κε θάζε ηξόπν πνπ κπνξείηε. Παξαθαιώ λα έξζεηε ζε επαθή καδί κνπ, αλ είζζε δηαζέζηκνη. ΢αο επραξηζηώ θαη ν Θεόο λα καο επινγεί.

MARCH 2012



MARCH 2012



Please Help. The Children Need YOU.





MARCH 2012






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MARCH 2012



MARCH 2012

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MARCH 2012

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 4070 Park Avenue The Official Monthly Publication of Holy Trinity Bridgeport, CT 06604 March 2012— Address Service Requested Issue #265



The Orthodox Vision - March 2012 Issue #265  
The Orthodox Vision - March 2012 Issue #265  

The Official Monthly publication of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Bridgeport, Connecticut