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Holy Family

CATHEDRAL NEWS September 2012

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Volume 18 Issue 2

Back to School! Great things are happening at the Cathedral School

From the Rector Dear People of Holy Family, By now you may have heard that our sacristy was vandalized on Saturday evening, August 25th. Luckily nothing was taken from the building and the tabernacle was not violated in anyway. The cabinets in the sacristy were emptied on the floor; the wine was consumed; the water and juice in the refrigerator was drunk; and the ciboria and chalices were stacked into the collection baskets but not taken from the building. Vestments were thrown on the floor and a general mess was about the place. No permanent damage was done. As Father Grant announced at Mass Sunday, we must pray for this poor soul who came into our place of worship and worked his chaos. Bishop Slattery has asked us to pray the rosary in reparation for this event. Bishop Slattery has asked me to lead a public recitation of the Rosary in the Cathedral in the evening of Friday , September 14, the Feast to the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. He is also asking the people of the diocese to join us in this public act of reparation. This vandalism happened just two days after we had refinished the floors in the sacristy. We have removed the very old indoor-outdoor carpeting and found again the beautiful hardwood floors. The finish on the floors had not finally cured before this happened. Again no permanent harm was done. Once again I can hear our beloved Msgr. Halpine calling out, “Lock the doors, lock the doors, lock the doors!� Again I would like to thank you for your generous response to our need to increase the Sunday collections. If we can continue on the present path all will be well. Sincerely in the Holy Family,

Msgr. Gregory A. Gier Rector


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Leveled Reading Instruction - geared to

Greetings Parishioners,

maximize the amount of direct instructional time that teachers are able to devote

I am thrilled to be writing to you as the principal of Holy Family Cathedral School, and pleased to report on all of the exciting things that are happening at our school this year.

to students in the critical area of reading. We will be using a daily 90 minute Reading/Language Arts block to allow students

As many of you know, we had several teachers retire last year. However, we were

to experience Reading to Self, Reading to

blessed with tremendous individuals to fill their posts. This year we are happy to intro-

Others, Listening to Reading, Word Work,


and Writing every day.

Elizabeth Browne as our Pre-K 3 teacher. Liz is a member of Christ the King parish,

Accelerated Math - will be used to insure

and she has been working hard this summer to ensure that our income 3yr olds

that all students are allowed to achieve

have a great year.

their own maximum potential. AM allows teachers to assess and target every stu-

Christie Coughlin as our 2nd Grade teacher. Christie comes to us from Notre Dame

dent’s strengths and weakness and use

University. Christie is working toward her Master’s Degree in Education and is anxious

this information to differentiate instruction.

to meet her new students.

Keyboard Instruction - will be incorporated Alicia Detter as our 3rd Grade teacher. Alicia is a member of the parish of St. Mary,

into our music program. Brain research

and is a seasoned educator. Mrs. Detter’s class will be out of this may

shows that learning to play the piano in-

have to see her room to understand what I mean.

creases student math comprehension and overall cognition.

Dorothy Wire as our 5th Grade teacher. Mrs. Wire is a long time member of our parish and has many years of experience as a teacher and RE instructor. Mrs. Wire’s warmth

Middle School Fitness and Wellness - this

and compassion will no doubt help our 5th graders make the transition from elemen-

program will focus on increasing student

tary to middle school status with ease.

knowledge of lifetime sports, nutrition, physiology and etiquette.

Kathryn Pickens as our middle school Math and Science instructor, Kathryn grew up in the Oklahoma City area and graduated from the University of Tulsa. For the last

Schoolwide Incentivized Reading & Math

year Kathryn has been working with troubled inner city youth, and displays a

Facts Program - The Super Bowl of Read-

strength of faith and character not frequently seen in a person of her age.

ing & Math Madness programs are designed to set attainable, individualized

With a strong faculty and exciting programs in place to meet all our students’ needs, we are looking forward to a great year at Holy Family Cathedral School. We thank all of you for supporting us, and we invite you to drop in anytime to see what

goals for students that will encourage them to increase their reading stamina and knowledge of basic math facts.

you have made possible for the families we serve. It is truly my privilege and pleasure to be a part of the Holy Family community. May God richly bless you, and keep you.

Academic Bowl - this after school activity, in conjunction with Math Counts, gives our students who excel academically the op-

Sincerely yours in Christ,

portunity to compete and be recognized in the same manner as their peers who are gifted athletically.

Cathedral News deadlines: Please submit articles and announcements to the Cathedral News by the 15th of the preceding month. Email or send your article to Mike Malcom at the parish office. 3

Notes from the Knightstand BY MARTIN REIDY

Prayed to God for rain or shower and a cool front so to please! Nell, the rain came for an hour and we enjoyed a northern breeze! I thanked God for what He sent and prayed we needed more: "Oh, God! would You please relent and let the heavens pour"! Well, we did have a few "teaser" showers as of this writing - but not enough to refill the moat - though the few days of cool, cool mornings and not quite so hot days were and are a Godsend! when Tulsa makes the national news as the hottest place in the continental U.S. you just know that it is HOT! HOT! HOT! The Annual Council Priest Appreciation Dinner on the 14th was a resounding success with sixty some attendees - Knights with kith and kin included - in Heiring Hall. Everyone feasted on ribs and beans and salad greens to their hearts — and stomachs - content. The Council prefers an earlier date in the month but to accommodate our new Assistant Pastor, Fr. John Grant, who took a well deserved week off prior to hitting the aisles of the Cathedral, we opted for a later date rather

oven, and pots and pans. (You haven't

monthly dinner for the denizens of the

than none at all.

lived until you have tasted her scalloped

Day Center for the Homeless. As it hap-

potatos!) The auto glove compartment kit

pens that is/was also Labor Day weekend

comprised of a pen light, tire pressure

so the Council is grateful to those who

Columbus shindig without a door prize or

gauge, and a ball point pen was won by a

donated part of their holiday for the “tears

two and this year we had three to stir up

lady whom I am not acquainted. Hono-

of Christ". Others were busily occupied

the crowd. Tim Healey, a/k/a/ Timmy,

rariums went to Monsignor Gier and Fa-

dusting off the grill for “Jim's Gems” on

ther Grant in thanks for their respec-

the 16th — pancakes and sausage. Jim

As usual it would not be a Knights of

won the TreeHaus Hood Shoppe 75 Piece Castle Blocks from which

tive current and anticipated cares

Gray and his understudies will be firing up

he can now construct his

and concerns for the souls

the grill for you and yours so come on

own castle; Turning the

and salvation of the parish

down and have breakfast in Heiring Hall

table on the cook


on the 16th!

Helga Gorman won the dinner gift card for On The Border, For the uninitiated Helga is the parish "Everywoman" and that includes any activity that involves a stove, 4

Thus it is that we wrapped up the month of August but we hit the drawbridge running on the 1st. of September loaded with the larder for our

So, as the lazy days of summer fade into the breezy days of Fall we wish well to one and all - and come see us on Pancake Sunday! Pax!

Regular RCIA Sessions Follow the Summer Inquiry BY THE RCIA MINISTRY TEAM

include Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist which lay the foundation of every Christian life. During this stage, man receives the new life of Christ. Jesus Christ has willed that his Church, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to continue his work of healing and salvation. The sacraments of healing are Penance and Anointing of the Sick. The sacraments at the service of communion which direct towards salvation of others are Holy Orders and Matrimony. Salvation involves the transformation of human nature. The process starts with Baptism and continues until we attain the beatific vision. Purgatory is the final step in this process where we are prepared to be in heaven forever. The Church, the sacraments, Mary and the communion of saints are part of God’s plan for the salvation of man. Our Summer Inquiry Sessions ended with an overview of what we have to believe in order to be Catholic. These basic concepts are reinforced by the requirements of Mass attendance, Eucharist DEACON JERRY MATTOX TEACHES CLASSES ON SACRED SCRIPTURE.

reception and confession. The session also included guidance on what the

burning love.” The Church teaches that

church teaches about major moral issues

successful run. Topics discussed in-

every man and woman is made in the

such as abortion, euthanasia, capital

cluded the authority of the Church includ-

image and likeness of God and by Bap-

punishment and war.

ing how the Pope communicates the faith

tism they become adopted children of

to the faithful. The basics of belief in the

God, thus all human beings are called to

Creed and the Mass were followed by

holiness. The saints have answered

Grant and Deacon Jerry Mattox are some

learning about holy things, sacramentals,

God’s call to holiness by way of obedi-

of the speakers for the RCIA sessions

the liturgical year and Holy Days. The last

ence, faith, and love just like Mary.

beginning on Wednesday, September 5,

The summer RCIA inquiry has had a

few sessions are detailed below.

2012. This will be in the main Cathedral at The Catechism of the Catholic Church

Luke’s Annunciation account (1:26-38)

Monsignor Gregory Gier, Father John

7 pm for an introductory session. The

indicates that “the seven sacraments

following week we will meet downstairs in

shows us Mary’s humble answer in coop-

instituted by Christ touch all stages and

the Halpine Room and will continue to

erating with God’s plan. The Constitution

all the important moments of Christian

meet there at 7 pm each Wednesday eve-

of the Church of Vatican II describes

life…There is thus a certain resemblance

ning until Easter. These classes are for

Mary’s role: “ suffering with Him as he

between the stages of natural life and the

anyone curious about the Catholic

did on the cross, she cooperated in the

stages of the spiritual life.”

Church, and also for anyone who has

work of the Savior, in an altogether singular way, by obedience, faith, hope and

been distant from the Church and wishes The sacraments of Christian initiation

to reconnect. 5

Knights & Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre to have Convention The Diocese of Tulsa will host the 2012 Annual Investiture of the Knights and

principal mission is to reinforce

Ladies of the Equestrian Order of the Holy

the practice of Christian life by its

Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The mid-October

members, to sustain and assist

convention will draw attendees from the

the religious, spiritual, charitable

Southwestern Lieutenancy, including

and social works of the Catholic

members from Oklahoma, Arkansas, New

Church in the Holy Land, and to

Mexico and Texas.

conserve and propagate the

The Order helps the Church in the Holy

Christian faith. The Order does

Land, specifically aiding in the Church’s

not accept direct petitions for

charitable, cultural and social works. The

admission. Usually, though not

Order is working on building and improv-

always, candidates are put for-

ing a number of schools in Jordan and

ward by an existing Member.


They must be practicing Catho-

Tulsa hosted the 2001 Investiture to

lics of good character who are

great praise from all involved. Holy Family

recommended by their local Ordi-

Cathedral’s Monsignor Gier, himself a

nary, approved by the Order's

Knight, and parishioners Kay Keith and

Grand Magisterium in Rome and,

Judy Smith were key to the success of

upon the issuance of written con-

the event. Parishioners Steven and Linda

firming appointment by the Vati-

Pinion are major organizers of the 2012

can Secretary of State, admitted


by way of formal Investiture con-

This year’s convention includes trips to

ducted once a year. Admission

St. Francis Xavier, Gilcrease Museum, and

presumes a lifetime commitment

a number of Masses and prayer services

to the Order's apostolate.

at the Cathedral.

“The Holy Sepulchre Order is com-


“The Order has a very long history with

posed of approximately 24,000 men and

roots extending to the activities of early

women, about 10% of whom are ordained

Christians and their pilgrimages to Jeru-

religious, divided among 52 Lieutenancies

salem. Pilgrimages to the Holy Land were

in Europe, North America, Latin America,

a common if dangerous practice from

Australia and the far east. The Grand

shortly after the crucifixion of Jesus to

Master, who is appointed directly by the

throughout the Middle Ages. Numerous

Holy Father to lead and govern these

detailed commentaries have survived as

Lieutenancies, is assisted by a consulta-

evidence of this early Christian devo-

tive body, the Grand Magisterium, whose

tional. While there were many places the

task it is to identify and agree with the

pious visited during their travels, the one

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem which

most cherished was the Church of the

programs to be undertaken each year to

Holy Sepulchre, first constructed by Con-

provide for Christian institutions and

stantine the Great in the fourth century

communities in the Holy Land. Each indi-

AD. It is said that a local tradition, begun

vidual Lieutenancy is internally structured

long before the Crusades, provided for the

along the lines of the international or-

bestowing of knighthood upon worthy

ganization with a Lieutenant as head,

men by the custodians of the Church of

officers serving as a consultative body

the Holy Sepulchre. It was this tradition

and sections encompassing particular

that served as the basis for the Order's

ulchre of Jerusalem is a major Catholic

geographic areas within the Lieuten-

existence and it remains today a central

Order of Knighthood, under the direct pro-

ancy's assigned jurisdiction.

feature of its existence.


According to the Order’s history: “The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sep-


tection of the Holy See, whose

5th Annual Tulsa CCW Bus Trip Austin, Texas October 15-18, 2012 Monday, October 15, 2012 • Depart Church of the Madalene at 8:00 a.m. • Arrive at St. William Church, Durant • Arrive at hotel, Austin Tuesday, October 16, 2012 • Breakfast at hotel • Visit Sts. Cyril & Methodius Church, Shiner, Texas • Travel to Praha, High Hill, Ammansville • Happy Hour at hotel • Dinner at Italian Ristorante Wednesday, October 17, 2012 • Breakfast at hotel • Travel to Fredricksburg • Mass and Tour at St. Mary’s Church • Explore Fredricksburg • Happy Hour at hotel • Dinner at a Cafe Thursday, October 18, 2012 • Breakfast at hotel • Depart for Tulsa • Stop in Dallas at Cistercian Abbey and Prep School

We hope to go to the cathedral in Austin and possibly have Mass there. It will depend on where we can get it into the schedule.

Want to go? The registration form is available at the entrances to the Cathedral or found on the Cathedral’s website.

Cathedral Collegian: Patrick Wilborn Patrick Wilborn is familiar to those who attend 8:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday

While parents are the primary and most important teachers of the Faith, Holy Family Cathedral’s Religious Education program is ready to help!

mornings. Patrick and his older sister Holly served that Mass for years and years.

Download a registration form from the parish website. Return it to Mrs.

Patrick is attending Roosevelt University in Chicago and a part of the Chicago College of Performing Arts. He is studying musical theatre.

Monika Davis at the parish office or mail it to her at PO Box 3204, Tulsa, OK 74101 Classes begin on September 9 at 8:50 a.m. in the Cathedral School

The Cathedral News highlights Cathedral parishioners who are off to college. If you are the parent of a student heading off to college, email a photo of your child, his course of study, and his school to

building. Get more information on the parish website: 7

Holy Family Cathedral P.O. Box 3204 Tulsa, OK 74101-3204 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

The Cathedral School’s

Eighth Grade Presents

Boulder Beat TV now in its fourth season every Thursday evening.


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