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Holy Family

CATHEDRAL NEWS September 2011

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Volume 17 Issue 1

Parish celebrates anniversary September 10 marks the 112th Anniversary of the first Mass said in the original Holy Family Church. Our church was the first Catholic church and the fourth house of worship built in Tulsa. The parish opened its school the next day - September 11, 1899. These dates are significant because the parish and school began immediately to work for the good of the city. Father Charles Van Hulse, the first pastor, offered the sacraments to a growing population of Irish Catholics, drawn to Oklahoma by the discovery of oil. The School offered a Catholic education to all Tulsa kids, but focused on “Creek Indian girls,� a requirement from the financier, Saint Katharine Drexel.

A Word from the Rector Dear People of Holy Family: We are coming upon a significant mo-

funerals for one of our most recently or-

ment in the life of our parish. With the

dained priests, Father Jorge Gomez and

coming of October we will have com-

one of our seminarians, Stanley Kariuki.

pleted the Three Year Pledge Drive for

As I am sure you know they were killed

the roof. I am sure you all remember

in a most tragic accident. The Cathedral

that day when I announced that we

fulfilled one of its greatest functions as it

needed to raise at least $500,000 dollars

brought the many people of the city and

to keep the men on the roof. Many of

Diocese together for this event. Our be-

you have responded very generously to

loved Cathedral was filled to capacity

that plea as did many respond to the Ma-

and served well for the families and pa-

jor Gift Drive which ran simultaneously

rishioners of the three parishes so deeply

with the Three Year Pledge Drive. The

affected by these deaths. We some-

two drives pledged over one million dol-

times wonder why we work so hard to

lars and they both come to a conclusion

keep the Cathedral in good condition and


on October 1 .

repair. We do it for the greater honor and glory of our God and the good of the

The men stayed on the roof and the

people as well. We certainly have a

roof was completed without our going

unique function and purpose in the life of

into a huge debt.

this city and Diocese and it is truly a

So once again I thank you for your coop-

privilege to be the people called to pro-

eration and congratulate you on your

vide such services for the good of others.

dedication to this great work of preserv-

We reach out in many ways but this one

ing a major building in the history of both

touches our very being as Church and

Tulsa and the Catholic Church of Okla-

believers. We are not simply a parish


church, we are the sign of the unity of the whole diocese th

On August 30 of this year we experi-

and we do it very well.

enced what it means to be the Cathedral

Congratulations on a job

of the Diocese. On that day we had the

well done!

Sincerely in the Holy Family,

Msgr. Gregory A. Gier Rector Photo: Cathy Nelson

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Sister Mary Clare: Standing in the Gap Some have had the experience of feeling alone when sickness or death challenges their family; of feeling devastated when their family faces the loss of a job or divorce; or perhaps, of feeling sad and helpless when their children are influenced by false societal values. Hardship may encourage a hurting person to reach out in need to compassionate friends for support. Hardships also give the hurt and wounded experience and wisdom when later in life, they become compassionate ministers to others. Many Catholic Parishioners are blessed with a missionary spirit to care directly for a neighbor in

ties and Catholic Parishes for over a year and provides

need, who requests a Catholic support group to walk

prayer and support for those in need with no exchange of

with on his/her journey to Jesus’ healing. If you are in-

funds, please stop by Heiring Auditorium after the Masses,

terested in finding out about the ministry called Stand in

Sept. 3-4. Sister Mary Clare, O.S.B. will be available at a

the Gap, which has been working with Catholic Chari-

table to answer questions.

Back to School September 11 Holy Family Cathedral School’s eighth grade class is producing a weekly news video called “Boulder Beat TV.” The videos are posted on the school’s website. Religious Education Classes begin on Sept 11. Classes meet in the School at 8:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Classes are one hour. There is no charge. These classes include preparation for First Communion and for Confirmation. If you have any questions, call Mrs. Davis, 918-582-6247 ext. 18.

Cathedral News deadlines: Please submit articles and announcements to the Cathedral News by the 15th of the month. Email or send your article to Mike Malcom at the parish office.

The Many Crosses of the Cathedral

He surrendered himself to death and was counted among the wicked; And he shall take away the sins of many, and win pardon for their offenses. Isaiah 53:12b

It is not difficult to pick the most commonly used

where the cardinal archbishop of New York conse-

symbol of Christianity. The empty tomb? Fire? Oil?

crated the church in 1925. The three crosses atop

Water? God’s hand? Grapes? Wheat? A

our Cathedral’s steeples ask God for His

fish? Any of these symbols has a long

blessing upon us and our city.

tradition of being used as a teaching tool,

Thanks to a generous donation, Holy

some used by First Century Christians

Family Cathedral has a new cross so we

and by Christ Himself. However the cross

may better contemplate Christ’s sacrifice.

is the symbol most associated with our

It came from the personal collection of the


late John E. Rooney.

Our Cathedral is filled with crosses. A

The trunk of the cross is covered in

former Ordinary of Tulsa, Archbishop

symbols reminding us of the Paschal

Eusebius Beltran used to challenge visi-

Mystery. The eclipsed moon recalls

tors to count the crosses. Each cross has

Christ’s death while the sun proclaims the

its own mean-

glory of Easter

ing and pur-

morning. The

pose. The large

rooster recalls

missionary cru-

Peter’s threefold

cifix on the

denial. There are

back wall of the

many more sym-

Cathedral may have hung in the original

bols: tongs, a ladder, a tunic, a spear or

1899 church. The wooden crosses over

lance, a chalice and host, a crown, and a

the Stations of the Cross are made of

stole. It may be a worthwhile challenge for

native olive wood from the Holy Land and

us to explore the cross to find all the sym-

were each laid on the tomb of the Holy


Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The twelve gold crosses with candles mark the places

This cross sits between the church and school.

Notes from the Knightstand BY MARTIN REIDY

Summer's near gone - but not a loss! Aaah! Soon to be is Autumn's frost! As the searing summer begins to fade

travel kit - and promptly left town seeking a

munity" and the first honoree was no other

the Council is gearing up once again to

cooler clime. G.K. Kevin Ikenberry won

than .... (drum roll, please) MYSELF!!!

serve our world famous pancake break-

the tear drop radio that does everything

Needless to say I knew nothing of this

fast come the 18th - our usual third Sun-

but cook supper. It took me about an hour

award until it was presented to me at the

day of the month. So, whet your appetites

to set the “time” function so I asked Kevin

dinner and am naturally deeply moved by

and come on down for the fare and friend-

the next day was his daughter, who took

this expression of appreciation. However,

ship that becomes this monthly breakfast

possession of the prize at the dinner, able

there is nothing like an award to impress

feast in Heiring Hall. We look forward to

to program all the functions. Not only was

on one the import of their personage but I

seeing all those familiar faces plus some

she so able but she did it in about 10 min-

am fearful that this well intentioned acco-

new ones and the price is still $4.00! That

utes! A gift of appreciation was also given

lade may come back to haunt them. Hav-

price can’t be beat!

to the good Monsignor as well as Fr. Van

ing given that cautionary advice I feel that

in recognition of all that they do for our

it is only apropro that I now be addressed

spiritual good standing.

as “His Ultimateness,” or perhaps more

Recapping the activities of August: Heiring Hall was jumping with sixty plus Knights and accompanying family mem-

Finally, the Council came forward with a

correctly, “His Ultimacy.” Meanwhile, I

bers at our annual Priest Appreciation

new award and classification which merits

need to shop for an acceptable livery and

Dinner to honor the Cathedral clergy, to

a few lines of approbation: The Ultimate

accoutrement worthy of my new dignity

wit: Monsignor Gier, Fr. Van, and a new

Knight Award. This award originated

and station in the Council. So, while others

arrival pro tem, Fr. Mike Pratt. Steve Wire

within the collective wisdom of the Council

shop for pancake breakfast supplies I'll be

walked away with the Grand Prize - a din-

this past summer and is given "in sincere

shopping the better haberdasherys of the

ner certificate to any of three local upscale

gratitude for a lifetime of tireless and altru-

ville! PAX!

restaurants, while Helga Gorman won the

istic service to Council, Church, and Com-

Cathedral to host Health Screenings on September 16 & 17 Most of us have witnessed the dev-

pay for these screenings unless you

astating effects of what heart attacks

are symptomatic. Average cost in a

and strokes can do. Many of these

hospital is $800 per screening. Your

cases can be prevented by early de-

cost is $45 per exam or all 9 screen-

tection. Scan Specialists will be at

scan the liver and the spleen for any

Holy Family Cathedral 0n September

cyst type masses or enlargements, the

If you’re a smoker, eat an unbal-

16&17 performing 9 ultrasound, color

kidneys and the gallbladder for stones,

anced diet, have high blood pressure,

flow Doppler screenings.

cysts or tumors and finally they will

high cholesterol, diabetes or you have

check the Arteries in the Legs for

family history of heart disease, aneu-

both sides of the neck for fatty plaque

blockages. This could be a good indi-

rysms or stroke, you may be at higher

build-up and blockage, which is the

cator of heart disease, and is the num-


number one cause of stroke. Second,

ber one reason for leg amputation in

they will scan the thyroid for cysts or

the U.S.

First, they will scan the Arteries on

tumors. Third, they will scan the main

Typically, these are screenings that

Artery off of the Heart for aneurysms,

physicians DO NOT DO on annual

which rarely show symptoms, they will

physicals nor will insurance companies

ings for only $189.

Take advantage of these screenings. Pre-registration is required. Please call 1 800 931-4772 to schedule your appointment.

Upcoming Events The First Quarterly Meeting of the

Tulsans for Life needs volunteers for

to send teams of three or four people

Council of Catholic Women is Thurs-

its 37th annual booth at the 2011 Tulsa

in theses grade levels: 3rd & 4th; 5th &

day, September 15 at Saint Henry

State Fair, September 29 through Oc-

6th; and 7th & 8th. Email mikemal-

Church in Owasso, 918-272-3710,

tober 9. Volunteers work in pairs at the to get more informa-

8500 N. Owasso Expressway. Our

booth in four hour shifts. The booth


speaker is Sister Rosalind Moss, foun-

offers pro-life literature and other items

dress of the Daughters of Mary, Mother

to fairgoers. To volunteer, please call

Deacon Jerry Mattox’s weekly Bible

of Our Hope, who will open the meet-

Phyllis Lauinger at 918-749-2600 or

Study is focusing on Genesis and

ing at 10:00. The Business Meeting,

Trish Sherry at 918-747-4386.

Church History. It is open to all parish-

Mass & Luncheon will follow later in

ioners and meets at 7:00 p.m. every

the day. Registration is at 9:30; meet-

The 55+ Group will meet for lunch at

ing at 10:00. Cost for the day is $10,

the Go West Restaurant on Wednes-

which includes lunch and a light break-

day, September 14 at 1:00 p.m. RSVP

The 8th Annual Saint Francis of As-

fast. RSVP to Gloria Baker, 918-446-

to Fred or Paulette at 918-224-0538 or

sisi Gala is September 29 at the Tulsa


918-630-4638. The restaurant is at

Convention Center. It is the primary

6205 New Sapulpa Road. If you are

fund-raising event for the Saint Francis

Annual Diocesan Blue Mass: On

coming from Tulsa, go West on I-44

of Assisi Tuition Assistance Trust. The

Sunday September 11, the tenth anni-

and exit at 49th W. Ave. Turn left at the

goal is to ensure Catholic education is

versary of the infamous terrorist at-

stop sign. Go to the next stop sign and

accessible to all who want it. Annual

tacks against our nation, there will be a

turn right and again right at the very

awards will recognize long-standing

special Blue Mass at 10:00 a.m. at the

next stop sign. You will be between

supporters of Catholic education and

Cathedral, asking God’s continued pro-

Quicktrip and Arbys on the access

the Catholic School Teacher of the

tection and blessing on the first re-

road. Go 1/2 mile to the restaurant on

Year. Mass and Dinner will both be at

sponders from our community: police

your left. More detailed instructions are

The Tulsa Convention Center. Bishop

officers, firefighters and EMSA person-

found at

Slattery will be the celebrant. A seated

nel. First Responders from our parish

Thursday in the Halpine Room.

dinner prepared by Chef Devin Levine

are invited to participate in this Mass,

Youth Group: How well do you know

will follow. For tickets, contact Jan Hay

in uniform, to receive the grateful

the Bible? Holy Family is organizing

at the Catholic Schools Office, 918-

prayers of the Church. For more infor-

teams to compete in a friendly Jeop-


mation, please contact di-

ardy-style quiz game at St. Benedict’s

church on September 30. The hope is

Holy Family Cathedral P.O. Box 3204 Tulsa, OK 74101-3204

September 2011  

A new outdoor cross draws attention. Sister Mary Clare invites parishioners to "Stand in the Gap." School and RE are back!