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Geography Key Stage 4

This a break down of some of the topics and field trips that we go on in Geography through year 7, 8 and 9.

Year Topic YEAR 10 October Half Term River and Coasts Christmas Holidays River and Coasts February Half Term Natural Hazards (Climatic) Easter Holidays Theme for DME e.g. Population and Settlement May Half Term DME Issue Investigation (800 words) Six hours YEAR 11 October Half Term Fieldwork Focus (1,200 words) 10 hours Christmas Holidays Economic Development

February Half Term Economic Development

Easter Half Term Natural Hazards (ectonic May Half Term Revision



Rivers assessment

Foss Gate Bridge, York

Coasts assessment

Sewerby and Bridlington

Climatic natural hazards assessment DME

Issue Investigation

Fieldwork Focus

Peak District (LoseHill)

Primary industry assessment

Talk from Farmer Talk from Oxfam

Secondary industry assessment

Leeds regeneration

Key Stage 4  

Geography at Key stage 4