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New Deacons Kevin Sartorius (foreground), Greg Stice (back), and Nelson Sousa (not pictured) to serve at Holy Family Cathedral. Photo: Dave Crenshaw, cover, p. 4

Volume 17 Issue 1

A Word from the Rector

Dear People of Holy Family: The summer has been very hot and I am sorry that

Deacon Kevin Sartorius we will share with Catholic

the Church always seems a little warm. Our air condi-

Charities where he is the Director and “man in charge.�

tioning system tries very hard to keep us cool but the

Deacon Gregory Stice we will share with the Diocesan

building is not insulated and therefore makes it very

Office of Worship. Deacon Nelson Sousa will be as-

hard to hold the cold air in the building. The use of the

signed here as well as assistant Master of Ceremonies

side doors for exiting after the Masses on Saturday and

to the Bishop. Welcome to all of you and we hope you

Sunday has actually helped. So thank you for your pa-

become a great part of our life here at Holy Family.

tience and willingness to undergo a little inconvenience October is close at hand and I am sure many of you

for the ones who follow after you.

will be delighted to have your three year pledge comThe summer also welcomes some newcomers to our

pleted for the restoration of the Cathedral. Your coop-

clergy. We are much honored to have the newly or-

eration and generosity to this program has been a

dained, Fr. Michael Pratt, with us for August and Sep-

great inspiration to me and your fellow parishioners.

tember before he returns to Rome for the completion of

Your regularity in paying the pledge has given me great

his graduate studies. We welcome him to Holy Family

confidence in being able to pay bills on time and bring

Cathedral and hope that the memories and experi-

this project to a happy conclusion. I thank you for your

ences of this summer can be held as dearly as the ex-

diligence as do all the people of the future who will en-

perience of his ordination here a few weeks ago.

joy the security and stability of this building. The building was not more stable the day it was finished in 1914

August will also welcome three new permanent deacons to our ranks. While two of them have greater re-

than it is today. This is a great gift to the future of the Diocese of Tulsa and the city of Tulsa as well. You are

sponsibilities in other areas, they nevertheless will be part of our life here at the Cathedral. Sincerely in the Holy Family,

Msgr. Gregory A. Gier Rector

Identification Statement The Cathedral News Issue 1 August 2011 (USPS 022-729) is published 10 x per year (monthly, except for June and July) by Holy Family Cathedral at 122 W 8th St., Tulsa OK 74119-1402. Periodicals postage paid at Tulsa, OK. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: CATHEDRAL NEWS, PO BOX 3204, Tulsa, OK 74101-3204.

Three-Year Renovation Pledges update: $28,000.00 is currently outstanding on the pledges for the Renovation Fund. Thank you for your continued generosity. Photo: Cathy Nelson

Notes from the Knightstand


The moat is dry The castle’s hot! We sit and fry and bemoan our lot! Well, needless to say the heat

Knights and all of his acquaintance.

The Council did participate in the

brought nary a peep from our baking

Furthermore, Kevin is known through-

enjoining of the garage sale in June,

castle keep through much of June and

out the halls of justice as a barrister

recognition of those altar servers

July. We did manage to elect a new

worthy of the many accolades thereby

graduating from high school with a cer-

Grand Knight to lead us upward and

given and always solicitous of the

tificate and cash stipend to see them

onward, Kevin Ikenberry.

needs of the poor and the downtrod-

off on the journey of life, and the Priest

Kevin, along with the other officers

den! Unfortunately, we were unable to

Appreciation Dinner in August attended

of the Council, was properly installed in

toast his election in proper manner un-

by the parish clergy, Knights of the

his office at an evening Mass presided

til the July meeting due to the accumu-

Council, their ladies, and respective

over by our Chaplain, Fr. Van at 6:30

lata of items for the upcoming garage


p.m. on June 7th. Kevin is known to be

sale when he was feted in proper man-

of sterling character and much beloved

ner with a beef rib dinner prepared by

into history for others to pass judg-

and held in high esteem by his fellow

fellow Knight, Joe Parker.

ment. Pax!

And with that our summer recedes

Knights move utility sheds The parish Knights of Columbus, under the leadership of project coordinator Robert Schraeder, moved the two utility sheds across the parking lot. The sheds now sits on an unused part of the lot where the old school playground was. The newly freed space will be open to serve as additional parking.

Cathedral Welcomes Three New Deacons

Father Mike Pratt to join Holy Family for the summer Father Michael Pratt joins dozens of newly ordained priests who have come to Holy Family either to serve as associate pastors or to live in residence for a short time. Father Pratt belongs to the latter group, much like Father Jack Gleason did in the summer of 1996. Father Mike grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He spent time with Frs. Bob Schlitt, Joe Townsend, and Ken

Deacon Kevin Sartorius Another couple originally from Kansas, Kevin and Jennifer Sartorius presently attend Holy Family Cathedral. They have five young children and are expecting their sixth in September. Kevin serves as executive director of Catholic Charities. Deacon Kevin’s favorite passage of Holy Scripture is Matthew 28:19, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." As an ordained minister, he knows that he will be expected to live out this mission as well as the universal call to holiness at a new level of intensity and in a very public way For this reason, Kevin looks to the example of St. Benedict of Nursia, who believed that holiness can be attained through a balance of prayer and work. As a permanent deacon, he knows that he is now called to both prayer and work in the vineyard of our Lord. Deacon Nelson Sousa Deacon Nelson is a registered polysomnographic technologist at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa. He and his wife, Sarah, are from Fall River, Mass., and have three daughters and a son. Of Portuguese descent, Nelson has a special devotion to St. Elizabeth of Portugal. He admires her custom of visiting the poor - especially children - and bringing to them food and staples. She would also allow the children to wear her crown as a symbol of the fact that, as children of God, all the baptized are members of Gods royal family The Portugese culture has a particularly pious devotion of celebrating St. Queen Elizabeth throughout the Easter season. There is a weekly procession to the parish church, in which the crown of the Holy Ghost is brought from a particular parishioners home. At the conclusion of Mass, all children in attendance are ‘crowned" with this crown. This constant array of weekly festivities culminates on the Pentecost, with the Feast of the Holy Ghost. It is always such a joy for Nelson to be able to return to his birthplace and enjoy these festivities.

Harder who encouraged him to think about the seminary. He studied as Oklahoma State University for two years, then entered the seminary program for the Diocese of Tulsa. He studied at the North American College Seminary in Rome. Father Mike will return to Rome this fall to complete an additional degree in Marriage and Family Studies.

Deacon Gregory Todd Stice Deacon Greg is a risk management administrator at Cherokee Nation Businesses LLC. He and his wife, Lisa, have three children: Moriah, 13; Katie, 10; and Joshua, 4. From Anderson, Ind., they now live in Mounds and attend St. Clement of Rome Parish, Bixby. St. Stephen, the Deacon, is Greg’s favorite saint. St. Stephens’s courage in standing up for the truth and preaching the Word of Christ in the midst of opposition has been a source of strength for Greg himself. Also, St. Stephen demonstrated Christ’s love for the widows, children and even his persecutors and this provides the deacon an excellent model for his ordained ministry Deacon Greg finds that Lent is the most powerful time for him as he attempts to purify himself from sin and selfishness through self-denial, prayer and adoration. Greg hopes to spend his life seeking a more fruitful conversion to Christ so that by being more obedient to Gods will he might better spread His Word and do His work.

High School Graduates Head to College

Will Gray graduated from Union High School and will be attending Oklahoma State University in the fall. Will plans to major in mechanical engineering. Another interest is in ROTC. Will was a cadet for 4 years in the Union High School Air Force program. As a senior leader, he was honored by the Tulsa chapter of the Special Forces Association with their Award of Excellence.

Angela Wilkerson graduated from Cascia Hall and will be attending the University of Oklahoma in August. She is planning to major in Professional Writing at this time.

Paul Williams graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. He is at-

HOLY FAMILY CATHEDRAL SCHOOL CALENDAR 2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR 15 August Back to School Night 17 August First Day of School 5 September No School - Labor Day 10 September HFCS School Auction 26-28 September Parent/Teacher Conferences - Progress Reports 29 September St. Francis of Assisi Dinner 30 September No School / Parent/ Teacher Conferences 13 October Walk-a-thon 14 October No School / Teacher Inservice 20 October First Quarter Ends 27 October Report Cards go home 5 November HFCS Trivia Night 17 November Progress Reports 21-27 November Thanksgiving Vacation Week - No School 15 December Christmas Play 21 December Christmas Parties - NO AFTERCARE 22 December-3 January Christmas Break 4 January Classes Resume 10 January Second Quarter Ends 16 January MLK Day 19 January Report Cards go home 28 January Mike Petzet Dinner 29 January Beginning of Catholic Schools Week 6-10 February Iowa Testing 15-16 February Cogat Testing 16 February Progress Reports 17 February Diocesan In-Service - No School 18 February Chili Cookoff 20 February Snow Day - President’s Day 22 February Ash Wednesday 22 March L Third Quarter Ends 17-25 March Spring Break 29 March Third Quarter Ends 2-4 April Parent/Teacher Conferences 5 April No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences 6 April No School - Good Friday 9 April Snow Day - Easter Monday 19 April Progress Reports 4 May Principal’s BBQ 11 May Principal’s BBQ Rain Makeup Day 16 May Winning House Field Trip 18 May Light of Leadership Mass 22 May Graduation 23 May Last Day of School/Fun Day - NO AFTERCARE 24 May Snow Day 25 May Snow Day

tending the University of Chicago in the fall to study chemistry or physics.

In case of snow we will use the following days for make-up: February 20 2011 April 9 2011 May 24 2011 and May 25 2011

Upcoming Parish Eve


The Women's Club wi ll

have their First meeti ng of this year on Septemb er 1, 2011 following the 12:05 mass in the au ditorium. This is our open invitation to all women of the Cathedral to join for lunch. Club dues will be du e of $15.00 for the ye ar. No charge for lunch. We would like to comple tely update our mailing list - so eve n if you can not attend , please contact Nancy Mulliki n or Ann Owen with your information. Thank you.

At every weekend Ma ss, we pray for the sic k as part of our Intentions. To get a name on the sic k list, all you need to do is ca ll the parish office and request a name to be placed on the list. Please design ate a length of time that the name should be on the list. Please keep us update d as to the status of the person for whom we are praying and/or leave a phone number for which we can check a person’s status. We need your assist ance in this.

RCIA: If you know so meone who has curiosity about ou r faith, the Cathedral offers a great opportunity to get questions answere d. Please have him come to the sessions on Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm in the Halpine Room begin ning June 15. Call Janie at 918-25 4-6941 or just show up.

Deacon Jerry Mattox ’s weekly Bible Study is focusing on Genesis and Church History. It is open to all parishioners and meets at 7:00 p.m. ev ery Thursday in the Halpine Room.

Holy Family Cathedral P.O. Box 3204 Tulsa, OK 74101-3204

August 2011  
August 2011  

Holy Family welcomes three new deacons, wishes our high school graduates a good first year in college, and welcomes back our HFCS students.