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Trinity Times Volume 17, Issue 3

The Newspaper of Holy Trinity Catholic High School

February 2017

Continuation of the Annual Senior Retreat By Colin Rockwood, Co-Editor

The Senior Class taking part in a group activity at the annual Senior Retreat (Photo by Ivan Cruz)

The senior class of 2017 stayed overnight February 1st and 2nd at Cedarbrake Catholic Retreat Center for the annual senior retreat. Every year Mrs. Fette coordinates and works with the parents of the senior class to put together the senior retreat. The seniors participate in several bonding activities and work together to deepen their

faith. This year, Mrs. Fette organized several speakers to come share their faith experiences, including Father Tom Reitmeyer, Dr. and Mrs. Tim Daheim, Robert Shadburn, Jeff Putska, and Holy Trinity’s own Mr. Besst. When asked about the speakers, Mrs. Fette said, “I think for the first time ever we had a mar-

ried couple speak, and the courage of showing that commitment to the youth is amazing.” Mr. Besst also served as a chaperone on the two days, and when asked about what was special about the retreat he responded, “Seeing y’all bond, it was more of a family than a graduating class.” That feeling of bonding was shared

among the seniors. When asked about what impact the senior retreat had him, Senior Ivan Cruz replied, “I felt like we took a break from the real world and went back to remembering that God loves us.” When asked with the same question, Senior Colette Glorioso said, “It was groovy to spend time with my fam.” Senior Alexandra

Mares thought that, “I liked how we all got together and grew closer.” Senior Isaac Esqueda commented that, “Going in I didn’t have many expectations but then I was like hey it’s pretty good. I found Jesus.” Senior Quan Nguyen-Hieu said, “Personally, I had never been so close to the seniors so it was an amazing experience.” See page 5

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Sadie Hawkins Dance turns out Successful By Maria Hernandez Dominguez del Rio, Staff Writer Friday the 20th, the traditional Sadie Hawkin’s dance was held at Christ the King in Belton, Texas from 6pm until 11:30pm. Faith Weisbruch, in charge of the event assures that “All in all, the dance was a hit and we hope to host it again next year!” About 45-50 people attended. The Pro-Life Club has hosted the Sadie Hawkins Dance for the past three years and plan to continue doing so if the timing works out and they are able to do so. The dance was very successful and the club raised a good amount of money, a little over $200. A majority of the proceeds are going to our Lady of the Angels Maternity Shelter and the ProLife Club will be keeping a little in order to set-up a

budget for next year’s activities. They would also like to look into a couple of other ProLife organizations, but they are still working out the details. This year, the dance was hosted at Christ the King. “In my personal opinion, I think it was better to host it at the Christus Center at Christ the King. We were able to get the hall free of charge so that was another plus and when everything was setup, it looked really great,” said Faith Weisbruch Faith added “ProLife wanted to change things up a bit this year, since Student Council already hosts Homecoming in the Cafeteria on campus. We thought it’d be a nice change to make and a lot of people later told me they really enjoyed

the different venue,” explained Faith. The dance requires a good amount of planning. The club had at least three meetings where they were able to delegate something to just about every member of ProLife. Everyone was signed up to bring either food, drinks, decorations, or help make the dance’s playlist. “It’s never a Holy Trinity dance ‘till we do the Cha Cha Slide or some students bust out their moves!” After this marvellous evening, we are all sure eager to see what the next Sadie Hawkins brings us! The freshman girls line up for a line dance during the Sadie Hawkins dance (Photo by Mrs. McHugh)

The Holy Trinity Baseball Team gets ready for the new season. By Kooper Kasberg, Editor-in-Chief

Baseball season is getting started and the players are excited. Baseball started on Monday, February 6. The practices will be from four to six in the afternoon and players will be lifting at six in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With the winter sports finishing up, the first week of practice had a slim showing. “It’s not all that bad.” Junior Pitcher Blaise Mosmeyer said. Blaise added “We know that we will have a full team once the

winter sports end. The baseball coach will be Coach Koch. As many already know what he was able to do for the football team this year, his presence brings about a new confidence. “After playing football for him, I already have an extreme amount of faith in him.” said Sophomore Treyton Byrne. The players eem to have an extreme amount of confidence in their coach, as well as their skills

Although eerely quiet now, our baseball field will be busseling with fired up players. (Photo by Kooper Kasberg)

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Thank You, H3 NEWS

Page 3 News February 2017 The Holy Trinity Softball Team Prepares for its Season By Maggie Richesin, Copy-Editor

Micaela Cruz practices batting before taking her turn in the batter’s box. Photo by: Corinna Gokingco

Holy Trinity Catholic High School’s softball team is back at it again with fresh new faces on the team and many old ones as well. With a challenging 2016 season, these ladies are more determined than ever to give it their all this year. Junior Elon Simmons, a new addition to the team, says that she hopes to “take this as a learning season.” When asked what he wants for the team this year Coach Carranza responded by saying, “I hope that we compete more than last year and to leave each game saying I gave it one

hundred percent and had fun doing it.” Each player on the team brings something unique to each practice and when asked what he sees in each of the girls that could take them to playoffs and beyond, Coach responded by saying, “I see heart and dedication in each young lady and the drive to better themselves and with that the team succeeds.” Coach Carranza began coaching for the 2016 season after Holy Trinity went without a softball team for several years He says, “I love

[coaching] and I am always excited for the season to start. I’m blessed to be coaching at Holy Trinity and I like to try and treat each young lady as if she is my own child.” The girls will be representing Holy Trinity for the first time this spring season on Monday February 27th against Holland’s Junior Varsity at 4:30 in our own backyard. The Holy Trinity softball team will be representing our school in eight District games and four non District games this year. Good luck!

Holy Trinity Swim Team Dries Off After A Great Season Written by Maggie Richesin, Copy Editor The Holy Trinity swim team has wrapped up their season after a new and challenging adventure as representatives of Holy Trinity for the first time in several years. Brigid Baughman, Spencer Belbeck and Jack Dowling have earned their places on the team with their amazing sportsmanship this year. New to the coaching staff at Holy Trinity, Coach Richesin said at the beginning of the season that she simply wants to “improve personal times and to grow as a team.” Coach Richesin began coaching for Holy Trinity when she saw a need for new athletic teams and people willing to try it out. At the beginning of the season, the energetic swim team competed at

Belton’s invitational swim meets to gain the experience and they have since then moved on to compete at district and regionals. On January 11th, 2017, the team left bright and early to make it in time for the district meet in Austin, Texas. Brigid walked away with a well earned fifth place ribbon in the one hundred meter women’s breaststroke. The team moved on to compete in San Antonio on January 25th, 2017 for the 2017 TAPPS Regionals swim meet. The exhausting, all-day trip payed off in the end because Baughman came in 17th overall in the state of Texas and Dowling placed 8th in the central regional race. Until stats were revealed, both swimmers were almost to the point of biting their fingernails

because of the suspense. In the end, Baughman missed advancing to the TAPPS State Meet by one place and that was determined by only a short few seconds. Dowling unfortunately missed State by barely three milliseconds. At the end of day Coach Richesin reminds each swimmer that “in the end, you are only competing against yourself, and it’s about beating your personal best at ever meet.” This piece of advice has and will continue to inspire current and future swimmer athletes for years to come. All in all, Coach Richesin and the swimmers are looking forward to a new season for a fresh start to “make a name for Holy Trinity.” Sophomore Brigid Baughman and Freshman Dina

Nikolaidis at a swim tournament. (Photo by Maggie Richesin)

Holy Trinity welcomes Co-ed Varsity Tennis By Gerard Pink, Sports-Editor

Reagan Ramsey prepares to serve (Photo by Gerard Pink,)

Tennis has officially started and the team looks to start a spark. With a variety of age and experience the team is going to be special. The school hasn’t had a tennis team in a couple of years, but the team is excited for the new sport to kick off. Jordanna Richesin, the tennis head coach, is always with her team working and trying to improve the team. Whether it’s in the

gym after school or at Mayflower they’re always practicing. When asked why do you love the sport, Wesley Dent said, “I like the simplicity and complexity of the sport and how it can build skills and improve yourself.” As of right now the team aims to compete in District at the end of March. Reagan Ramsey has the most experience on the team.

Having nine years of experience, she’s looking forward to help the team show the school what they’re capable of. The tennis team has less than ten people on the team. Like every school sport at Holy Trinity, numbers aren’t a problem for the Tennis team. They bring spirit and competitiveness. A schedule will be given out soon.

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Track Back in Action

February 2017

Written by Max Woytel, Staff Writer

The Holy Trinity Catholic High School track team, coached by Coach John Warnes, is looking forward to adding new faces to the team. Track is a co-ed sport that has a JV and a Varsity. We are expected to make it to State once again since we have been to state for the past 5 years. When interviewing John Castro, a junior, he said he is “excited for the track season and I think everyone will do good in their events.” When asked what he likes about track he said “there are a variety of events to compete in, and you can do whatever events you want”. There are four events in track before the district, regional, and state meet. Track is adding a new addition to the coaching staff this year to help with the field events, mainly shotput and discus.

The Holy Trinity Track relay Team of 2016 (Photto by Matthew Bielss.

Behind the scenes at Holy Trinity By Hannah Lieber, Staff Writer Ms. Brogan is one of the most important people at Holy Trinity. Anything that comes through the front door goes straight through Ms. Brogan. Ms. Brogan hands everything from lunches to administration and even makes sure every student, teacher, and staff member here is up to date and is where they need to be. She is constantly calling people, making appointments, scheduling events, and doing anything she can to put the school into attention.

“The most challenging part of working here is knowing what to do and doing it quickly.” she explained. Ms. Brogan was a former teacher and really “loves the challenge” of being here. She prefers being in the office than the classroom at the moment, but she is open to going back to teaching later on. She loves the students, in fact that is part of her favorite reason for working here. She loves the student’s enthusiasm and kindness towards each other.

Ms. Brogan explains that the student body is “absolutely amazing”, and she feels the same about her coworkers. The student reciprocate that appreciation for Ms. Brogan, and hope that she knows that without her we would be very hungry and the school could not function at all. Ms. Brogan believes that this school year is going well, and is proud of all of us students for being able to come here and stay focused.

Ms. Brogan Poses for a Photo (Photo by Hannah Lieber)

Seniors Share their Experience at HT By Mrya Mudassar, Staff-Writer

As seniors prepare to begin the next exciting step in their life, I sat down with a few of them to see how they felt about Holy Trinity, their high school years, and how they feel about college. Surprisingly, the Class of 2017 had a relative consensus about what the best parts of high school and their future. Being a senior at Holy Trinity definitely has impacted the future of these students. Senior, Brittany Parks mentioned that “I wish I could stay and that’s partly because I’m scared for college. I feel like I’m prepared

education wise, but I don’t think I’m ready for overall experience of college, of stepping into the real world.” Going from such a small school to a large institution with such diversity is overwhelming in reality.” Seniors Ivan Cruz and Jahanshah Farrokhnejad also agreed as they affirmed, “I feel prepared overall, worth ethic wise and discipline wise. As far as the experience, it’ll be something completely new to me, so I’m a little scared and excited at the same time” and “I feel over prepared” respectively. For them, the transi-

tion from a small school to a large universities is both intimidating and exciting. As for how he feels as a senior at HT, Cruz said, “ “I have to check myself and be a good example for those below me. Being at Holy Trinity makes me feel like I have a responsibility to others, and I don’t think it would be the same if I went anywhere else.” However, these seniors also wished that they realized much of what they learned early. For instance, Brittany stressed on the fact that she regrets “not participating enough and trying

harder in forensics. I know that had I tried, I could have been really good.” Time seemed to be what each senior wished they had utilized better as Ivan mentioned, “I wish I didn’t procrastinate. Staying up all night is the worst thing ever.” However, for these seniors, high school has been a learning process that took its own course. For Jahanshah and Brittany, balancing academics and a social life was a big lesson learned. “Don’t worry too much about grades and hang out with friends and don’t worry about college

acceptances. Colleges are accepting anyone and everyone these; whether you get in by your grades or your race, you’re good,” Brittany advised other students deeply and jokingly. Similarly, Jahanshah lightheartedly mentioned, “Don’t take anything seriously. It’s just high school.” At the same time, taking your own time to find out who you really are and what you want to do has been really important for this class as Ivan said it best: Stay focused on your goals and don’t let anyone define you. Define yourself.

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February 2017

Love is in the Air Written by Elon Simmons, Staff Writer

Each year, the Interact team sells candy grams for $2. Everybody at Holy Trinity has somebody or something they love. This is a list of quotes about the best things at Holy Trinity, from the Celtic student body, staff, and parents: Junior, Maria Hernandez Dominguez del Rio -”The family vibe that people give off.” Junior, Max Woytek - “Football and the catering service” Sophomore, Gerard Pink - “Sports and the relationship we all have” Sophomore, Maggie Richesin -”The sense of unity.” English and Journalism Teacher, Mrs. Kimberly McHugh - “I love that we have small classes so students have the opportunity to learn in a more

personalized environment.” Junior, Vasyl Ploskanych - “I like being at Holy Trinity because of the relationship I can have with my teachers.” Sophomore, Kooper Kasberg - “I love the trust that the teachers have in you.” Sophomore, Sienna Taylor - “The family like community” Athletic Director, Mrs. Rebecca Brink - “Besides the students, I love the staff, everyone has fun and works hard.” Junior, Lauren Carranza - “We’re all close” Junior, Micaela Cruz - “The family environment” Isabelle Brogan - “The happy mood!”

Librarian, Cindy Allen - “The kids, I used to teach at public school and I loved the kids there, but not all of them.”

the teachers.”

Sophomore, Ryan Kolessar - “Sports”

Junior, Mariana Cruz“The diversity”

Sophomore, Treyton Byrne - “Sports and the teachers”

Freshman, Anamaria Cruz - “Being a new student, I can really see how much everyone cares for eachother.”

Sophomore, Emma Lyons - “Teachers, food, and the athletic program (and Maria) Junior, Vivian Kwon - “ The education, teachers, and families.” Sophomore, Vanessa Teran - “The teachers” Junior, Emily Baker - “I love how we have multiple options in what sports you want to do. I also love the size of the classes. It really helps us get one on one time with

Senior, Ivan Cruz - “That it’s so small you can be friends with everyone”

President of the Booster Club and mother of Sophomore Treyton Byrne, Kelly Sheets - “ The teachers, they all go the extra mile for the students, and they treat the students like they are their own children”

Freshman, Hannah Shadburn - “Forensics” Alumnus, Key’un Boyd - “Learning English and how to break down sentences” Alumnus, Ahmari Simmons - “I like the family environment and how you can play any sport you want.” Principal, Mr. Blake Evans - “The students, definitely the students”

Mrs. Allen Poses with one of her “blind date” books. Photo by: Elon Simmons

Page 6 *What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.

*What do you call a grizzly bear standing in the rain? A drizzly bear. *How many lips do flowers have? Tulips. *What is atheism? A non-prophet organization. *Was there a fight in the candy store? Yeah, two suckers got licked. *What did the grape say when it got sat on? Nothing it just let out a little wine. *What should you expect from a judge who likes his own voice? A long sentence.

Puns and Riddles

ed the “Knockbut I know I Knock jokes” wouldn’t get a reshould get a No- action. bell prize. *What do you call *They told me I the security outhad type A blood, side of a Samsung but it was a type Store? O. Guardians of the Galaxy. *Why couldn’t the bicycle stand on *A friend of mine its own? tried to annoy me It was too tired. with bird puns, but I soon real*When is the best ized that toucan time to go to the play at that game. dentist? Tooth: Hurty. *What did one ocean say to the *I asked a French- other ocean? man if he played Nothing, they just video games. waved. He said WII. *What was For*Did you hear rest Gump’s email the joke about the password? German sausage? “1forrest1” It was the Wurst! *I wanna make a *What do you do joke about sodiwhen chemists um, die? but Na.. Barium.


*A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven’t eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him? The third room. Lions that haven’t eaten in three years are dead. *It is an insect, and the first part of its name is the name of another insect. What is it? A beetle. *What walks on 8 legs until the age of one, four legs until the age 20, and two legs after that?

*How did I escape RIDDLES *Two antennas Iraq? *Two fathers and met on a roof, fell Iran. their two sons go The in love and got married. *I can’t believe I fishing together. twins. The ceremony got fired from the They each catch wasn’t much, but calendar factory. one fish to take the reception was All I did was take home with them. They do not lose excellent. a day off. any fish, and yet *When an ac- *Why was Cinder- when they arrive tress saw her first ella thrown off the at home they only strands of gray basketball team? have three fish. hair, She ran away How can this be? she thought she’d from the ball. There are just dye. people. *I’d tell you a three A grandfather, *Who ever invent- chemistry joke his son, and his


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