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Geography Key Stage 3

This a break down of some of the topics and field trips that we go on in Geography through year 7, 8 and 9.

Year YEAR 7

Topic Geography- Your Passport to the World

October Half Term A Fairview of England Christmas Holidays Our Blue Planet

Assessment Baseline Test

Fieldtrip Field sketching

Theme Park Guide ICT Functional skills- Fairview Leaflet Summative Assessment

Infiltration Investigation

Bangladesh Investigation (GCSE Preparation) February Half Term Settling Down

Rocking Around the World Easter Holidays Geography in the News May Half Term Geography in the News

Village site presentation York DME Gravestone field sketching

Year 7 Assessment

York (Investigation of tourism and pedestrian density)


Weather and Climate October Half Term Peopling the Planet Christmas Holidays Exotic Ecosystems

February Half Term Ola Brazil!

Easter Half Term Cracking Coasts May Half Term Terrific and Terrible Tourism

Microclimate Investigations

Microclimate Investigations

Malaria Presentations

Public Information System for The Deep

The Deep (Ocean ecosystems)

Report on deforestation in the Amazon (GCSE Preparation) Swanage Bay leaflet

Mappleton Sands and Hornsea

Summative Assessment

GA Ambassador visit


Sustainable Regeneration

Leeds Investigation (GCSE Preparation)

October Half Term The Power of the Planet

Kobe Assessment

Christmas Holidays The Future of the Planet- Global Warming and Antarctica

Antarctica Assessments (GCSE Preparation)

February Half Term The Future of the PlanetGlobalisation Easter Half Term Who has the Power to shape the Planet? USA and China May Half Term Sporting Geography

Leeds Waterfront visit

Summative Assessment

China Assessment

Group Presentations

London (Gifted and Talented)

Key Stage 3 Geography  

This is a short booklet to show you the topics and field trips that are covered in Key Stage 3 in geography.

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