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Drueding Center ANNUAL REPORT 2013

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4/15/14 3:41 PM

Program Goals and Objective Drueding Center breaks the relentless cycle of poverty among homeless families by impacting two generations. Healing takes time. We have implemented the Sanctuary Model® to promote safety and recovery from chronic stress and adversity. Our goal is to ensure that all of our families have the skills and resources necessary to live independently and reach their individual measure of success. Simply put, “it works”– over 1,998 families with 4,452 children served since 1987 agree that Drueding Center is the place “Where Hope comes aliveTM.”

Requirements All women must participate in an activity that will lead to self-sufficiency that may include: employment, education, employment training, drug/alcohol recovery, behavioral health and/or a life skills program. In addition, they are required to pay 30% of their income for transitional housing fees and to save 20%.

On-site Services The following services are offered to families in residence and to those who “graduate” to permanent housing through the After Care Program: · Residential Services: intensive case management, goal planning, and clinical counseling for children and adults · Education/Community Services: life skills training, housing assistance, case management for program graduates and other formerly homeless families ·

Youth Services: a full-day, licensed Child Care Center serving infants through school age children with Head Start, after school program with a summer camp, and a rating of STAR 3 from the Keystone STARS Program

· Green Light Food Pantry: provides fresh, healthy foods and education to residents, graduates, community and staff


Letter from the Executive Director and Board Chair Dear Friends of Drueding Center, Our annual report assesses our organization’s health and informs our future. Moreover, it’s a tangible demonstration of truly meeting our mission to care, comfort, and heal. The number of families who need our services is ever-increasing, but we are poised to respond to their needs and meet the challenges ahead. As Philadelphia’s first transitional housing program for women and children, Drueding Center has developed a comprehensive program that meets the needs of both generations of our young families. We acknowledge that healing takes time, and preserve our families’ achievements through an extensive After Care program. Over the past 26 years, we are proud to report that we are a program that works; 100% of our families actively engaged in After Care maintain permanent housing and independence three years after exiting our program. While the ultimate goal is to be “put out of business” and eliminate family homelessness, short of that, we strive for organizational excellence. Fiscal year 2013 was a momentous one, with the following developments: · Grand Opening of the Green Light Food Pantry – providing fresh healthy choices to our families · Two new board members, including Drueding Center Residential Program graduate Nicole Hines · Action steps in our Strategic Plan, furthering our programmatic excellence · Creating a Financial Sustainability Plan – stabilizing our fiscal stewardship We’ve devoted our professional service and spiritual commitment to the families of Drueding Center. We know we are not alone in this steadfast dedication. We are grateful for friends like you, who are determined to break the cycle of homelessness among women and their children in Philadelphia. Together, we make Drueding Center the place Where Hope comes aliveTM. Sincerely,

Anne Marie Collins, Executive Director

Charlotte O. McKines Board Chair

Residential Building: 413 W. Master Street

The Bernard J. Drueding, Jr. Community Center: 1328 N. Fourth Street

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4/15/14 3:41 PM

Two Generations

Healing Takes Time

Drueding Center breaks the relentless cycle of poverty among homeless families by

We know that healing takes time, but is easier with a supportive network in

supporting two generations. Our focus on young single mothers ages 18 to 25 reflects

place. Clinical counseling is available to children and adults, both individually

our commitment to serving the most vulnerable population who stand to benefit the

and in groups. Families in our Residential Program have up to two years

most from our program. Our Residential Program provides transitional housing for up

before moving on to permanent housing, but our After Care program preserves

to 30 families at a time, averaging 60 families per year. Our Family Advocates (case

progress and encourages further growth for up to seven additional years. In

workers) awaken residents’ dreams and translate goals into manageable steps. Our

order to nurture this ongoing relationship, our After Care Family Advocates

Life Skills training, which includes parenting and financial management, as well as

assist current residents in obtaining permanent housing by helping fill out

educational services like computer literacy instruction in our newly upgraded computer

applications, serve as references, and travel with

lab, equip mothers to forge their individualized paths to independence.

residents to visit potential new homes.

While mothers work on employment and education goals, their children are cared for on-site in a full-day licensed center with Head Start preschool, after school programming, and summer day camp. Our high quality facility, rated STAR 3, serves an average of 170 children annually. In addition, our Youth Advocate ensures our children excel in school through ongoing literacy events and an evening tutoring program, and acts as a liaison to

67% of exiting families enroll in our optional After Care program that serves over 100 families per year. This homebased case management aids in the shift to permanent housing and links families to community-based programs and resources to maintain housing and prevent recidivism.

the school district. Pediatric health services and mobile dental care keep our children healthy.



- Taisha Broaddus Resident

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4/15/14 3:41 PM

It Works…

Where Hope comes aliveTM

The mission of the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer, our founders, continues to be carried

The path to success is not an easy one for our families. The majority of mothers

out with great success, 26 years later. In FY13, Drueding Center served 425 families:

have childhood traumas: separated from their parents, physically or sexually

61 families in our Residential Program, 115 in After Care, 172 in Blueprint to End

abused, victims of a crime, or have been homeless as a child. As an adult, many

Homelessness program, and 55 additional community families in Youth Services

have also been victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other crimes, or

(excluding already accounted for families in Residential and After Care). In FY13,

separated from their own children. In response, we have implemented Dr. Sandra

73% of residents at exit show a decrease/no increase in their total scores utilizing the

Bloom’s Sanctuary Model®, a theory-based, evidence-supported approach to

Trauma Belief System Scales and 85% of all of our graduates maintain safe, clean,

improve our services and more effectively promote healing. The Seven Sanctuary

affordable and independent housing with adequate space for three years. Simply put,

Commitments of nonviolence, emotional intelligence, social learning, open

“it works.” Drueding Center is

communication, democracy, social responsibility, and growth and change are

unique in the length of time we

guiding principles. Recovery is organized in four stages that focus on Safety,

stay with our families – up to

Emotional Management, Loss, and Future (SELF). Recent positive changes include

seven years after they

incorporating more resident feedback in policies and services and shifting from

leave – and in the breadth of

punitive enforcement of residential rules to responsibility-based, progressive

our programs. In a time

consequences. Our trauma-informed services deliver care in a way that acknowledges

where 1/3 of the homeless

our families’ prolonged exposure to adversity, illuminating futures by teaching skills

population are families,

to cope with stressful life experiences.

and 1.6 million children are homeless each year, Drueding Center is truly the place “Where Hope comes aliveTM”.


are domestic violence survivors


have a mental health diagnosis




33% 30%

were in foster care as a child

have a drug and/or alcohol diagnosis

18% 18%

have developmental have physical and/or cognitive health issues delays

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4/15/14 3:42 PM

Whom We Served in FY13 152


Children in Youth Services

Families in After Care Program



Families in Transitional Housing

724 home visits from After Care and Blueprint Family Advocates


Families in the Green Light Food Pantry

Program Outputs

1,945 office visits from Family Advocates

Revenue and Expenses

Families in Blueprint Program

FY 13 Funding Revenue Sources


Destination n Living with family/ friends/partner permanent tenure

n Staying with family/ friends/partner temporary or unknown

15% 5%

8% 19% 8%



476 counseling sessions 152 group counseling sessions 65 assessments and 108 interventions 80 children on average enrolled per month in Child Care and offered 76 activities and 29 trips 276 books distributed through Family Literacy

n Permanent Subsidized Rental by client (PHA, Sec 8, etc.)

Program Outcomes FY13

n HUD $1,086,891

n Head Start $289,009

n Office Supportive Housing $523,864

n Contributions $693,721

n United Way $169,282

n Interest/Unrealized Gains $286,366

n Restricted $219,348

n Revenue $302,880

FY 13 Program Expense Allocation

80% of the families graduated from the program and 93% moved into permanent housing

46% of residents graduated increased their income (excluding TANF)

77% of the families completed 75% of their goals on their Family Service Plan

67% of residents increased their self sufficiency score upon leaving

73% of residents showed a decrease in the effects of trauma at exit (utilizing the Trauma Belief Scale)

1% 6% 37%

34% 20%

80% of children participating in the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies program showed improvement in their social/emotional awareness and/or skills 91% of graduates completed short term goals within identified time frame and were actively taking steps on long term goals

67% of graduates maintained their employment for 12 months

27% of graduates increased their income within 12 months of obtaining housing

100% of graduates enrolled in school and/or program continued/completed their education/training

n Residential Services $1,100,984

n Youth Services $1,026,142

n Education Community Services $613,860

n Administration $186,811

n Food Pantry $27,845

85% of all graduates and 100% of those in After Care maintained housing with adequate space for three years

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4/15/14 3:42 PM

Donors $100,000 AND ABOVE Drueding Foundation United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

$20,000 AND ABOVE Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Denny Drueding Center Auxiliary The Lenfest Foundation The Leo Niessen, Jr. Charitable Foundation The W. W. Smith Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Shanin Specter TD Bank North TRG Health Care

$10,000 AND ABOVE AstraZeneca Inc. The Betty and Leo Balzereit Foundation Beneficial Bank General Healthcare Resources, Inc. Paul E. Kelly Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Laign The Philadelphia Phillies Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Stuardi

$5,000 AND ABOVE Mr. and Mrs. James L. Alexandre BNY Mellon Mid-Atlantic Charitable Trusts Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Brazitis Child Care Resource Developers Church & Dwight Employee Giving Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Drueding, III Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Fox & Roach Charities Independence Blue Cross Mr. Joseph D. Kastenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Kent Moe and Dot Kent Eleanore L. Matey Foundation Inc.

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Charlotte O. McKines and Ken Lawrence MRA Realty, Inc. The Mill Spring Foundation Norman Carpet Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Peterson Post & Schell, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Quirk Saints Peter & Paul Church SEI Investments Tague Lumber, Inc. Western Association of Ladies for Relief & Employment of the Poor

$1,000 TO $4,999 Advanced Benefit Advisors, Inc. Aetna Foundation, Inc. AIG Matching Grants Program Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Albert Anonymous Reverend and Mrs. Kurt H. Asplundh Sheryl Hess Atkinson Mr. Donald R. Auten B.J. Drueding Builders, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Behler Mrs. Mary B. Bolton Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Boova Booz Allen Hamilton Mrs. Betty Bott The Boyce Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. David K. Brookreson Brown & Brown Healthcare Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Brown Brown’s Shoprite The Bryn Mawr Trust Company Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Bunting Mr. Daniel Burke Mr. and Mrs. Chip Catino Mr. and Mrs. Norman Chaikin Citizen Effect, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Coletta Ms. Anne Marie Collins Mr. and Mrs. John S. Connors

Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Cramp Deacom, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Z. Dershaw Ms. Mary A.S. Deuschle Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. Duane Morris, LLP Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dunleavy Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Egan Abraham M. and Rose Ellis Foundation Enterprise Holdings Foundation Mrs. Henry J. Faulkner, Jr. Ms. Linda Ann Galante, Esq The Fresh Grocer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gattuso Giving Educating Making Miracles Mr. and Mrs. John D. Graham Mr. and Mrs. David H. Guendelsberger Mike and Joyce Hagan Foundation Reverend and Mrs. K. Brewster Hastings Mr. Kenneth D. Hawkins Mr. Jonathan Hochman Homecare Homebase Beth and Hyland R. Johns Mr. Lewis Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kahn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kendig Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kennedy Mrs. Eileen D. Knott Dr. and Mrs. Joel R. Kramer Mr. William Kronenberg, III Dr. and Mrs. Seth D. Krum Learning ZoneXpress Dr. Roy M. Lerman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lewis, III Linlundh Foundation Mr. David E. Loder The Christopher and Ellen Maguire Foundation Main Line Builders Association Mr. and Mrs. David Mallach

Louis P. Mattucci and Carol Mattucci Foundation Ms. Mary Adaline McGowan Merck Partnership For Giving Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management Kevin Mitchell and Pamela Blow Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meehan Palmer, Inc. Mr. Lawrence A. Palmer PECO Dr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Pellecchia Mr. R. Anderson Pew Pioneer Vault Co., Inc. Plum Financial Group Dr. and Mrs. George A. Poporad Mr. Scott Ptacek Radcliffe Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rapone Mr. Grant Rawdin Reconstructive Orthopaedic Associates II, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ringe Mr. David Rothrock Caroline J. Sanders Trust #2 Rose Ann Scanlon and Jim Lanzalotto Mrs. Patricia S. Scott Dr. Bradley T. Sheares Mr. and Mrs. Alex Skucas Mr. David M. Spillane St. Ignatius of Antioch Church St. Thomas’ Church Whitemarsh Star Trek Association of Towson, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Stein Steven C. Bunting, D.D.S. & Associates Summit Group of Virginia Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc. Mr. Edward Swinnerton Mr. and Mrs. Karl A.Thallner

TransAmerican Office Furniture, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Urofsky Valley Eye Professionals, LLC Mr. James Viner Mr. and Mrs. William G. Walter Ladies of Whitemarsh Valley Country Club The York Children’s Foundation

$500 TO $999 Clarence Armbrister and Denise MacGregor Dr. Andrew A. Badulak Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bunting, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence T. Burden, Jr. Castor Brothers, LLC Chase Cost Management Ms. Jen Coglan Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. James J. Connor Ms. Cathleen Cresta Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Dolaway Mr. Robert V. Donato, III Ms. Nancy A. Dowling Ms. Jean Frissora Mr. and Mrs. Damon T. Gray The Greater Phila. Coalition Against Hunger Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hughes Ms. Joan Kogelman Mr. and Mrs. S. Jeffrey Lustig MAG Enterprises, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth Maggio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Marshall, III Mr. and Mrs. John R. McConnell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald McQueen Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Mele Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Pappas

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Parker People’s Emergency Center The Pincus Fund for Hunger Relief Mr. and Mrs. James R. Potts Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Reiff Rotary Club of Jenkintown Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Ryan Ms. Gwynne Smith Scheffer Mr. Leonard B. Shore Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Sternlieb Mrs. Margaret D. Stetson Mr. and Mrs. John W. Storb Ms. Ann C. Thompson United Way of Tri-State Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Weirman Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Wojewodka, Jr.

$250 TO $499 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Anderson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Steven Brady Mrs. Shirley Anne Callahan Mr. and Mrs. William A. Carter, Sr. Mr. Lee A. and Dr. Ellen Casaccio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Cassidy Ms. Athena Colucci Mr. Matthew Craven Crescent Vending Co. Mr. and Mrs. Will F. Daniel Dr. and Mrs. Henry G. DeVincent Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dunleavy Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dunleavy Mr. Lou Franklin Linda A. Galante and John Colussi Mrs. Kathryn L. Gentile Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Grady Joe Rocks and Elizabeth Greco-Rocks Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hark Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Heineman

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Drs. Kellyn and Eric Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Howald Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Howald Mr. and Mrs. John C. S. Kepner Knights of Columbus, Council 7515 Ms. Kelly Kupper Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Loeffler Mr. Patrick F. Madden Mrs. Eileen M. Maginnis James M. Marshall and Lisa Liacouras Ms. Cynthia McGoldrick Ms. Susan Ellis McGoldrick Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Momenee Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pacheco Regional Center for Women in the Arts Mr. and Mrs. Alan N. Rosenberg Mrs. Catherine C. Seese Mr. and Mrs. Edward Senour Jamal Sewell and Habiba Yate Sisters of the Holy Redeemer Special Risk Insurance Services, Inc. Ms. Pam Strisofsky Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Tague, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Thompson United Way of Chester County Debra M. Ventura and Edward Nass Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Wagner Dr. and Mrs. John J. Welsh Ms. Carol A. Zemnick Ms. Kathy Zonin

$100 TO $249 Jim and Arlene Alderfer Alliance Bernstein Mrs. Mary H. Altomare Ms. Joan Asprakis Mrs. Eileen Baer Ms. Elizabeth C. Bailey Bank Of America United Way Campaign

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Bazaar Beer Outlet Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bean Ms. Brenda C. Belcher Leslie H. Benoliel Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Bettinger, Jr. Bezark, Lerner & De Virgilis, P.C. Ms. Margaret A. Boudin Ms. Gerardean M. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Broughton Mr. Russ Buckley Ms. Maureen S. Byrne Ms. Linda Collier Mr. James F. Conmy Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Cornely Crum & Forster Insurance Ms. Dorothy T. Daly Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. De Silverio Mrs. Patrice DeMoss Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. DeQuinque Dr. Sandeep Dhand and Dr. Mary G. Dhand Ms. Elizabeth A. DiStefano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Divis Ms. Susan B. Doneson Ms. Amy L. Dorra Mrs. Edna M. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Michael Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. John P. Duggan Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Duhon Ms. Dorothy H. Erb Ms. Lauren Faulkner Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Force Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Friel Mr. Charles A. Fritz, III Ms. Rozi Gaeffke Lisa Galante and Tom Deberardinis Ms. Katherine Gallagher Mrs. Mary Kay Drueding Gallagher

Patrick and Denise Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gaul Geiges Insurance Agency, Inc. Ms. Mary Giannattasio Mrs. Mary Griesser Mr. Michael Gulbinski Ms. Toni M. Hague Ms. Mary Brennan Hain Mr. Vincent P. Haley Mr. George W. Hamilton Ms. Sandra G. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. David J. Harp, Jr. State Representative Kate Harper Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hinkel Mrs. Lynn A. Holt Ms. Dawn James Ms. Mary Anne Kennedy Mrs. Michelle Killian Mr. Nathaniel L. Koonce Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Kueny, Jr. Ms. Ulla Kukora Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lantieri Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lauber Ms. Susan Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Kellen G. Leister Mr. and Mrs. Adam Linz Ms. Norma Jean Loughran Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Maiello Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Manz Marketlab Research, Inc. DBA Focus Pointe Global Ms. Catherine H. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Marshall Mr. Jerry J. Martin Ms. Rachel Ann Martin Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Marziano Mr. and Mrs. John McAvey Mrs. Elizabeth Denise McCarthy Mr. John P. McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. John D. McGreevey, Jr. Mrs. Joan G. McKeon Mrs. Margaret G. McKeon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Meredith Reverend Engelbert Michel Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Miller Mrs. Susan C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Wallace H. Minnich Mr. and Mrs. George V. Mitchell Ms. Joan G. Monahan Mr. and Mrs. David C. Moore Ms. Patrice D. Morris Mr. Joseph F. Mugford Ms. Judith D. Nilon Northeast Building Products May-Ange Ntoso, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. O’Donovan Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ojemann Mrs. Maxine O’Neill Ms. Kathleen M. Parasimo Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Paul Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Peterson Mrs. Eileen Pettit Mr. Louis J. Picciani Mr. and Mrs. W. Todd Pohlig Ms. Elizabeth P. Polizzi Mr. and Mrs. George A. Porreca, Jr. Mr. Joseph J. Ragg and Mrs. M. Cathlene Driscoll Ms. Wendy Rasnick Alan J. Reinach, M.D. Ms. Amy Requa Mr. and Mrs. John F. Richardson Ms. Karen Drueding Rinaldi Ms. Judith Rohan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romanowicz Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rosen Saint James Church Dr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Salem Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scaring

Green Light Food Pantry The need for food assistance among our families previously exceeded our existing resources. In response, a pantry start-up committee began meeting in May 2012, completing preliminary research and planning. Partnerships with the Food Trust and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Nutritional Development Services were secured and in October of 2012, the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger chose Drueding Center as one of two organization sites to host their “Green Light Food Pantry” pilot program. This exciting project provides much-needed relief in increasing access to healthy food choices to both our clients and the surrounding community in need, augmented by an educational component. Our families are empowered to select their own food, and make healthier choices in the process. Among the selection: low-fat milk and yogurt; fresh fruits and vegetables; lean proteins, such as canned salmon, frozen chicken, fresh eggs, low-sodium legumes, and whole-grain pasta and fresh bread. We hope to expand its reach beyond the 50 participating families in the near future.

4/15/14 3:42 PM

Ms. Noreen T. Scherer Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Schuck Ms. Radeen M. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Scott Mr. Kevin Seese Mr. Donald G. Shaw Ms. Roseanne Silvestri Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Singer L. James Snyder, D.M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Sommar Ms. Hilda R. Susi Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Szonntag TE Connectivity Matching Gift Program Teleflex Foundation Mr. Michael Tiagwad Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Tomeo Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni Torsitano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tripoli Mrs. Delina A. Tumolo Ms. Elaine Turner Ms. Ann H. Untalan Joan and Edwin Valeriano Ms. Amelia J. Valero-Brust Ms. Helen Vogt Watson Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Weiss Ms. Jenny Weissbourd Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Weltz Mrs. Barbara A. Zbrzeznj Dr. and Mrs. Roknedin Zolfaghari Dr. Amy H. Zucker and Dr. Edward P. Schuman

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GIFTS IN KIND Artisans on the Avenue B.J. Drueding Builders, Inc. Anne V. Ballinger Mrs. Michelle M. Bishop Blake Florist and Decorators Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Brown Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. Bunting Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Burke Ms. Kathleen M. Coleman Currie Hair, Skin & Nails Desmond Great Valley Hotel and Conference Center Domenic Graziano Flowers and Gifts Drueding Center Auxiliary Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Duff, Jr. Mrs. Diana B. Duggan Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dunleavy Mrs. Henry J. Faulkner, Jr. Firstrust Bank Food for Any Occasion Frances Galante and Thuan Bui Ms. Loretta Geiser General Healthcare Resources, Inc. Ms. Mary Giannattasio Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Giordano Mr. Dave Giorgio Golden Nugget Jewelers Ms. Jennifer Groover Ms. Phyllis M. Hoffman Ms. Meaghan Killeen Ms. Melissa A. Kolsun Dr. and Mrs. Joel R. Kramer Kramer Portraits Manufacturers Country Club

Mr. John Marco Mr. John McMenamin Meadowlands Country Club Meyer Chatfield Ms. Olga A. Midzak Chief William J. Kelly and Aileen Montrella o’doodles Mrs. Patricia A. Orlando The People’s Light & Theatre Company Please Touch Museum Premier Designs Jewelry QFitness Quelque Chose Ralph Manne Salon Mr. Giovanni Roberto John M. Rodgers, M.D. Ms. Megan E. Ryan Salon West Endz Rose Ann Scanlon and Jim Lanzalotto Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Schorn Mrs. Patricia S. Scott Mr. George Searight Mrs. Catherine C. Seese Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP Dr. Richard Strulson Supper Sussman Automotive The Wilma Theatre Walnut Street Theatre Dr. and Mrs. John J. Welsh



Charlotte O. McKines, Chair Sr. Anita Bolton, CSR Mr. Norman Chaikin Ms. Anne Marie Collins Mr. James J. Connor Mr. Joseph Denny Mr. Bernard J. Drueding, III Ms. Linda Ann Galante Mr. John D. Graham Mr. Damon T. Gray Ms. Nicole Hines Mr. Michael B. Laign Sr. Ellen M. Marvel, CSR Ms. Linda Perkins Mr. John Quirk Ms. Rose Ann Scanlon Ms. Gwynne Smith Scheffer Mr. Lawrence J. Stuardi Ms. Michele L. Urofsky

Rosemary Albanese, Vice President Catherine Anderson Betty Bott Dona Brookreson Shawn Bunting, Co-President Elisa Cochrane Jane W. DeSilverio, Treasurer Mary A. S. Deuschle, Membership Frances M. DeVincent Diana Duggan Helen B. Dunleavy Elaine K. Faulkner Floramae Force Dolores Grady Mindi Greenberg Pamela Hastings, Co-President Joanne P. Howald Janice I. Kramer Dorothy P. Kueny, Secretary Rachel Ann Martin Wendi Murphy Judith Porreca Diana Petroziello Nelsie A. Schraishuhn Patricia S. Scott Catherine Seese Louise W. Storb Ann M. Sweeney C. Elaine Turner Frances Warrender Patricia L. Welsh Patricia Zolfaghari

4/15/14 3:42 PM

Drueding Center 413 West Master Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 215-769-1830

United Way #1259

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4/15/14 3:42 PM

Drueding Center Annual Report 2013  
Drueding Center Annual Report 2013