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Issue 6 Friday 12th Oct. 2018

“A Parliament is nothing less than a big meeting of more or less idle people.” Walter Bagehot, constitutional lawyer



Wiseman Site: Official Opening & Blessing   @HFCSWaltham



Blessing of our new buildings We were delighted to welcome Bishop Alan to the school on Monday of this week. It is the third time in recent years that Bishop Alan has visited to open a new building. This week it was the turn of the Wiseman site where the extensive building works of the past 18 months have come to an end. We had lots of guests arrive and they were very well looked after by our sixth form prefect team. Students had entered into the spirit of the day by producing some amazing cakes, writing prayers and drawing posters to mark the occasion. We have decided to call the RE classrooms the Romero Suite after Archbishop Oscar Romero who was martyred for continuing to speak out for the poor. Archbishop Romero will be canonised in a ceremony in Rome this Sunday, 14th October. Bishop Alan and our other guests were able to see all the new accommodation that has been created including a new chapel, a Learning Resource Centre, the Lecture Theatre, new classrooms, prayer garden and, of course, our amazing Sports Hall. During the course of his visit he blessed each room with holy water. The new facilities are already being really well used. The Sports Hall is busy throughout the day and in the fitness room we have four rowing machines which are proving extremely popular. It’s great to see students being active and enjoying playing sport and staying healthy and fit.

We had guests from the Brentwood Diocese Education Department who sent us a lovely thank you message, part of which I’ve reproduced below: “Just a quick note to thank you and your colleagues for such a warm welcome and a wonderful day of celebration and blessing. As always we found Holy Family living up to its name in terms of community and common purpose. The celebration of the success of the building works and the efforts and contributions of those who made them possible, augmented by the competition entries of pupils, the first-class catering and the splendid tour made for a fantastic morning.” We were very proud of the new buildings, but even more proud of the excellent conduct and pride in their school shown by the students. It was a wonderful day for the school and the culmination of years of planning, preparation and hard work. Roman pot One final delightful surprise was to receive a picture of a complete Roman pot discovered underneath the Wiseman playground in the very last days of the construction project. As you will be aware the excavations for the Sports Hall discovered significant evidence of Roman settlement including pottery and two 3rd century Roman coins as well as the outline of buildings. However, the most complete article is the one you see below and we hope to receive this pot on long-term loan so that we can display it in the school. It is amazing to think that it is probably almost 2000 years old and that it has been sitting all these years beneath our playground.

HEADTEACHER'S MESSAGE Parents’ surgery Parents’ surgery is every Thursday from 4pm to 5pm on the Walthamstow site. If ever I am unavailable, a member of the senior team substitutes for me. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

The Parliamentary Review This year Holy Family features in a publication called the Parliamentary Review. This magazine is produced annually and 500,000 copies are distributed across the United Kingdom. Holy Family is featured in the magazine and there is a thousand word article about the school which can be seen on our website. As a result of appearing in the Parliamentary Review I was fortunate to be invited to a reception on the terrace of the House of Lords on Wednesday of this week. The event was hosted by Lord Blunkett, the former Labour Education Secretary. Other guest speakers included rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson who gave an interesting speech about what is truly important in life and Andrew Neill, broadcaster and former editor of the Sunday Times who gave an entertaining overview of how politics has been turned upside down in recent years and how he thinks Brexit will end (a deal with all the details to be worked out in the transition period). Miss Gaynor, who is responsible for all our marketing work in the school, accompanied me and we made some good contacts who are keen to come to the school and give talks about both student well-being and careers in the STEM sector. All in all it was both a useful and enjoyable evening.

Dr Andy Stone Headteacher

Eddie presents Bishop Alan with his prayer 

Sporting ActivitiesÂ


Commendations This week we have headteacher commendations for Kya Brown in Yr 10 for her excellent Black History Month poem, Kya was nominated by her Head of Year, Mr Cronin. Olivia Contaldo in Yr 11 for tremendous progress in maths, nominated by Head of Maths, Mr McCollin Precious Nkwazema in Yr 11 for having a positive attitude to learning and receiving a grade 6 in a recent science assessment Asaph Lomena in Yr 11 for being a positive role model to younger students in a restorative meeting and performing well in Maths Natalia Gallagher in Yr 11 - excellent work and attitude in Science and French. Precious, Asaph and Natalia were each nominated by their Head of Year, Ms Carrick.





Year 11 Football HFCS 1- 1 Lammas  Our goal scored by last weeks MOTM Asaph! A very tight game, looks like this years title will go to goal difference!

MFL Corner Michel Ocelot, le créateur de Kirikou, revient avec son nouveau film, Dilili à Paris. Michel Ocelot : J'aime bien voyager, sur le globe et dans l'histoire. Tous mes films se passent dans des endroits intéressants. Il était logique que je passe par Paris, qui est l'un des endroits les plus intéressants de la planète ! J'ai tardé à le faire et je trouve qu'il était temps de célébrer cette belle ville parce que c'est un lieu fascinant. J'ai choisi Paris et la Belle Époque parce qu'il y avait de belles robes qui n'ont existé qu'à cette période-là. Comme d'habitude, je me suis bien renseigné sur l'époque que j'allais traiter. Par exemple, je me suis aperçu qu'il n'y avait pas que des « froufrous » ! C'est à cette époque que les échanges entre les régions du monde se sont multipliés. Presque tout ce que l'on consomme aujourd'hui vient de ces échanges ! Et la liste des personnages célèbres qui ont marqué l'histoire à ce moment-là est impressionnante dans tous les domaines.

El adiós de Fernando Alonso Fernando Alonso dice adiós... Y lo hace de la forma más discreta y emotiva, como lo que es, ¡todo un campeón! Hace unos días colgó este vídeo en su red social anunciado su despedida de Fórmula 1. «Tú no me esperabas y yo no estaba seguro de querer conocerte. Me diste mucho y yo, creo que te lo di todo. Cuando apenas sabía andar, ya corría hacia tu ruido, hacia tus circuitos, sin saber nada de ti...." Así comenzaba un vídeo que ya es viral y que en un minuto describe todo lo que le ha dado este deporte al piloto español. Con 37 años dice adiós con 32 victorias en diecisiete temporadas en la categoría reina del automovilismo! Su despedida será el próximo 25 de noviembre en Yas Marina (Abu Dabi).

Chaplaincy Corner MRS. GRIERSON

Bishop Alan blessed the new Chapel on the Wiseman site during his visit to open and bless the Romero Suite. Personally, I was delighted to learn that the new building was to be called the Romero Suite, named after Blessed Oscar Romero – who on Sunday 14 October will be canonised St Oscar Romero. I am fortunate to be going to Rome for this wonderful event. After meeting in various classrooms for the past two years, the Year 9-11 Justice & Peace club finally met together in the Chapel. Students remarked on the calmness and peace to be found there.

Year 11 student Chloe, from the Justice & Peace group shares ideas for the Prayer Garden with Bishop Alan.

Chaplaincy Corner MRS. GRIERSON

Meanwhile, on the Walthamstow site the Year 7 and 8 Peace Club have been fundraising for CAFOD Harvest Fast Day. They put together two jars, one full of brightly coloured stationery and one full of sweets, and are asking for a donation of 20p to guess the number. The closest wins! They have worked extremely hard every break and lunchtime.

A number of great cakes were baked for Bishop Alan’s visit. He took a selection back to the Cathedral office and the rest have been sold to students and staff for the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day appeal. Again, the Year 7 and 8 Peace Club have organised the cake sale every lunchtime.

Chaplaincy Corner MRS. GRIERSON

Who was Oscar Romero? Oscar Romero was the Archbishop of San Salvador from 1977 until he was assassinated in 1980. He became increasingly outspoken about human rights violations in El Salvador. During his three years as archbishop, Romero repeatedly denounced violence and spoke out on behalf of the victims of the civil war. In a time of heavy press censorship, his weekly radio broadcasts were often the only way people could find out the truth about the atrocities that were happening in their country. He defended the right of the poor to demand political change. On the day before his assassination, he urged soldiers and police not to follow orders to kill civilians and stop the repression. “The peasants you kill are your own brothers and sisters,” he preached. “When you hear a man telling you to kill, remember God’s words, “Thou shalt not kill”. Archbishop Romero was shot dead on 24 March 1980, aged 62, while celebrating Mass. In the ensuing decade, some 70,000 Salvadorans were killed in the civil war. He was one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century, who deserves to be commemorated alongside the likes of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi as a peacemaker who sacrificed his life standing up to injustice. Oscar Romero will be canonised along with Pope Paul VI. There was a clear personal connection between the two men. At a difficult time in Romero’s life, he visited the pope. “Courage!” the pope told Romero, grasping both his hands.

Chaplaincy Corner MRS. GRIERSON

Saint Oscar Romero, You lived the Gospel and demanded justice for oppressed people. Help us to follow your example. Pray for the people of El Salvador. And pray for us,                                   that we may become saints,           living the Gospel                                 and bravely speaking up                 for those whose voices are ignored. Amen.  

u yo Did ow? kn

Duke of Edinburgh

D of E? What on Earth is that? It is a three level programme available for 14 to 18 year olds, which when completed, could result in a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Each tier increases in minimum length they take to complete, and how challenging it actually is to go through. Each tier also has a minimum age at which you may start it, for example, students from year 9 can participate in the Bronze expedition. As part of the D of E experience, students have the option of spending 6 months completing one of the following: Volunteering, Physical or Skills and the other two sections are completed for 3 months. It is also the choice of the student how they complete these sections, which are also compulsory in order to complete the full award and earn that badge! During weekly sessions run by either Mr Wilbraham, the main co-ordinator, or Mr. Keers, students would discuss what routes to take on their practice and actual expedition.

This article is brought to you by the Marketing and PR 6th Form Team: Niko, Megan & Steven

u yo Did ow? kn

Duke of Edinburgh

Recently, the year 12’s completed their training for the gold expedition, which included a week long in Dartmoor of intense day and night walks which were both mentally and physically tiring/challenging. Part of the PR and marketing team interviewed some of the students that went on this journey: Jasmin Ewing-Asname: “The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme is an exciting, challenging, confidence building, skill enhancing experience for young people to take part in!” Chloe Acheam: “I think the whole DofE experience is very enriching, as it has helped me develop many skills such as teamwork and resilience that I know will help me in my future; it’s a bonus that it’s also fun! That’s why I need signing up each year.”

This article is brought to you by the Marketing and PR 6th Form Team: Niko, Megan & Steven

Holy Family supports Samara’s Aid – Dignity Bags Appeal This week, our students have been working hard and putting in much effort towards the collection of feminine sanitary products for the Samara’s Aid Appeal for women who are currently undergoing the war systems as refugees in Syria. The items collected over the week included: sponges, soaps, toothbrushes, sanitary towels, deodorants and shampoos. In an interview with Deputy Head Girl, Marnie, who is in charge of the charities committee of the PLT, along with four other members of the senior prefect team this year gave an overview on how well the school has been collective in giving to the women in unsafe conditions. “Samara’s Aid Appeal for women who are refugees has given us the opportunity to give back to the community and come together as one whole family to help the women who are less fortunate and may not feel as confident to ask for what they need on a daily basis.

This year, we’ve now opened the collection to the main school as in previous years, we’ve only had the sixth form participating. The results for the overall products brought in were higher than expected, giving us the chance to donate as many boxes as possible. Overall, this whole donation has taught us to be more grateful and to open our eyes a lot more towards the opportunities and things we have in our daily lives.” – Marnie, Deputy Head Girl    “Additionally, the prefect team are thankful for all the donations made – we really outdid ourselves this year.” It is never easy to gain the confidence to live life normally, especially in the rural conditions these women are living in right now, which can lower their selfconfidence within themselves to fight through the battle of these conditions. Holy Family are donating to help build up the dignity to which these women deserve.     Article written by: Mary Jane 12E

DELOITTE PARTNERSHIP The school has been building up a relationship with Deloittes, one of the ‘Big Four’ professional services companies in the world. Last year our year 12 students took part in an six week Employability skills Programme with Deloittes, which included building aspirations, CV writing and which culminated in the students having an interview at Deloittes head offices. We are going to continue the programme this year, building on what we learned last year. The art department have been exhibiting with Deloittes for the past three years in their annual art exhibition. This has given our students the opportunity of working with artists from Deloitte’s. This year they have chosen some of our artwork to be hung in their impressive new offices in London. For the coming year we are aiming to get more students involved in the world of work and plan to work with younger students on careers and employability- hoping to raise aspirations. Another initiative that we are undertaking with Deloitte’s is a programme for our school prefects from all years from year 7 to year 13. Students will be given tips on leadership and how to take responsibility. For girls’ in year seven, eight and nine Deloitte’s are running STEM workshops designed to help girls’ build skills and gain confidence in areas where girls are very under-represented, and to inspire and motive them. They will also be given information on the various types of STEM careers and how to research them. We are grateful for their time, help and advice and hope to keep strengthening our relationship. Mrs Warwick

Literacy for Life What is Literacy? 'Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that lets us communicate effectively and make sense of the world.’ National Literacy Trust Why is literacy important? ‘Lacking vital literacy skills holds a person back at every stage of their life.’ National Literacy Trust What are we doing as a school to improve literacy? The Holy Family Catholic School and Sixth Form is a reading community; we are actively promoting reading because reading is fundamental to our students accessing the curriculum. Studies provide evidence showing that, by the age of 16, students who read half an hour per day are, on average, one school year ahead of those who do not.  Therefore, as part of our drive to improving literacy, with a focus on reading, here are some of our many initiatives:                   Readathon                   Book Fair                   DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) Thursday mornings for                              20 minutes                   Reading Partnership Programme (year 7 students reading to                          sixth form students)                   Accelerated Reader (a programme that monitors and                                          manages  independent reading practice whilst also promoting                         reading for pleasure).

Even with our busy schedule, it s good to

take time out to read materials that aren t necessarily related to our jobs!

This is what Dr. Stone has to say about reading: ‘I have always enjoyed reading and read all manner of things. I have quite eclectic tastes and find most things interesting. I always start the day reading the newspapers, though actually these days I read both the Times and The Guardian online, on my phone. You can learn a huge amount from good quality journalism. Teaching politics, it is important that I keep up to date with current affairs and know what’s going on. In terms of books, I tend to binge read in the holidays and make slower progress during term time. I like a variety of literature and read quite a bit of non-fiction too - lots of history, some science and politics. At the moment I’m reading a collection of articles by the late, great journalist AA Gill. My favourite contemporary author is William Boyd and my favourite novel of his is called Any Human Heart. It follows a man from boyhood to old age and all the twists and turns moments of happiness and misfortune in his life and is an amazingly vivid portrayal of the human spirit and resilience. Lose yourself in a book, enjoy the escapism and learn something new you won’t regret it!’ Dr. Stone

BOOK FAIR The week of the 24th September, the LRC (Learning Resource Centre) on the Walthamstow House site hosted a Scholastic Book Fair. Pupils had the opportunity to browse and buy the best of the latest children and young adult's literature, as well as many classics. This created a lot of excitement amongst years 7 and 8! If your child has brought a slip home to you and you have made payment, please return the slip to Mr Beckett and the books will be delivered to the school in the coming weeks. Although the Book Fair has left, you can order books and more titles through the Holy Family Christmas Book Club! Go to to browse the latest books and order online. For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 25p in Scholastic Rewards. Please place your order online by November 29th, 2018. Mr. Beckett LRC

BLACK HISTORY MONTH ART Mr Madden held a session on Painting Black Identity Basquit and Ofili this week - enjoyed by many students 

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