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Holy Family


February 2012

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Volume 17 Issue 6

In this Issue: Monsignor Gier and HFCS celebrate Catholic Schools Week RCIA studies The Work of the Church Women’s Club plans Mardi Gras party Knights of Columbus collect coins for portable ultrasound machines

Dear People of Holy Family Cathedral:

We are into Catholic Schools Week and this is a great time for me to brag a bit about our Holy Family Cathedral School. Certainly it has been a challenge to keep this school available for the many children who have walked its halls in the fourteen years I PHOTO: CATHY N ELSON

have been Rector. However it certainly has been a worthwhile pro-

Another little change for us at

ject and one that has given me

Holy Family Cathedral affected by

great joy and satisfaction.

our school is that almost every Mass on the weekend has a student

At the present time we have a

or students from Holy Family Ca-

very strong staff and administra-

thedral School as one of the servers.

tion. I have always been proud of

The children of our school are more

our teachers. They work diligently

now children of the parish than in

for the good of our children and

the past. They are a part of all that

with less pay than they would re-

we do as parish. They serve the

ceive in the public sphere. They

Bishop’s Masses and our Masses on

however are very dedicated to

regular bases and do it well. It has

teaching our children and to

always been an important part of

teaching them the faith as a basic

Catholic School life that the chil-

part of their daily lives. Our prin-

dren of the school assist the people

cipal has taken the reigns of our

of the parish in prayer. Our chil-

school and led it forward vigor-

dren definitely do this and that also

ously. His strong faith and excel-

brings joy to the heart of this pas-

lent human skills make him the


answer to an old pastor’s prayers. Our academic scores reaffirm my

So congratulations to our stu-

confidence in the teachers and ad-

dents, parents, teachers and princi-

ministration as well as the dedi-

pal for a job very well done. May

cated work of the students and

our lives truly bring glory to the

their families.

Lord our God!!! Sincerely in the Holy Family,

Msgr. Gregory A. Gier, Rector Identification Statement: The Cathedral News Issue 1 February 2012 (USPS 022-729) is published 10 x per year (monthly, except for June and July) by Holy Family Cathedral at 122 W 8th St., Tulsa OK 74119-1402. Periodicals postage paid at Tulsa, OK. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: CATHEDRAL NEWS, PO BOX 3204, Tulsa, OK 74101-3204. 2

Notes from the Knightstand BY MARTIN REIDY

As now I begin my month of purification to wash away my sin and engender God's elation I pray my Lenten penance bring Grace upon my soul and reprieve my sentence when entering the Sheol! time - a time of resolutions and

was removed and replaced by the

and ends with a beginning and cele-

making things right and then puri-

Feast of the Presenatation of the

brated for Christian feast and pagan

fying all that you intend in prepara-

Christ Child in the many delibera-

fests alike. February began as a

tion for the coming new year on

tions of Vatican II. Historically,

time of purification and expiatory

March 1. Thus it is that we come by

both feasts were celebrated on the

ceremonies by the ancient Romans

the name of the month yet used to-

same day, albeit the 14th, and was

in homage of the dead and, as a cor-

day. So much for the Romans! Now,

so done on the 2nd with the date of

ollary, purification rites for the liv-

for nearly two millennia the Purifi-

Christmas set by Pope Julius I in

ing in that death and life are oppo-

cation of the Virgin opened the

349.The eastern church yet cele-

sites of the same coin. These very

month for Christians in with the

brates both feasts on the 14th as

ancient fertility rites and ceremo-

tenets of Jewish Law of Purification

their date of Christmas is, as you

nies were known as the Lupercalia

of the mother of the first born male

know, January 6th. The feast day is/

and centered on the 15th of Febru-

child forty days after birth. Thus,

was also called Candlemass but

ary. Februus was a surname of Lu-

again, forty days after Christmas is

space does not allow for that expla-

percus, the god of shepherds and ag-

February 2 which closes the Christ-

nation other than directing those of

riculture, and whose very name is

mas season and becomes the Feast

you so interested to Zephania 1:12,

derived from the Roman Sabine

of the Purification. Also, February

and the prayerful oration of Simeon

tribal word for purgation. Thus,

traditionally ends with the begin-

in the temple who conducted the Pu-

"febru A" were the expiatory cere-

ning of Lent which is another forty

rification of Mary - both of which

monies previously noted. However,

day period - this time for the purga-

have to do with candles despite be-

February was not an official month

tion, or purification if you will, of

speaking of lamps and lights. Now,

of the year until the time of Numa

the(Christian) individual in prepa-

for those of you also who were in a

Pompilius (715-762 B.C.) as the Ro-

ration for the arrival of the Feast of

state of confusion over this perplex-

mans had a ten month year begin-

Easter. Again, we have the celebra-

ity of dates and feasts I hope that

ning with March as the new year

tion of the dead (Christ) and the pu-

this brief explanation allays your

and ending with the tenth month,

rifying of the living via the lenten

fears. what is to be regretted is that

December. For that matter neither

penitentials. Yet you will no longer

we have lost the official designation,

was January. January and Febru-

find the Feast of the Purification on

so to speak, of the oldest celebrated

ary, instead of measuring time,

the church calendar as happen

feast of the Virgin and which very

might be said to be just passing

stance would have it the feast day

February - begins with an ending

(Continued on page 5)

Cathedral News deadlines: Please submit articles and announcements to the Cathedral News by the 15th of the month. Email or send your article to Mike Malcom at the parish office. 3


The Work of the Church is Explained to our Class BY THE


cial Teachings. His well-received

as simply practical and valuable

ful foundation of the sacraments in

presentation could only scratch the

advice. His description of a sacra-

our lives. They learn about entry

surface of our responsibilities, but

mental marriage as a total giving of

into the Body of Christ through

showed a clear framework to make

self to each other with no reserva-

Baptism, and the spiritual strength-

decisions in all phases of our lives.

tions matches what most people un-

ening that comes from Confirma-

Man, created in God’s image and

derstand about marriage. The added

tion, followed by Marriage, Holy

likeness, has a fundamental value

requirements of total understanding

Orders, Eucharist, Penance and

that cannot be ignored. Our respon-

and acceptance of the responsibili-

Anointing of the Sick. They learn

sibility to each other demands re-

ties involved and acceptance of chil-

the basic, Baltimore Catechism

spect from conception to natural

dren per God’s plan sometimes

phrase “A sacrament is an outward

death. The dignity that each human

make it more challenging, and can

sign instituted by Christ to give

has should never be ignored or de-

be grounds for annulment.

grace.” Mike Malcom’s ping-pong

valued. Kevin was able to show how

ball demonstration of grace being

those concepts are reflected in the

Our sessions continue with in-depth

showered upon us leaves an indeli-

work of Catholic Charities. Most of

study of Eucharist and Reconcilia-

ble mark on the entire class. Those

the individuals served there are not


entering the Church will be very

Catholic, but as children of God, are

knowledgeable about all things

valuable and deserve our help.

Our group is learning the power-

more of the candidates and catechu-

Catholic. Deacon Jerry’s class about marOur new deacon, Kevin Sartorius, presented the topic of Catholic So4

The images on the next page are

riage as a sacrament used Biblical sources and Church Law… as well

mens who are working their way toward full communion at Easter.

Notes from the Knightstand (Continued from page 3)

name - the Purification — occurs in the month denoted by its name. Not to be outdone the Council in

Class Members

cohort with the H.F. Women’s Club is putting on its own "purification" ceremony, or carnival if you prefer, with a little Mardi Gras celebration come Friday, the 17th from circa 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and highlighted with New Orleans food, music, dancing and masks with a door prize of $100 toward a weekend at Gascon's on the White River plus a silent auction of exquisite gifts. So all you men with a Napoleon com-


plex and all you women who harbor a secret desire to become Carmen Miranda - now is your chance! Tickets are $25/couple, or $15/individual. Heiring Hall is the place so, as they say, "Y'all come! Heah, now?" Also, our "Change for Life" project is clinking along, literally, as you can hear the dumping of the coins throughout the Cathedral and B.D. Tidmore asked


that I extend his "Thanks!" to all who have participated with their "begging cup" in this very worthy pro-life project. The diocese has one ultrasound machine bought and blessed but desperately needs another - and are they ever dear: $50,000 @! So, we have a ways to go and a month to do it. Search those couches and easy chairs for lost coins, pick up those dropped pennies and bring them on down to church


on Sunday! Now, prior to closing I need to extend my "mea culpa!" to Raymond and Theresa Dean who were kind enough to drive to Tulsa from Okmulgee following completion of their 3 p.m. workday on the 7th of January to assist in the serving of the homeless dinner on that day. Raymond, who is the nephew of Edna Hawkins who created the delicacy,


and his wife, Theresa, not only came in order to deliver the stew from Edna's kitchen but remained to assist in the serving of the dinner. As I wrote last month I probably forgot to mention someone - I just wish that it had not been these two wonderful persons! And finally, may I say to all the fair ladies: May the heart you now display move the heart in all to say to one and all they meet their way may Valen-


tines by yours today! Pax! 5

Upcoming Events

Bible Study Deacon Jerry Mattox’s weekly Bible Study is focusing on

The Cathedral Women’s Club

Exodus and Church History. It is open to all parishioners and

will meet in the Halpine Room on

meets at 7:00 p.m. every Thursday in the Halpine Room.

February 2 following the Noon Mass. It is a covered dish luncheon. Everyone is welcome. Very exciting business meeting. The 55+ Group will meet for lunch on February 8 at 1:00 p.m. at Ti Amo at 6024 South Sheridan (61st & Sheridan). RSVP to Willie and Melba Yelverton, 918-2862080 or 918-978-4797. Holy Family is one of four downtown churches maintaining the volunteer workforce for Meals on Wheels North West Side of Tulsa. We are very much in need

Calvary Cemetery ask ed for this letter to be printed about a rece nt fire at the cemete ry:

of new volunteers. Holy Family works March, July, & November. Only 2 hours per week during those months. Please call Nancy Mullikin, 918-508-9800, for details. The Cathedral Women’s Club is collecting items for our annual Garage Sale. It will be held in March of 2012. Contact Ann Owen, 918-748-9419, or Helga Gorman, 918–636-0860 to arrange pickup. Parish Lenten Dinners are on Fridays of Lent: Feb. 24, Mar. 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30. Watch the bulletin

Sunday, January 1, 2012

an incide nt occurred at at Calvary Cemet ery which involved the bur ning of incense stic ks pushed into the ground by a grave marker. The dry and windy condit ions resulted in a fire which spread rapidly. A member of the cem etery staff was leavin g the office when not ified of the fire. Thankfully that person was able to maint ain and fin ally stop the fire from spreading throug hout the groun ds. The caretaker wa s contacted for backup assistance . Calvary Cemetery ha s a policy of prohibitin g the burning of can dles, incense sticks or any other form of lighted fire. No lighted cigare tte may be pushed into the cra cks of any mausoleu m or nic he or lighted incense sticks placed in the grass abutting the side wa lk. We are asking your help to please pass the importance of our no fire policy along to your par ishioners. On the adv ice of the Diocesan office we ask that each parish mak e a note of this policy. Thankf ully a traged y was avoided this time.

for more detailed information. Thank you, The Calvary Cemete ry Manag



Come feast before you Fast! Celebrate with Rex at our Inaugural Mardi Gras Gala! Enjoy an Authentic Dinner, Costume Contest, a Drawing for a King and Queen and Silent Auction at Holy Family Cathedral on Friday evening, February 17, 2012 Starting at 6:30 p.m.

PrePre-Purchase ticket reservations are required. Cost: $25.00 per couple or $15 per person Tickets may be purchased through the HFC Women’s Club, or Knights of Columbus Council #10388 members or by contacting Ann Owen at 918918 -748748 -9419,; or Kevin Ikenberry at Do your kids want to celebrate Mardi Gras? Tulsa’s Challenge Girls will provide babysitting for the HFC Women’s Club/K of C Mardi Gras Dinner Fundraiser. A rollicking good time is guaranteed! Children 3 & up. Preregistration is required. Call or email Julie at 918-810-4500 or to pre-register or with questions. Dinner, snack, craft, games, and their own Mardi Gras Parade included! Drop off as early as 6:15pm and pick up no later than 10:15pm. Donations accepted. 7

Holy Family Cathedral P.O. Box 3204 Tulsa, OK 74101-3204

Holy Family is now enrolling children in grades Pre-Kindergarten Three through the 8th grade for the 2012-2013 school year. Holy Family parishioners can pick up an enrollment packet at any time and will be given priority enrollment from February 13th 16th. We expect most of our classes to be at capacity so don’t delay. Please contact the school office at 918-582-0422 or email for information or a tour of our school.


February 2012  

Monsignor Gier and HFCS celebrates Catholic Schools Week. RCIA studies The Work of the Church. The Women's Club plans a Mardi Gras party. Th...