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Holy Family


August 2012

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Volume 18 Issue 1

From the Rector Holy Family Welcomes Fr. John Grant

Dear Parishioners of Holy Family: The stencil work is done and the “men from Kansas” have returned to an even hotter land than here in Oklahoma. While the architects had included this final statement in their original plan, I was wary of its effect. I am not only greatly relieved in the effect but truly happy that we decided to complete the work as originally de-

Father John Grant is already a

signed. When I looked up at the end of the first week of work I said to myself, “Oh,

familiar face for everyone who at-

that is what complete looks like.” I can only hope that all of you are as happy with

tends daily Mass in the Chapel during

the final work as I am. I find that it truly brings all of the colors together and softens

the week. John Grant often attended

each individual part. The final effect is truly amazing. I thank two families of the par-

our noon Mass through the week

ish who paid for this final work. They had asked to do something that would help

while he took classes at Tulsa Uni-

make the work complete; I think they accomplished their purpose.

versity. Early this summer, Deacon Grant

Included in this month’s Cathedral News is a report on your response to my plea

moved his residence to the Cathedral

for increased funding of the operational expenses of the parish. Your response to

Rectory. He preached a number of

this has been truly generous and has made these summer months much less anx-

times and was present at many

ious than previous summers. If this trend continues we will be “out of the woods”

church activities, including Vacation

and well on our way to solvency before September is upon us. So again, I thank you

Bible School.

for your generous ad supportive response.

Fr. Grant was ordained with Fr. Sean Donovan at the end of June and

The insurance bill comes due in August and

officially began his assignment at the

it always runs well over $65,000. Your dollars

Cathedral on July 1. Fr. Grant brings

are at work protecting our beloved and historic

a great enthusiasm to continue his


work in the Church, now as a parish priest. He will speak at the September

May the Good Lord bless each and every one of you.

Theology on Tap, a popular young adults discussion series. The event is

Sincerely in the Holy Family,

at McNellie’s Irish Pub on September 11 at 8:00 p.m. Social hour begins at 7:00 p.m. Msgr. Gregory A. Gier, Rector PHOTO: CATHY NELSON

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“Your response ... has been truly generous and has made these summer months much less anxious than previous summers.�



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In 2012, the parish donated $192,663 in 13 Sundays in May, June and July. In 2011, the parish donated 163,248 in 14 Sundays in May, June and July. The difference is $29,415.

Cathedral News deadlines: Please submit articles and announcements to the Cathedral News by the 15th of the preceding month. Email or send your article to Mike Malcom at the parish office. 3

Notes from the Knightstand BY MARTIN REIDY

They say it’s climate warming Others say its not! Whichever one is rightIt’s “doggone” hot! Deja vu, indeed! Looks like a replay of the summer of 2011 - Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot enough to pull up the drawbridge at the castle Keep and await a cooler clime. All is quiet at the Roundtable though we did manage an informal farewell Saturday morning breakfast for Fr. Van on June 30th following the 8 a.m. Mass. I say informal as it was a stand-up affair held in the big kitchen as the Halpine Room had become a vestry for the many priests attending the Ordination of Fr. Grant, our new parish Associate Pastor, later that Saturday. So, fourteen “Saturday Morning Saints” - those who attend the 8 a.m. Mass in the Chapel - feasted on sausage rolls provided by the Council, and various

whose funeral was held in the Cathedral

troductory chapter on his youth in the mi-

baked delicacies á la Helga to provide an

on July 9th with numerous Knights,

lieu of Jewish tradition of that era. Should

appreciative sendoff for Fr. Van to his

friends, acquaintances, and a 4th Degree

you run out and buy the book be sure to

new assignment. Accompanying him on

Honor Guard in attendance. And so we

have on a good pair of walking shoes as

his trip were two gifts: an oriental conical

say, “Requiescat in pace” to Joe and wish

Paul takes one through the noted cities of

peasant hat to shade him while “working

for him an uninterrupted trip to Heaven!

his classical world in all their glory and excitement as well as their idolatry and

in the vineyard of the Lord,” and an oriental parasol for promenading on Sundays

depravity. You may well understand why

Center For The Homeless continues as

he is reputed to say that he threw himself

little soiree was a visit by Archbishop

usual - heat or not heat the folks gotta

into a thorn bush to overcome temptation

Beltran who, having already had break-

eat! Coming up in the heat of the month is

as you travel with him through Cyprus,

fast, chatted with one and all to culminate

our annual clergy dinner honoring same

Attaleia, Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, Derbe,

the festivities.

in Heiring Hall on the 14th by the Council

Philippi, Thessalonica, Berorea, Athens,

Knights and family members following

Corinth to name but a few of his destina-

the Vigil Mass of the Assumption. Then


The Council also sponsored a summer concert by Daniel Kleefeld on June 24th

it‘s back to fishing in the moat until Pan-

in the Cathedral but our labors were mini-

cake season begins in September. Since I

mal as the musicians did all the work.

like to eat fish but not to catch it while

now-famous Higgs boson only because it

However, a tip of the chapeau does go to

others tried their luck in the moat I curled

has been described as the God particle in

Ed Owen and Paul Louderback who pro-

up in a cool redoubt of the Keep with a jug

that it is the “glue” or means by which

vided the leg work on the project and

of iced tea and a good book - “The World

God wrapped all the electrons, neutrons,

sundry others who helped hawk the tick-

Of Saint Paul" by Joseph M. Callewaert

and protons together to create matter -


from lgnatius Press. A small reading of

including you and me. Now, I won’t begin

200 pages easily read in an afternoon or

to feign that I understand a boson but if

two for under $15.00 it relates the peripa-

those more enlightened than I are correct

Sadly, we also bade farewell to a fellow


The Council monthly dinner at the Day

and such days. Another highlight to our

Finally, a word must be said of the

Knight and stalwart of the parish - Joe

tetic trekkings of St. Paul from Damascus

I must say that it appears that we are all

Waszut - who died on the 3rd of July and

(conversion) to Rome (death) with an in-

just “boson buddies” under the skin! PAX!

RCIA Summer Inquiry classes Explore the Faith BY KATE (NGA) NGUYEN

included. The Creed reminds us of our belief in the Trinity: The Father (the source), the Son (the Word who became man) and the Holy Spirit (guidance and inspiration) and how each Person impacts the faithful. The Nicene Creed is said at Mass as a prayer that encapsulates the beliefs of Catholics. The Mass is the most sacred act of worship a person or community can participate in building a stronger spiritual life. The readings from the Bible, personal prayers and offerings, and the consecration of bread and wine culminate in the sacrament of Communion. It is a gracefilled service which brings us in the presence of God’s love and sacrifice. The Roman Catholic Liturgical Year As summer began, the RCIA volunteer

gives us meanings of seasonal Mass

team has dedicated at least an hour each

celebrations. The seasons include Ad-

Wednesday to those who are inquiring

vent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, the

about the Catholic faith. Such dedication

Triduum and Easter. Each season is rep-

is among the many wonderful services

resented by colors. For example, violet or

that the Cathedral and her staff provide

purple reminds us of preparing for the

not only to the parishioners but to inquir-

coming of Christ during Advent and pen-

ers about the Catholic faith during their

ance and renewal during Lent. Red re-

journey for a stronger spiritual life.

minds us of the Passion of Jesus, God’s that Jesus gives to the Church. Jesus

love, Pentecost Sunday and martyrdom.

Each session, we pray the Holy Spirit

appointed Peter to lead His Church. Peter,

White/gold represents light, triumph, joy

guides our hearts and minds. The team

via the apostolic succession, provides the

and glory for the Seasons of Christmas

informally introduces the Catholic faith by

traditions and teachings of our faith. We

and Easter. Green symbolizes life with

way of their own journeys toward the

discuss the responsibilities of pope, bish-

eternal hope and is used during Ordinary

Church and in turn the inquirers share

ops, priests and deacons as part of the

Time. Rose represents the joy of anticipa-

their faith backgrounds. Following the

Church’s structure. The Councils of Trent

tion for Christmas and Easter.

period of sharing, we tour the cathedral.

and Nicaea are a few examples of the

The team briefly explains the meanings of

Church’s leaders defining the tenets of

So with the joy of anticipation for the

the altar, tabernacle, sanctuary lamp, holy

our faith. We explore a few examples of

upcoming year of RCIA in September, the

water, stained glass windows, candles

the popes’ encyclicals that clarify the

team will conclude the latter part of the

and statues.

Church’s teachings: Dei Verbum: divine

summer with topics on Mary and the

revelation, Lumen Gentium: structure of

saints, salvation, sacraments and the

the Church, Dignitaris Humanae: religious

basics of Catholic dogma. Please keep us

discussed topics such as the Church’s

freedom and Veritatis Splendor: salvation

in your prayers as we journey with these

traditions, scripture, how and why Catho-

and morality. Among the discussions of

wonderful inquirers who are guided and

lic teaching is different from Protestant

the Church’s dogma and public docu-

inspired by the Holy Trinity to “come and

ideas. Gradually we led into the authority

ments, the Apostles & Nicene Creeds are

see” the Catholic faith.

For the first part of the summer we




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August 2012  
August 2012  

Monsignor Gier "much less anxious" about finances after surge in generosity. Frieze stencils end the Cathedral Renovation's interior paintin...