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Our Mission


We seek to create a unique

10 Meet Dr. Edward Lindekugel, Our New Assistant Head of School

communion of joy among students, their families, and our faculty and staff, in the context of a preeminent pre-K2 through 12th grade Catholic college preparatory school. We want to prepare our students for a lifetime of happiness by inculcating in them

6 Traditions at Holy Spirit Prep

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three foundational virtues.

21 Mr. Rose and Mr. Angelle Named Master Teachers

First, we want them to have a deep and abiding faith in God’s blessings

22 Upper School Artists Make Murals for Gateway Center

and love for them.

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Second, we want them to exercise prudence – the ability to make good decisions for the rest of their lives – by obtaining a rigorous academic foundation, accompanied by the use of their own powers of reason. Finally, we want them to embody magnanimity – a greatness of character and of soul - such that they may go through life with a spirit of courage, a spirit of joy, a spirit of kindness, and a spirit of generosity.

Vision We strive to be the preeminent pre-K2 through 12th grade Catholic college preparatory school in the country, graduating young men and women who personify the Portrait of the Holy Spirit Prep Graduate.

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Head of School Dear Holy Spirit Prep family, This fall, I watched my 14th class of Lower School students join the House system at our annual Tying Ceremony. Like the students before them, they received their House ties from their new House president and ascended the spiral staircase in the Upper School library, symbolizing their initiation into the House system. It is school traditions like these that connect us – students, faculty, and parents - across ages and help shape us into a community. They give voice to who we are as a community, particularly as a community of faith. The Congregation For Catholic Education’s 1977 document The Catholic School says that Catholic education “must continually be fed by .... the Saving Word of Christ as it is expressed in Sacred Scripture, in Tradition, [and] especially liturgical and sacramental tradition.” Some of the most valuable traditions of our school community are traditions of faith and prayer – worshiping together in All-School Mass, our daily routines of prayer, the May Crowning ceremonies that cap our spring semesters. We are a school and a community whose identity is anchored in the traditions of our Church. In this issue, we spotlight some of the traditions that give shape and meaning to our school year, with an eye to those traditions that give life to our mission to form students in faith, in prudence, and magnanimity – students who are prepared for a lifetime of happiness. God bless you,

Kyle M. Pietrantonio


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Holy Spirit Prep Each year, you can count on a bevy of traditional events to mark Holy Spirit Prep’s academic calendar: the 3rd grade will research famous Americans and present their findings in a living wax museum. The Lower School will host an Interdisciplinary Day, when every class will address the same topic, “Hawaii” or “St. Francis.” Students will celebrate their respective heritages with an amazing spread of international foods at International Day. There are field days and fall festivals and father-daughter dances. What other traditions are unique to Holy Spirit Prep, that mark the passing of our academic seasons and the milestones of each class?


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SPIRAL STAIRCASE AND MATRICULA The spiral staircase that towers over the entrance to the Reese Memorial Library at the Upper School is, in fact, off-limits to students for all but two days in their academic career. First, they ascend the spiral staircase in the Upper School library at their Tying Ceremony, marking their initiation into the House system. At a special Mass marking their official enrollment into the high school at Holy Spirit Prep, 9th-grade students are given a candles signifying the light they bring to the world around them in Christ. At the close of that Mass, they sign a leather-bound book called the Matricula. On graduation day, all of these traditions of initiation meet. Before their graduation ceremony, students will sign out of the Matricula and descend the spiral staircase, marking their graduation from Holy Spirit Prep and the House system. That same graduation day marks another tradition: ending graduation by candlelight. Graduation traditionally ends with an address by the valedictorian. As he or she ascends the lectern, the graduating class gathers together and lights the very candles they received at their Matriculation Mass. Lighting them, the valedictorian gives parting words to the classmates, and the graduating class exits with candles lit, symbolizing the light they carry into the world.


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Candlelight is a powerful symbol of the light of Christ dwelling in us, and we see it in another traditional event at Holy Spirit Prep, the candlelight Mass that marks the first day of the Upper School each year. The reason, though, is a little more practical: the first day the Upper School opened in 2004, a power outage affected the neighborhood. Undeterred, the Upper School remained open that day and celebrated Mass in Holy Spirit Catholic Church by candlelight. The Upper School marks the opening of each school year with a candlelight Mass, commemorating that first one.

One of the important ways we live out our Catholic identity is through our daily routines of prayer – at the beginning, middle, and end of the day, and before each class begins. The Upper School opens each school day praying the Veni Sancte Spiritus, which begins “Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Your love.” The Lower School, meanwhile, ends its day with the official school prayer, which asks God to “grant us magnanimity, a greatness of soul, so that all the other virtues we might seek to acquire will blossom.”

Other Masses are a traditional part of the school year, particularly our four All-School Masses celebrated at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, including a fall Mass preceding the annual Tying Ceremony, an All-Saints Day Mass, a Mass during Catholic Schools Week usually celebrated by our local bishop, and a final Mass celebrating our 2ndgrade First Communicants. Each campus celebrates the first days of May with a May Crowning ceremony. The observance looks different at each campus, but each includes Marian prayers, hymns - and students bring flowers to school to honor Mary during the ceremony, laying them at the feet of a statue on campus. At the Upper School, it’s traditional to announce the Head Boy and Head Girl for the coming school year at the end of the May Crowning Ceremony.

Whenever they gather to say a rosary (which is regularly), it is a tradition at the Lower School that the oldest grade – currently 7th – leads the rest of the campus in the rosary. Every October, the Lower School gathers for a special prayer service honoring St. Francis of Assisi on his feast day, October 4. The day is coincidentally Monsignor Dillon’s birthday, and the Lower School tries to celebrate him at the prayer service when possible.

CHRISTMAS What a time for traditions – Christmas concerts, liturgies, and pageants! Among Holy Spirit Prep’s Christmas traditions, you can count on students gathering in the Rotunda at 2:00 cookie break (another tradition!) to sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” On the Feast of St. Nicholas, you’ll see shoes lining the halls at each campus and students hoping to find candy in them after class – there always is!

CONTESTS Can you even call yourself a school if you don’t have a spelling bee? While our editors look into that, we’ll note that each year we host not only a spelling bee, but contests in geography, public speaking, classics, and theology. Each year, the Upper School hosts the Delneo Cup, a contest in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, culture, and language. The Lower and Upper Schools each host a theology bee during Catholic Schools Week testing student knowledge of Catholic theology, saints, and history: the Lower School’s Monsignor Dillon Trivia Bowl and the Upper School’s Logos Bowl.

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Meet Dr. Edward Lindekugel OUR NEW ASSISTANT HEAD OF SCHOOL Dr. Lindekugel’s first week on the job at Holy Spirit Prep was tough – he had to walk around the school dressed like a pirate. “The day after I accepted the position, I tore my retina in a game of basketball,” he recounts. “I had to wear an eye patch for weeks.” Then came a sinus infection, then the flu, then five kidney stones. Then his car died. Nonetheless, Dr. Lindekugel was not deterred in his calling to the Holy Spirit Prep community – eye patch and all.

Dr. Lindekugel joined Holy Spirit Prep in April as its Assistant Head of School and Upper School Principal. He is a long-time educator who left the telecommunications consulting world in 1997 when he felt a call from God to teach. Eighteen years ago, he became principal of a Catholic school, and he has been a Catholic school administrator and consultant to independent schools since. This role, he says, is his favorite. “I’m being honest with you when I say that this is my dream job. For years, I have viewed Holy Spirit Prep as a beacon and exemplar of what a loving, faithful, and strong Catholic school community can be. I could not be more grateful to be a part of this.”

One of the first things you’ll learn when you meet Dr. Ed Lindekugel is that he cracks jokes – a lot. “Some of them land, some of them don’t,” he admits. “I believe we need to be able to laugh at ourselves and do our best to have fun with the work that we do.” But whether you laugh “I’m being honest out loud or groan at his oneliners, you will quickly be with you when I say taken by his sincerity about that this is my dream Holy Spirit Prep and his purpose here.

job. For years, I have

“As someone who has worked at five other Catholic schools in my career,” he said to a group of sixth-grade parents, “let me assure you that what you have here is truly special. I can tell you from experience that Holy Spirit Prep is getting the important things right.”

viewed Holy Spirit Prep as a beacon and exemplar of what a loving, faithful, and strong Catholic school

As Upper School Principal and Assistant Head, Dr. Lindekugel’s attention is on nurturing what Holy Spirit Prep does best. “A lot of Catholic schools struggle because they’re not identifying where they want to excel,” Dr. Lindekugel tells people. “Moving forward, Holy Spirit Prep will focus its attention and resources on four areas: Catholic culture, excellent academics, character-building athletics, and the fine arts.”

community can be.”

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Dr. Lindekugel points to our campus ministry’s apostolates – clubs dedicated to service – as one of the most promising aspects of our school’s Catholic culture. “I once chaperoned a trip to Restoration Atlanta, a shelter for women. When we got there, they told us we would share breakfast and dinner with the residents. I’ll be honest, it was terrifying for me. Why would they want to talk to me? Our assistant principal showed me how to talk to them, and helped me see how I could share God’s love with them, largely by listening and showing them genuine care. It was transformational for me.”

“When I came in,” Dr. Lindekugel notes, looking back at his first weeks on campus, “some things were particularly clear to me. I could see that our students are thriving here in the Upper School and in college after graduation. We have an incredible track record of acceptance rates, awarded scholarship amounts, and success in life. However, there were some things to work on as well.”

That transformative moment shapes Ed’s approach to student formation and service. “We want to move even more towards walking with them in these types of [transformative] activities, as opposed to sending them off to go out and doing a bunch of service hours without a real understanding of how they fit into our role as followers of Christ. When I was in high school, I tutored kids at the grade school because it was easy to set up and do. I could check a box and feel good about getting it done - but I had no real idea what service was and how to show love to people outside my comfort zone,” Dr. Lindekugel said. “This is what I mean about Catholic culture,” Dr. Lindekugel said. “It means we behave as Catholics should behave. We need to love our neighbor – which means giving them what they need. In some cases that is simply conversation, in others a kind word or some encouragement. Sometimes, loving means providing formative discipline. Evangelization of the message of Christ is an invitation, not an imposition of faith. We want to foster development of a deeper relationship with Christ in ourselves and our students.”

Dr. Lindekugel shares a personal testimony with the senior class at their overnight retreat.


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His vision for student learning is about opportunities and support. “We need more electives. We need to support students who are not in the resource center, but are struggling because… they’re normal people. So, we’re finding ways to expand academic support service for all of our kids. Our student support team supports all of our students.” Beginning this fall, Dr. Lindekugel has organized a newlyestablished relationship between Holy Spirit Prep and the Georgia Tech Catholic Center, whose students will support the tutoring needs of our own.

“Moving forward, Holy Spirit Prep will focus its attention and resources on four areas: Catholic culture, excellent academics, characterbuilding athletics, and the fine arts.”

CHARACTERBUILDING ATHLETICS Dr. Lindekugel is working closely with the Athletics Department to redefine our athletic program. “Athletics exist at Holy Spirit Prep to build character in our students,” he said. To that end, Dr. Lindekugel has announced new efforts in coach training and mentorship for character development, a plan to maximize students’ ability to participate, continuing to support and expand developmental programs at the Lower School, and improving academic support for struggling athletes.

FOUNDATIONAL FINE ARTS Dr. Lindekugel’s investment in the arts is wellestablished. At a previous school, he helped build an award-winning band program that enrolled 20% of the entire school’s population. His doctoral dissertation, “Band on the Brain: Instrumental Music and Student Achievement,” demonstrated the increased academic achievement of those students enrolled in instrumental music instruction as compared to their peers.

“We’re revising our entire performing arts curriculum across campuses. By the time students enter the Upper School, they’ll be able to read music. There are countless ties between music and positive brain

“We’re revising our entire performing arts curriculum across campuses,” he said. Under his direction, the Lower School is currently preparing to implement piano instruction for all Kindergartners3rd graders, and piano, instrumental, and choral tracks for students beginning in 4th grade. “By the time students enter the Upper School, they’ll be able to read music. There are countless ties between music and positive brain development.” The Upper School has already enhanced its choral and theater program, and plans to introduce a full band program in 2020-2021. These four areas are the foundational pillars upon which Holy Spirit Prep’s future will be built. Dr. Lindekugel believes strongly in the intellect, character, and grit they will foster in Holy Spirit Prep students because he has seen their transformative impact in his own life, in the lives of his own children, and in countless students he has served in his educational career.


Before school begins on a Monday, Dr. Lindekugel huddles with Upper School leadership in his office.

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Accolades and Awards Camila Goes to Washington Camila Del Bosque (’20) was selected as one of five “Future Leaders of America” by the Fulton County Law Week Committee. Her recognition earned her a full scholarship to a week-long summer workshop in Washington, DC, the Washington Workshops Congressional Seminar. “I got to do so many things,” Camila said. “In our free time, we could scooter around and visit historical monuments and museums.” Camila spent most of her time at the workshop learning about the United States Congress, the Supreme Court, embassies, and executive agencies by meeting with Members of Congress, government officials, diplomats, lobbyists, and professors. “It was such an amazing experience – way better than I even expected,” Camila said. “It was so cool to meet new people with the same interests as me and who were so passionate about them.”

8th Grade Earns 2nd at Battle of the Books Congratulations to the team of 8th grade students who placed 2nd at this year’s Archdiocesan Battle of the Books. The competition is a quizbowl style contest where students answer questions about a catalogue of over 20 predetermined books. Successful students learn those books inside and out over just a few months prior to competition. Holy Spirit Prep was one of eight teams at the Battle of the Books contest, and advanced through over 6 rounds before competing in the final contest, with the rest of the schools as their audience. The 8th grade team was: Emil Sacco, Zhen Napier, Adam Anulewicz, and Bernadette Grantham.


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Vincent Wins Stock Market Game Mrs. Kenny recently challenged her 5th-7th grade Seton Center students to participate in the Georgia Council of Economic Education’s statewide Stock Market Game. The 10-week competition challenged teams or individuals to mock-invest $100,000 in the U.S. stock market, with the team with the strongest portfolio at the end of the 10-weeks declared the winner. Congratulations goes to Vincent Casal, whose portfolio valued at $113,268.04 earned him 1st place in the region. Vincent was honored at an awards luncheon at the Fox Theater. Several other Holy Spirit Prep teams placed in the top 10 out of 65 teams in the region: Cuahutli Santillan and Ulises RamirezSanroman (4th); Maddie Van Oss, Sophia Cardillo, and Ciara Berggren (8th), and Brady Van Oss (10th).

Watson Selected as National Merit Finalist Watson Casal, co-valedictorian of the Class of 2019, alongside Mikayla Brown, was named a National Merit Finalist. Out of 1.6 million high school students who applied for the honor, Watson is among 15,000 students recognized as a National Merit Finalist (that’s the top 0.1% of students). He was selected not only on the basis of his outstanding test scores and grades, but on his resume of accomplishments and potential for success in rigorous college studies. This fall, Watson joined the engineering program at Georgia Tech.

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The Things They Carry We asked new faculty about the special objects they brought with them to their classroom.



“A football! The lessons and discipline I learned from sports has helped me become the man I am today. Football brought me to Holy Spirit Prep and it was through football that I felt my calling to be a teacher.”

“Jean-Francois Millet’s “The Angelus” painting, hanging in my classroom, is a daily reminder to pray in the midst of my work. The calm and purpose of prayer pauses their toil and reorients their day.”

CRISTINA DINELLA, Performing Arts “I started playing piano at Mass when I was 14. From Mass to musical theatre, my love of music has taken me all around the country and allows me to connect to people from all walks of life.”


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“I keep a framed photo of my cat, Phoebe, on my desk. Phoebe is my go-to subject while teaching Spanish phrases. We talk a lot about Phoebe while practicing Spanish.”

“I made a questions box for my fourth grade classroom for students to put anonymous theological questions in, and our priests come by and answer them. My mission for the year is to make sure the 17 students in my class leave with no questions about their faith!“

“Ever since I graduated college, I’ve kept a white board with a saint quote or bible verse on it to ground me and remind me to see the big picture. This quote reminds me (and my students) that being faithful in effort is a much loftier goal than success in and of itself.”



“A few years ago, I invented this review game for my classroom. I call it Eureka. It’s a team game, but it can be used with any review we need to do.”

“I received this bobblehead of Monsignor Richard Lopez as a gift when I graduated from high school. He taught my religion class and connected with students through his constant smile and hilarious jokes. This bobblehead reminds me of the lessons Monsignor Lopez taught and how that has helped ground me in my faith.”

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A Greek


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Legend Retires After 13 years of service to our school, Classics teacher Dr. Scott Schreiber has retired. Not many high school teachers can boast about their military intelligence service during the Cold War. Not many can say they took the Benedictine vow. Dr. Scott Schreiber can, and he’s shared stories of these times with his student in between Greek lessons. “Everything he told us was like...out of a movie,” senior Patrick Radosta recalled.

Students remember Dr. Schreiber’s class fondly. “Being in class with him, you learn to love him,” Patrick said. “He really cares about what he does, and that makes everything more meaningful.” His love for Classics was apparent, from his stacks of Greek bibles, to his wristwatch marked with Greek numerals, to the Greek Our Father his students prayed at the start of each class.

It’s true that Dr. Schreiber was originally a U.S. military intelligence officer serving in Europe during the Cold War. He left the service after four years, enrolling at Magdalene College, Cambridge, to study philosophy. There, he met the Benedictines, and when he finished his studies, Dr. Schreiber entered St. Anslem Abbey in New Hampshire, where he lived as a novice for the next six years. “I’ve always wanted a deep prayer life,” he explained. “As I look back at everything I’ve done, I can say my happiest years were at the monastery.”

Dr. Schreiber had a knack for making the ancient history he taught relevant and alive for his students. “Whenever we learned about a new place,” explained senior Jack Bohling, “he’d show us pictures from his trips to that place, hiking through Naxos or up Mount Olympus.” Patrick added, “If we’re learning about Greek foods, he’ll bring in baklava. He tries to show us real Greek culture.” Well-traveled to the area himself, Dr. Schreiber led several student tours to Greece. “When they return... Greece is no longer a textbook abstraction,” he explained. “They have walked the archaeological sites, visited different Greek islands, eaten Greek food, haggled with Greek shopkeepers, and learned about Greece from native Greeks.”

After his time at the monastery, Dr. Schreiber followed his call to be a teacher: “When you love something, you want to share it. I fell in love with ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and literature from my first years in college, and the only way I know to share knowledge is to teach it to others.” Dr. Schreiber taught philosophy for over two decades at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin before joining the faculty at Holy Spirit Prep.

Dr. Schreiber’s intelligence work included jamming radio transmissions, and, as his students tell it, he accidentally caused a national security incident in France while tinkering with frequencies. “He unknowingly tinkered with the frequency used by the French train system,” Patrick Radosta recounted, apparently shutting down trains across the country. Dr. Schreiber narrowly avoided arrest by French officials after an intervention by the U.S government. “How does that event happen?” Patrick asked.

During his tenure at Holy Spirit Prep Dr. Schreiber also hosted the annual Delneo Cup, a contest quizzing students in their knowledge of Classics, and supervised the National Latin Honor Society.

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Ms. Stedman Goes to Washington Her Affiliation with the Smithsonian Opens Up Their Resources to Holy Spirit Prep Students Ms. Stedman went back to school this summer! Her classroom? The Smithsonian American Art Museum. Ms. Stedman was one of 29 teachers from around the country invited to participate in the museum’s Teaching the Humanities through Art workshop. “I have to say - I was in awe every day, and it was truly inspiring that my classroom was a museum,” Ms. Stedman said. “It was an incredible experience.” During the week-long summer institute, teachers literally sat on stools set up in the museum’s galleries, in front of specific pieces of art, learning how they could be used to complement and enhance their English or Social Studies curriculum. “While teachers realize innately that students are engaged by visuals, they don’t necessarily feel confident teaching with art,” said Phoebe Hillman with SAAM. “What we do during this week is open that door for teachers and help them build the knowledge and skills they need to integrate art in a meaningful way, looking at it not just as illustration, but as rich, complex content in itself.” Ms. Stedman was already familiar with the core concepts of the program, having finished a semester-long study with Harvard Graduate School’s Project Zero program. The Harvard program teaches ways of visualizing student thinking, and encourages student inquiry about artifacts like art. “This built directly off of the work I completed last fall through the Harvard Graduate School. The SAAM workshop introduced me to additional Project Zero thinking routines and to works of art that directly relate to my courses.” Though she studied a wide swath of the museum’s collection over the course of the week, Ms. Stedman was required to select one art piece and build a lesson around it. She chose Ralph Fasanella’s The Iceman Crucified #4. “The lesson explores the impact of the changes in city life, specifically on immigrant communities, between 1900 and 1930,” she said. One of the most beneficial aspects of the workshop is that Ms. Stedman brought home an astonishing number of resources. “I also learned how to use the Smithsonian Learning Lab, which will give students access to a plethora of Smithsonian resources,” Ms. Stedman said. “I am really excited to share all that I learned with my students.”


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This October, Ms. Stedman was able to plan lessons for her AP United States History class in collaboration with the Smithsonian. “We crafted a two-part lesson that explores the eighteenth-century concept of ‘republican motherhood’ - how women both embraced and challenged its ideology - between 1770 and 1920,” Ms. Stedman said. “I created the first day’s lesson and activities using resources from SAAM, the Library of Congress, and several other notable institutions.” Peg Koetsch, a SAAM curator, taught the second day of the lesson by video broadcast from the SAAM studio in DC, using artwork from the Smithsonian collection to extend student understanding of the ways people responded to the ideology. Ms. Stedman said, “the most rewarding result of integrating Project Zero thinking routines, especially when paired with SAAM resources, into my instruction has been to watch my students work together to answer complex historical questions using primary sources, and then to hear them express confidence in their own growth and depth of knowledge. I love it when I hear a student say to their peer, ‘Wow! I never considered [the topic] in that way.’” Ms. Stedman stands by The Iceman Crucified #4 by Ralph Fasanella. Ms. Stedman built a lesson plan around the painting.

Mr. Rose and Mr. Angelle NAMED Master Teachers Two teachers have been named Master Teachers by the Georgia Independent School Association. David Rosenzweig, Assistant Principal for Students and 11th Grade Dean, and John Angelle, Lower School Social Studies teacher were recognized this fall with the honor. GISA’s Master Teacher designation recognizes teachers who exhibit best practices in the classroom and a willingness to collaborate with others. GISA Master Teachers “inspire excellence in the classroom, among colleagues, and, especially, students.” “I am truly honored and humbled to receive this recognition,” Mr. Rosenzweig said. “Many of my colleagues assisted me in this endeavor, but I’d like to specifically thank Mrs. Jamie Reger. She is a GISA Master Teacher and helped throughout the lengthy process.” “I am both honored and humbled to have been nominated, and to have been awarded, the distinction of a GISA Master Teacher,” said Mr. Angelle. “It brings a sense of pride and validation to have others look at the work that I have done in education, and to designate it as something to be recognized. The process has reminded me of what an awesome and amazing position we are in in getting to work

and connect with young people. We get to come to work everyday and help shape the future. How can I not love that?” To be accepted into GISA’s Master Teacher program, candidates must submit a detailed application. Applicants must also submit a portfolio of three tangible examples of outstanding work related to the classroom and to collaborating with other educators. The final part of the application is an unedited video of the candidate’s classroom teaching utilizing best practices and five letters of recommendation from colleagues, administrators, parents, and students. David Rosenzweig is in his tenth year at Holy Spirit Prep, during which he has been varsity football coach, assistant principal, and had oversight of the House system, among many other duties. He has two children enrolled at the Lower School, Charlotte (Class of ‘30) and JD (‘32). John Angelle is celebrating his eighth year at Holy Spirit Prep. Among his roles, he has overseen the Lower School’s student council and House system, advised the Admissions committee, and coordinated the geography bee. John was a 2019 Cura Personalis honoree. He has one son, Louis (‘35) in Pre-K2.

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Upper School Artists Make Murals for Gateway Center Recuperative Care at Gateway Center serves as a sanctuary for homeless men discharged from the hospital who would otherwise have no place to heal. Mrs. Rondeau’s art students recently partnered with art classes at Pinecrest Academy to brighten the facility with hand-painted murals and art pieces. “We worked on them after school and during lunch. It was designed to be a happy picture,” said artist Terrence Parker. They debuted the pieces for residents with a special premiere party. Students were able to meet and connect with patients, who surprised the students with their optimism. “I expected them to be in a bad mood because of their situation,” said Terrence. “One man I spoke to had been shot and couldn’t walk. But they were all smiling and singing.”

The students also delivered about $400 of medical and personal hygiene supplies for the center. The mural project was conceived after Fr. John was invited to visit the center to fellowship with its residents. As Margaret Huskey, a staffer for Mercy Care, tells it, “Fr. John accepted the invitation and brought a group of young men from Holy Spirit Prep and performed a concert for the men. The performance was amazing; the positive energy was contagious and touched everyone in the room. The group had the entire staff and men singing, clapping, smiling, and laughing.” It was after that performance that Mrs. Rondeau began working with her students to conceive the murals.

The Recuperative Center is operated by Mercy Care, a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy. Holy Spirit Prep regularly supports their operation, often through fundraisers by athletic teams, like the Pink Games.

Monster Mash-up One of the favorite projects of Mrs. Rondeau’s Studio 2 art class is their Kindergarten monster paintings. It starts when Kindergarten and Pre-1st students sketch scary monsters on a sheet of paper. Those doodles are delivered to the Upper School, where art students bring the monsters to life in their own paintings. “It’s so fun to imagine stuff like a child,” said Upper School artist Sean Dolan. “You have to interpret what the kindergartener was thinking when they drew it.” Once finished, the Upper Schoolers visit Kindergarten for a monster-themed party, reading books, playing games, and sharing their paintings. “It’s fun to see their reaction to the finished product,” Sean said. “After they see one kid get theirs, they are more excited. It’s different than a normal art project - the excitement you receive about the finished product is much higher.“


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2019 Ingenium H O LY S P I R I T P R E P ’ S A R T S A N D L I T E R A R Y M A G A Z I N E

Monet’s “The Cliff Walk at Pourville” Oil on Canvas Sean Dolan, ‘20 | 1 st Place Visual Arts

Holy Spirit Preparatory School |


Afremov’s “Ballerina” Oil on Canvas Julia Del Bosque, ‘20 | 3rd Place Visual Arts


| ministrāre • FALL 2019

Sparks Digital Photograph Olivia Ford, ‘19

Grazing Digital Photograph Mary Palmer Mason, ‘19

Holy Spirit Preparatory School |


Ugly Face Jugs Clay Mugs Olivia Arnold, Paydn Devine, and Jenny Li (’21)

Bird, Bunny, and Seal Plaster Figures Karinna Bohorquez (’19), Emma Daly (’19), and Kimberly Bohorquez (’22)


| ministrāre • FALL 2019

“What is Free Verse?” Watson Casal, ‘19 1st Place Literary Arts

Hailed as the high art, the pinnacle of poetry, Open to preceptors and pupils alike, Free Verse is known as the great equalizer, Balladry beyond Balladry.

Yet, some stubborn few hail back to earlier times, land of rhythm and meter, sitting, as bulwarks of the past; oil rigs in a vast sea of hurricanes against the voracious tide of non-measured, non-rhyming verse.

I am one such oil rig.

I have no love of the incessant rant, that discordant cacophony of syllables that don’t quite fit, that consumer of forests for unsated angst and invented diplomas, that venter of hormonal disharmonies and mediocre wordplay.

“Ghastly. No one reads it, no one listens to it.” “Like playing tennis with the net down.” So other writers have wrote, and I’m not inclined to disagree. I prefer poems with order, or Real Poetry. Quotes from Felix Dennis and Robert Frost respectively.

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Varsity soccer teams advanced deep into the GISA state tournament this spring. Varsity girls entered the state tournament undefeated in region, and went into their semifinal game undefeated against Tiftarea Academy (3-0) and Westminster (2-0). In the semifinals, the girls contended against Deerfield-Windsor, a team they hadn’t seen since the 2017 state tournament. The girls held Deerfield-Windsor to a tie, ending regulation time 1-1. They pushed Deerfield-Windsor into double overtime before ending the game 1-2. Three girls - Annaleena Henson, Morgan Delaney, and Natalie Olsen – were named to the GISA All-State soccer team. Despite entering the tournament as a #4 seed, varsity boys swept past Brookwood and Augusta Prep to take on the Fugees School in the semifinals. Things were looking grim for the boys by the end of the first half: Fugees was up 1-2, and would score early in the second half to make it 1-3. A red card left just 10 boys on the field. Despite all this, the team managed to stage a comeback, tying the game at the close, and finishing with a final score of 5-3. The boys competed against Westminster Schools of Augusta, state champions for the last five years, in the championship game. Westminster scored a header late in the game, breaking the 1-1 tie. Varsity boys finished as GISA state runner-ups, ending the game 1-2. Three boys - John Michael Torres, Dylan O’Hare, and Mark Casillas – were named to the GISA All-State soccer team.

Varsity Soccer State Final Four F I N I S H E S


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Tennis Title


Under the direction of Coach Tom Cole, three varsity tennis players made strong placements at the 2019 GISA state tennis tournament. Scott Jackson and Ben Ambo (’19) took 2nd place in the state tournament after entering as a #2 seed in the brackets. They knocked out two separate doubles teams from Deerfield-Windsor and one from Augusta Prep in their opening matches to qualify for the championship match against William and Reed, who won the match. On the girls’ side, Erin McGrath (’22) held her own in individuals competition versus contenders from Deerfield-Windsor and Westminster. She finished the tournament in a semifinal match against William and Reed. “That match frustrated me,” Erin conceded. “I had beaten [the contender from William and Reed] during the regular season, but I broke four sets of strings and had to play with an old racket. I wasn’t used to playing with those strings. It was a tough match.” Erin, who started playing tennis at age 5, is looking forward to this year’s tournament. “I’m definitely looking to beat [last year’s champion] Cameron.”

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Soccer Star C O M M I T S TO N O R T H E A S T E R N

This spring, Natalie Olsen (’21) committed to play college soccer at Northeastern University, an NCAA Division I school in Boston. This marks a goal realized for Natalie, who started playing soccer at age six. These days, she plays club soccer with Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) and supports Holy Spirit Prep on the varsity soccer team. In ECNL, she plays left outside back – a defensive position. Playing for Holy Spirit Prep gives her an opportunity to experiment by trying midfield and offense positions. In her sophomore year, she successfully played the team’s high striker, the most forward offense position. “Aside from her high soccer IQ and technical skill,” said varsity coach Pete Radosta about her play style, “Natalie is able to use both feet, which is a feat all on its own!” Though she says most of the girls on her club team will eventually play for college, Natalie was the first on her team to receive an offer. Northeastern was already on her radar. “My parents went to school there,” she said, “so I was looking at schools in Boston.” Better yet, her

offer came with a position – she’ll be replacing Northeastern’s outgoing outside back when she arrives on campus in 2021. “That definitely made me want to say yes, that I had a spot on the team [my freshman year],” Natalie said. She does have one reservation about Boston, though: “It’s going to be cold! I don’t know how I’ll deal with that.” Even though college is over a year away. Natalie says she feels a strong connection with the coaching staff, and looks forward to the day she steps on the pitch with the Lady Huskies. “I went to one of the games and met the team after the game,” she said. “They were really nice.” In the meantime, Natalie will attend Northeastern’s soccer and talent identification camps as a committed athlete, and work with girls interested in attending Northeastern. “I’ll also get to make an official overnight visit where I’ll practice with the team.” “Natalie has the skill and the soccer vision to be a successful standout at Northeastern,” said Coach Radosta.

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Bloom Where You’re Planted: CULTIVATING STUDENTS FOR COLLEGE SUCCESS From the moment a student steps foot on our campus to the moment they're accepted into the college or university of their choice, we’re cultivating them for success. Our school is like nutrient-rich soil, and our teachers and administrators are the gardeners. They plant each student carefully, reinforcing their strengths and supporting their weaknesses. Just like a flower needs water, air, and sunlight to grow and bloom, our students need strong academics, passionate involvement, and self-awareness to appeal to the flower pickers that are college admission officers. Our College Counselor Ashley Meyer knows a lot about these flower pickers— she used to be one at Georgia Tech for their international admissions. Throughout the year, Mrs. Meyer visits colleges to meet their admission staff and attends college counseling conferences hosted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and their southern subsidiary, SACAC. “Staying up-to-date on the best practices in college counseling and staying connected to the college admission process allows me to give students the most current information about schools they’re looking at or applying to,” said Mrs. Meyer. Being connected to the process also helps bring colleges and universities to our campus. Each fall, over 60 colleges and universities send admission officers to our Upper School to speak with our juniors and seniors and answer questions about their school. From Ivy Leagues like Dartmouth to Catholic schools like Notre Dame and local options such as Mercer and Georgia Tech, our students can meet the admission officers from several schools on their apply list. “Meeting with college


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reps made me feel more secure about my applications,” explained senior Rosie Stagliano. “I got to ask a range of questions directly to the people who would be reviewing my applications, from basic questions to random ones, and it really made me feel more confident about applying.” Collaborating with other college counselors in the Atlanta area and nationally is another way that Mrs. Meyer keeps with the trends in college counseling. Among the thousands of groups on Facebook, there are some made specifically for college counselors. Mrs. Meyer uses these groups as a springboard for ideas and advice, like deciding the best practice for tracking college applications and scholarships. “When I asked for ideas

for college application trackers, I ended up collaborating with the college counselor at Woodward Academy to create one,” Mrs. Meyer explained. The group is also helpful for specific student inquiries. “A lot of counselors will describe a student’s academics, involvement, and so on, and others will answer with college suggestions.”

“The number one thing colleges are looking for, other than strong academics, is students that bloom where they’re planted. They want to see students immersed in their school culture, students who truly buy in to what their school represents.” -Ashley Meyer, College Counselor

CAREFULLY CULTIVATED Although college counseling doesn’t officially begin until 8th grade, Mrs. Meyer makes her resources available not just to our Upper School families, but to the whole community. No matter the grade level, Mrs. Meyer can answer any questions about our college counseling process. That’s the beauty of a pre-K-12th grade preparatory school – we're always cultivating our students, even the smallest buds at our Preschool, for their college experience. From 8th to 10th grade, students meet with Mrs. Meyer once or twice a year. At these meetings, Mrs. Meyer emphasizes the important factors in preparing one’s self for the rigors of college. Mrs. Meyer serves as the academic advisor for each 10th grade student, assisting them in their class choice for junior year, one of the most essential years in the college counseling process. Tenth graders also have the unique opportunity to participate in the Atlanta Invitational Case Study program, where students review mock college applications and discuss them with real admission officers. More than 80 admission officers are available at this event to highlight the paramount parts of the mock applications. “It was a great experience for me because I was exposed to a lot of schools that I didn’t know about beforehand,” said junior Jackson Lehmann. Meetings with Mrs. Meyer increase to once a month for students in their junior year. “We really dig into their college list junior year,” Mrs. Meyer explains, “and identify their comfort schools, their goal schools, and their reach schools.” While we want to encourage students to aim high, we also want them to be realistic in their decision. Mrs. Meyer helps each student identify schools that they are

The college counseling process

are mostly working independently, Mrs. Meyer serves as a resource for students, answering questions and proofreading essays. She also uses this time to write personalized recommendation letters for every one of our seniors. Although it may sound daunting, the task of writing these letters is an easy one for her. She’s known these students since they first entered the Upper School, and our small school allows her to develop relationships with each one.

is capped off with the Senior Pennant Ceremony. Each student gets to hang their college pennant in the Upper School library, where it will remain until the next senior class celebrates their college acceptances. likely to get in to (comfort), schools that they are somewhat likely to get in to (goal), and schools that may be just beyond their reach. Considering tangible factors like size, location, and climate is great, but what’s essential to consider is the intangible value of the school: the offerings, the culture, and the community. At this point in the college counseling process, it’s not just which school, but which career path is the best fit for each student. Using an online platform called YouScience, students play brain games that evaluate their personality, and then explore how their natural abilities and interests fit with over 500 careers. Mrs. Meyer can attest to the accuracy of this program: “I made a profile for fun, and amazingly enough, my best fit career path was in counseling!” Right before the start all 12th grade students days with Mrs. Meyer Application Bootcamp.

of senior year, spend two full at the College While students

The goal is for students to have all their college applications finished before they start the school year. By their last first day of school, our students have bloomed and are ready for the picking.

SERIOUS DECISIONS, SERIOUS FUN How do you make college counseling fun? “Always have candy and desserts at meetings, and try to play as many games as possible,” is the answer Mrs. Meyer gave us. With the support of our Parent Volunteer Association, it’s easy to keep college counseling meetings stocked with treats. Students like to play College Bingo, where Mrs. Meyer describes a college without saying its name and students guess what it is, or the GPA game, where students are lined up by mock GPAs and move up and down the line as more factors of their application are revealed. We’re lucky to have Mrs. Meyer, not just because of her cultivation of our students, but because of her quirky and fun personality. A collector of college mugs and a Rolodex of random but interesting college facts, Mrs. Meyer has a bright, friendly demeanor that our students respect and appreciate. “They love how nerdy I am,” Mrs. Meyer laughed, “and they love the random things I know about colleges.”

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Seniors Pick Their Colleges On Friday, May 24, the class of 2019, the 14th graduating class of Holy Spirit Prep, observed their Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Ceremony. Auxiliary Bishop Bernard Shlesinger celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass. This year’s commencement ceremony introduced a new format for the guest speaker: the graduating class voted on a member of the faculty to honor with an invitation to speak at commencement. This year’s speaker was Mr. Thomas Cole. Mikayla Brown and Watson Casal were co-valedictorians. The graduating class received acceptances to over 80 colleges and over $2.7 million in scholarship offers, excluding HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships. Our students have again proven competitive across all types of universities: From into Ivy League universities, Catholic colleges, and small liberal arts colleges to large research public universities.

THE CLASS OF 2019’S COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES * indicates that a student enrolled in this school | + indicates a Catholic institution Agnes Scott College*

Indiana University*

American University

Kennesaw State University*

Auburn University*

Le Moyne College+

Bard College* Baylor University* Belmont University* Berry College Carson-Newman University Centre College Clemson University* Coastal Carolina University Connecticut Central State University*

Long Island University, Post Louisiana State University Loyola Marymount University+ Loyola University Maryland+ Loyola University of New Orleans+ Mercer University Miami University of Ohio Middle Georgia State University Mississippi State University

Sewanee: University of the South

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign*

Syracuse University

University of Iowa

Texas Christian University

University of Kentucky*

Texas State University

University of Michigan

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy*

University of Mississippi*

University of Alabama*

Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill*

University of Alabama, Birmingham

Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte

University of Arizona University of California, Berkeley* University of California, Davis

University of North Georgia* University of Oklahoma University of San Francisco+ University of Scranton+ University of South Carolina*

Cornell University*

Missouri State University

University of California, Santa Cruz

Daemen College

North Carolina State University

University of Central Florida

Valdosta State University

Elmira College

Oglethorpe University

University of Colorado, Boulder

Villanova University+

Elon University*

Pepperdine University

University of Connecticut

Virginia Tech*

Florida Atlantic University

Reinhardt University*

University of Dallas+

Virginia Wesleyan University*

Florida State University*

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

University of Denver

West Virginia University

Georgia College*

Rollins College*

University of Florida

Wofford College

Georgia Institute of Technology*

Santa Clara University+

University of Georgia*

Xavier University+

Georgia Southern University

Sav’h College of Art and Design Seton Hall University*+

Georgia State University*


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University of Tennessee*


GEORGIA TECH AND UGA SUCCESS Holy Spirit Prep students continue to excel in admissions to our state’s flagship institutions. 76% of students who applied to UGA were accepted this year (compared to 45% overall) and 38% were accepted to Georgia Tech (compared to 19% overall). The Office of College Counseling works closely with our high school students and their families to find the best college fit for each student. Director of Academic and College Counseling Ashley Meyer is available to you with any questions.

Mikayla Brown and Watson Casal not only tied for the highest GPAs in the Class of 2019, but they also had stellar options when making their college decisions. Both students were looking for a large school environment where they could fully pursue their interests in science. Mikayla was drawn to the University of South Carolina for their Capstone Scholars program. She chose USC over in-state option UGA and other significant scholarship options around the southeast. Though Watson Casal had options to pursue engineering in every direction around the country—the University of Michigan, NC State, Clemson, and full scholarships at dozens of schools thanks to his National Merit Finalist status—he was drawn to Midtown Atlanta for one of the best engineering programs in the country at Georgia Tech.

POSSE SCHOLARSHIP As our first Posse Scholar from Holy Spirit Prep, CeDaniel Sumpter made it through three rounds of exceptionally competitive interviews to be one of 10 students from Atlanta who will attend Bard College in New York on this full-tuition scholarship. Bard is a prestigious liberal arts school in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.


Haben Tijar dreamed of heading west to the state where she was born, California. Haben was thrilled to receive acceptances all over the state and eventually chose to attend the University of California at Berkeley, the school with the most emblematic nickname of her college search, “Cal.” She is our second Head Girl in a row to go to a University of California campus for college. Conner McKittrick will continue Holy Spirit Prep’s strong legacy of sending graduates to appointments at our country’s five service academies. With a love of the water, Conner has chosen to attend the United State Merchant Marine Academy. From there, he will be able to commission as an officer into any branch of the military. You can also look for him on the field representing the Mariners in football!

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Holy Spirit Prep Moments Graduation ends in candlelight. Seniors cluster around the ambo for the valedictory address, lighting candles which they will carry out of the church, a sign of the light they carry into the world.


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Dear Holy Spirit Prep family,

Board Chair

Like all independent schools, Holy Spirit Preparatory School relies on tuition as well as strong annual giving to remain one of the top Catholic schools in the nation. I am grateful for your generosity in supporting our school’s giving initiatives in 2018-19. Your donations and investments enabled us to train our faculty in the best methods of Catholic formation, to expose our students to college-level work through our curriculum, to support our student-athletes with resources for their teams, to provide our students with faith-based retreats, and to send our seniors to Rome. Thank you, Holy Spirit Prep community! Last year we received a welcome benefit when the State of Georgia raised the cap on contributions to state scholarship organizations like the Georgia GOAL scholarship. Our community took advantage of this opportunity and redirected more state tax dollars to student scholarships at our school. As a result, we raised over $550,000 last year in GOAL scholarships for deserving Holy Spirit Prep students, an increase of $220,000 over the prior year. The opportunity that this, together with all your generous gifts, creates for our students is extraordinary. I encourage you to continue to find ways to donate to our school and to do so sacrificially as we work together to form our students for a lifetime of happiness.

Joann Jones Board Chair


| ministrāre • FALL 2019

In the classroom, on the field, and on stage, the Annual Fund enables Holy Spirit Prep to live up to its mission — forming students to be faith-filled, magnanimous, prudent men and women, prepared for a lifetime of happiness. Because of that, a gift to the Annual Fund is the primary gift your family can give to Holy Spirit Prep each year to support the gifts of formation our students receive. Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted, and cover those expenses not covered by tuition alone, including faculty and staff salaries, maintaining school facilities, educational technology, and resources for our arts and athletics programs. The success of our Annual Fund depends on the participation of every member of the school community — parents, grandparents, trustees, faculty, staff, former parents and grandparents, alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations. Gifts to the annual fund are tax-deductible.






$575,440 (2017 – 18)

$541,000 (2016 – 17)

$540,000 (2015 – 16)


100% 100% 70%

Faculty and Staff


Parents and Families

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Thank You to our 20 The 1996 Level

The Donellan Level

The Dillon Level

The Paraclete Level

($19,960 and higher)





Dr. and Mrs. William Benedict


Mr. and Mrs. Nana Addaquay*

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cabrera*

Mr. and Mrs. George Capps

Mr. and Mrs. David Hanna


Mr. and Mrs. Frank HannaT

The Donoghue Level

($10,000-$19,959) A.E.M. Foundation G Mr. and Mrs. Ray CrowleyG Monsignor Edward DillonT Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo DuranAP Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fanning Guillaume Family Foundation* Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. JonesT Ms. Kathleen MagnussonG Mr. and Mrs. Peter Meenan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nardelli*G Mr. and Mrs. Graham Sayers Mr. and Mrs. Todd Wandtke

The Conrads Family Education Fund at the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Heath Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. David CusimanoF Mr. Curtis DashiellAP Mr. and Mrs. Keith Demmings* Mr. Chris and Dr. Megan Durham

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bohling Mr. and Mrs. Dan Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Grier Campbell Drs. Dede and Adolph Casal

Mr. Dennis AmboG Ms. Debora Brown*F Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eidson Ms. Ellen FortsonG Mr. John HannaA

Mr. Giovanni DiPalma

Mr. and Mrs. Erik JohnstonT

Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Ford*

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Klopp

Mr. and Mrs. Karim Grana

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mangum

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Grubbs

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Erik GundersonF

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mason

Mr. and Mrs. John Herman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prieto

Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Fleming

Ms. Paula Herraiz

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schwalb

Mr. Brad Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Michael JonesT

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Sipos

Mr. Paul Hossain and Mrs. Francesca Aguilar

Ms. Susan Lanier

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stenglein Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Sysyn

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mason

Mr. Honghui Liao and Ms. Qingqing Li

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Middelthon

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Neligan

Mr. Edward O’Hare, Sr. Endowment Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Riley

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Robson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles WashingtonG

Mr. and Mrs. Emil Sacco Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tio

A= Alumni AP= Alumni Parent F= Faculty G= Grandparent T= Trustee *= Includes Designated Gift

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. We apologize for any oversight, and invite you to contact our development office so a correction can be published in our next issue.


Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bernier

| ministrāre • FALL 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tuff Ms. Cameron Tyer Mr. and Mrs. Jack ValekF Ms. Stephanie A. Weaver

18-19 Donors The Gold Level

($500-$1,499) Anonymous (4) Ms. Elizabeth Alsobrook


Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ambo

Mr. and Mrs. William JonesG

Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Perez

Mr. Roy Joseph and Mrs. Emiline Chirayankand

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle PietrantonioF

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keith

Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Pineda

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Angelo

Mr. Scott Kerew

Mr. Ross Anker

Dr. and Mrs. Rick Kuhlman

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Baradel

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lambert


Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Behunin Mr. and Mrs. Jerry BielawskiG

Mr. and Mrs. David Lassing Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tocci Mr. and Mrs. Bill Turpin Mr. and Mrs. Brian Van Oss

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pressly Mr. and Mrs. Peter RadostaF Mr. Ulises Ramirez and Mrs. Araceli Sanroman Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bond

Mr. and Mrs. William Llop

Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenzweig

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lombardi

Ms. Deidre Schmidt

Dr. and Mrs. Jose Lopez

Dr. and Mrs. David Schulman

Fr. Paul Burke


Dr. Douglas Cardillo and Dr. Dolly Aguilera

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ciprari

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Mata

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Maurer

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCarty

Mr. and Mrs. Jean De Santolo

Mr. and Mrs. Paul McKittrick Mr. and Mrs. Bill MesserF

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sciacchetano

Mr. and Mrs. James Dirr

Mr. and Mrs. Robert MucklowG

Mr. and Mrs. Ray SpearsG

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin EvansF

Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Gibbs

Mr. Zack Napier

Mr. Fuming Gu and Mrs. Xiutang Li

Mr. and Mrs. Rob NardelliF

Mr. and Mrs. Ron HayleyF

Mr. Bill Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wigbels Mr. and Mrs. Ryan WilhelmF

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Young (continue next page)

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Neff

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hillman

Mr. and Mrs. David O’HarenAP

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Idalski

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Oyler

Mr. and Mrs. Qiang Jiang

Dr. Francisco Pastor

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Patrick

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Villazon

Ms. Rosemarie SmithG Mr. and Mrs. Adrian SotomayorF

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Mulcare

Mr. Felipe Pelaez and Mrs. Martha Vega

Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Simpson

Mr. and Mrs. Pat MetzA

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ecker

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Vargo

Dr. and Mrs. Moody Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Denton Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stewart

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The Green Level • Page 1

(up to $499) Anonymous (30)

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Didier

Ms. Kettia JasminF

Mr. Patrick Agrippina

Mrs. Megan (Fitzpatrick) Duggan

Ms. Karin Jessop

Dr. Lana and Mr. Cannon Alsobrook

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Dukes

Mr. and Mrs. Raul Jimenez-RiveraF

Mr. Timothy Durski

Mr. Shayne John and Mrs. Shivanthi Ponniah




Mrs. Dana AltoneF Mrs. Patricia AmuF

Mr. Terence Dwyer and Mrs. Elena Lengerova

Mr. and Mrs. Arnulfo Anaya

Mr. Thomas Evangelista

Mr. Tysor AndersonF

Ms. Paulina FarajF

Mrs. Victoria JonesF

Mr. and Mrs. John Angelle

Mr. Howard Farris

Ms. Sabrina AngeloA

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Fekete

Mr. Tijar Kemzebenu and Mrs. Selam Shiker

Dr. Linda AnthonyF

Mr. and Mrs. Michael FernandezF

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Anulewicz

Mrs. Karen FickettF

Mrs. Jessica AskinsF

Mr. and Mrs. Pat FischerG

Mrs. Christine BentleyF

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Friedrich

Mr. and Mrs. Mats Berggren

Ms. Morgan GallagherF

A= Alumni

Mr. and Mrs. David BertanyF

Ms. Sarah GiesenF

AP= Alumni Parent

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bommer

Mr. Alexander Gomez and Mrs. Patricia Lopez

F= Faculty

Mrs. Blair (Brown) GowasackA

T= Trustee


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Russ Broda Mr. and Mrs. James BrownF Mr. and Mrs. W.D. BurgsteinerG Mr. Glenn Caldera and Dr. Meredith Hammons


Mrs. Judith GoyerF Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Gregory Ms. Ellen GrishamF Mr. and Mrs. Ray GrubbsG

Ms. Marie Carr

Mr. Jonah GundersonA

Ms. Natalie CasalA

Mr. Noah GundersonA

Ms. Alexis Casale-Savage

Mr. Javier Guzman Correa and Mrs. Luz Garzón


Mr. Ryan CaseyA Mr. and Mrs. Michael Centola Mrs. Nelida CeronF Ms. Dana ChristensenF Ms. Mary Clauson Ms. Norma Cobos Dr. Tiffany and Mr. Todd Colarusso Mr. and Mrs. Thomas ColeF Mr. and Mrs. Shawn CouryF Mr. and Mrs. Wes Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Mario de CastroG Ms. Samantha DechiazzaF Dr. Archie DeenF Mrs. Cristina DekleF Dr. and Mrs. Patrick DevineF


| ministrāre • FALL 2019

Mr. and Mrs. David Harrington Ms. Belinda Harrison Mr. Scott HarrisonF Ms. Angela HarwoodAP Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hathorn Mrs. Leslie HeinF Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Henriquez-Quallo Mrs. Elizabeth HetzelF Ms. Jennifer Hicks Mrs. Judi HigginsF Ms. Kimbley Hutchins-Watch Mrs. Stephanie IrizarryF Ms. Grace JacobiF Mr. Nicholas JalbertF

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones

Ms. Tracy KendallF Mrs. Mary KennyF Mrs. Tori KerrF

G= Grandparent *= Includes Designated Gift

The Green Level • Page 2

(up to $499) Mr. and Mrs. Prescott Kerutis

Mr. and Mrs. James McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Shurman

Mr. and Mrs. Joe KichlerG

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKie

Mrs. Kelly SickafooseF

Mr. Judson KilgoreF

Mrs. Megan McWilliamsF

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Southworth

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kleine

Mrs. Maria Menendez

Ms. Jill StedmanF

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Klingsoehr

Mrs. Ashley MeyerF

Mr. Sam Stinnett

Mr. and Mrs. David Krupczak

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Miller

Mr. Derek Strother

Ms. Bianca KuczynskiF

Ms. Blanche MillsG

Mrs. Linda StrotherG

Mr. and Mrs. David LabbeF

Ms. Cynthia Mitts

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sturgeon

Ms. Tonnie Lentz

Ms. Elizabeth Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sturm

Ms. Mercedes LewisA

Mr. and Mrs. Omar Murcia

Mr. and Mrs. Brendt Swink

Ms. Rachel LittleF

Ms. Beatrice Murry

Ms. Helen Tandoh-Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lopez-Cuevas

Ms. Mary Ruth Nagel

Mrs. Karin TarrantF

Mrs. Emily LylesF

Ms. Gloria NareaF

Ms. Georgia TateF




Mr. Frank Maranville

Mrs. Kathy Nixon

Mrs. Laura Marshall

Mr. Richie O’Connell



Mr. and Mrs. Timothy ThornhillF


Ms. Summer Martin Mr. and Mrs. John Martinez

Mrs. Rosemary ThomasbergerF


Ms. Nancy O’GaraF

Ms. Jeannine TorresA

Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Olguin

Mr. and Mrs. Celso Torres

Ms. Lisa Mathieu

Mr. and Mrs. John Oliva

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Valenzano

Ms. Meghan McCabeF

Mr. and Mrs. Javier OliverF

Mr. Joseph ValenzanoG

Ms. Bibiana Perez

Mr. and Mrs. David Van OssG

Mrs. Elizabeth (Hanna) PhamA

Mr. Juan Vazquez and Mrs. Marilu Meza



Mr. and Mrs. Brian Plati

Ms. Karyn VickeryF

Dr. Edward PorubskyG

Mr. Kirby VossA

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Purvis

Ms. Marey Wagner

Dr. and Mrs. Keith Raziano

Ms. Amanda WalkerA

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Reardon

Mr. Sam WalkerF

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew RegerF Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Retteneller

Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley WehnerG

Mr. Juan Robledo and Mrs. Sandra Arismendi

Ms. Stacey Weiss

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rondeau

Mr. and Mrs. Doward WilkinsonAP

Ms. Annamarie RoseF

Ms. Kara Willis

Mrs. Sally Roy

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Winkler

Mrs. Bethany RusenkoF

Ms. Lauren WinklerA

Ms. Megan RuzickaF

Ms. Megan WinklerA

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ryan

Mr. Kyle WinklerA

Mr. Francisco Sandoval and Mrs. Corina Tomay

Mr. Shane WoolsonA



Mrs. Natalie SchirraF Mr. Patrick SchulmanA Mr. Bryan ScullyF Mrs. Teresa SequeriaF

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Warren

Mr. Spencer WoolsonA Mrs. Whitney WrightF Mr. and Mrs. Scott Yates Dr. Manuel Yepes and Mrs. Cristina Perdomo

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Matching Gift Organizations


Bank of America

Ms. Ann Middelthon

Ms. Ellen Fortson

The Coca-Cola Company

Grandparent of Callan Middelthon

Grandparent of Hardy Langford

Delta Foundation

Ms. Betty Alsobrook

Mr. and Ms. Ray Grubbs

Grandparent of Cannon Alsobrook

Grandparents of Harper Grubbs

Mr. Dennis Ambo

Mr. and Mrs. William Jones

Grandparent of Adam and Ben Ambo

Grandparents of Emma (‘17), Meredith (‘15), and Todd (‘12) Jones

Equifax The Home Depot Homrich Berg, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bielawski


Grandparents of Max Wagner

PulteGroup, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Burgsteiner

SunTrust Foundation Travelers UBS Financial Services UnitedHealth Group Wells Fargo Foundation

Grandparents of Dylan Jones

Ms. Marie Carr Grandparent of Natalie Didier

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Crowley Grandparents of Ben (‘18), Sam (‘14), and Gavin (‘11) Grisham

Mr. and Mrs. Mario de Castro

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kichler Grandparents of JJ and Lucas Kichler

Ms. Kathleen Magnusson Grandparent of Bradley Magnusson

Ms. Blanche Mills Grandparent of Jalal McKie

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mucklow Grandparents of Evan and Cora Pietrantonio

Grandparents of Sofia De Castro

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nardelli

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Fischer

Grandparents of Bella and Bobby Nardelli

Grandparents of William and Patrick (‘18) Schulman

Dr. Edward Porubsky Grandparent of Bennett Oyler

Ms. Rosemarie Smith Grandparent of Dominick and Isabella Sanchez

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Spears Grandparents of Lucas Robson

Mrs. Linda Strother Grandparent of Ryan Strother

Mr. Joseph Valenzano Grandparent of Alex and Lucy Valenzano

Mr. and Mrs. David Van Oss Grandparents of Maddie and Brady Van Oss

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Washington Grandparents of Laila Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Wehner Grandparents of Henry and Kevin Keith


| ministrāre • FALL 2019

Financial Stewardship 2018-19


Tuition Income


Advancement Income Other Income

19.73% 2.82%



Salaries and benefits


Facilities, fixed assets, & grounds


Administrative expense & other

10.82% 7.24%

Academic programming Food services


Holy Spirit Preparatory School |


Annual Gala: An Evening of Grace is a festive night of auctions celebrating the school’s missions and, in particular, its teachers. Proceeds from the Gala first support Holy Spirit Prep’s faculty, and in two ways: the Teachers’ Continuing Education Fund (TCEF) and the Teachers’ Children Tuition Assistance Fund (TCTAF). The TCEF supports the professional growth of teachers as they identify and pursue learning opportunities that will have the greatest impact on their students. The TCTAF provides additional tuition assistance for the children of our teachers. Proceeds from the Gala also support specific causes through a special fund-a-need auction.

Thank You to our Sponsors Platinum Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors



Mr. and Mrs. David Cusimano

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cabrera

Mr. and Mrs. David Hanna Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanna Ms. Kathleen Magnusson

Mr. and Mrs. Heath Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Neil Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Craig Robson

Gold Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jones

($10,000+) Denise and Erik Gunderson

Green Sponsors

Parents of the Class of 2019 “Lifers”

5G Studio

($2,500+) Mr. and Mrs. Mike Angelo



($7,500+) Mr. Paul Hossain and Mrs. Francesca Aguilar

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bernier Brasfield and Gorrie Coles Barton First Citizens Banks Mr. and Mrs. John Herman


Homrich Berg

Rebecca and Mark Bernier, Chairs

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Marshall

Stephanie and David Cusimano, Sponsorship Chairs


Silver Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Pietrantonio Mr. Ulises Ramirez and Mrs. Araceli Sanroman

Amy Hillman, Student Art Chair

Regnum Christi Atlanta

Kathryn Sturgeon, Décor Chair


| ministrāre • FALL 2019

Southern Food Services Mr. and Mrs. Jack Valek


Fund-the-Future In addition to the support provided to our faculty, the 2019 Annual Gala raised funds to expand the school’s bus fleet,

The Cura Personalis Awards honors those teachers who have served at Holy Spirit Prep for at least five years and who, in that time, have had a significant positive impact on students, parents, and colleagues, and supported Holy Spirit Prep’s Catholic identity. Among a team of dedicated and passionate faculty, the three honorees of this year’s award have demonstrated a consistent witness to the mission of Holy Spirit Prep over their long tenure at Holy Spirit Prep and well deserve the honor of being named the 2019 recipients of this award.

acquiring a new vehicle for transportation between campuses and to athletic and other interscholastic events.







Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Middelthon

Drs. John and Angie Arnold

Mr. Paul Hossain and Mrs. Francesca Aguilar

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Nardelli

Dr. Megan and Mr. Chris Durham

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ciprari Mr. and Mrs. David Cusimano Ms. Kathleen Magnusson

Additional Support Mr. and Mrs. Mike Angelo

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Maurer

Ms. Sabrina Angelo

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McCarty

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bernier

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mooney

John Angelle

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bielawski

Lower School At Holy Spirit Prep since ‘12

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Mulcare

Mr. Ryan Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Nardelli

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Neff

Children: Louis (’35)

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cumbie

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Neligan

Mr. and Mrs. Heath Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. John Oliva

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Patrick

Ellen Grisham

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eidson

Ms. Bibiana Perez

Exceptional Learning At Holy Spirit Prep since ‘08

Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Ford

Mr. Rob Peters

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Grigorian

Mr. and Mrs. An Pham

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Grubbs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prentice

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Gunderson

Pritchard and Jerden

Mr. Brad Hammond

Mr. Israel Santillan and Mrs. Ameyaltzin Polimino

Children: Ben (‘18), Sam (‘14), and Gavin (‘11)

Mr. John Hanna Mr. and Mrs. John Herman Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hillman Infotank

Paulina Faraj

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones

Upper School At Holy Spirit Prep since ‘12

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keith Mr. and Mrs. Mark Klopp Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mangum Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Graham Sayers Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schwalb Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tocci Ms. Cameron Tyer Mr. Sam Walker Ms. Stephanie Weaver Mr. Teddy Weigand Dr. and Mrs. Moody Williams Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Zurovchak

Holy Spirit Preparatory School |


Thank You to our Contributors The Georgia GOAL

Scott and Margaret Acker

Brooks and Jenny Brown

Curtis Dashiell

Scholarship Program is one

Albert Ahlstrom

Debora Brown

Cannon and Lana Alsobrook

Peter and Melanie Browning

Stephen and Susan Ambo John and Claire Angelle

Charles and Catherine Brumfield

Jean Paul de Santolo and Bibiana Manganelli de Santolo

in the state of Georgia

Michael and Kelly Angelo

Maria Burkle

Keith and Kelly Demmings

permitting Georgia state

Harris and Linda Anthony

David and Kay Dempsey

taxpayers and certain

Elleni Asseged and Kebede Amsalu

Anthony and Cassandra Cabrera Randolph and Ashley Campbell

Patrick and Ann Devine

Kevin and Sue Carey

Edward Dillon

of a number of student scholarship organizations

businesses to redirect

John and Patricia deAndrade

Shannon and Moira Denton Brian and Kristen Didier

a portion of their state

Kenneth and Catherine Athaide

income taxes to private

Thomas and Bernadette Balestreire

Alan and Alyssa Carson

Joseph and Danie Dinardo

Ramona Carter

Joseph Dinardo

Kevin and Tracy Bannon

Louis and Devarra Casal

James and Angela Dirr

Christopher and Lesley Baradel

Stephen and Susan Cavanaugh

Paul and Doris Dunbar

William and Nicole Benedict Mark and Rebecca Bernier

Daniel Ciprari and Kristen Wood

Ave Bransford

Alice Claeys

John Brite

Paul and Laura Cleary

school scholarships. Holy Spirit Prep partners with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program to provide scholarships to incoming students. Partnering with GOAL has

Jeremy and Angela Cohen

allowed Holy Spirit Prep to

John and Jennifer Cooper

admit incredible students

Kelly and Colleen Craig

who would otherwise not

Cameron Crandall and Valerie Verduce

be able to afford the whole

Ray and Evelyn Crowley

cost of tuition.

David and Stephanie Cusimano James and Denise Dale

Gustavo and Marta Duran Christopher and Megan Durham Timothy and Amanda Durski Guy and Maria Dutcher Michael and Carolyn Ecker Richard and Mary Enzinger James and Nancy Ewing Howard Farris Walter and Helen Fischer Nigel and Mary Fleming William and Jill Ford Robert and Laura Fox

2018-19 REVENUE




| ministrÄ re • FALL 2019

Marcela and Alexander Friedrich Victor Garcia Pina and Silvia Gonzalez Wallace and Kristen Gibbs

Andrew and Blair Gowasack

Ludmila Lopez

Anthony and April Piplica

Ivo Vissenberg

John and Judith Love

Herbert and Barbara Pressly

Mauricio and Laura Vives

Karim and Susan Grana

Kathleen Magnusson

Jeffrey and Vivian Proctor

John and Marie Vukovics

Joshua and Marianne Gregory

Chris and Susan Mangum

Andrew and Manami Quattrociocchi

Marey Wagner

Peter and Bridget Radosta

Arthur and Malgorzata Grigorian Christopher and Renee Grubbs

Christopher and Wendolyn Markham

William Wagner

Ryan and Natalie Marshall

Keith and Tina Raziano

Zachary and Christine Walker

Summer Martin

Matthew and Jamie Reger

Todd and Allyson Wandtke

Roger Guillaume

Patrick McAtee

James and Jennifer Richter

Juan Carlos Guzman and Maria Mercedes Gutierrez

James and Maxine McGrath

Michael Rieger

Paul and Lisa Jane Watterson

Peter and Lynn Meenan

Stacey Weiss

Thomas and Jayne Hammond

Maria Menendez and Angel Romero Martinez

Charles and L. Susan Riepenhoff Craig and Angelia Robson

James and Elizabeth Winkler

David and Kimberly Hanna

William and Ellen Miller

Douglas and Leslie Rose

Lauren Winkler

Frank and Sally Hanna

Terrence and Deborah Minor

Megan Winkler

William and Therese Hartman

George and Alice Missbach

David and Kathryn Rosenzweig Roberto Ruiz-Alcaraz and Maria Ruiz

Charles and Therese Wyble

Ronald and Donna Hayley Christopher Heath William and Jeanne Heekin Stephen and Margaret Hellrung

Cynthia Mitts Shapour and Berthe Mobasser

Ryan and Kristina Wilhelm

Tyler and Kimberly Woolson

Emil and Ruth Sacco

Steven Mocarski and Suzanna Costello Mocarski

Eduardo and Di Ann Sanchez

Matthew and Heidi Mooney

William and Jennifer Sande

John and Lisa Herman

Elizabeth Moran

David and Kimberly Schulman

Forrest and Lisa Hibbard

Robert and Priscilla Mucklow

Terry Schwartz

Rehad Hossain and Francesca Aguilar-Mussapp

Nicholas and Tricia Mulcare

Lu Anne Schwarz Brian Seifried

Jeffrey Huberty and Lisa Powell-Huberty

Juan and Maria Rosa Munoz Mary Nagode

Malcolm and Shelly Simpson

William and Anne Janci

Zack Napier

Jack Sinks and Peggy West

Kettia Jasmin

Jason and Jamie Neff

William and Karla Sipos

Maxime Jasmin

Christopher and Erica Neligan

Bruce and Alice Smith

Anthony and Robin Yezzi Jacob and Serena Young Sorin and Olivia Zdrahal Oscar Zelaya and Marlhy Patino Jeffrey Zickus

LLC contributors Those contributing via limited liability corporations (LLCs) may contribute up to $10,000.

Scott and Lori Ainsworth

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Joseph and Kelly Neumeier

Dennis and Nancy Sterk

Heath and Rene Cunningham

Erik and Karen Johnston

Jerren and Kathyann Nixon

Richard and Christine Sturm

Thomas and Catherine Dolan

Michael and Cynthia Jones

Philip and Carol Ann Noyes

Brendt and Susan Swink

Charles and Martha Keith

Nancy O’Gara

Gregory and Harriet Sysyn

Prescott and Heather Kerutis

Cesar and Clara Olguin

Scott and Julie Tocci

Joseph and Maria Kichler

Javier and Alanna Oliver

Michael and Camille Toppo

Todd and Joann Jones

Keith and Lynn Olmert

Celso and Maria Torres

Scott Kerew

Stephen and Melissa Olsen

Paul and Betty Troup

Stephen Leonard

Edward and Catherine O’Meara

Terry Trout

Joachim and MaryLynn Llop

Michael and Lorraine Tully

Jordan Lofton

E. Richard and Kathryn Leahy

Kurt and Monica Oppermann

Cameron Tyer

Mark and Karen Mitchell

Stephanie Palermo

John and Marylu Valek

Forrest Leef and Dorothy Mitchell-Leef

Bradley and Elizabeth Palmer

Carl and Alicia Valenzano

Mark and Pamela Leinmiller

Andres Pelaez and Martha Vega

Billy and Beth Ann Vargo

William Stinnett

Mark and Lianne Verheyden

William and Patricia Turpin

Jose and Marie Villazon

Robert Moody and Dolores Miller Williams

Shayne John and Shivanthi Ponniah

Todd and Tracie Kleine Bryan Kler Tim and Andrea Lambert David and Rosana Lassing

Patrick and Katherine Lewis Alvaro and Jane Ayer Lievano William and Anita Linkous

An and Elizabeth Pham Kyle and Meghan Pietrantonio

Brian and Sherrie Van Oss

Vernal Vincent and Jennifer Gregorich-Vincent

Michael and Shannon Centola

Erik and Denise Gunderson Daniel and Amy Hillman Joel and Kathleen Hughey Neil and Carolyn Johnson

Richard O’Connell Christopher and Christian Riley Michael and Bethany Rusenko Steven and Kelsy Schwalb

Holy Spirit Preparatory School |


Thank You Leadership

TO O U R 2 0 1 8 -1 9 VO LU N T E E R

Holy Spirit Prep Moments New year, new look! Upper School students

Board of Trustees

2019 Annual Gala

Monsignor Edward J. Dillon, JCD, Rector

Rebecca and Mark Bernier, Chairs

Father Paul Burke, JCL

Stephanie and David Cusimano, Sponsorship Co-Chairs

wear as their uniform

Amy Hillman, Student Art Chair

on Fridays.

Joann Jones, Chair Kelly Angelo Matthew S. Coles David Hanna Frank Hanna Neil Johnson Erik Johnston Michael Jones

Ex-Officio Members Kyle M. Pietrantonio, Head of School

Kathryn Sturgeon, Décor Chair

Casino Night Alicia and Carl Valenzano, Chairs Kathryn and Gary Sturgeon, Co-Chairs

Father Juan Hernandez, LC, Chaplain

2018-19 Parent Volunteer Association

2018-19 Annual Fund Committee

Preschool Stephanie Cusimano, President

Cindy and Mike Jones, Co-Chairs Heidi and Eduardo Perez, Preschool Co-Chairs

Lower School Alicia Valenzano, President

Fabiana and Jeffrey Miller, Lower School Co-Chairs

Ruth Sacco, Vice-President

Maria and Joe Kichler, Lower School Co-Chairs

Kristen Ciprari, Treasurer

Michelle and Todd Sipos, Upper School Co-Chairs Kathleen Magnusson, Grandparent Chair Carolyn and Neil Johnson (Parents of Catie Johnson ‘15), Parent of Alumni Co-Chairs Brooking and Pat Metz (‘06), Alumni Chairs Jordan and Nigel Deen (‘08), Alumni Chairs


| ministrāre • FALL 2019

Upper School Lynn Meenan, President Sandi Cabrera, Vice-President Kate Dolan, Secretary

received new House polos this semester to

Holy Spirit Preparatory School |




Ryan Casey CLASS OF 2012 When Ryan Casey graduated from Holy Spirit Prep, he was a football star fresh off a state championship. Since then, he graduates from the University of Georgia. Now, he’s busy running his family company and planning his wedding. We caught up with Ryan to ask him about his Holy Spirit Prep experience.

How did your experience at Holy Spirit Prep help form you into the person you are today? I would say it helped form the core of who I am. The combination of AP classes we took in a semester were equivalent to the initial workload you can expect in college. That first semester in college is so important for your GPA, and Holy Spirit Prep helped prepare me to take on a college workload. It really helped me form the core of my Catholic beliefs, and I still keep those today. I’m very lucky to have a fiancée who goes to Mass with me every Sunday and that’s something we both find very important. Holy Spirit Prep and their weekly (or more) Masses helped me realize the priority of going to Mass and continuing to work on your faith. Outside of a year of rugby for UGA, my athletic career came to a stop at Holy Spirit Prep, but the intangibles I learned through football and basketball are some of the most important things Holy Spirit Prep provided me with. It was really a variety of experiences and teachers: 6:00am to 4:00pm


| ministrāre • FALL 2019

Ryan Casey celebrates his state championship.

two-a-days in August, studying for AP Government and trying to pass the weekly quizzes, and all the trips we took together as classmates really helped me grow. It got me to the point where I am a person who wants to ultimately help others, be someone who does the right thing, and be proud of my faith.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Holy Spirit Prep? Easiest question so far: 11/11/11, when we won the football state championship.

What are your plans for the future? I’m looking forward to getting married in Savannah! As far as business, I have a very unique opportunity to run my family’s business, Claddagh Resources, right now. I joined after consulting at Capgemini for about a year and a half, and the timing worked out for me to make the move. I was named CEO in December 2018 and it’s been a very exciting time and I have learned a ton. It’s been a nonstop ride for the past year. We’re really trying to develop the business and continue to grow. We have a good amount of employees now. We have several employees who have actually graduated or worked at Holy Spirit Prep that have joined

Ryan Casey and George Maranville in Amsterdam.

over the last 2 years. When man plans, God laughs –there isn’t a set “future plan” per se, but I’m taking it one day at a time and seeing what kind of heights we can take Claddagh Resources to.

Can you tell us about a recent experience that you will always remember? Recently, a cool experience was being able to go on a business trip to Amsterdam with George Maranville, who I went to Holy Spirit Prep with from Kindergarten to 12th grade. We got a lot of deals done, took in an amazing soccer game (AJAX-Tottenham Champions League 2019), and made a quick stop in Ireland as well.

Do you stay in touch with friends from Holy Spirit Prep? There’s a group of Holy Spirit Prep friends who for the most part live in Atlanta and we talk daily. We had a fantasy football draft barbecue a few weeks ago with Trey House, Andy Moots, George Maranville, Kohler Reinstein, and a few of my UGA friends. It’s been very cool seeing my Holy Spirit Prep friends and UGA friends mesh greatly.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share? This is the year UGA wins the championship - go Dawgs!

Sara and Ryan

Class Notes We want to hear from you! Job promotions, career updates, awards, engagements, weddings, births, running into a fellow alum - we want to hear about it all. Update us on all the amazing things you’re doing at, and don’t forget to send pictures!

Class of 2006 On August 30, Pat Metz and his wife, Brooking, welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Patrick.

Class of 2010 Indie band The Head – comprised of Holy Spirit Prep alums Jack Shaw, Mike Shaw, and Jacob Morell - released a new album, What Happened to Us? (Vol.1). Curtis Johnson accepted a position as Assistant Director of College Counseling at the Memphis University School in Memphis, Tennessee. With four Holy Spirit Prep alumni among his groomsmen - Nathaniel Kifle-Ab (’10), Tim Moots (’10), Pat Young (’07), and Daniel Young (’13) – Philip Young wed Hanley Bradfield on October 12, 2019.

Class of 2013 On August 13, Emily Browning Karafotias gave birth to a baby girl, Corinne Elizabeth Karafotias, weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces.

Class of 2014 On August 2, Kevin and Renee Shaw welcomed a new baby to the world, John Franklin Shaw.


| ministrāre • FALL 2019


Holy Spirit Prep welcomes various ways of giving, including but not limited to: Pledges

Transferring Securities

Make a commitment now, but pay later. Pledges can be fulfilled with one payment or paid in installments. All Annual Fund pledges are due May 31 each year.

Giving long-term appreciated stock or mutual fund shares offers two-fold tax savings.

Gifts of Cash, Checks, and Credit Card Unrestricted cash gifts are the most popular way to support the mission of Holy Spirit Prep. Gifts may be made in a single contribution or pledged and paid in installments. We accept VISA, American Express, and Mastercard. Make a larger impact by spreading your Annual Fund payments out monthly over ten months with a recurring gift from your credit card or checking account. Also, if you are giving through your employer to United Way, you can designate your gift to Holy Spirit Prep. All gifts must be paid by May 31, 2019, to support this fiscal school year.

Online Giving Donating to Holy Spirit Prep online is quick, easy, and secure at www.

Corporate Matching Gifts Maximize every dollar of your gift by tracking advantage of a matching gift. Many companies have programs that will match your contribution to Holy Spirit Prep.

1. You avoid paying any capital gains tax on the increase in the value of your stock. 2. You receive an income tax deduction for the full fair-market value of the stock on the date of the gift.

Georgia GOAL Scholarship The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, a state-sponsored Student Scholarship Organization (SSO), allows taxpayers, corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and trusts to redirect state tax dollars to Holy Spirit Prep for the purpose of financial aid. While participation in this program is not a charitable donation, it provides critical funding for tuition assistance. For more information, please contact Emily Lyles, GOAL Coordinator, at 678.904.2811 or

Planned Giving Examples of planned giving include naming Holy Spirit Prep in your will or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement fund. These planned gifts may also provide you and your heirs with significant income tax and/or estate tax deductions. The important thing is for all current and former families and friends who care about Holy Spirit Prep to do something tangible to secure our future.

Your commitment to Holy Spirit Prep during your lifetime will enable this school to plan now for future needs, while insuring excellent education for generations to come. Planned gifts enable Holy Spirit Prep to plan its programs, curriculum, and physical plant into the future -while keeping tuition as low as reasonably possible. Benefactors making a planned gift become members of the Caritas Legacy Society. Contact your financial planner or our Development Office for guidance on how to make a planned gift to Holy Spirit Prep.

4449 Northside Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30327




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